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iFanboy has the world of comic books covered. Every day on iFanboy you’ll find the latest in comic book news, reviews, and commentary filtered through the unique viewpoint of iFanboy’s founders: Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards.

iFanboy has the world of comic books covered. Every day on iFanboy you’ll find the latest in comic book news, reviews, and commentary filtered through the unique viewpoint of iFanboy’s founders: Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards.
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iFanboy has the world of comic books covered. Every day on iFanboy you’ll find the latest in comic book news, reviews, and commentary filtered through the unique viewpoint of iFanboy’s founders: Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick, and Ron Richards.






Pick of the Week #642 - The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Ryan Haupt fills in for an absent Josh Flanagan to join Conor Kilpatrick in the weekly comics talk and it couldn't come on a more appropriate time--never has there been a week when there was so much science in comics! Running Time: 01:05:59 Pick of the Week: 00:01:27 - The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Comics: 00:11:01 - Superman #1 00:15:09 - The Flash #50 00:20:06 - Die!Die!Die! #1 00:23:53 - Outpost Zero #1 00:29:35 - The Dead Hand #4 00:33:07 - Exiles #5 00:34:33 - Hawkman...


Pick of the Week #641 - Captain America #1

Come along as Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan take a trip to Van Halen City to talk about that week that was in comic books. And while Josh missed an entire part of a comic book and, if you listen closely, you can hear George Clooney the Dog, there's still time for more food talk. Running Time: 01:07:02 Pick of the Week: 00:02:52 - Captain America #1 Comics: 00:11:22 - Batman #50 00:18:26 - Catwoman #1 00:21:34 - The Man of Steel #6 00:25:07 - Death of the Inhumans #1 00:31:21...


Special Edition - Ant-Man and The Wasp

Paul Rudd? Morrissey jokes? Conor Kilpatrick had no choice put to pull the emergency chord and bring in former co-host Ron Richards to talk about Ant-Man and The Wasp! (Disclaimer: Ron Richard's opinions are his own and do not represent Marvel Entertainment or the Walt Disney Corporation.) Running Time: 00:26:42 Music: "Everyday is Like Sunday" Morrissey Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Pick of the Week #640 - Multiple Man #1

Conor is on the mend! We get to talk about comics and meat! Patron Pick and Pick of the Week have an epic time traveling crossover! What else do we need from life? Running Time: 01:11:07 Pick of the Week: 00:01:49 - Multiple Man #1 Comics: 00:09:59 - Detective Comics #983 00:14:00 - Kill or Be Killed #20 00:18::40 - Astro City #52 00:26:00 - Ms. Marvel #31 00:31;39 - The Man of Steel #5 00:35:05 - The Sentry #1 00:38:01 - The Flash #49 00:40:52 - Marvel Two-in-One #7 00:42:06...


Talksplode #79 – Terry Moore

Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it's Talksplode time. It's our second Texan in a row, as Josh finally welcomes cartoonist and creator, Terry Moore to the long form interview show. Terry's Strangers in Paradise holds a special place in the hearts of the iFanboy founders, and this year, we've seen the return of the beloved characters in a continuation of their story 25 years after it started. In talking about the series and its origins, Terry sheds a light on how to grow an independent comic...


Bonus: Inside Jaws

A special bonus podcast introducing Inside Jaws! Inside Jaws takes you on an immersive journey through the making of 1975’s pulse-pounding hit film Jaws, the first-ever summer blockbuster. Subscribe to Inside Jaws on Apple Podcast today or hear the first 5 episodes at wondery.com/plus Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Pick of the Week #639 - Batman #49

Josh and Conor are in the saddle, and while Conor is recovering, it's a long road. The fascinating world of Bendis' DC work, and what we're looking for out of mainstream comics remain the topics of conversation, and the ever widening lapses of memory. What were we talking about? Oh yeah: Crimping. And Josh gets cranky about dual Patron Picks! Running Time: 01:05:47 Pick of the Week: 00:01:58 - Batman #49 Comics: 00:12:21 - Shanghai Red #1 00:16:23 - The Man of Steel #4 00:22:15 -...


Pick of the Week #638 - Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1

Conor Kilpatrick's still sick and doped to the gills on cold medicine, while Josh Flanagan is just plain exhausted... it's another week of talking comics at iFanboy. Running Time: 01:02:56 Pick of the Week: 00:02:16 - Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 Comics: 00:10:19 - Thor #1 00:15:07 - The Man of Steel #3 00:19:53 - The Weatherman #1 00:23:04 - Titans Special #1 00:28:21 - The Wild Storm: Michael Cray #8 00:30:29 - The Magic Order #1 00:33:39 - Mister Miracle #9 00:36:25 - Stellar...


Pick of the Week #637 - Justice League #1

Conor Kilaptrick has returned and he's got the black lung! So it's up to Josh Flanagan to shoulder the load as they break down this week's comics. Running Time: 01:16:39 Pick of the Week: 00:02:59 - Justice League #1 Comics: 00:17:54 - Captain America #703 00:22:43 - Doctor Strange #1 00:27:49 - Sword Daughter #1 00:29:50 - Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #6 00:35:41 - The Man of Steel #2 00:39:36 - Batman: Prelude to the Wedding, Part Two - Nightwing vs. Hush...


