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Issue 22 - The Crossover Bigger Than Infinity War

Join the Couch Crunchers as they are joined by Anthony from @readacomicbook podcast. They embark on a journey to discuss the upcoming Solo, whether or not Superheroes have lost their mainstream-ness and visit the "Trailer Park". Come join in the fun and completely butcher our shout on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...UNITE!!! Song Info: Band: First Base Song: Judy Album: Not That Bad Label: Drunken Sailor Records


Issue #21 - All Things Infinity War Plus A Little Extra

On this issue of Couch Crunchers, the Series Sergeant, the Silver Screen Surfer and the Comic Creek attempt to tackle the recently released, decade in the making, Avengers Infinity War. They tackle bad reviews, spoilers, and even...see the future? Find out on this issue of...Couch Crunchers. NERDS, DORKS, GEEKS...UNITE!!! Song Info: Band: Watashi Wa Dance Party Song: Really Over Album: Skate Pop Suicide EP Label: Hidden Home Records


Issue 18 - Star Wars, Loveless and Deadpool, Oh My!

Now back from a short hiatus, the Crunchers discuss Star Wars, our favorite shows and movies that get no love, Deadpool and Rotten Tomatoes moronic top superhero movie list! Song of the day Artist: Primitive Hearts Song: Breakdown Album: Primitive Hearts 7" EP Label: No Rules Records/Resurrection Records Bandcamp Link:


Issue 17 - Black Panther, Venom and Top Comic Book Characters

Join the Series Sargent, the Gamer Guy, and the Silver Screen Surfer this week as they begin their names with the letter "T". Join in the review of the MCU's latest release, The Black Panther. They also discuss the new Venom trailer, as well as review another Empire list of Top Comic Book Characters. Join in the arguments and mayhem that ensues on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...Unite!!! This Weeks Music Provider: Band: Wicked Bears Song: 2049 Album: Tuning...


Issue 16 - Gotham by Gaslight, Sony Entertainment and A Poor List of Top Villains

The Couch Crunchers are back and better than ever. We've completely revamped our show to get back to our true Couch Crunchers roots! Spoiler Alert...we're no longer news reporters. On This weeks issue, we review the newly released Batman Animated movie, Gotham By Gaslight. We also discuss some changes that may be occurring at Sony, which could have a direct impact on Sony Entertainment. And we wrap it all up with our disgust for a poorly built Top 20 Villains list. Featured Music: Band:...


Issue #15 - The Best of 2017, Star Wars The last Jedi and Washed Up Celebs

Join the Couch Crunchers on the first issue of 2018. They'll review the Best of 2017, of course the new Star Wars the Last Jedi, and face a nay-saying villain trying to attack the Nerdosphere. This Weeks Featured Band: Band: Los Pepes Song: Guilty Pleasures Record: Los Pepes For Everyone Label: Wanda Records 2014


Episode 14 - A Star Wars Christmas Special

On this weeks episode, two of our Couch Crunchers are joined by a new character on a special Star Wars edition of Couch Crunchers. All things Star Wars in honor of The Last Jedi releasing this week. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks... UNITE!! This issues featured band is Dany Laj and the Looks Song: Best Thing In Town Album: Word on the Street


Issue 12: The Punisher, Justice League and Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Tune in to another issue of Couch Crunchers! Today we are discussing delicious turkey dinners, The Battle for November 17th between The Punisher and Justice League and we are using our Binford brand tools on DCEU Improvement. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks... UNITE!! This issues featured band is The Earps Song: I Love Las Vegas Album: Here Comes The Earps Label: Big Bender Records Bandcamp: Upcoming show: December 2nd in...


Issue 12: Grade A Buffoonery

Join Jay the Comic Creep, Cameron The Silver Screen Surfer and our newest cast member, Jake, The Geek Guru as we tackle Thor Ragnarok, Stranger Things Season 2 and new segments!! Nerds, Dorks, Geeks... UNITE!! This Week’s Featured Music Band: Mike Bell & The Movies Song: “Kung Fu Nightmare” Record: Room Bandcamp Link:


Issue 11: A Cruncher Halloween Special

Boo Crunchers! Welcome to our Halloween special! Join The Gamer Guy, The Series Sergeant and The Comic Creep as we talk Until Dawn, Eggo's, Trick or Treating, Fan Casts and Batman! Will our heroes make it out alive?! Tune in to find out! Nerds, Dorks, Geeks.. Unite!! Our featured band of the week: Band: The Connection Song: “(It’s A) Monster’s Holiday” originally by Buck Owens 1974 Record: (It’s A) Monster’s Holiday digital single Bandcamp: ...


