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Issue # 48 - Lots of DC, Spiderverse and the Endgame Trailer

Breaker breaker Crunchers welcome back to another edition of Couch Crunchers. We come back from a break with LOTS of news to discuss. This week we talk Titans, Into the Spider-Verse, CW's Elseworlds, the Avengers Endgame trailer and more. Will Titans continue to be good the rest of the season, is Into the Spider-Verse worth the watch, was the Endgame trailer worthless? Find out on this issue of Couch Crunchers!!!


Issue 47 - TCC Panel - It's All Connected MCU Edition

Join the Couch Crunchers and Anthony from Read-A-Comicbook Podcast at Tucson Comic-Con as we discuss the MCU and how we'd like to see it all connect. Let us know how you'd like to see it. Featured Band: Song: Back In Town Band: Faz Waltz Album: Move Over LP Label: Deadbeat Records/White Zoo Records/Surfin' Ki Records Link:


Issue #46 - TCC Panel An Introduction to the Overwhelming World of Comic Books

On this issue of Couch Crunchers, the Couch Crunchers along with Anthony from Read A Comic Book Podcast are at Tucson Comic Con. This was the "An Introduction to the Overwhelming World of Comic Books" panel. Goku enters and kind of dominates the conversation to focus on movies, rather than comic books. Band Info: Song: Love Affair Band: Maniac Album: Demimonde LP Label: La-Ti-Da Records


Issue #45 AZNSlickSlaya talks Gaming with the Couch Crunchers

Breaker breaker Crunchers, join Tyler and Max as they interview Twitch and Mixer streamer AZNSlickSlaya on this week's issue. Together with Slick the gang talks the new Disney streaming service, Star Wars, a top 5 games list from this generation and much more.


Issue #44 - Trick or Treating with The STS Guys for AZNerdCast Month!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! We're closing out our special AZNerdCast month with our ultra special guests, The STS Guys! We'll be doing a little fab or flub, trick or treating, and displaying our nerd card for the world to see! Join us for another awesome episode and Happy Halloween! Band: Archie and The Bunkers Song: Bill's Bad Day Album: Songs from The Lodge Label: Dirty Water Records


Issue 43 - AZ Nerdcast month, Mike from The Grizzled Geek

Join the Max, Cameron and our guest Mike from The Grizzled Geek as we dive into the CW shows, our favorite DC animated movies, and discuss the Venom movie. Revel in nostalgia as we talk about how we were introduced to the character of Venom and why we love DC animated films.


Issue #42 - Music and Comic Books with Comic Exposure for AZNerdCast Month!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Welcome to another episode of Couch Crunchers! We are halfway through our AZNerdCast Month and this weeks guest is Josh and Trav from Comic Exposure! Jay and Lance had a blast talking music, comics and horror movies with these guys in an episode that will surely go down as a classic! DONT MISS THIS EPISODE!! This weeks artist of the month, hosted by Audio Ammunition Band: The Anxieties Song: "Lab Rats" Album: Buried Alive LP Label: Self Released Bandcamp...


Issue #41 - AZNerdCast Month with Absolute Geek, Star Wars and Captain America

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Check out another new issue of Couch Crunchers! The month of October is AZNerdcast Month! For the entire month, we will be having special guests from other Arizona based podcast groups on our show and we will, in turn, be featured on theirs. All in the name of spreading nerd love through this great state. This week, Matt and Kyle from @AbsoluteGeekPodcast dropped in and we had a blast talking about Captain America, Star Wars and Batman in a bit more of a structured...


Issue #40 - The Deadpool's Bride, Dark Phoenix, Gambit, and Max is back!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! What is the world is going on at Fox?! Max, The Gamer Guy, visits us from the gritty streets of Coloradoton and makes this one heck of an episode. We're talking the Fox/Disney merger, DC and Marvel and whats going right or wrong in their cinematic universes, PLUS, some special news about the month of October! Don't miss this episode! Nerds, Dorks, Geeks... UNITE! This weeks featured music is by Band: Tommy & The Commies Song: Devices Album: Here Come Tommy...


Issue #39 - New Zealand, Lord of the Rings, Playstation & Fantastic 4

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! On this weeks episode, we have longtime contributor, Tyler AKA Captain Awesome joining the show to talk about his trip to New Zealand. We also get into the internets picks for #FantasticFour and the news surrounding #Sony's new #ClassicPlaystation. Enjoy the episode! This week's featured song is: Song: Undertaker Undertake Band: The Swinging Utters Album: Peace & Love Label: Fat Wreck Chords


Issue 38 - Cavill as Superman, Joker Movie, Jack Ryan and The DC streaming service

This week Jordan and Max enter deep into the DC Universe to discover the truth behind Henry Cavill leaving the role of Superman, the official rating of Venom, the new pics from the upcoming Captain Marvel film, determine if Jack Ryan is worth the watch and to see if Max can stop playing Destiny. This week's music was brought to you by: Band: Turkish Techno Song: Boats Album: Number Two LP Label: Dirt Cult Records #captainmarvel, #dc,...


