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Brick Cave Podcast Featuring Kylie Cochrane of the Brick Cave Film Festival

Joining Bob and Jenn on this episode of the Brick Cave Podcast is the spokesperson for the Brick Cave Film Festival, Kylie Cochrane. Kylie shares her thoughts on how the unique format of the festival helps writers and filmmakers find new ground to build enticing stories. They talk about the historic Nile Theater. The Brick Cave Film Festival is December 7th, 2019 and open to Filmmakers across the planet. Which story was Kylie's Favorite? How about yours? Check in with us on our Facebook...


Brick Cave Podcast Featuring Patience Allen

Patience Allen of Bonny Books joins Bob and Jenn in the latest episode of the Brick Cave Podcast. Stuff the mentioned in this podcast you might want to check out: Bonny Books IBPA Wicked Saints is by Emily Duncan :) The Brick Cave Podcast is a production of Brick Cave Media. You can find more information on all Brick Cave Books mentioned in the podcast at our website, Recorded at the University of Phoenix Media Studio at the Mesa Chamber of...


June 2019 Brick Cave Media Podcast with Bob Nelson & Jenn Windrow

The BC Podcast Returns with the June 2019 Episode Guest: Johnny Skinner, Director, Brick Cave Film Festival In this episode we talk about the Brick Cave Film Festival, as well as the recently concluded Phoenix Fan Fusion, and how much co-host Jenn Windrow does NOT look like Penny Marshall, and why Johnny has no idea who Penny Marshall is. The Brick Cave Podcast, covering books and the book life, is hosted by Bob Nelson and Jenn Windrow and recorded at the University of Phoenix Podcast...


Brick Cave Podcast Episode January 2019

In this episode of the Brick Cave Podcast, we are introduced to Jennifer Windrow, Bob's new co-host. We talk about the Glendale Chocolate Affaire, upcoming episodes as well as what we can expect from this new iteration of the Podcast. We also set the rule that Jenn does not get access to the Bathroom Code. This Episode recorded January 2019 University of Phoenix Studio at the Mesa Chamber of Commerce Visit Brick Cave Media online Visit the Brick Cave Patreon and support the creativity...


The Brick Cave Podcast with Author Sharon Skinner

Episode 1: Let's Try That Again Guest: Author Sharon Skinner Hosted by: Bob Nelson Sharon joins Bob to talk about Supernal Dawn, the latest science fiction book from herself and Author J.A. Giunta. She also fields a number of off the wall questions from Podcast Host Bob Nelson. Recorded at the University of Phoenix Media Studio at the Mesa Chamber of Commerce Engineered by: Alex Lewus Editing by: Alex Lewus Opening/Closing Theme by: Alex Lewus ©2018 Brick Cave...


Welcome to the Brick Cave Podcast- Intro Spot

Brick Cave CEO introduces the Brick Cave Podcast, the latest audio adventure from Brick Cave Media. When you subscribe to this Podcast, you'll hear all of the stories and trivia behind all of the books, audio and film that Brick Cave Media produces.