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If you are looking for 1 percent improvements that add up to big results, this is the place for you. Every week, we learn about simple systems and tools that will help you build the business and life you’ve always wanted.

If you are looking for 1 percent improvements that add up to big results, this is the place for you. Every week, we learn about simple systems and tools that will help you build the business and life you’ve always wanted.
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If you are looking for 1 percent improvements that add up to big results, this is the place for you. Every week, we learn about simple systems and tools that will help you build the business and life you’ve always wanted.






How Trello Saved My Marriage

Overwhelmed with all the tasks on your to-do list? Completely forget to do something you said you would do? Get distracted from your work by remembering other things you have to do? I used to be that way too. This podcast talks about how I took control of my distracted brain and how you can do the same with Trello. Links and resources mention: Connect with Zack: Zack's Twitter: @zwsexton Zack's LinkedIn: /in/ZacharySexton Email: coach at


Able Business Break

I'll be taking a break with the show. In this quick 'goodbye for now' episode, I explain why the break is needed, what I'll be focused and how you can stay connected (I hope you will). Thank you for tuning in. I hope you were able to make a whole heap of 1% improvements form the ideas presented. Sincerely, Zack Stay connected with Zack: Email: coach at Twitter: @zwsexton LinkedIn: /in/ZacharySexton Links and resources mention: Clean Slate/Kanban Training...


Get More Clients With Automatic Follow Up – ABR059

Relying on your memory or willpower to follow up with your current prospects takes too much time and mental bandwidth. This podcast shows you how to use email 'boomerangs' to follow up automatically. Enjoy! Links and resources mention: Boomerang for Gmail App Boomerang Respondable Feature Related podcasts: How To Write Great Emails ABR #56 Getting To Inbox Zero w/ Matt Cowdroy ABR #38 How To Deal w/ Email ABR #15 Connect with Zack and Ryan: Ryan'sTwitter:...


Get More Clients With Automatic Information Gathering – ABR058

Can you think of a bad prospect call that could have been avoided with a bit of information on the front end? Maybe they didn't have the budget. Maybe you don't solve their particular problem. Maybe the call could have been done in half the time. Maybe you could have come better prepared and made the sale. Today's podcast is all about how to automatically gather the information you need to make your sales calls more productive and profitable. You'll learn the tools to use and the questions...


Get More Clients With Automatic Scheduling – ABR057

Finding meeting times over email is a pain. This podcast walks you through effective use of scheduling software you can use automate your client bookings. Enjoy! Quotables: "There are few things that offer more leverage than a well-designed scheduler." Links and resources mention: Zack's Virtual Coffee Scheduler Connect with Zack and Ryan: Ryan’sTwitter: @dgtlminimalism Ryan’s Website: Zack's Twitter: @zwsexton Zack's LinkedIn:...


How to write great emails. – ABR056

Ever write an email and not get the response you want? Me too. This episode breaks down an old email from Steve Jobs so we can learn how to write more powerful emails that get results. Enjoy! Steve Jobs Email To Robert Murdock: James, Our proposal does set the upper limit for ebook retail pricing based on the hardcover price of each book. The reason we are doing this is that, with our experience selling a lot of content online, we simply don't think the ebook market can be successful with...


How to get started podcasting – ABR055

So you want to a start a podcast? This episode will guide you through the what and the how of getting your voice recorded, edited and submitted to iTunes. In this episode we cover: What hosting is and why you need it. How to get your podcast in iTunes The most important factor in choosing a microphone. (Hint: Make sure it's dynamic!) Links and resources mention: iTunes Submission Information Name iTunes Subtitles Host Name Podcast Description Directories to submit to rss feed to: iTunes...


What to consider when starting a podcast – ABR054

Thinking about starting a podcast? Listen to this episode before hitting record. Buy the end of this episode, you'll know the costs, benefits and most common mistakes to avoid when using audio to support your business. In this episode we cover: The #1 reason to start a podcast. Techniques and questions that lead to a great interview. Two ways you can get the benefits of a podcast without actually starting one. Links and resources mention: Getting To Inbox Zero w/ Matt Cowdroy #38 Email...


The Future of Work w/ Stephen Warley

Stephen Warley is a self-employment expert. He came on to discuss the 4 major trends that are causing work to change and what you can do to prepare for them. This is a must listen to episode for all the new or soon to be solo-professionals out there. Enjoy! In this episode we cover: How automation will change a majority of jobs by 2030. What the half-life of skills means and how it will affect your career. Why it's not a good time to be in middle management. How you can make it big in...


