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This Podcast is about sharing business advice that you wouldn't really get in a traditional business school or class.

This Podcast is about sharing business advice that you wouldn't really get in a traditional business school or class.
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This Podcast is about sharing business advice that you wouldn't really get in a traditional business school or class.




Episode 10: Lynne Phipps - Beachwood Center for Healing

In episode 10 we sat down with Lynne Phipps, Executive Director for Beachwood Center for Healing, an equine therapy facility in South County, RI. Lynne shares some of her thoughts on why horses have such powerful therapeutic traits along with some personal experiences working with horses. Listen and learn people.


Episode 9: Dr. Sam Kagan - Retired Physician | Artist

In Episode 9 we interviewed retired Physician Dr. Samuel Kagan. After a long, successful career in Medicine Dr. Kagan now spends a majority of his time creating art through the medium of painting. This is our "deepest" episode yet ranging from discussions of Metaphysics to why the healthcare system has its priorities inverted.


Episode 8: Charlie Hewitt - Mile of History Association, Fmr Chief Information Officer - Providence

Charlie Hewitt has had a long, impressive career in I.T. culminating in a position as Chief Information Officer for the City of Providence RI (2003-2010) and as Director of the Health Information Exchange, Program Management (2010-2015). He is now involved in the Mile of History Association (MoHA) which aims to restore and preserve the historically significant Benefit Street in Providence, RI. They chat from history to how A.I. is going to change health care and the use of electronic health...


Episode 7: Deborah Burton - Gerontologist & Founder - Seniors Choice Consulting

Host Dr. John Luo interviews Deborah Burton - Gerontologist to discuss her company Seniors Choice Consulting. They cover topics like picking the right long term care facility, common issues that prevent seniors from staying home and some unique services Deborah offers to assist her clients and ensure they end up in the right place. Listen and learn people.


Episode 6: Beverly Peirson - LMT, CZB

In this episode Dr. John interviews Beverly Peirson who is a practicing and certified Zero Balancer. Zero Balancing is a unique combination of massage therapy and Eastern and Western medicine. In this interview They talk about how Beverly got her Zero Balancing practice started, how she maintains a client base and how being healthy starts with you. Listen and learn people!


Episode 5: Dr. Lauren Hedde - Co-Owner - Direct Doctor's

Dr. John Luo interviews fellow Brown University alum Dr. Lauren Hedde, who is the Co-Owner of Direct Doctor's. Dr. Hedde is a pioneer in Rhode Island starting the first Direct Care physicians practice in the state. In this interview they cover how Direct Care circumvents the typical insurance model of health care allowing for more personal and customized treatment. They also cover why Lauren started and the decisions she's made along the way. Listen and learn people!


Episode 4: John Kevorkian - Partner - Sprout - Management Psychologist

In episode 4 of the 1st100k podcast Dr. John Luo interviews John Kevorkian, a managment psychologist and partner in the RI startup "Sprout" a co-working space located in Providence with a focus on collaboration and community. They talk about when it's right to sell a business and the thought processes behind managing/owning your own business. Listen and learn people!


Episode 3: Randy Wyrofsky, CPA.

In episode 3 of the 1st100k podcast Dr. John Luo interviews Randy Wyrofsky, CPA. Randy has had an impressive career as a CPA, partner in the Catalyst Group LLC investing firm and V.P./CFO of the Jean Coutu Group - U.S. Operations. He oversaw the roll-up of Brooks Pharmacy into Rite-Aid and is currently on the Board of Directors for Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island. Randy shares some tips on personal financing and a funny story about Red Bull. Listen and learn ladies and gents.


Episode 2: Shannon Shallcross - CEO BetaXAnalytics, Adam Perlman - Founder MrPearl11

In episode 2 of the 1st100k Podcast series Dr. John Luo interviews Shannon Shallcross CEO of BetaXAnalytics, who seeks to use data to drive health care reform and Adam Perlman, Founder of MrPearl11, a successful 3rd party online marketplace. Listen as they talk about why they started, how to create a "culture" at work and what traits they look for in a potential candidate. Listen and learn people.


Ep. 1 - Paul Haun; CEO of Nack

In the very first episode of the 1st100k podcast series Dr. John interviews Paul Haun, a former financial advisor turned Entrepreneur who launched Kaneland LLC and Nack; a successful coffee sharing app that's been evolving from the start. They cover the steps Paul took when first starting out, seeking funding and what it all takes. Listen and learn ladies and gents.