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Sports Illustrated Ranks Top 100 Players, Jae Crowder or Thabo Sefolosha, and Best/Worst Case Scenarios for the Jazz’s Season; 9-15-18, Ep. 16

We begin the show talking about Sports Illustrated and heir Top 100 player rankings. We discuss if they got the Jazz players right and if the list gives us any insight into how the league shapes up. Jae Crowder and Thabo Sefolosha each had their stint as the featured bench player during last season. Who will it be this year? Maybe the advanced statistics can give us a hint. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week: Zach Buckley of The Bleacher Report paints a picture of the...


Preseason Is So Close, What to Look For, and What’s the Wishlist for a Spida Mitchell Sophomore Season; 9-08-18, Ep. 15

We begin the show talking about news and notes surround the Utah Jazz, their new court, the City Edition uniforms, and other relevant topics around the league. The preseason is nearly upon us and we give you a list for what to watch for with every Jazz man and how they can improve, contribute, and give us the best preseason yet. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week: Taylor Griffin of SLC Dunk compiles a list of wishes for an amazing Donovan Mitchell sophomore season. Which is...


NBA Rule Change Proposals, Last Second Jazz Schedule Talk, and If the Jazz are the Second-Best West Team; 8-25-18, Ep. 14

The NBA is proposing rule changes to the shot clock, the clear path rule, and the “hostile act” replay allowances. We run through all the details we can and talk impact on the Jazz and Jazz fans. Today we wrap up all scheduling talk as we discuss the strength of schedule. Which month is easiest? Which month is hardest? We talk these details and more by looking month-to-month at the difficulty rating we calculate. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week: D.J. Foster of The...


Can the Jazz Start the Season 17-8, Questions to Answer this Year, and If the Jazz are a Legitimate Threat to Golden State; 8-18-18, Ep. 13

The Jazz need a hot start to the season to justify and capitalize on the continuity of the roster. Is a 17-8 start to the season realistic or is the weight of the schedule too heavy at the beginning? Last year questions on Donovan and Joe were answered resoundingly. This year, there are questions surrounding other members of the team such as Derrick and Ricky. We discuss these questions and why they hold the key to the Jazz’s ascension in the NBA. We close the show with our Deep Dive...


Utah Jazz Projected Wins, The 2018-19 Schedule is Released, and Why the Jazz TV Deal is Such a Big One; 8-11-18, Ep. 12

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton released his win projections this past week, as did Vegas with their over/under win totals. How do they rank the Jazz? What are the projected playoff matches? The regular season schedule for the Utah Jazz this coming season is released. We discuss all the big storylines including the Christmas Day game and the Mexico City trip. We also break down some intricacies of the schedule that should make for an awesome year. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week....


Utah Jazz Related News, The Need for A Hot Start to the Season, and A Ricky Rubio Statistical Deep Dive; 8-4-18, Ep. 11

Any news is talk worthy news at this point in the offseason. We’ll discuss Donovan, Kevin Love, the preseason schedule, and new assistant coach Fotis Katsikaris. The past two season have resulted in average starts to the season for the Utah Jazz. However, this year the Jazz are bringing back the crew. Will this result in a hot start? What will it take to be top 3 in the West after 25 games? We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week. Andy Bailey of SLC Dunk and The Bleacher...


Utah Jazz Rank in ESPN’s Power Rankings, Which Players Will Improve this Year, and Jae Crowder’s Perspective on Past/Future; 7-28-18, Ep. 10

ESPN released their Power Rankings for the league and we analyze the biggest risers/fallers in the West and the East. We break down Utah’s projected rank and identify their projected playoff opponent in the West and in a hypothetical 1-16 playoff seeding of the league. We expect and hope all Jazz players to take a leap forward in the coming year. However, circumstances suggest some standstill and backwards progression for at least a handful of players. Which roster members improve,...


Kawhi and Carmelo Trades Impact the Jazz, Where Do the Jazz Fit in the West Next Year, and Grades for Grayson Allen’s Summer League Performance; 7-21-18, Ep. 9

Kawhi Leonard and Carmelo Anthony were just traded to Toronto and Atlanta, respectively. How do their trades impact the Jazz? Will this finally put the Jazz into the top 3 of the West? We take a good look at the league following 90% of free agent and trade moves. We look at where the Jazz fall in the West, the league as a whole, and project full standings. We even discuss how seeding 1-16 for the playoffs would look. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week. We revisit a Jabber...


