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BAF Radio is advocacy for building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black Poor UN-employed and Working-Class.

BAF Radio is advocacy for building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black Poor UN-employed and Working-Class.
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BAF Radio is advocacy for building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black Poor UN-employed and Working-Class.




Dismantling The Political Plantation

Download Podcast The futility and corruption of U.S. representative politics is currently being made known to the masses of American people, more so than at any time since the right to vote was won for all in 1965. In 2014, there is widespread confusion, anger, and disappointment over the political system in America. Is this the moment to successfully struggle for radical direct democracy, and can the black revolutionary movement serve as a platform for building a new (non)political system...

Why Obama Won’t Prosecute The Cop Who Killed Michael Brown

Download Podcast In 1957, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, after the state's segregationist governor, backed by white racist cops and vigilantes, defied federal law in an attempt to stop black students from integrating Central High School. Today, over a half century later, cops and vigilantes continue to violate the civil rights of black and other people of color. Nevertheless, President Barack Obama has, to date, refused to use his authority...

The Black Panther Reunion movement: its importance and impact

Download Podcast JoNina Ervin, Chairwoman of the BAF, was one of the original organizers of the first Black Panther Party reunion in 1986, and she has just returned from a BPP reunion in Houston, TX this past weekend. Listen to her talk about the origins of the movement, its impact in creating national interest in the legacy of the BPP, and its aftermath. Rarely discussed, but its impact is felt today, join us as we talk about the BPP reunion movement.

Revolutionary Community Organizing, the alternative to reformism

Download Podcast In this period, pacifism and non-profit social justice work is put forward as a replacement for revolutionary community organizing. We are told that this approach to put together a mass, but peaceful, protest movement can transform the state and even beat back its worst excesses. This includes the years of fatal police shooting of Black people all in urban areas all over the USA, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands. Upwards of a thousand people are killed each...

The Black Panther Party, Police Terrorism Today and Building a New Movement

Download Podcast October, 2014, marks the 48th anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, California. The original focus of the BPP was on police terrorism and ideas of armed self-defense. This is especially pertinent now when there is mass murder by police of black and other people of color, paramilitary policing, and widespread government spying on the people. We will discuss the ideas of police as fascist agents,...

Gender and Black Autonomy

Download Podcast Throughout their history in America, women and girls of African descent have been routinely subjected to racism, patriarchy, sexism and other forms of gender oppression, denied jobs and equal access to health services, among other problems. Join us for a discussion with members of the Black Autonomy Federation Women's Commission about why black women must assert their right to independently organize around and address issues of specific concern to them.

Power To The People”: It’s About The People, Not The Leaders

Download Podcast We are going to discuss “Power To The People: It’s About Movements of the People, Not Leaders or Vanguards.” The Black movement has been mystified and decimated over the issue of charismatic leadership and vanguard parties, rather than grassroots movements. We will talk about what a movement is, the role of leadership, and power to the people. We will also talk about mistakes of the past and present, and the real necessity of building a new grassroots movement in this...

Unemployment and Poverty: The Road To Prison For Black People

Download Podcast Join us for a discussion with Free Alabama Movement prisoner activists Spokesperson Ray and Brother Kinnetik about how unemployment and poverty push thousands and thousands of black people into slavery in America's prisons and how to organize against it. Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis, Tennessee based Black Autonomy Federation. BAF Radio advocates building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black poor & unemployed and...

From Plantation “Paddy Rollers” To Paramilitary Cops An Occupying Army In the Black Community

Download Podcast During the enslavement of Africans in America, private armies of southern white men formed slave patrols, who were charged with stopping the many revolts that took place on plantations. These so-called “paddy rollers,” who also captured and returned runaway slaves to their owners, were the precursor to the modern police departments in America. After the Civil War, paddy rollers evolved into modern police departments. In the South, these cops became key enforcers of the new...

Black People Have A Right To Rebel

Download Podcast Black People Have A Right To Rebel: Countering the Government’s Pacification Program Inspiring the People to Resistance. The recent rebellion over police terrorism in Ferguson, Missouri, was both a militant protest against the racist police murder of 18-year old Michael Brown Jr. by a white cop, and an act of anti-government insurrection. In response, the government threw an army of cops with military weapons at a mass of civilian resisters. The government and its...

