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Word of Mouth Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organisations - Alan Casey - 17-07-2018

Word of Mouth Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organisations - Alan Casey is the co-founder of Word of Mouth Marketing That Works. Not-for-profit organisations are purpose-led and they have a broad group of stakeholders. There are well-placed to use Word of Mouth Marketing effectively, but it must be planned and managed. Their purpose must be applicable and relevant to all stakeholders, so that they can form a tribe of advocates. WoM:NFP is an online learning course of 8 modules that is free to...


Important Lessons About Early Stage Companies - Scott Mason - 02-07-2018

Important Lessons About Early Stage Companies - Scott Mason from Crowe Horwath shares important lesson about early stage companies. Begin with the end in mind: have the right company structure, robust systems & make sure you have a tidy business. Check that your business will be attractive to potential investors. Plan several funding rounds to avoid dilution of the founders’ shares. Go for smart capital that provides expertise & connections. Market Validation should be done often. Attend...


The Five Principles of Successful Teams - Ann Andrews - 18-06-2018

Ann Andrews CSP discusses The Five Principles of Successful Teams. 1: You must recruit meticulously and check references. 2: Document and share your Vision and Goals. 3: Have clearly defined Values and align your vision and values. 4: Learn how to delegate and allow teams to create their own ground rules. 5: Organise your meetings so that they are effective. Start and finish on time and instil a culture of coming prepared and be responsible for your actions. Visit...


How Spatial Intelligence Gives Better In-Depth Insights - Neill Glover - 04-06-2018

Neill Glover from Land IQ Insights describes the history, present and future applications of Spatial Intelligence. Mapping events in time and space creates 2D or 3D maps and 3D fly throughs that show complex information in a form that is easy to understand. This enables effective and timely decision-making and cost-savings, such as which specific areas of a field to spray or re-sow. Identifying plant stress & nutritional deficiencies is being worked on now. Visit...


Sales Shift Natural Sales Success to Scientific Sales Results - Mike Boyle - 22-05-2018

Mike Boyle is the MD of Sales Shift Global. He talks about his latest book “Sales Shift” and the new Sales DNA. Sales People need to change from being product experts telling prospects all about products to consultants asking probing questions to help prospects gain a deeper understanding of their problems. They can learn from the curious mind of a child. The four pillars of coaching are: fitness, skills, technique & mindset. They apply to sales as well as sport. Visit...


Top Hallmarks of High Performance Companies - Ross Tilson - 04-05-2018

Ross Tilson shares his insights from selling industrial products globally for major international companies. One hallmark is being client facing. This must be driven from the top. All employees need to understand their role. Cascading Strategies ensure that all activities are aligned. Avoid micro-management & silo mentality. Ask customers about their experience with your company. Understand their problems & shape their thinking. Build a Safety Culture. Visit...


Cultural intelligence (CQ) - Impact of the global shift to digital consumption - Steven Renata - 23-04-2018

Steven Renata is the co-owner and CEO of Kiwa Digital. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to manage cultural diversity. Go beyond feeling nice and help people express their culture. The Global Shift to Digital Consumption The average person interacts with 30 Apps per month and spends 3 hours per day on a smart device. There is a massive opportunity to educate people using App technology. Air NZ is using Maori language & culture as point of difference. Visit...


How to Generate More Leads Using Video Marketing - Simon Fawkes - 18-12-2017

Podcast Host Simon Fawkes from B2M explains how to generate more leads using video marketing with YouTube. Video Title, Tags and Description are the three important elements that help you get your videos ranked on YouTube. The custom thumbnails help videos get noticed. Learn how to optimise your published videos and the important elements of new videos. Get tips on building an effective Sales Funnel and the three key elements so that people find and watch your videos and then take some...


Knowlocker How to Quickly Turn Knowledge into Systems - Jack Thorogood - 11-12-2017

Jack Thorogood is the founder and CEO of Knowlocker. He explains how you can use Knowlocker to quickly turn your knowledge into systems. The core module Vault helps you capture, share and deploy your knowledge and gain a competitive advantage. You can then delegate efficiently and effectively, gain time, increase productivity and scale your business. Knowlocker Connect and Transmit modules allow you to share information with prospects and customers. Get a web demo at...


What to Do When Machines Do Everything? What is Your Tech Strategy? - Michael Burke - 04-12-2017

Michael Burke from Burke Corporate Advisory Group shares his insights on the book “What to Do When Machines Do Everything”. He stresses the importance of a technology strategy for every business. Only 1% of impact of technology changes have occurred over the last 30 years, and 99% will happen over next 30 years. Change or die! Data is the new oil. How could you make better use of the data in your business? Rethink the niche that you could dominate. What could you eliminate, transform or...


