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Agency Nation is the leading digital publication helping insurance professionals dominate marketing, sales and technology in the modern marketplace.

Agency Nation is the leading digital publication helping insurance professionals dominate marketing, sales and technology in the modern marketplace.
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Agency Nation is the leading digital publication helping insurance professionals dominate marketing, sales and technology in the modern marketplace.




Two Things You Should Still Be Doing in 2019

It easy to forget what you excited to focus on at the start of the year. Because once you cross the halfway point of the year all bets are off on your memory's credibility. Things come up and even the best of intentions start to stray from the plotted course. That's why it important to check in and see if they should still be sticking around for the rest of the year. That's what I brought back Rob McCarthy, of GRBM Insurance and Woody Brown, of The Rhoads Group, to see what's still...


What Happens When You Don't Own the Relationship?

It just means you have more time to make sure you eventually do. It's also possible your job could get a lot easier if you delegate that initial ownership to someone else. Of course, that's likely a risky proposition you might be unwilling to take. If you are, then it might be time to get serious about helping your employees get better at what they're doing. That's what I talk to Sean Mooney, of Mooney Insurance Brokers, about how he wants to start segmenting his staff.


Have You Found a Community That Encourages the Best?

If you have then you know how powerful it can be to see something done first. Then you know exactly what to do to get started and how to follow the path to success. Of course, this path will not only show you where to go it will have people to help along the way. That's when you'll have a chance to figure out exactly what your strengths are and how to take advantage of them. That's what I talk to Brian Blakely, of Stonebridge Insurance, about how he's been following that community all...


When You Embrace Your Ability to Pick a Niche

There's a good chance you might realize the privilege you have to only work with the people you like. That same luxury is certainly not one afforded to all professions, even still we're often hesitant of at best. That hesitation usually shows itself in the form of generalization that leaves you vulnerable to everything you don't know. However, when you specialize you know everything someone else doesn't and that's the difference people will be able to see. That's what I talk to Kyle...


How Many Skills Players Do You Need to Win?

It's amazing what's possible when you have a highly experienced roster of insurance professionals behind you. An ordinary presentation transforms from a solo act into a carefully crafted expert ensemble. However, to make sure it all works you need a strong quarterback holding the whole thing together. That person has to know the perfect moments to hit each team member to maximize the entire performance. That's what I talk to Jennifer Chenault, of Lovitt & Touche, about how she fills out...


Can You Effectively Document in the Most Authentic Way?

It's easy to dismiss the idea of constantly capturing your expertise for future distribution. However, if you can find the dedication, you'll create a process that produces endless authentic interactions. If applied and distributed properly should allow you the opportunity to reach people far beyond your previous or traditional methods. Because it's far more efficient to capture what is already happening than trying to recreate it from scratch. That's what I talk to Alex Salmon, of The...


How Stable Does Your Mindset Shift Have To Be?

There's definitely an argument to be made for constantly trying to stabilize every big change you make. If you don't, you could end up moving on to the next thing before your first big change was strong enough to stand on its own. But make no mistake about it, finding that first shift is hard to do and should be the only thing you're focused on if it hasn't happened yet. Because when it does, the changes will feel like they are coming fast and possibly furious but will still take longer...


What Happens if You Show What You Do More?

A lot has certainly changed, but it's possible there's even more that has stayed the same. That's because we're turning back the clock to re-examine a conversation that's nearly two years old. As dated as you might expect it to sound, there are plenty of principles that remain unadopted and tactics without execution. The good news is the ball is definitely rolling in the right direction, now it's a matter of picking up speed. That's what I talk to Marcus Sheridan (Impact) and Matt Simon...


This is How to Focus on More Valuable Work

It all starts by finding a way to handoff the tasks that create the least value. They usually include easily repeatable processes that don't need to be performed by someone in your agency. They are also items that would benefit greatly if they manually automated. Then you and your staff will be free to elevate your client interactions to level you didn't think was possible. That's what I talk to Ani Podder, of Marble Box, about the best ways to change the way you work.


