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72: Sesame Credit, China's new Citizen Score

China has rolled out its latest effort in maintaining control of the population Zhima or Sesame Credit. This is a system designed to rate how good of a citizen you are based on the whims of the Communist Party. It tracks your credit - like western systems - but goes deeper into what you buy, what you post, and who your friends are in an attempt to nudge you into the party approved direction. We take a deep dive in this topic today and look at some of the potential ramifications of such a...


Episode 71: Anatomy of an AI System

Home assistants like the Amazon Echo have become increasingly common in households in the US and Europe. What is rarely seen, however, is the vast infrastructure and complex array of technology, materials, and labor needed to produce and provide these small devices. We break down an article that attempts to map out all of the myriad of inputs and trace them to the production of a simple voice command - and dive deep into the economic and ideological presuppositions which underlie their...


Episode 70: AI in the Cloud and Around the World with Mark Sears

We interview Mark Sears founder and CEO of the company CloudFactory - a Kathmandu based AI firm. We discuss Mark's philosophy and how this technology can bring new jobs and opportunities to people far away from the normal tech hubs of the world. Links: CloudFactory @marktsears Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 69: EU to Extirpate Internet as We Know It

Save Your Internet! Links: Why the Whole World Should be Up In Arms About EU's Looming Internet Catastrophe Episode 53: Billion Dollar Data Protection Boondoggle Julia Reda's Site EU Copyright Law Isn't Great: It Could Soon Get a Lot Worse ICO Levels First Ever GDPR Fine Against AggreateIQ Fleeing Facebook App Users Realise What They Agreed to in Apps Years Ago Vote Leave Fined and Reported to Police by Electoral Commission Follow us and leave us a...


Episode 68: Survival of the Fittest - Evolutionary AI Fund goes Extinct

Bloomberg reports this week that Sentient AI - a company we featured in an interview on this podcast - is liquidating their trading business after two years of operations. Sentient isn't alone, AI hedge funds have been struggling to keep pace with investors who park their money in an S&P 500 index fund. What makes this such a difficult domain for fund managers? Is AI poorly suited? What can we learn from economics and Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) to help investors, managers, and...


Ep 67: August In The News

Story 1: Universal Basic Income Story 2: Access to Software Developers Story 3: Crypto currency value drop Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...


Episode 66: Sports, Analytics, and Football Failure

Since the publication of Moneyball, sports and advanced statistics have entered the mainstream. Other sports have gradually jumped on board with less than stellar results from Die Mannschaft's partnership with SAP that resulted in an early loss in exit at the hands of the South Koreans in the most recent World Cup, to the Cleveland Browns taking an analytics driven approach and then winning one game in two seasons. What makes sports and AI so difficult in these domains and what can we learn...


Episode 65: OpenAI and Magic Leap

Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook Access the latest episode here!


Episode 64: Evolutionary AI with Risto Miikkulainen

This week we interview Risto Miikkulainen, CTO of Sentient AI, to discuss evolutionary computing and the relevance it has for AI. We cover Sentient's work in evolving stock traders to questions on neuroevolution and reinforcement learning. Links: Evolution is the New Deep Learning Experts Weigh in on the Future of AI and Evolutionary Algorithms A Java-Based Evolutionary Computational System The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary...


Episode 63: Uber Pressured to Sell Self-Driving Division

Uber continues to lose money, and the most recent earnings report shows losses of $891 million dollars in Q2 2018. This has prompted investors to pressure Uber to sell off its high-profile autonomous vehicle research division which is costing between $125-200 million per quarter to maintain. Christian explains why he thinks that would be a good move for the company. Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 62: How does a Machine Learn?

Supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. What do these terms mean? How do they differ? Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 61: Why I Don't Buy Superintelligent AGI

Christian lays out some of the reasons he doesn't buy the superintelligence hype or fear. Links: The Local Maximum Episode 20: Musk vs Zuck and the Future of AI Books mentioned: The Emperor's New Mind Superintelligence The Myth of a Superhuman AI Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 60: Rise of the RoboChef

Links: DataHubbs Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 59: My Data Science Path Thus Far

Christian discusses his background and how he got to where he is working in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Links: Predictive Analytics Data Science for Business Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics Data Science from Scratch Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow Practical Data Science with R Hands-On Deep Reinforcement Learning DataHubbs Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter...


Episode 58: Beaten at Our Own Games

Google DeepMind and OpenAI recently released some new results that give a tantalizing glimpse at what AI can become in the future. We discuss DeepMind's results on capture the flag and the human-bot cooperation as well as OpenAI's recent achievements (and upcoming challenge) in DOTA2 with the OpenAI Five. Links: DeepMind Capture the Flag OpenAI Five Episodes Mentioned Episode 23: AI Competes in DOTA2 Tournament Episode 51: Adapting to AI in Industry with Jeff Kavanaugh Follow us and...


Episode 57: Robotic Process Automation in Industry with Nicolas Hess

This week we talk to Nicolas Hess, founder of Roboyo, a consulting firm focused on bringing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to companies around the globe. We discuss what RPA is, how it fits in with AI, what are some of the use cases, and who its impacting. Links: Roboyo Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 56: AI Winter is Coming?

The AI research community has weathered two "AI winters" - periods where the funding stops flowing to AI research, companies, and products - since the 1950's. More people these days are beginning to speculate that another winter is on the horizon as the market seems to be in a bubble with massive salaries and valuations to everyone associated with the new technology. We take a look at a pair of articles and try to chart a middle-road between the sky is falling and eternal enthusiasm for the...


Episode 55: The Human Advantage

Our guest today has recently authored a new book called The Human Advantage: The Future of American Work in the Age of Smart Machines which argues for key differences between humans and machines that will ensure that humans remain employed for a long, long time to come. Dr. Jay Richards and I discuss some of these fundamental differences that he lays out in the book and how the workplace will evolve in the coming years. Links The Human Advantage The Stream Follow us and leave us a...


Episode 54: The Local Maximum

Max Sklar - host of The Local Maximum - joins me to discuss everything from working at Foursquare as a machine learning engineer, running a tech podcast, the tech scene in New York City, communism, and artificial general intelligence. Links: The Local Maximum Max's Blog Episodes Mentioned Robot Communism Sucks and AI on Line One The Magic Leap of AI Investment Follow us and leave us a rating! iTunes Homepage Twitter @artlyintelly Facebook


Episode 53: Billions Spent in Boondoggle to Botch Data Protection by the EU

We've all been getting slammed by the notifications and requests regarding privacy policies over the past month. This massive update to data protections stems from the EU's latest regulation, GDPR, and it doesn't matter where you live, you're likely going to be affected. Ostensibly, this law is supposed to give consumers more protection and transparency around their data, and in some respects it does. But does it actually make us safer and more secure? What are some of the unintended...