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Our focus is to promote Innovative Australians who are finding their success in Hong Kong and preview market opportunities.

Our focus is to promote Innovative Australians who are finding their success in Hong Kong and preview market opportunities.
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Our focus is to promote Innovative Australians who are finding their success in Hong Kong and preview market opportunities.








How Aussie start up Rapid ID is fighting cyber crimes

In this episode, Sam speaks with Ashley Hoey, CEO of Rapid ID, about tech disruption of Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes. Hear how this Aussie start up is providing its clients with solutions to prevent identity crimes and conduct due-diligence for global transactions. RapidID offers simple, scaleable, automated solutions that help their clients meet all their global anti money laundering and counter terrorism funding obligations.


Ep.15: Main Sequence Ventures, translating researches into global-scale businesses

In this episode, Sam speaks with Mike Zimmerman of Main Sequence Ventures, the manager of the CSIRO Innovation Fund. Mike shares how Australia is focused on commercialised world-class deep science capabilities including quantum computing, next generation WiFi, cancer diagnose, AI and Big Data into commercial outcomes. For more information about Main Sequence Ventures, please visit


Ep.14: Connecting the unconnected with Thinxtra

Sam talks to Murray Hankinson Managing Director Asia of Thinxtra about IoT and the opportunities for narrow band, small message connectivity as a driving force behind Smart City infrastructure. This is the 3rd wave of positive disruption: connecting 20 billion things by 2020. Utilising Sigfox technology Thinxtra are connecting country and territory wide networks in Australia, New Zealand and here in Hong Kong. Murray talks us through the opportunities for Australian IoT capability in...


Ep.13: Hong Kong’s Smart City

In this episode, Sam speaks with Dr Winnie Tang, the co-founder of the Smart City Consortium, how Hong Kong can use I & T to address urban challenges and increase the effectiveness of city management. Dr Tang provides an overview of the Smart City Blueprint, explaining the various levels of government initiatives for improving the quality and the sustainability of life in Hong Kong. Smart City Consortium provides a platform for Aussie startups to foster innovation for Hong Kong. More...


Ep. 12: Voice of FinTech Danielle Szetho and FinTech Australia

In this episode Sam speaks with Danielle Szetho, CEO of FinTech Australia about our national FinTech strengths, the role of FinTech Australia, the opportunities and challenges for taking the sector global. Danielle shares findings of the FinTech Australia/EY FinTech census which identifies Hong Kong as in the top five overseas target markets for Aussie founders and elaborates on areas of collaboration between industry in Hong Kong and Australia More information about FinTech Australia,...


Ep 11: Supercharger, Fintech accelerator to start-ups in Asia

In this episode, Sam speaks with Veronika Kuznetsova, Managing Director of Supercharger, the most prestigious FinTech accelerator in Hong Kong, about the role the private sector has played supporting startups and driving the development of an I&T ecosystem. Veronika provides an insightful overview for Aussie FinTech startups with tips on how to access networks and capital in Hong Kong. More information about Supercharger, visit


Ep 10: Hong Kong’s growing ecosystem - Albert Wong, CEO, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park

In this episode Sam speaks with Albert Wong, CEO of HKSTP about the building momentum in Hong Kong’s innovation and technology ecosystem and HKSTP’s role as a catalyst helping local and international startups find success. Albert provides a great overview for Aussie startups looking at Hong Kong, explaining the various levels of government support for innovators and how to engage the investor ecosystem. More information about Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, visit


Ep 9: Partners in Cryptocurrency, Monash University and The Hong Kong Polytech University

Dr. Joseph Liu provides us with an introduction to cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Monero and HCash. We preview the coming partnership between Monash University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop a Blockchain Cryptocurrency Research and Development Lab. For more information, visit


Ep.8: Tekuma, revolutionising drone control

Revolutionising drone control: in this episode we meet with Annette McClelland and Michael Griffin of Aussie startup Tekuma whose technology represents the first disruption to drone control in 80 years. A great story of a young startup benefiting from the UTS Hatchery Accelerator and taking their business to the world, including just recently in the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park's Elevator Pitch Competition. More information about Tekuma, please visit


Ep.7: Woods Bagot: architecture, innovation and the return of the human

In this episode of the Aussie Innovators in Hong Kong podcast Sam Guthrie sits down with Andrew Humphreys and Stefano Tronci of Woods Bagot to hear how "People Architecture" is attracting and inspiring global talent to innovative workplaces and civic centres that unleash their creativity. It turns out the key disrupting factor in architecture is the return of the human as the centre piece of good design! More information about Woods Bagot, visit


Ep.6: Pitch to the 100th floor: Aussie start-ups in the HKSTP Elevator Pitch Competition

At the best of times pitching is a nerve wracking experience. But imagine doing it in 60 seconds, in an elevator hurtling up 100 stories in Hong Kong’s tallest building whilst a camera beams your pitch to an audience of nearly 1,000 waiting on the top floor. That was the experience of 3 Aussie start-ups who were amongst a select few chosen to take part in last week’s Elevator Pitch Competition, by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP). In this special bonus edition episode we go...


Ep.5: White Hat Hacking with Entersoft

Sam Guthrie of Austrade Hong Kong discusses the latest trends in cyber security with Mohan Gandhi of Entersoft, exploring the world of white hat and black hat hackers and how this Aussie start up is strengthening the cyber defences of its clients across the globe. For more information about Entersoft, visit


Ep.4 : Trendwise - Online analytics for the offline world

Online customer analytics has always been an advantage that internet retailers had over their bricks and mortar competitors. Now an Aussie start up, Trendwise is delivering online style analytics for clients dealing in the physical world. In this episode, we sit down with Founder Clinton House and Global Sales Director Brent Pearce to learn more about how through a mix of IoT senors and existing real-world infrastructure like municipal Wi-Fi networks. Trendwise is generating deep customer...


Ep.3: Data61 - and the story behind Australia's data driven future

Peter Runcie provides a crash course on Australia's big data capability and explains why Data61 is amongst the top five data science institutions in the world using case studies of how Data61 is protecting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, helping firefighters see through smoke , gluing sensors onto honey bees and helping HK achieve its Smart City aspirations. For more information about Data61, please visit


Ep.2: Aconex, in competition with the status quo

Andy Lake of Aconex talks about how cloud technology and big data analytics are disrupting the construction sector. Aconex is an Australian company that has deployed capability into major Hong Kong flagship projects like the Hong Kong Airport, West Kowloon and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. Andy tells us how Aconex overcame a conservative status quo, allaying customer concerns about cyber security and technological change. For more information about Aconex, visit...


Ep.1: Welcome to Austrade's Hong Kong podcast!

A short welcome and introduction to our podcast celebrating Aussie innovators finding success in Hong Kong. For more information about Austrade, please visit