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30 Day Click to Brick Digital Marketing Jumpstart for Small Business Owners

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Day 25: 6 Digital Marketing Metrics Every Small Business Owner Must Know

With the ability to measure every click and view, it can be easy to slip into analysis paralysis with your marketing campaigns. The most important online advertising metrics should not only tell you where you’ve been, but also help point you in the right next direction. After a few weeks, your modern marketing plan will start sending new customers through your digital doors to your website and in your physical doors at your small business store, dealership, or practice. You'll ask them how...


Day 24: Phoning It In @ Your Business

Let's start with a cold, hard truth. There are only so many customers out there, and the competition is just a click away online. That's why, as you jumpstart your marketing, it's critical to not only get customers to your website and on the phone, but to deliver first-rate customer service from the first “hello.” Here at Netsertive, we’ve found that our most successful partners take full advantage of the technology available to them. And this includes listening to recorded customer calls...


Day 23: Put Your Brands to Work Online

If you're like most local businesses, you sell products or services from big brands. Welcome to your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Our clients include new car dealers selling Chrysler, Kia, Volkswagen, and more. Home goods partners carry Serta Simmons, LG and the Whirlpool family appliances, Ashley furniture, and many more. Our aesthetic medical practices offer CoolSculpting treatments and other procedures. As you lay the foundation for your best year ever, it’s critical to...


Day 22: Let's Make an Explainer Video for Your Business

Having a website for your small business is a great start. Today it's time to talk about video. Specifically, making a short store video to use on your website, post to Facebook, and use to advertise on YouTube. Welcome to your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Today we're going to get started on creating a short explainer video that will help new customers understand who you are and what you offer. Before you try to make one on your own, reach out to your buying group or...


Day 21: How to Start a Small Business Blog

Today we're talking about blogs. Specifically starting a blog for your business. Welcome to day 22 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Open up most small business websites and you're bound to see a link to BLOG. This is a section of your website where you'll post articles a few times a month to highlight new products and services, give truly helpful information to your website visitors, show off your expertise, and more. You know you need to be blogging for your small...


Day 20: Let’s Check on Your AdWords Campaign

Earlier this month, we showed you how to create a do it yourself - or DIY - ad for your business on Google. Login to AdWords today and check on the results. How many times did your ads show up - these are called impressions? How many times did they get clicked? How much did each click cost? Welcome to the third weekend of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Your first DIY search ad on Google is certainly a start. But it's time to go pro with your digital marketing. There are...


Day 19: Create an Email Newsletter

Today let's create an email newsletter for your business. Usually sent monthly or quarterly, a newsletter is your chance to engage with your customers. For the last two weeks, have you and your team been collecting lead source information? If not, skip back to day 8 to get on track! Part of the process should be collecting customer email addresses. This information, as we said then, is gold. People are busy. They’re not going to see all of your social media updates, and certainly won’t...


Day 18: Let's Set Up Email Signatures for Your Business

Today let's talk about email. Specifically, you sales team's emails, and anyone in your business who communicates with customers via email. Welcome to Day 18 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. We've spent a lot of time talking about your website. It is your number 1 marketing tool after all. But today we're going to create a unified email signature file for every outgoing email. This is also called a sig file. They key here is not to waste an opportunity to make all of...


Day 17: Let's Create a Facebook Business Page

Today, let's talk about Facebook. Gone are the days where Facebook was just a platform to share your vacation pictures and what you did last weekend. It has morphed into a place where people not only get their news but find and get recommendations for new products and services. Welcome to Day 17 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Your website is attracting customers. You've brainstormed a balanced marketing mix, and even have an ad running on Google. Plus you're measuring...


Day 16: Let's Post a Promotional Offer on Google Today

Two weeks ago you claimed your business on Google My Business. And if you installed the Google My Business app on a smartphone, you were reminded to create a new post last week. Every 7 days Google will ping you to encourage you to update what's displayed on the right side of search results for your business. So today, take a few minutes to post a special offer through Google My Business. Head back to bit.ly/googlemybus - click Posts. Upload a product image and offer, and link it to your...