Free Agents in the West, Utah Jazz Bring Back the Crew, and What to Look Forward to Next Season; 7-14-18, Ep. 8

With the 2018 NBA Free Agency all but figured out, we sit down and look at every Western Conference team, who they signed, who they let go, and who is TBD. We discuss how and if they got better in the short term and the long term as obstacles for the Jazz chasing a championship. The Jazz decided to bring back the gang. Favors, Exum, Neto, Sefolosha, Udoh, and others are all coming back. We analyze the contracts, the expectations, and the direction the Jazz are going. We close the show...


DPOY Rudy Gobert, 2018 Free Agency Pitches, and Is Derrick Holding the Jazz back; 6-30-18, Ep. 7

The 2018 NBA Season Awards took place this past week. Donovan, Rudy, Quin, and Dennis were nominated for awards but only Rudy was crowned victor. We run through all of the candidates and winners to see if they got them right. NBA Free Agency starts tomorrow, July 1. We discuss five potential free agents to target during this period and the pitches the Jazz could make in the process. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week. We discuss a column from The Ringer regarding...


The NBA Draft Impact on the Jazz, How to Feel about Grayson Allen, and the Donovan Lovefest; 6-23-18, Ep. 6

The 2018 NBA Draft is in the books! With loads of talent going at the top of the draft and impact players being selected by up and comping teams, the Utah Jazz have no time to wait on competing for the championship. The Utah Jazz selected Grayson Allen of Duke with their 21 pick. How should Utah Jazz feel about the pick? Were their better options? Dennis Lindsey explains his thoughts on Allen at #21. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week. We recap Donovan Mitchell’s media...


Big news on a draft prospect, Kevin Love and Paul George analysis, and has Colin lost his mind; Ep. 5, 6-16-18

This week on the podcast we talk about the big news surrounding Kevin Huerter and what it means for the Utah Jazz as they pick at #21 where Huerter is projected to land. We also provide some deep analysis on Kevin Love and Paul George, why we should want them on the team, why it’s the perfect time, and the pros/cons to each. We close the show with our Deep Dive of the week. We play a sound byte from Fox Sports’ show host Colin Cowherd as he makes some criticisms of Donovan Mitchell’s...


Keep an eye on LeBron James; Dante Exum and Derrick Favors Free Agency; an interesting take on the GOAT Debate; Ep. 4, 6-9-18

On this edition of the podcast, we look at the storyline of LeBron James’ free agency and how it will influence the Utah Jazz and their ability to construct the roster they want. We also tackle the big question surrounding Dante Exum and Derrick Favors. Should we bring them back? At what cost? Are there upgrades out in market? We close the show with our Dive A Little Deeper segment where we look at a column from The Water Cooler. Rich Goates provides his opinion on the Greatest of All...


2018 Utah Jazz Trade Market; Kyle Korver, Otto Porter, Dario Saric, and others; Deep Dive of the Week - Ep. 3, 6-2-18

This week on the podcast, we look at the best candidates in the trade market for the Utah Jazz this off season. We’ll talk about the best shooters who are also the best defenders. View our entire list and analysis here. We close the show with our Dive A Little Deeper segment where we look at a column written by our own superstar Donovan Mitchell. He writes a special message to Jazz fans and we’ll look at the biggest takeaways of his article. Catch this podcast and other content on...


Utah Jazz Free Agency, All-Defensive/All-NBA Teams, and the Jazz Big Obstacle - Ep. 2, 5-26-18

This week on the podcast, we look at the best fits for the Utah Jazz from this off season’s free agency. The Jazz need shooting, so we look at the most realistic options available. View our entire list here. The All-NBA and All-Defensive Team selections were announced, and we’ll review them all talking impact, issues, and how we would arrange our selections. We wrap up the show with our Dive A Little Deeper segment where we look at a column by Gordon Monson or the Tribune and the major...


Jabber Jazz Podcast 5-19-2018

In this first ever installment of the Jabber Jazz Podcast, your Jabber Jaw and host, Adam Bushman, recaps the Utah Jazz 2017-18 season and highlights the difference we fans had of last year’s team coming into the offseason compared to our feelings this year. Next, we run through the roster, as constructed at season’s end, to discuss player expectations. Were they met or unmet? How big of a deal was the outcome? Finally, in our Dive a Little Deeper segment, we review a column from SLC...