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RenWomen Among Us: Judy Hoberman

Judy Hoberman is a high energy RenWoman who is speaker, sales trainer, coach, consultant, author and president of Selling in a Skirt. Judy’s experience includes being an award winning Accomplished Corporate Training Director with extensive experience in training, course development and project management. She was personally selected by the President and CEO of a large Insurance Company, to move to Dallas to bring her talent in training to the Corporate office and share it with over 100...


Meet the RenWomen: Frances Hesselbein

Frances Hesselbein is an eminent leadership development expert, former CEO of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., author of multiple books, and journal editor. Until recently she was President and CEO of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute and is currently the Chairman of the Advisory Board of The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum, through the University of Pittsburgh. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998 for her leadership as CEO of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. from...


RenWomen Among Us: Molly-Ann Leikin

Molly-Ann Leikin is an award-winning author, columnist and coach. She began her career as a staff songwriter at Almo Music (A & M Records), then moved up to Interworld, then Chappell Music. Over the years, she got her songs recorded by almost every pop and country artist on the Billboard charts. Molly has also written themes and songs for over five dozen TV shows and movies, including “Violet” that won an Oscar. And she’s won eight gold and platinum records, plus an Emmy nomination. (There...


Meet the RenWomen: Barbara Lazaroff

Barbara Lazaroff is a highly regarded restaurateur, interior designer, producer, published author, celebrated philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and mother of two sons. Barbara's career in hospitality commenced after co-founding, marketing and leading the publicity of the Wolfgang Puck Brand & IP in 1979. The brand has been developed to include the separate entities: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining, WP Catering and WP Worldwide. Barbara established Imaginings Design, Inc. in 1981 and was...


Meet the RenWomen: Kathy Eldon

Kathy Eldon has lived by the credo: "Do more, be more, experience more, create more." She is an extraordinary high-octane RenWoman whose multiple careers have included teacher, journalist, author, filmmaker and founder of Creative Visions Foundation and Creative Visions Productions. She is an acclaimed speaker and frequent television and radio guest. She has authored 17 books, including her riveting memoir In the Heart of Life. She has appeared several times on Oprah, and has been a...


RenWomen Among Us: Nadine LaJoie

Nadine Lajoie is an adventurous RenWoman who is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, international speaker, singer/ musician, and yes... motorcycle racing champion! She applies key principles of competitive racing to success strategies in her speaking, business coaching and in her best-selling book, Win the Race of Life with Balance and Passion at 180 MPH! Nadine has been featured in Forbes and USA Today, and on ABC, FOX and CBS Money Watch, and has been a 4-time Book Award finalist...


RenWomen Among Us: Dr. Sarah Larsen

Dr. Sarah Larsen is trained in western and eastern medicine, is a transformational teacher and coach, a world-class speaker and entrepreneur. Coming from a repressive society and having experienced an arranged abusive marriage from the ages of 14-19, Sarah sought knowledge in science, history, and religious traditions to heal herself and expand her world view. These insights, which transcend traditional borders, are what she offers to her clients and to her audiences around the world. She is...


Meet the RenWomen: Dale and Alexandra Franzen

Dale and Alexandra Franzen are amazing mother-daughter RenWomen who both appeared in our book, RenWomen. Dale started her career as a classically trained soprano in both musical theater, operetta, and opera working with icons like Placido Domingo, Frederica Von Stade, and Sir Peter Hall to name a few. After twenty years, Dale's career took a surprising and wonderful turn as she was asked to create a performing arts center in Santa Monica, California. Dale raised over $123-million dollars to...


RenWomen Among Us: Linda Hollander

Linda Hollander is a businesswoman, speaker, author, and the industry leader in teaching entrepreneurial women about small business success and how to get corporate sponsors. She has over 20 years of experience in business, corporate sponsorships, sales, marketing, design, promotion and creating lifetime customers. She is the founder of Women's Small Business Month and the Women’s Small Business Expo, which takes place every year in Los Angeles, California and has received the Caught in the...


RenWomen Among Us: Cindy Makela

Cindy Makela is a modern-day Reniassance woman, balancing multiple businesses, non-profit involvement, and raising 4 children! As a young woman, she held multiple jobs, always bringing a level of commitment and dedication to each. As a young woman, she held a number of very different jobs, bringing a level of commitment and dedication to each. She started out as the only female car salesman on a team of men (bringing in strong sales numbers). Then, as a single mom, she worked at a health...


RenWomen Among Us: Teresa De Grosbois

Teresa De Grosbois is the author of the #1 international bestseller, Mass Influence, as well as 3 other bestsellers. She is an international speaker, business trainer and expert on growing influence and generating positive word of mouth. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to help raise money for schools in Africa. She is the founder and chair of the Evolutionary Business Council and is one of the founders of Vista Mundo, a gathering of people who believe in...


RenWomen Among Us: Barbara Wainwright

Barbara Wainwright is the CEO and Founder of Wainwright Global Institute of Professional Coaching, which has trained over 6,000 professional coaches in areas such as professional, relationship and spiritual coaching, and has established credibility in the marketplace through acquiring 3rd party accreditation at the graduate university level. Formerly, Barbara was the founder and CEO of J.F. Positive Systems, Inc., a software development company, which she ran for twenty-two years. She is an...


Meet the RenWomen: Eva Haller

Eva Haller is an extraordinary non-profit leader, influencer & philanthropist. Her life, from growing up in Nazi-occupied Hungary, to finding her way to the US, where she cleaned homes to survive, to becoming one of the most eminent and lauded women in the fields of social activism and service, reads like an epic novel. She demonstrates the RenWomen traits of resourcefulness, creativity, persistence, risk taking, and the pursuit of deeper life meaning. Join me, your host, Dale Griffiths...


How Do You Manage All Your Passions?

So often people who are specialists believe RenWomen pursue too many things and thus could not possibly focus on them all. But actually, with proper time and energy management, it is very possible to move between passions without giving short shrift to any of them. For Renaissance people this is a far more satisfying way to live than to be "stuck" in only one area of pursuit. We will talk about how best to manage multiple passions so they enhance your life without overwhelming you.


What is a RenWoman and Why Does It Matter?

On The RenWomen Salon Podcast you will be informed and enlightened by fascinating interviews hosted by author Dale Griffiths Stamos and featuring women from the book RenWomen, as well as other amazing RenWomen she keeps meeting. The RenWomen Salon Podcast is a show for RenWomen, aspiring RenWomen, and the men who love and support them, where we celebrate being a multi-dimensional and multi-faceted woman who embraces all the parts of herself. Dale will also explore the challenges of Ren-ness,...