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Jackie Hill Perry on Gay Girl, Good God

Jackie Hill Perry, a poet, hip-hop artist, and speaker, discusses her new book, Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been, with Faithfully Podcast Books host Nicola A. Menzie. Perry says at the age of 19, God called her out of a lesbian lifestyle--but not to be straight. God called her to Himself. She goes into detail about what all of that means and what Christians should understand about same-sex attraction and about trusting God. Perry also explains her...


Kathy Khang on Raise Your Voice

Kathy Khang, an activist and speaker who also works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, talks about her latest book, Raise Your Voice: How to Speak Up and Why We Don't, with Faithfully Podcast Books host Nicola A. Menzie. Khang, whose interview was published in Faithfully Magazine #4 (Summer 2018), discusses: different ways we express our voice; how her children inspire her to explore her voice; pushback against outspoken Parkland students; how Christians can evaluate why and how to...