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Inside Out: The Secret to Social Media

Platforms change, but content will remain a constant throughout the change. If you want to build your brand and grow an audience that CARES you need to focus on the content you’re producing and how you’re distributing it to your audience. Let's get smart about it.


How to Crush It on Social Media

Everyone thinks they’re a social media guru, but how do you really crush it on social media? Brooke Vulinovich is an Instagram specialist and founder of Villa Management, teaching businesses worldwide how to leverage the power of social media, and how to connect with your customers online. Find out how Brooke leverages social media to build her online membership service, build trust with customers, and achieve results organically on Instagram and Facebook.


How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Personal Brand

This week I’m joined by LinkedIn Influencer and founder of National Finance Brokers Day in Australia, Dino Pacella. Dino has an amazing 30,000 connections on LinkedIn and has used the platform to create his education motivational video series, Ubervation. Find out how Dino built his personal brand, and leveraged his content to create meaningful professional relationships on and offline through LinkedIn.


AYB: The Ultimate Test for Entrepreneurs is Asking for Help

“I know by the end of today, the end of this podcast, one kid will commit suicide. That’s why I do what I do.” Amplify Your Business With Matt J Hanham Episode 25: Sain Dzemail Youth worker Sain Dzemail established Insain Youth Services to allow young people to develop the vision for their life. Find out how Sain established a social enterprise and turned haters into an opportunity to connect to yourself and your “why”.


Inside Out: Trying Something New

I'm trying something new. I don't know if it'll work, but I know I have some value to give through my own experience in life and business. The world is intense. Life is hard. But you need to keep moving. Twice a month I'll be sitting down to share, and unpack what's going on in my business and life, and assess if I can make sense of it. This is Matt J Hanham, Inside Out. This week I discuss my sleep schedule, quitting caffeine, manifested dreams and running my own event: Get Amplified.


AYB: How to Drive Sales Growth in Small Business

Amplify Your Business With Matt J Hanham Episode 23: This week we’re joined by CEO of Spartan Alliance, Julian Van Der Waal. Learn how Julian started his business, remains motivated and how you can grow your business through stronger sales techniques.


Lincoln Pan: How to Find Your Passion

Financial advisor Lincoln Pan debunks the idea that accountants are boring! Lincoln talks about finding your passion, making your dreams tangible and creating opportunities from nothing. There is a thing or two we could all learn from Lincoln’s go-getter mindset. Full Details: Welcome to the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast Join host Matt Hanham, Director at Visible, on the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast as he uncovers untold stories, ah-ha moments, and actionable advice from some of...


The One Thing You can Do to Amplify Your Business

As driven individuals, we work hard every day - sometimes all day - doing everything we can to improve things for ourselves and the people around us. This hard work always yields results - but is all work equal? What if we could get to the heart of what really makes a difference? What if we could identify the most meaningful, the most powerful things we could do to amplify our businesses, and by extension, our lives? What’s the one thing you can do to amplify your business? Well, I’ve had...


Leon Ruri: This is What Freedom Looks Like

Founder of Haka for Life, Leon uses the power of Haka and the freedom of expression it unleashes to turn common suffering into common healing. Hear the incredible story of how Leon's personal struggles with divorce, drug abuse, and childhood trauma have led him to create this mental health movement that's sweeping the world.


Carmen Braidwood: What can Podcasts Learn from Radio? A Broadcaster Talks Digital/Traditional Crossover

We’ve invited radio host Carmen Braidwood to explore the intersection between digital and traditional media. Carmen talks about the great divide, and how she’s jumped it by training podcasters in the art of the broadcast. So listen up Podcasters and YouTubers - There’s a lot we can learn from the tried and true traditional world!


Jacob Moffitt: How to Endure as an Entrepreneur

Grit, survival, growth, and then success. Everyone knows you’ve got to work hard to be an entrepreneur, but few are willing to share what the journey really looks like. Hear the true story from Fitness Trainer Jacob Moffitt as he shares the good, the bad, and the unexpected of starting his medium sized business on a shoestring budget.


Paul Ramondo: Passion, Excitement, and Having an Absolute Blast at Work

Sit with Social Media pro Paul Ramondo as he tells his story and explores what it really takes to create a powerful presence through video, social media posts, and personal networking. Passion, excitement, hard work, burnout, and even accounting hacks for business owners - Paul touches on a bit of everything in this 17th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast!


Dave Clare: Finding your Why - The Power of Purpose in Business

“There I was, sitting on the floor of the bedroom my two kids shared. It was the middle of the night and they were both asleep. I thought to myself… Ok, I’ve got enough money to cover rent and bills for the next month - and that’s it.” Find out how this moment changed international leadership coach Dave Clare’s life forever. Read and listen to Dave’s story about finding purpose - first for himself, and then for countless businesses across the world - in this 16th Episode of the...


Ian Aldridge: Building a Business - The Biggest Undertaking of Your Life

“Every cell in your body is telling you that this is wrong.” That’s how Ian Aldridge felt - right before making the best decision of his career. Find out how he went from career lawyer to entrepreneur, what’s wrong with law for the modern entrepreneur, how blockchain might effect business, and how to protect your business against risk.


Sophie Budd: Unlocking Your Permission to Succeed

“Who am I to Start a Business?” That’s the question Sophie found herself asking - right before she made a call and said “I need a venue.” Find out how chef and entrepreneur Sophie Budd went from a cook with a dream to a business owner working with Adele and groups of up to 90 corporates at once in this episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast.


Tyson E Franklin: The Mysterious Rewards of Personal Connection

Tyson E. Franklin joins host Matt Hanham for the 13th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Now a doctor, entrepreneur, accomplished author and proud owner of a national record for selling a podiatry practice at a seven-figure amount, Tyson started from nothing - actually, from negative $15,000. Find out how humour, work culture, superheroes, pure grit and a custom-made diary got Tyson to where he is today.


Kelly Exeter: Nurturing a Lifelong Passion that Helps You Grow

Kelly Exeter joins host Matt Hanham for the 12th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Kelly is the owner of Swish Design, a website and graphic design company. She has also written and published four books, runs a successful blog and hosts two podcasts.


Andrew Murphy: Starting a Business From Scratch - and Filming It

Andrew Murphy joins host Matt Hanham for the 11th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Andrew is a professional cinematographer with 15 years of experience and a double-degree in Photography and Film. Also the founder of a marketing agency, Andrew combines film technique and business acumen to bring Hollywood quality video to the business world.


Danny Marriner: Creating Leadership in Your Life

Danny Marriner joins host Matt Hanham for the 10th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Danny works in the areas of mental and physical transformation. For the past 20+ years, he has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and get into the shape of their lives. He offers personal training, strength coaching, nutrition, hormonal profiling, empowerment coaching, lecturing and public speaking services.


Conrad Francis: The Sport of Business Success and Self Motivation

Conrad Francis joins host Matt Hanham for the 9th episode of the #AmplifyYourBusiness Podcast. Conrad is an Executive of the highest calibre. Entrepreneurial in spirit, he is also driven by witnessing the success of his clients. Conrad uses his 25 years of finance experience and basketball coaching to explore strategies for wealth creation, work life balance, creativity and business success.