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Day 9: My Marketing Investment?

Let's tackle an important topic: your marketing investment. Notice we didn't say marketing budget. Just like the roof over your location and the sign out front, marketing is an investment in attracting new customers. Don't think of your spend here as a cost to your business - it truly is the most important investment you can make in growing profits. Everything you do - from your website, to signage in your location, traditional and digital advertising - it's all marketing. So it's...


Day 8: Let's Track Lead Sources

How do you measure the true business impact of your marketing efforts? Internet marketing gives us lots of data to trace the path to purchase from online research to offline sales. But don’t forget traditional lead source tracking. It's critical to know how people discovered your business. Basically, whenever a customer swings your door or calls, you not only have a potential source of revenue, but a source of invaluable information. That person can tell you how he or she learned about...


Day 7: Turn on Google My Business

Today it's time to claim your free Google My Business listing. It's day 7 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Yesterday was a big day - we put your business front and center on Google. Now when local customers turn to the Internet and use Google - the new Yellow pages - you're putting a great marketing message in front of them. Talk about a marketing jumpstart - it's a great start. It's a great start, because 9 out of 10 shoppers turn to search engines to find local...


Day 6: Put Your Business on Google

Let’s spend 15 minutes putting a marketing message in front of new customers the instant they're looking for you on the world’s most popular search engine: Google. Think of Google as the perfect replacement for your paid Yellow Pages listing. When people type in the name of your business online, you can be found above your competitors, and instantly present them with who you are, embed a special offer, explain your unique selling proposition, and more. And every click on this ad will...


Day 5: A Website is Your New Front Door

When people were asked which sources they used most often consulted to research a considered purchase of $500 or more, small business websites were ranked #2 on the list. That's right. Websites were ranked #2, just behind the world’s most popular search engines - Google and Bing. When we said your customers have changed in recent years, this gets to the heart of it. Your business really has two front doors today. Customers will swing your digital door and visit your website first. When...


Day 4: What’s Trending?

Yesterday we used Google's Keyword Planner to see how MANY searches are happening in your market for your products and services. Those numbers are showing you how many local searches are happening on Google. But now it’s time to think about trends. Welcome to Day 4 of your Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. Let’s find out which of your products are services are trending up or down, year over year or month to month. These are trends you can leverage in your marketing as demand...


Day 3: How Many Customers are Googling You Today?

Today we’re taking your competitor research to the next level. Yesterday, we used Google to see how your competitors were showing up in search results. Google gives you another free tool called the Keyword Planner to discover how often your business and your top brands, products, and services are being researched by customers in your local market. Welcome to Day 3 of your Click to Brick Marketing Jumpstart, powered by Netsertive. You know the drill! Get out your Click to Brick workbook,...


Day 2: Research Your Competition

Let's see who's trying to lure away your customers online. Get out your Click to Brick workbook and let's dive right in. To get your copy of our free book, head to netsertive.com. Click Resources at the top, then Workbooks. You'll see our Click to Brick Workbook there. It's important to know how other small businesses just like yours are trying to lure away your customers online through Google, the world's top search engine. Open your workbook to page 7. There you'll find a worksheet to...


Day 1: Your Marketing Mix Matters

If you're like most small business owners, you've been investing in traditional marketing for decades. Up until 25 years ago, 100% of small business customers were influenced by referrals along with traditional advertising in newspapers, radio, and television. But since then, the world has changed. We now live in a click to brick economy. In 2017, more than 75% of all retail sales were influenced by the Internet according to Forrester Research. By 2020, Forrester days, 100% of retail...


Day 0: Let's Get Started

Welcome to the 30 Day Click to Brick Marketing Jumpstart podcast from Netsertive. Let's get started on your modern plan to attract more customers right now. To start, you'll need a copy of our click to brick marketing workbook. You can get your copy right now through your phone. Pull up a new text message and address it to 313131. In the message, type the word clickbrick - all one word, no space. There's a second way. Open up a web browser and type in: netsertive.com Click Resources at...


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