Getting Started With Email Marketing w/ Nathan Barry

In previous careers, Nathan has been a designer, author, and blogger. After learning the power of email marketing he gave up a successful blogging career to build ConvertKit. He's come on the show to let us know how you can start using email for your service based business. In this episode we cover: Why starting an email newsletter isn't a priority when starting out. What email you should write first to get more clients for your business. When you should consider writing your first...


Generate Breakthrough Opportunities With Your Network w/ Patrick Ewers – ABR051

Does a majority of your new business come from referrals? Do you often wish you had a bit more control over when and where your next client will come from? Then today's show is for you. My guest, Patrick Ewers, is Silicon Valley’s top relationship management expert. Patrick and his team at Mind Maven train business leaders to reach their full potential by ensuring they hear about more of the right opportunities. Startup founders hire him to uncover venture funds or their next big hire. You...


Follow Up Power Hour w/ Meredith M Bell – ABR050

Follow-up is important for sales, marketing and the growth of your business. You need to follow up with your: leads clients potential joint venture partners and more. Even if you are a solo professional, business is a team effort. But it is easy to let your follow up activity slip down the to-do list. Unless you are careful, more urgent tasks or more entertaining distractions can botch the best intentions. Fortunately, seasoned entrepreneur Meredeth Bell came on the podcast to share her...


Automate Your Client Management w/ Jennifer Bourn – ABR049

Jennifer Bourn is an award-winning website designer. She also runs her own small business. At the beginning of 2011, her web design business ate up all of her time. 100+ hour work weeks were the norm. Travel (her passion) was impossible. Stress was high. Important tasks were falling through the cracks. Then, during her annual business retreat, she created a simple system to help onboard her new customers. Instead of repeating herself, she sent a series of automated emails that: set...


The Likable Expert Advantage w/ Michael Katz – ABR048

Michael Katz is a likable marketing expert for solo professionals. He came on the podcast to show you how you can get more and better clients by positioning yourself as a likable [fill-in-your-service] expert. No marketing budget? No problem! After listening to this episode, you'll know how to attract all the clients you need with word-of-mouth marketing. Like exercise, all it takes to see results is: finding a routine you don't hate the commitment to show up every day If you've been...


How to Manage Your Network w/ John Corcoran – ABR047

John Corcoran is an expert at strategically managing the relationships that make a difference in your business. He believes sharing: your connections free, helpful content (podcasts, blog posts, videos) are the two best way to grow a network of people who want to support you and your venture. Service-based entrepreneurs listen up, this might be the best marketing advice you've heard all year! This podcast will show you how to start helping others in a way that will also drive your own...


How To Review Your Year w/ Mike Vardy – ABR046

Learning from past actions is one of the most effective ways to make improvements to your personal and business productivity. Today productivity strategist Mike Vardy is on the podcast to give you a simple game plan to review your year. By listening, you'll get some fun strategies to help you: celebrate your successes learn from your mistakes move forward with more purpose Enjoy! In this episode we cover: How to use your calendar to kick-start your annual review. Why breaking your annual...


What’s Your Productivity Personality Type? w/ Devin Ambron – ABR045

What would a perfect year look like for you? Mentally? Physically? Spiritually? With your finances? Devin Ambron put on a workshop this December to help Austin entrepreneurs build, plan and live their best year. We go over some of the strategies he used to help attendees kick butt in 2018. Including: reflecting on the past understanding the present looking toward the future One exercise that will help you understand your past, present and future is discovering your productivity personality...


Making Action Easy w/ Habits – ABR044

Humans are creatures of habit. If we do something one way on Wednesday, odds are we’ll do that same thing the same way on Thursday. Sometimes that helps us. Think about those who exercise regularly and can’t imagine otherwise. Other times, not so much. Think about those who arrive home each night and unthinkingly switch on the TV. So how do habits come to be? And how can we change them? This podcast is the third and final episode of this goal setting, clarifying and doing series. It's all...


Creating Bulletproof Goals – ABR043

Goals have an impact beyond the obvious. Specific goals are connected to more important life goals. These higher goals reflect your most important ideas. The specific goal of losing 20 pounds, for example, may be an element of a more important life goal of being healthy or attractive to your (potential) romantic partner. For the goal you selected from the Wheel of Life exercise, consider the following questions: Questions To Answer: Use these questions as prompts for a 5-minute free writing...


How to Choose Your Next Big Goal – ABR042

In this episode we cover: How to make a new year's resolution that lasts How to prioritize your goals to make the most positive change Quotables: "You can anything, but you can't do everything." Links and resources mention: YNAB - You Need A Budget How to use the wheel of life: Print out the above wheel of life image: wheel_of_life.png Grab a pen. Rate each of the areas by marking one of the ten rings in the section based on how well you feel like you are doing in that area of life. 1 means...