Pick of the Week #636 - Marvel Two-In-One #6

Conor Kilpatrick, once again on walkabout, requires Josh Flanagan to bring in guest host and old pal, Jim Viscardi from Comicbook.com. There's some good Marvel talk, from a Marvel alum, and we get deep into artist appreciation, and ignorant pigeonholing of Judge Dredd stories. It's a hoot, and we have two books with "siege" in the title! Running Time: 01:18:05 Pick of the Week: 00:03:40 - Marvel Two-In-One #6 Comics: 00:12:44 - The Last Siege #1 00:18:36 - The Man of Steel...


Pick of the Week #635 - Doctor Strange #390

Josh Flanagan is having a day, Conor Kilpatrick is exhausted, but comics are still discussed! Plus financial talk gets way too personal while questionable tax advice is given, and is DC doing something... or are they just slowly twisting the knife? Running Time: 01:10:52 Pick of the Week: 00:03:18 - Doctor Strange #390 Comics: 00:13:43 - Moon Knight #195 00:16:40 - The Terrifics #4 00:20:20 - Invincible Iron Man #600 00:29:48 - Detective Comics #981 00:32:14 - The Flash...


Special Edition – Solo: A Star Wars Story

A new Star Wars movie is an event, and Solo: A Star Wars Story brings out the big guns as the original iFanboy reunite to some surprising results. Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan welcome Ron Richards to break down the latest chapter in the Star Wars universe and the results will shock you. Music: “Han Solo and the Princess” Boris Midney Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Booksplode #25 - The New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout

Thanks to our awesome Patrons, we're proud to present another Booksplode! What's a Booksplode? It's a bi-monthly special edition podcast in which we take a look at a single graphic novel or collected edition, something we really just don't have time to do on the regular show. This month, Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick take a look at The New Avengers, Vol. 1: Breakout by Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki, Mark Morales, Allen Martinez, Vinktor Olazaba, Frank D'Armata,...


Pick of the Week #634 - Avengers #2

It was a week of comics, neither great, nor terrible. Perhaps not full of standouts, but, as it turns out, there's plenty to talk about. Inkers get their due. We tease the heck out of our upcoming Booksplode, we play, "Is this Garth Ennis?*", and we call something stupid. *It is. Running Time: 01:16:31 Pick of the Week: 00:02:27 - Avengers #2 Comics: 00:15:13 - A Walk Through Hell #1 00:21:22 - Captain America #702 00:26:26 - Superman Special #1 00:31:23 - The Mighty Thor Standing...


Special Edition - Deadpool 2

iFanboy assembles its own X-Force -- Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, Ryan Haupt, and Mike Romo -- to discuss Deadpool 2! Running Time: 00:33:10 Music: "If I Can Turn Back Time" Cher


Pick of the Week #633 – Batman: White Knight #8

Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are back to talk comics, but that’s not all! Josh thinks a lot things are stupid this week. But are they stupid. Plus, a new hashtag is born, no one can keep Reverse Flashes straight, and Conor makes the mistake of picking a Patron Power in Josh’s area of interest. Running Time: 01:09:59 Pick of the Week: 00:02:12 – Batman: White Knight #8 Comics: 00:14:08 – Justice League: No Justice #1 00:21:40 – Hunt For Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda...


Special Edition - Batman: Ninja

The iFanboy Animation Brain Trust — Conor Kilpatrick, Paul Montgomery, and Ryan Haupt — discuss the latest DC Animated Movie... Batman: Ninja! Running Time: 00:27:00 Music: "Arrested Development (Main Theme)" David Schwartz and "Monchhichi-lied" Bina and Nina


Pick of the Week #632 - Spider-Man #240

Comics did it to us again. Multiple contenders for Pick of the Week status, and plenty of good books to talk about fill up the show very quickly and easily. There's a dash of nostalgia and the continuing conversation about what we as individual readers expect from comics, and if that's OK. Can't they just be superheroes, though? And is it OK to want that? Also, we tease an all-media podcast we might just record. Running Time: 01:09:25 Pick of the Week: 00:01:45 - Spider-Man...


Talksplode #78 - Donny Cates

Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it's Talksplode time. From deep in the heart of Texas, Donny Cates is Marvel's newest go-to writer, behind such titles as Doctor Strange, Thanos, as well as the upcoming Venom, and Cosmic Ghost Rider. But that's not all. Behind him, Donny has produced a whole lot of comic book scripts across almost every publisher in comics, including the creator owned Buzzkill, Redneck, and God Country. Josh Flanagan discussed the creator's start from running comic book...


Pick of the Week #631 - Moon Knight #194

It's time for another edition of Old Man Theater! Josh Flanagan and Conor Kilpatrick are back to talk about the week that was in comics while also, as always, gazing into the inky abyss. Running Time: 00:56:27 Pick of the Week: 00:02:07 - Moon Knight #194 Comics: 00:09:43 - Alien: Dust To Dust #1 00:15:30 - The Mighty Thor #706 00:19:27 - Doctor Strange: Damnation #4 / Doctor Strange #389 00:27:45 - The Flash #45 00:30:03 - Old Man Hawkeye #4 00:31:38 - Avengers #690 00:32:09 -...