Issue 10 - The Gifted, Shadow of War, Physical Comic Books and the Disappointing Box Office

Join the Couch Crunchers on another exciting adventure! In this weeks issue, the Crunchers are faced with an exciting new resource in "The Gifted" tv show, they are attacked by Orcs in Shadow of War, Discover the strength of physical comic book sales and face one of their most fickle enemies yet...the Box Office. Will they survive? Find out on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers! NERDS, DORKS, GEEKS...UNITE!!! This Week’s Featured Music Band: The Fox Sisters Song: Right Hip...


Issue 9, Constantine, Gasolina, Nintendos and Satans Vacation Home

Join The Series Sergeant, The Silver Screen Surfer and The Comic Creep as they say "To Hell with Sleeping!" and record their longest and funniest issue yet. Join us as we break out the Redbulls and Monsters, talk fab or flub, Top 5 non-franchise comic and sci-fi movies and a Spanish lesson from The Comic Creep. Kick back, relax and enjoy! Featured Artist: Band: The Earps Song: Hotter Than Hell Album: Get A Room Label: Big Bender Records See them at The Rhythm Room October 29th...


Issue 8 : Fabs, Flubs, IT and Marvel Trivia

Join the Crunchers this week as we play a game of Marvel Trivia, discuss the success of Stephen King's IT and The Gamer Guys Age-ism. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks, Unite!! This Week’s Featured Music Band: The Connection Song: Circles Record: Labor of Love Label: Rum Bar Records Bandcamp Link:


Issue 7.5 - Gordon & Bullock, The Last Jedi and Our Fantasy!

Join the Silver Screen Surfer and the Gamer Guy on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers. They take on the Gotham Season 3 and speculate on Season 4. They traverse down the forbidden paths of Fantasy, laced with GOT, LOTR, Shannara and Eddings, that the Comic Creep and Series Sergeant fear to tread on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers. NERDS, DORKS, GEEKS...UNITE!!! Musical Thanks To: Band: The Bloodtypes Song: Back From Space Album: Pull The Plug Label: Bomb Pop Records


Issue 7 - I-T vs. IT, Poor Inhumans and An Overabundance of Destiny 2

On this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers, our heroes are plagued with verbal problems, causing a showdown between I-T and IT. The new enemy on the block, The Inhumans, makes an ugly appearance and possibly shows the Couch Crunchers the ugly side of Marvel. After an exhausting battle, "I don't get it" rears its ugly head...Will the Couch Crunchers be sent home crying? Find out on this weeks issue of Couch Crunchers...Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...UNITE!!! Musical Credits: Band: The Cheap...


Issue 6.6

Breaker Breaker Crunchers! Join Lance, The Series Sergeant and Jay, The Comic Creep, for our variant issue this week as they discuss the issues plaguing the DC Cinematic Universe, Old and New properties from Sci-Fi writer Philip K. Dick and our lack of knowledge in Marvel Trivia. Featured music provided by: Band: Fashionism Song: Smash The State (With Your Face) Album: Smash The State (With Your Face) 7" EP Label: Hosehead Records Bandcamp Link:


Issue #6 - Defenders and Throwbacks and the Switch...oh my!

Join the Crunchers this week as they tackle issues like the newly released Defenders show, some classic childhood toys and...Shia LeBeouf? How will they do it? Tune-in to this weeks episode to find out. Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...UNITE!!! A special thank you to our musical provider this week: Song: "Alright" Band: Radiohearts Album: Daytime Man EP on Wanda Records


Issue #5.5 - Tom Welling and The Guardians of the Galaxy - Variant Episode

Join two of the Crunchers, Max and Lance, on this Variant episode about updates from Tom Welling about SmallVille, more Dark Tower reviews, and the Guardians of the Galaxy ride in California. Musical Thanks: "And Nothing Else" Distressed Signal


Issue #5 - Defenders and the Marvel Universe

On this weeks episode, the Couch Crunchers start off with a technical difficulty making it sound like Darth Vader himself is making a surprise visit. Once the TD is vanquished, the Crunchers take on topics like the Defenders, the dismal Dark Tower reviews, and more about comic books. Follow the adventure on this weeks technologically challenged issue of Couch Crunchers! NERDS, DORKS, GEEKS....UNITE!!!!!!! Music Credit: Song: Ego vs Ego Band: Founding Fathers


Issue #4

On this weeks episode, the crunchers are rejoined by their missing force from last week, however they've lost the powers of a different member. With enemies and foes this week like Destiny 2 Beta, Valerian and War for the Planet of the Apes. But armed with tools like a building compendium to other comic book worlds, will the crunchers survive? Find out on this weeks episode of...Couch Crunchers! Nerds, Dorks, Geeks...UNITE!!!


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