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Episode 30: How a young Ghanaian started an All-Girls Coding Training program to solve the lack of African Women in Tech

Welcome to episode 30 of Africans Building Africa Podcast! My name is Amadou Hanne, founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast. In this Episode, I interviewed Ivy Barley who’s the founder of Developers in Vogue, an All-Girls coding trading program in Ghana solving the lack of African Women in Tech. While studying for […]


Episode 29: How 3 young Africans in the diaspora started a renewable energy company solving the electricity problem in Nigeria

Welcome to episode 29 of Africans Building Africa Podcast! My name is Amadou Hanne, founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast. In this Episode, I interviewed Ifeanyi Umejei who’s the founder of Ice Commercial Power, a renewable energy company providing electricity to small businesses in Nigeria. While Ifeanyi Umejei was struggling […]


Episode 28: How a young Nigerian started an eCommerce platform selling Made In Africa luxury brands to the Diaspora

Welcome to episode 28 of Africans Building Africa Podcast! My name is Amadou Hanne, founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast. In this Episode, I interviewed Chekwas Okafor who’s the founder of, an ecommerce platform selling luxury Made In Africa brands. In September 2016, Chekwas Okafor, left his full-time job as […]


Episode 27: How a Cameroonian started a Digital Hospital company from the Netherlands

Welcome to episode 27 of Africans Building Africa Podcast! My name is Amadou Hanne, I am the founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast. In this Episode, I interviewed Patricia Monthe who’s the founder of MedX, a digital hospital. While in school for her Masters degree, Patricia Monthe wrote a research paper […]


Episode 26: How a young Ugandan started a Mobile Money company allowing business to pay people electronically

Welcome to episode 26 of Africans Building Africa Podcast! My name is Amadou Hanne, I am the founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast. In this Episode, I interviewed Luke Kyohere who’s the founder of Beyonic, a mobile money company. With his software consulting company, Luke was able to spin off […]


Episode 25: How a Young Fearless Guinean is set out to modernize Guinea with an Uber like Company

As Aissatou Khairy Diallo mentioned in French “Vous n’allez jamais recontrer une personne aussi patriotic que moi” meaning you will never find someone as patriotic as her, shows the love she has for her country, Guinea. Growing up in the United States, she has always represented her country from school to her participation in Guinean […]


Episode 24: How a Young Ghanaian founded a platform that’s changing the way Africans Study

As a young African who studied in the US and his home country, Ghana, just like many other Africans in the Diaspora, Ato Bentsi-Enchill saw the differences in education style among the two countries and decided to take action. At his school’s Business Plan competition, Ato pitched the idea of a platform providing detailed answers […]


Episode 23: How an Investment Company empowers African Founders with a unique Investment Model

As a Cameroonian born in Germany, Erick Yong had always been passionate about Africa. Following his entrepreneurial journey, Erick has co-founded a Venture Capital company, Green Tec Capital Partners. Lack of capital is perceived as one of the biggest issues around entrepreneurship in Africa; However, Erick and his partner has a unique model of not […]


Épisode 2: Comment une entrepreneure Sénégalaise fait avancer l’Afrique à travers sa plateforme de financement

Dia Gaissiri est une jeune entrepreneure d’origine Sénégalaise et est la fondatrice de Waalam (, une plateforme de financement qui met en contact des entrepreneurs en besoin de financement ayant des projets focalisés sur l’Afrique avec des investisseurs à la recherche d’opportunités d’investissement fiables et ayant un grand potentiel rémunératoire. Dans cette épisode Dia […]


Episode 22: From a Full-time Job at Microsoft to a Mobile App Guru, how did He do it?

After receiving his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Wharton School and Bachelors of Science and Engineering from Princeton University, Muoyo Okome, like any other graduates from these elite schools, had aspirations of becoming a consultant within the top consulting firms. Even thought, he didn’t receive the consulting position he wished, he ended up working at […]


Episode 21: How a Nigerian started a Scholarship matchmaker App for African Students?

Throughout his career, Abolade Lawal (Bola) worked 9 to 5 as a Business Consultant with companies such as Accenture, Shell, Phillips 66 and CononoPhillips. Because of the structure of corporate America which limits creativity and productivity, Bola didn’t feel like he was giving 100% to his employer. So, he set up to find his passion […]


Episode 20: How did an Engineer from Benin created a Billion Dollar Asset Advisory Firm?

Forbes Africa called him the $100 million man because of the size of projects that [Prince] Randy Koussou Sogan and his firm, Black Lion Holdings, manages. From the New International Airport in Benin worth it $100 Million to infrastructure projects in Cameroon and Togo worth it each $3 Billion, [Prince] Randy Sogan has built a […]


Episode 19: Why You Should NOT Start a Business with a Family Member in Africa?

Tomi Davies is a futurist Techpreneur in love with all things Tech and Africa, especially mobile and Nigeria. As an IT systems analyst turned advisor, public speaker, author and angel investor, Tomi has worked with organizations such as Ernst & Young, Marks & Spencer, Elf, and the One Laptop Per Child project. Today, Tomi is […]


Épisode 1: Comment un jeune Africain a monté sa compagnie dans le Télécom

Dans un continent ou le domaine de la téléphonie et de l’accès a l’internet est encore contrôlé par des multinationales étrangères, Diallo Telecom ( est l’une des rares structures opérant dans ce domaine crées et dirigées par un Africain. Dans cette épisode Africans Building Africa a eu le plaisir d’interviewer Mr. Aliou Badara Diallo, le […]


Episode 18: How 3 Young African Entrepreneurs created a Real Estate development company?

Bleejay Innis traveled to his home country, Liberia, a while back and found something that really didn’t resonate with him on how real estate development companies were talking advantage of the people. As a real estate developer in the US, he vows to create a unique company which will not only gain from the real […]


Episode 17: How do you get involve to the economic growth of Africa from the founder of VC4Africa?

10 years ago, Ben White Founded Venture Capital 4 Africa ( with a single hope of building an ecosystem of African Entrepreneurs across Africa. Today, VC4Africa have over 36,000 members from all over the world and have assisted over 100 African entrepreneurs across 26 countries to raise over $73 million in 2015. Ben is originally […]


Episode 16: How an African based in Toronto launched an African Consumer Research Company

One of the most important aspects of decision making in Business is reliable data. Because of the lack of data, most international companies count Africa out and most African Entrepreneurs make irrational decisions. Yannick Lefang, founder and CEO of Kasi Insight, is set out to put a light on the continent by collecting data. Kasi […]


Episode 15: How did a Ghanaian created a Bamboo Bike Manufacturer in his village

Kwabena Danso graduated from Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology and decided to go back to his home village to fight unemployment and migration of the youth to the city of Accra. With his NGO, The Yonso Project, Kwabena and his team was looking for ways to create a sustainable organization away from grants […]


Episode 14: How did a Guinean raised over $300,000 for his Tech startups within 2 months?

Couple of years ago, Ibrahima Soumano went back home to Guinea to visit his family. As Africans living in the Diaspora, we’re usually expected to give away gifts to our family members and friends whenever we go back home. Ibrahima gave mobile credits to some of his family members and soon realize the huge impact […]


Episode 13: How does a Kenyan solve the problem of Location Services from Germany?

In 2012, Steve Odhiambo wanted to a send a book to his sister who was living with his mother in Kenya. However, he wasn’t able to do so because his mother did not pay the subscription fees to use the postal service. Frustrated by the situation, Steve took it upon himself to create a company […]


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