Issue #37 - Constantine: City of Demons and Why Aren't You Reading Comics?

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Welcome to another issue of Couch Crunchers. Your inside source for comics, movies, television, and video games! This week the guys read Constantine: All His Engines, watched Constantine: City of Demons on CWSeed and watched the 2005 Constantine movie starring Keanu Reeves. We compared, skewered and made love to the English Hellblazer. The guys also talked about why they think you don't read comics and maybe why you should! Don't miss this weeks episode of Couch...


Issue #36 - Lord of The Rings, Alec Baldwin and the Joker movie, and Spiderman PS4

Breaker breaker Crunchers. Join Max and Jordan as they delve into the news of Alec Baldwin entertaining and exiting the Joker movie behind the scenes of Lord of The Rings, and a long overdue video games round up where they discuss Spiderman PS4, The Cyberpunk 2077 demo footage and the evolution of stories in sports games. #AlecBaldwin #Joker #Spiderman #LordoftheRings # Spiderman #PS4 #Cyberpunk2077 #AZNerdCast #Marvel #DC #Comics #Movies #VideoGames #TV #Television


Issue #35 - The Deaths of Superman and Nerd Culture?

On this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers, join the comic creep, the series sergeant and the silver screen surfer as they discuss the newly released, and not so newly released, Death of Superman movie and graphic novel. They also discuss the current state of the nerd culture and make some bold predictions. Is death eminent? Find out on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...UNITE!!! Featured Band: Band: Sharp Objects Song: Night Patrol Album: Sharp Objects


Issue 34 - Christopher Nolan, IGN Top 25 Superhero Movies

Breaker breaker Crunchers, join Max, Josh and Jordan on this week's issue of Couch Crunchers where they tear apart a top 25 superhero movie list from and explain why Christopher Nolan is not only an amazing director but a true life genius. Is the ending of Inception reality, a dream, or who cares? Find out on this latest issue of Couch Crunchers!!!


Issue 33 - An Ultimate Crossover with Read A (Comic) Book!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! We have another installment to our AZPU! (Arizona Podcast Universe) This time Jay, The Comic Creep and Lance, The Series Sergeant, head over to Anthony's house from Read a (Comic) Book! This is the crossover to end all crossovers. (Anthony also has some big news involving the Couch Cruncher team!) Do yourself a favor and listen to this issue! - Nerds, Dorks, Geeks... Read a (Comic) Book! #AZNerdCast #PodernFamily #Marvel #DC


Issue 32 Mission Impossible, Extinction, Loveless

Join Max, Josh and Jordan as they embark on a journey to uncover the abilities of Tom Cruise, discuss the latest Mission Impossible film, Extinction, reveals about Infinity War from the Russo Brother and some films and shows we think don't get enough love. Is Tom Cruise immortal like Keanu Reeves? Is the Village actually a good movie? Is Thor actually just a big jerk? Find out on this issue of Couch Crunchers!


Issue 31 - Hush, Cube, Shazam & Aquaman!

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Its time for another issue of Couch Crunchers! Issue 31 to be exact. Join The Silver Screen Surfer, The Series Sergeant and this issues esteemed host, The Comic Creep! You'd think after 31 issues we would have figured out this whole recording thing but, you are wrong! (The truth hurts, don't it?) We lost the last minute of this episode! The juicy stuff is still there! We talk about #BatmanHush, #Cube on #Netflix, #Shazam and #Aquaman! So sit back and enjoy! Nerds,...


Issue # 30 Comic Con, Titans, Joker, Fan Question

Join the Crunchers as we dive into the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con and discuss whether Titans looks fabulous or flubulous. We also add two new segments to the show this week with a "What are they up to?" segment and a fan question about the future of the Star Wars franchise. Can the Crunchers come out unscathed, will the fan question be answered to perfection. Find out now on Couch Crunchers!


Issue #29 - Rewatchables, Incredibles and the Future of the MCU

Join the Couch Crunchers on this weeks issue as we discuss the future of the MCU and Venom, a top ten rewatchable movie list, and discuss recent releases including Incredibles 2 and the phenomenal year that movies are having. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...Unite!!! Song Info: Band: No Refills Song: Less Than Three Upcoming Show: August 25th 2018 at Club Red