How to Be the Only Thing People Talk About (Part II)

Starts by committing to something on a level that most would consider too risky or downright impossible. However, that's what it takes most of the time to get people's attention and motivate them to participate in real-world activities. Event marketing has far more to offer than free pens and stress balls to really show people what your agency is all about. Sometimes all it takes is looking around to see what's possible right next door. That's what I talk to Shannon Strobel, of...


Will Your Content Help Make More Family Time?

It definitely should if you can figure out a way to make sure everyone has a chance to see it before they talk to you. That might seem like the craziest homework assignment you've ever heard of, but it's certainly one of the most effective ways to scale your information. Think about all the time you would save if you stopped having the same conversation over and over again. Even if you were able to cut those conversations in half you'd take your family flexibility to a whole new...


How to Make Sure Your Agency Isn't For Sale

The first thing you have to do is make sure you're a part of it so there's a chance it's sold to you. There always some level of hesitation and avoidance with any insurance career especially if the agency runs multiple generations deep. But once you decide to jump in it becomes a constant game of trying to wear as many hats as possible at the same time. Because that's often the life of most modest insurance agencies, but that doesn't mean you can't do fun and interesting things. That's...


This is How to See a Policy's True Value

It all starts by finding an accurate way to track the estimated value of every piece of business you sell. When that happens your agency unlocks unlimited possibilities to forecast your financial future and benchmark current progress. Things like employee engagement, productivity and profitability can then become very tangible and effective part of your data strategy. Starting with that simple piece of clean data can't be underestimated, regardless of how long it takes to...


How to Prevent Successful Producers From Escaping

Might start with a conversation about expectations and how far your agency is willing to go to match them. Outside of that, there are a ton of challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining good young insurance talent. Even when you do find someone interested in the industry, there's a good chance their initial expectations are misaligned with reality. If that happens you certainly won't have to worry about them leaving for a bigger better company. That's what I talk to Taylor...


Do You Have Enough Patience For Your Crazy Ideas?

If you're committed to playing the long game sometimes you need to wait a few years before something will work. It's possible that in those early days it barely scratches the surface of generating any useful business. However, if you're able to stay the course and keep your head above water the whole time, things could take off in a big way. That becomes substantially easier if you're able to find a place that doesn't make you feel crazy for wanting to try something different. That's...


How to Have Your Best Year With a Simple Process

It's amazing what can happen when you focus on creating repeatable actions that work. Things get even better if/when those actions start to happen automatically. That's when you know the only thing standing in your way is execution. The only thing you have to worry about is managing the flow to keep expectations consistent. That's what I talk to Jared Bellmund, of AllChoice Insurance, about the key he found to unlock his personal best.


What it Feels Like to be on The Right Track

When you start your insurance journey from scratch you rarely have moments of certainty. That's because you're experiencing everything for the first time and have to figure things out for yourself. There's no established legacy to lean on for support and offer experienced guidance. The only thing you have are the bold new proceses you've seen enough value from to define and repeat. That's what I talk to Adrin Monreal, of Monreal Insurance, about exactly how powerful his moment of...


When You Figure Out You Need More Videos

Because at the end of the day that might be the only thing you need for people to find you. Until you start creating playlists on your YouTube channel it's hard to see what your real focus has been. At that point, the numbers don't lie and there's no hiding from your real video marketing passion. The only question you need to ask then is if it's something you should continue doing. That's what I talk to Allen Drew, of Allen Drew Insurance Agency, about the videos he's made the most.


Do You Need to Pay For Your Website Every Month?

That depends on what's included in the total package. If it's not a highly useful set of tools that's when things get questionable. Because simply paying for the possibility of future updates is a tough ask. It's even harder when you realize going with a local option rarely offers the latest and greatest. That's what I talk to Nick Thalhammer, of Cincinnatus Insurance, about his overall approach.


How to Quickly Recruit New Talent

The process should actually start long before you find yourself needing it. When your agency is always on the lookout for the next person, you're always ready for what's next. Because then you'll have the luxury of essentially viewing their application in realtime. Having observed their career from afar you'll know excatly what they are made of. That's what I talk to Kimiko Donahue, of Everything Insurance, about how her agency got started so fast.