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The Final Shot is a boxing podcast with a little comedic twist hosted by Tanner Willshaw. Tanner talks Canadian boxing with some of the best personalities in the game.

The Final Shot is a boxing podcast with a little comedic twist hosted by Tanner Willshaw. Tanner talks Canadian boxing with some of the best personalities in the game.




The Final Shot is a boxing podcast with a little comedic twist hosted by Tanner Willshaw. Tanner talks Canadian boxing with some of the best personalities in the game.








TFS Episode 75 Brady Leavold

Episode 75 is here with Renegade Hockey star and Hockey 2 Heroin Podcast host Brady Leavold. Do yourself a favor and give this podcast a listen. Over the top drug, fight, and baby mama stories that get dark really fast with a silver lining. Brady has lived three lifetimes in his 32 years and has learned some lessons along the way. He wants to share them with you. Check out his podcast Hockey 2 Heroin Podcast for more content like this. In the meantime give us a like and leave a question for...


TFS Podcast Ep 74 Covid Crisis PT 2 Dr Drew Jamieson

Episode 74 is here as a follow up to our last podcast. Do not live in fear DR Drew is here........ to dispel any fears, misunderstandings, and myths about the pandemic in this week's podcast. This is a follow-up episode to the last podcast so pay attention as information has changed! If you think you know you don't. Dr. Drew breaks it down in a language anyone can understand. The best part is as a listener to the Final Shot Podcast he provides his Instagram and the Doc will reply to all...


TFS Episode 73 Dr. Drew Jamieson

Episode 73 of The Final Shot Podcast is here with acclaimed performance Doctor Drew Jamieson. As a combat sports athlete you want and deserve answers! You get all you need to know about the Carona Virus in this special episode. Do not fret DR Drew is here! In this podcast, we learn how to fight it in easy to understand, actionable steps. He covers it all! A really insightful conversation and it's a must-listen! WARNING: Don't go licking toilet seats or having Sunday night gang bangs. Give us...


TFS Episode 72 Jamie Champion

Episode 72 featuring Prospect Fighting Championship CEO Jamie Champion! Canada's is in love with this upcoming MMA organization and let Jamie show you why! He ditches the word promoter, goes all-in wearing all the hats with his organization and it shows. Mr. Champion treats his athletes like rockstars, gives young fighters an outlet and only uses the best venues for his events! Not bad from a new dad that works a 9-5 job and with a small team of 4 guys. He has embraced the new MEDIA of 2020...


TFS Episode 71 Simon Kean

The Final Shot Podcast Episode 71 is here and it was three years in the making .......its none other than Simon Kean. Tanner has been waiting to land this podcast for years and Simon has no idea whats he's in for. We find out where the "GRIZZLY" nickname comes from, social media trolling, bringing back the "Mullet" haircut, his thoughts on all his contenders, why he fired his whole coaching staff and whats next for him. The podcasts starts off a little slow as Simon gets used to us but they...


TFS Episode 70 Antonin Decarie

Episode 70 is here with Vice President of Eye of the Tiger Management , Pan American Champ, Commonwealth Champion and Light Weight Canadian Champ Antonin Décarie. A last minute replacement for Simon Kean he doesn’t disappoint. He stops by the studio to talk the business of boxing and so much more. Get educated, get better and have some fun with us in this weeks podcast with Antonin Décarie


TFS Episode 69 The Real Deal Ryan Ford

Episode 69 of the Final shot Podcast is here with newly crowed champ and Canada's most active combat sport athlete Ryan "THE REAL DEAL" Ford. He stops in to talk about his upcoming fight in Russia, the secrets to his success and drops a massive news on where he will be relocating to to pursue his quest to become a world champ. Join in the fun, drop us a like and support our sponsors.


TFS Episode 68 Adam Braidwood And Mel Lubovac

Today on the podcast Adam Braidwood and Mel Lubovac come on to talk about the next KO Boxing Canada event April 3. #boxing #KOboxing #thefinalshotpodcast


TFS Podcast EP 67 Manny Montreal

Episode 67 of The Final Shot Podcast is back with the boxing renaissance man Manny Montreal. Fresh off a trip to Cuba with-the Canadian boxing elite, Manny breaks down boxing like no other. Where’re you are a hardcore boxing fanatic or just a casual fan Manny has you covered. Gossip, fight news, and tons of drama, Manny doesn't hold back any punches. (PUN INTENDED). Hit that like button and lets get this podcast out to the masses.