Administrator of Killed By Police & Pig State News

Download Podcast Ferguson, Missouri, has been on fire with days of protest over the death of Michael Brown Jr. Tens of thousands of people like Michael Brown have been killed by law enforcement officers in the United States and their deaths have been mostly covered up. What do these large number of deaths mean? Why doesn't the government prosecute the police for violation of civil rights or murder? Why must we compile a body of statistics about citizens killed by the police? Join us as we...

Building A New Movement Against Racism and Police Terror

Download Podcast At least 2,337 people—a large number of whom were black and poor--have been killed by law enforcement officers in America since the beginning of 2009. The police are hired guns, a corrupt, out-of-control, murderous, military occupying army. They are recruited by the government to beat and kill poor and working class people who dare to demand their rights and begin to organize to dismantle the system that was created by the government to oppress them, or just Black people...

Black Faces in High Places, Obama, Capitalism and the Fate of Black America

Download Podcast This week on Black Autonomy Federation radio, we will talk about "Black Faces in High Places: Obama, Capitalism and the Fate of Black America." Many Black people (and so-called white progressives) are finally waking up to the fact after 5 years of Obama's administration, nothing has changed for Black America or the working poor. After years of massive unemployment, mass imprisonment,police killings and brutality, urban poverty, and other problems, there is no targeted...

World War III: The World Is A Ghetto--Part I

Download Podcast Tonight we will discuss the current 3rd world war as a class war on the poor and oppressed peoples, instead of a war of nation-states. We will discuss how "world wars" have always afforded oppressed and colonized peoples the opportunity to fight for their own freedom, while their governments are fighting to restore capitalism and beat down so-called "rogue nations". Tonight, we will talk about the international class war in terms of peoples of color building a new...

Let’s Organize The ‘Hood: Fighting Homelessness, Unemployment and Poverty

Download Podcast Black people make up 12 to 15 percent of the U.S. population. However, some 45 percent of homeless people in America are black, 12 percent are unemployed, and 25 percent live in poverty. Suffering from unemployment, underemployment, poverty, lack of affordable housing, mental health problems and abuse, the homeless in America are the result of capitalism, and the division between the super-poor and the super-rich in this period. All homeless people, but particularly those...

The New Generation of Political Prisoners in America Today

Download Podcast In the 1960′s and the 1970′s, hundreds of radical political activists who organized against poverty and institutional racism in America were framed, convicted, and sentenced to long prison terms because of their beliefs. Many of them are still in prison and deserve support, but their campaigns can no longer dominate all prison support work. But we are in a new period, with new forms of government repression. This is not COINTELPRO run by the FBI and used to destroy the...

The Mental Health of the Black Community

Download Podcast The Mental Health of the Black Community is the topic for tonight. Join us for a discussion about the impact of depression on the mental health of the black community,

Creating Radical Media Sources

Download Podcast The government and the big corporations brainwash a large part of the American public by spreading lies in the mass media about what the government does. Join us for a discussion about how radical media sources, like underground blogs, community newsletters, social media, and Internet radio, such as Black Autonomy Federation Radio, can organize the 'hood to fight against the propaganda of the ruling class. Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis,...

The Black Student and Youth Movement and Its Importance Today

Download Podcast Join us for a discussion about the history of the radical black student and youth movement in America, the current state of black student and youth activism, and what needs to be done to rebuild this movement. Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis, Tennessee based Black Autonomy Federation. BAF Radio advocates building Black Liberation from below centered within the Black poor & unemployed and working-class. This assessment is based on the present...

Building A Radical Mass Movement To Stop Prison Slavery Prt. 1

Download Podcast Black and other people of color now fill the prisons and jails of America in record high rates. Yet, there is no grassroots, community-based movement to fight slavery on the 21st century plantation: prison. Join us for Part One of a discussion about building a radical mass prisoner support movement. Black Autonomy Federation Radio is an extension of the Memphis, Tennessee based Black Autonomy Federation. BAF Radio advocates building Black Liberation from below centered...