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Taking the leap into entrepreneurship after divorce | Kay Richardson | Business Coach

On this episode, Kay Richardson shares how to take the leap into entrepreneurship after a divorce. Yes, it can be challenging growing a business with a family, but imagine doing it as a newly divorced mom. Kay shares a few tips that have worked for her and how she manages to challenge her time as a mompreneur and the children. Thank you to today's conversation starter: Pam Reid of Dream Catchers for the Soul. A 501(c)3 www.DreamCatchersfortheSoul.com an organization dedicated to helping...


7 Quotes to Inspire | Motivate | Create Mental Strength | Kay Richardson |Speaker | Business Coach | Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson shares the important of quotes. When things get tough a quote is a great place to start for inspiration. The power of words can move individuals in a way that can get them to take action or initiate self-reflection. Things discussed on the show: Pam Reid-Dream Catchers for the Soul Book: What a Woman's Gotta Do


Self Judgement VS Self Validation | Kay Richardson | Speaker | Business Coach |Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson chats about self-judgment vs self-validation. Are you often hard on yourself? Are you always looking to make things better but sometimes pushing yourself too hard can turn into a disaster? Kay shares how to change self-criticism into powerful self-validation. Stay connected with Kay: Instagram Facebook Twitter Book: What a Woman's Gotta Do Don't forget to rate us on itunes


Why do you need to appear so strong? | Kay Richardson | Speaker | Business Coach | Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson discusses her need to appear strong 24/7. Do you suffer from needing to appear strong to avoid being seen as weak? Kay dives into her why and how she works through it. If you are enjoying the conversations leave us a rating on iTunes and share the episode with five of your girlfriends. Mentions on this episode: Connect with Kay on: Instagram Facebook Twitter


Why the law of attraction isn't working | Kay Richardson| Speaker | Author|

On this episode, Kay Richardson talks about why the law of attraction isn't probably working and how to course correct. If you are saying you want a thing are you really believing that will happen? It's time to bridge the gap between what you say opposed to what you are believing.


How to be YOU | Kay Richardson | Speaker |Business Coach | Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson dives deep into reconnecting to the real you. Who are you being or not being for the sake of others? How do you get back to being your real authentic self? Kay talks about simple steps to help you feel happier and healthier.


Are you stepping the fu&k up? | Kay Richardson | Business Coach | Speaker | Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson asks the question " are you stepping the fu&k up? How are you settling in areas of your life and business? What do you want most in your life? It's time to set aside and become clear about the things you desire? Are you ready to stop with excuses and step into your full potential? Kay invites you to join the 30 Day step the fu&k challenge. Mentions on show: Instagram #StepFuckUpChallenge www.ClientsWhoSayYes.com


If you stopped seeking the opinions of others | Kay Richardson Speaker | Business Coach | Author

On this episode, Kay speaks about how the opinions of others could be the reason why you aren't getting the results or creating the happy life you desire. How would your life changed if you stopped asking others "what do you think?" or "what do you think I should do?" Things mentioned on the show: What a Woman's Gotta Do- Dig Deep Make a Decision Take Action Connect with Kay TwitterInstagram www.ClientsWhoSayYes.com Share the episode with a friend + leave us a rating n Itunes


Where is your mind set? | Kay Richardson | Business Coach | Author | Speaker

Kay Richardson talks about “Where is your mind set?” Kay asks: "what's your set point that's keeping you from taking action?" Are you seeking permission to step into action? How many times have you asked yourself "who do you think you are?" Kay shares her personal story about the outside factors she could have allowed to create a fixed mind set. Every day we are challenged with pushing beyond our current set. Mentions on Episode: Book: What a Woman’s Gotta Do: Dig Deep Make a Decision...


What do you want for yourself?

Kay Richardson talks about "What do you want for yourself?" Kay walks you through a visualization to go deep to identify your greatest desires and purpose. Without a clear vision, we can't get too far. Tune in as a Kay helps you get clear and get to your purpose. Things mentioned on the show: Book: What a Woman's Gotta Do: Dig Deep Make a Decision Take Action Live us a rating on iTunes and don't forget to share this episode.