TFS Episode 66 Emanuelle Estephan And Steve Claggett

She is back on Episode 66 of the Final Shot Podcast to discuss all things boxing on the east side of Canada. Watch her fight card January 25th on The newest boxing steaming service to hit Canada and its awesome for 11$ a month. Get it and thank us later. And also Hall Of Famer and guest of the Year winner Steve "THE DRAGON" Claggett. You gotta check this out and find out what a break out star Steve really is. He is calculated almost nerdy in his approach to boxing and it's...


TFS Episode 65 Howie Le

Howie Le is the CEO of USG. This is Howie's first podast ever!. USG is the worlds fastest growing combat sports equitment company. He is dominating the market and shares his skills and techniques to become a force in the industry. Howie talks of his humble beginnings, the behind the scene struggles, how to compete with the big boys and what sets USG apart from the rest. Tanner references the Guest of the Year awards, and the Hall of Fame inducties only to get side tracked and goes off on the...


TFS Episode 64 Dillon Dillon Carman

In this exclusive Podcast Dillon Carman returns to the world to discuss what caused him to go radio silent, whats coming up, what's it like working a 9-5 job mixed in with a ton of hilarious stories, tips and tricks to become a better boxer. With guest appearances by MAMA Carman and his favourite companion his dog. He's not over his loss to Canadian Heavyweight Simon Keane and makes a bid for a fight in an epic callout!


TFS Episode 63 David Lemieux

We promised high profile guests for Season 2 and we deliver. Episode 63 is now live! David Lemieux is here to talk shop with Tanner. He talks of his match with Max Bursak December 7th in Montreal, what made him get back to the ring, his old match with Triple G , what to expect in his fights and astronomy? That is not a spelling error. ASTRONOMY! David has a secret love of space, stars and everything to do with it. Tanner definelty caught him off guard in that segment. Toss us a like, a...


TFS Episode 62 Adam Braidwood And Steve Claggett

Back by popular demand is Season 1 guest of the Year Steve "THE DRAGON" Claggett. THE DRAGON IS HERE in FULL HD! Steve proudly discusses his new Eye of the Tiger Contract ; all the things that come with a massive deal and no stone is left unturned. He then give us a house gym tour and shows his favorite gym toys from odd massagers to one of a kind forearm strengtheners for knockout power! Is Tanner going to try yoga? DDP yoga at that? Tune in and find out! Hit that like and subscibe. Do...


TFS Episode 61 Tyson Cave

Today on the podcast we have Tyson Cave a professional boxer with a 34-4 record and current Canadian Champ!!!!!


TFS Episode 60 Luke Spicer

The Duke is back! Luke Spicer is back to talk about his new girlfriend, new fight, his hot yoga studio, and float tank business. Tanner pulls no punches as its right back to ball busting, dick jokes and joking about Luke's secret midnight trips to buy ice cream! Check it out!


TFS Episode 59 (Season 2)

Season 2 Episode 1 LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!


TFS Podcast Ep 58 Mario Perez

Today on the podcast we have pro boxer Mario Perez


TFS Episode 57 Ryan Rozicki

After a brief summer layoff The Final Shot Podcast is back strong with none other than Cape Breton hero “The Throwback” “The Brusier” “The Modern Day Jack Dempsey” Ryan Rozicki! They talk tattoo's, street fights, killing eels, knife fights with deers, street fights and so much more!


TFS Episode 56 Jason Toufexis

You asked for it we delivered. Jason from Gr8 Fight North Boxing Podcast squares off against Tanner Willshaw in this first time in this PODCAST vs PODCAST Episode. Its's no holds bar as these gentlemen talk about their humble beginnings, the Canadian boxing scene, whats next for Simon Keane, what makes a good boxing poster, who should Adam Braidwood fight next and even storming Area 51! Pay attention during the first 20 mins their is a special contest/giveaway fir a free pair of USG Custom...