Day 15: How are Customers Converting Online?

Today let's continue talking about analytics. Specifically, Google Analytics, and how to use it to measure the impact of your website and digital marketing on your small business. You're halfway through your jumpstart! I hope you're feeling informed, excited, and starting to feel the effects of your new marketing approach on your business. You've officially joined the digital marketing revolution! So today, let's continue talking about analytics. Specifically, Google Analytics, and how to...


Day 13-14: Google Analytics for Your Website

This weekend we're going to start measuring your digital presence. Specifically, we're going to turn on Google Analytics. This is a free tool that keep tabs on how many people visit your website, which pages are the most popular, and how long they look around. It's also the best way to track which actions people took on your website that had value to you. Those actions are known as conversions. The primary way to track the impact of your digital advertising on your business is pay close...


Day 12: SEO or SEM, What Works Faster?

Business owners ask us everyday: What’s the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM)? Which should I be investing in, and how much? According to a Google study, small businesses see a 77% boost in qualified website traffic when they invest in both SEO and SEM. Both are important and deserve your attention. They work together to solve an essential business challenge: ensure that your business, products and services can be found on the...


Day 11: New Path to Purchase from Awareness to Decision

You've calculated your marketing investment and expected return on investment, and you've created a marketing plan for the year. That's progress! Plus you're tracking lead sources in your location. You know generally how often customers are using the Internet to find you. You've got an ad running on Google to reach local buyers. Plus you've set up Google My Business so people can find your location and you can keep tabs on reviews being written about you. For a few days of effort, you've...


Day 10: Modern Marketing Planner

Yesterday you set your goals and put pencil to paper to understand how much you'll need to spend on marketing to meet your sales goals. Investing for success is key. Today, I want you to open to pages 14 and 15 in your Click to Brick Workbook. There you'll find a year-long marketing planner. Welcome to Day 10 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Make a few copies of these pages so you can start penciling in your investments. You'll notice right away that your marketing...


Day 9: My Marketing Investment?

Let's tackle an important topic: your marketing investment. Notice we didn't say marketing budget. Just like the roof over your location and the sign out front, marketing is an investment in attracting new customers. Don't think of your spend here as a cost to your business - it truly is the most important investment you can make in growing profits. Everything you do - from your website, to signage in your location, traditional and digital advertising - it's all marketing. So it's...


Day 8: Let's Track Lead Sources

How do you measure the true business impact of your marketing efforts? Internet marketing gives us lots of data to trace the path to purchase from online research to offline sales. But don’t forget traditional lead source tracking. It's critical to know how people discovered your business. Basically, whenever a customer swings your door or calls, you not only have a potential source of revenue, but a source of invaluable information. That person can tell you how he or she learned about your...


Day 7: Turn on Google My Business

Today it's time to claim your free Google My Business listing. It's day 7 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Yesterday was a big day - we put your business front and center on Google. Now when local customers turn to the Internet and use Google - the new Yellow pages - you're putting a great marketing message in front of them. Talk about a marketing jumpstart - it's a great start. It's a great start, because 9 out of 10 shoppers turn to search engines to find local...


Day 6: Put Your Business on Google

Let’s spend 15 minutes putting a marketing message in front of new customers the instant they're looking for you on the world’s most popular search engine: Google. Think of Google as the perfect replacement for your paid Yellow Pages listing. When people type in the name of your business online, you can be found above your competitors, and instantly present them with who you are, embed a special offer, explain your unique selling proposition, and more. And every click on this ad will send...


Day 5: A Website is Your New Front Door

When people were asked which sources they used most often consulted to research a considered purchase of $500 or more, small business websites were ranked #2 on the list. That's right. Websites were ranked #2, just behind the world’s most popular search engines - Google and Bing. When we said your customers have changed in recent years, this gets to the heart of it. Your business really has two front doors today. Customers will swing your digital door and visit your website first. When...