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Good e-Reader is the leading News Source for e-Reader, Smart Watch and Library News

Good e-Reader is the leading News Source for e-Reader, Smart Watch and Library News
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Good e-Reader is the leading News Source for e-Reader, Smart Watch and Library News






Good e-Reader Radio – New Kobo Aura One and Kindle Paperwhite 4

Welcome back to another compelling edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today Michael runs down all of the new e-readers that will be released this Fall and what you can expect. Kobo has a new e-reader in the works and I am told this is a second generation Aura One. This model will have […]


Good e-Reader Radio – Android P, new e-readers and upcoming interviews

Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! A few times a year Good e-Reader conducts many interviews with the leaders of the industry. This includes the CEO of Kobo, executives from Amazon and E-ink. What goes into preparing for an interview and what is the entire journalist process like? Today, […]


Good e-Reader Radio – is there a future in 3G ebook readers?

Welcome back to another utterly compelling edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today we are talking about 3G on e-readers and if it is time for more companies to start offering another option to buy ebooks on the go. It is summertime and that means it’s time to relax at the beach or at […]


Good e-Reader Radio – ebook readers take a step back in 2018

There has been a ton of innovation in the e-reader arena in 2017. The second generation Kindle Oasis came out and was the first e-reader that had the Audible bookstore and Bluetooth to listen with wireless speakers. The Remarkable came out and defined digital note taking and the startup was so successful that it spawned […]


Good e-Reader Radio – New Sony Digital Paper and Onyx Boox Note S

The Good e-Reader Radio show is back with the top e-readers that are coming out in 2018 and give you our thoughts on the Onyx Boox Note S and Sony Digital Paper DPT-CP1 that just hit our review labs. We take a look at some upcoming smartwatches such as the new Samsung Galaxy Watch that […]


Good E-Reader Radio – eBook Piracy, Red iPhone, and New e-Readers

Good e-Reader is back with a weekend edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today, Michael gives you a complete rundown of our latest research that says most people pirate ebooks, instead of purchase them. Onyx has announced a flurry of new e-readers and some of them are worth a look. Good e-Reader released a […]


Good e-Reader Radio – Apple Processors, B&N, Kindle and e-reader news

Welcome back to another compelling edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today Michael discusses the news about Apple developing their own processors and how the Intel stock has taken a nosedive. Kobo is going to be releasing a new e-reader soon called the Clara HD, find out all about it. Additionally B&N released a […]


Good e-Reader Radio – Onyx Boox Note, InkBook and Audible News

The Good e-Reader Radio show has been chronicling the e-reader and ebook industry since 2010 and today Michael talks about the new Onyx Boox Note and what it brings to the table. Inkbook is working on a new 8.6 and 10.3 inch e-reader, not much is know about it yet. There is a new Audible […]


Good e-Reader Radio Show – March 19 2018

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today Michael talks about the new Sony Digital Paper that just hit the FCC and thoughts about the Pocketbook InkPad 3. Onyx is releasing their new Note e-reader next week and Good e-Reader will be conducting a review/unboxing video in a few days. Good […]


We Live in a Literary World of Terrible Self-Published Authors

There are a copious number of online self-publishing companies that promise aspiring authors the opportunity to distribute their ebook all over the world. Millions of authors publish with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Draft2Digital, Kobo Writing Life, Nook Press and Smashwords. Most “authors” who self-publish an ebook never sell more than a handful and over 75% […]


Kobo has Launched an Audiobook Subscription Plan and Audio Bookstore

Kobo has just launched an audiobook bookstore that sells audiobooks individually and also provides them on a subscription level basis. Their entire audiobook catalog is powered by Overdrive and this is the first time they have ever been involved in an audiobook subscription scheme. Kobo Audiobooks will cost $12.99 per month in Canada and comes […]


Good e-Reader Radio – Music to Read to

The Good e-Reader Radio Show is back from a long hiatus with a very special edition, music to read to. Over the course of the next hour you will be introduced to a symphonic serenade of new music, including electronica, jazz and soul. This is the perfect soundtrack to crack open your favorite book and listen […]


Radio Show – The Health Benefits of e-books

Welcome to another installment of the Good e-Reader Radio Show! Today we are talking about the health benefits of e-books, something normally people do not associate with an entertainment product. Today, we talk about the reasons why e-books are better for you if your recovering from an injury or if you have vision disorders, while […]


2015 was the worst year ever for e-readers

e-Reader innovation has ground to a halt and no new technology has been developed since 2013. This was the worst year on record in terms of overall sales. Many analysts have proclaimed that only 9 million units have shipped this year, which is a decrease from the 12 million dedicated e-ink devices were sold in […]


e-Reader ownership declines by 50%

e-Reader ownership is at an all time low according to Pew Research. The company released new data on device ownership and found 19% of adults reported owning an e-reader, such as a Kindle or Nook.This is a sizable drop from early 2014, when 32% of adults owned this type of device. The decline in dedicated […]


Will you buy the B&N Nook Glowlight Plus?

Barnes and Noble has just released their first e-reader since 2009, with the advent of the Nook Glowlight Plus. It sounds fairly good on paper, with the same high resolution screen found on the Amazon Kindle Voyage and is waterproof, much akin to the Kobo H2O. It also has software not found in any other e-readers on the market, such […]


Amazon Launches White Kindle in Europe

Amazon has just launched a white Kindle in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. This is the first non-black model to be released in Europe since the first generation Kindle that came out in 2007. It is important to note that this is not a new e-reader, this is simply the same entry level […]


The Amazon Kindle Voyage is a Flop

The Amazon Kindle Voyage was released late last year and for all intents and purpose the e-reader was a complete flop. It was the least purchased and least reviewed product that the Seattle company has released in a number of years. So what went wrong? Amazon never releases sales figures for their hardware division in […]


What do you look for in a new e-reader?

Over the course of 2015 there has been a number of notable new e-readers that have hit the market. Barnes and Noble released their first new model in almost three years with the Nook Glowlight Plus, while Kobo released two different units. All eyes are on Amazon right now for their Kindle Voyage 2, Kindle […]


Adult Coloring Books is the Hot New Segment in Publishing

Adult coloring books is the hottest new segment in publishing and everyone is getting involved. Disney has released a new 3D coloring book based on popular characters, to mainstream celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and George R.R. Martin who have jumped into the fray. The current coloring-book craze was ignited in 2013, when Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford published “Secret […]