Trusting the process- With Kay Richardson |Speaker | Business Coach |Author

Kay Richardson shares her experience about trusting the process in life and business. Kay shares a quote from Lewis Howes, "allow yourself to stumble along the way even if it's not perfect." Kay shares a few tips from HelloMyNameIsBlog.com 1. Don't be stopped by not knowing the how 2. Fall in love with your why. 3. Don't be so hard on yourself. Connect with Kay info@clientswhosayyes.com www.ClientsWhoSayYes.com www.TheYesFactorQuiz.com


The Fear of Asking - Julie Trites

Kay Richardson welcomes Julie Trites and they dive into the fear of asking. Kay asks the probing questions that listeners will benefit from about Julie's struggles to encourage women to ask for help. Reach Julie Trites: Mind of Her Own Podcast a podcast focused on the mental health Reach Kay Richardson: info@clientswhosayyes.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/ideaignitor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ideaignitor/ Take the quiz: www.TheYesFactorQuiz.com


Time To Demote Your Brain as CEO

Kay Richardson shares how she's learning to live from her heart and firing the brain as the CEO of her. On this show Kay talks about what she's up to, she talks about practices to welcome a new CEO into her space. Kay shares an excerpt from Dr/ Suzanne Steinbaum's book Heart Book- Every Woman's Guide to a Heart-Healthy Life. Listen in on Kay connect's with her heart to trust and lead her. Mentions on show: Dr Suzanne Steinbaum- Twitter Connect with...


Marbles and Sundays will Make You Change

Kay Richardson shares how marbles and this Sunday changed her life forever. Kay shares the story of an 85-year-old man and how marbles became important to him. You will never think about things the same after this episode. Share how you weekends will change? Mentions on the podcast: TheYesFactorQuiz.com Rate us on Itunes.


Is your fear bigger than your purpose

It's the show where Kay Richardson keeps it real about your stuff and hers too. Kay is roasting herself on this episode about her faces she had about doing her first Facebook Live. Thanks to Roz of TheSoleSista.com Vision Board Planner- Power Penny Ready to attract clients? TheYesFactorQuiz.com Connect with Kay on Social Media: Twitter Instagram Facebook


Epi 018 Obstacles are really opportunities

On today's episode, Kay Richardson talks about obstacles really being opportunities. It's time to rethink the way you see obstacles in your life and in business. The big audacious goal you are trying to reach is accessible if you go about it the right way. There are things that will attempt to get in your way. All of the perceived obstacles are really the opportunities to help you achieve success. How to look at obstacles and create strategies to get things done. Bonus Content Connect...


Epi 017 Can you see the opportunity in front of you?

Kay approaches today's conversation a little differently this week. Kay shares the conversation of Pastor T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick. Can you spot the unlimited opportunities present before you? Learn how to make the most out of your given opportunities. What can you make out of your gifts? Using your imagination to build your vision. Bonus Content Connect with Kay: Twitter Instagram Full Episode with T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick This show is for the women entrepreneurs who are...


Epi 016 What are you doing when no one is looking

It's 2018 and we all have goals we want to achieve. Kay dives in with a powerful question: What are you doing when no one is looking? When no one is riding or pushing you, are you allowing self-doubt to keep you from taking action? Tune in for simple strategies for women entrepreneurs to get more clients. How to stay focused, follow up and generate leads for your business. Connect with Kay: Twitter Instagram Take quiz: Need help figuring out why clients are saying "No" or "Nothing" at...


Epi 015: Celebrate your wins-stop down playing yourself? Kay Richardson | Biz Strategist|Speaker| Author

Today's episode talks about the importance of celebrating the wins no matter who things you're bragging or boasting. We can get caught in worrying about what others will think if we celebrate our personal achievements. It's not about bragging it's about celebrating your end result. Here's your opportunity to be celebrated even if you're afraid to celebrate yourself! Go to the blog and download the bonus content: Bonus Content Stay connected with Kay Twitter:...


Epi 014- Step Into Your Worth- Kay Richardson | Business Strategist | Speaker | Author

On this episode, Kay Richardson gets reals and straight to the point: Why aren't you stepping into your worth? What's the real challenge here for you? How you feel will influence what you do? If not now then when? Stay connected with Kay: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ideaignitor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ideaignitor/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IdeasToIncome/ Share your thoughts and leave us a rating (thank you)