How to better tame your cognitive biases - Ricky Collins - 27-11-2017

Ricky Collins from Good Decision Ltd sheds light on cognitive bias and the four problems that biases help us address: Too Much Information, Not Enough Meaning, Not Enough Time, Not Enough Memory. These in turn have problems of their own: Confirmation Bias, Neglect of Probability, Over-confidence Effect, Primacy & Recency Effects. Just knowing about Cognitive Biases does not stop you from being biased. Learning to apply debiasing techniques can help reduce but not fully outsmart your blind...


Building a Better Relationship With Your Money - Jason Leong - 20-11-2017

Jason Leong tells the story of how PocketSmith evolved from a simple online forecasting product to a far more comprehensive money management tool. Users played a key role in providing suggestions for product enhancements. Financial literacy is an important life skill. Bank statements tell a story about you and your life. Understanding how we spend money can help make better decisions in the future. PocketSmith allows users to create a personal journal by adding notes and photos to...


Conversational Intelligence - how to get better customer outcomes - Neil Movold - 13-11-2017

Neil Movold from InsightNG explains how conversation intelligence can be used to improve customer communications and help businesses to lower costs & risks, while increasing value. There is growing lack of actionable insights and this leads to losing customers. Conversations build the relationships that drive customer value, they are taking on digital forms that add more unstructured dark data. Corporate memory becomes corporate amnesia. Augmented intelligence helps humans make better...


Relationship Marketing Focus on Relationships and the Money Will Follow - Yvonne A Jones - 06-11-2017

Yvonne A Jones explains the differences between relationship marketing and transactional marketing. Building strong customer relationships was the norm before technology got in the way. Creating great customer experiences helps to nurture relationships and this leads to greater customer loyalty and retention. Relationship marketing is very important in online marketing too. Download the free ebook:"Relationship Marketing - Key to Small Business Success" at YvonneAJones.com/smallbizsuccess/...


Creating the Future - How to LEAP to the Future - David Wild - 30-10-2017 - Creating the Future

Creating the Future – How to LEAP to the Future Futurist Dave Wild talks about Creating the Future and explains why companies need to think more deeply about the future. Futurists scan for what is shifting & they raise awareness. By nature, they are disruptors. Disruption is linked to creativity and innovation. Get comfortable being uncomfortable as this can be a signal that the brain is hearing something new. LEAP Leverage – be more creative. Experiment & take risks. Active -turn ideas...


7 Key Elements of Successful Strategy Implementation - Simon Fawkes - 17-10-2017

Podcast host Simon Fawkes of B2M describes the 7 Key Elements of Successful Strategy Implementation. #1 Define Your WHY. #2 Define Your Higher Purpose and what this means to your Stakeholders. #3 Adopt the Multiplier style of leadership. #4. Coopetition #5 Become a Challenger to offer insights to your customers & understand their customers. #6 Define your Intent with “The Art of Action”. #7 Use Effectuation if there is too much uncertainty. Go to b2m.co.nz and click the STRATEGY CONSULT...


Building Business Momentum Through Collaboration and Connection in Your Business and Personal Life - Greg Gunther - 09-10-2017

Greg Gunther from Your Business Momentum talks about the book ”Feet First” which he wrote with Troy Parsons. The theme is Building Momentum Through Collaboration and Connection in Your Business and Personal Life. Failure can be very painful, but it is very important to learn from this failure and to be at peace with yourself. Business can be lonely. You do not have to do it all by yourself. Collaborate and seek advice. Alignment of values and purpose is paramount to a flourishing business....


Thinking Inside the Box – The Power of Constraints - Steve Silvey - 02-10-2017

Thinking Inside the Box – The Power of Constraints Steve Silvey from Powerhouse Ventures explains why Thinking Outside The Box is a cliché that can reveal a lack of original thought. This does not foster innovation or creativity. He advocates Thinking Inside The Box and using the Power of Constraints. Identify your constraints so that you can manage them and distinguish between good and bad constraints. Constraint Storming can be effective. Try removing or adding a constraint. Tight...


Great Tips on Successful Family Business Succession Planning - Giles Ellis - 26-09-2017

Giles Ellis from Geca shares great tips on successful family business succession planning. Every business should have a robust business plan that covers 3 to 5 years. Fix, Grow and Exit are the main parts of a Succession Plan that should be part of the overall business plan. Reduce reliance on owners and hire professional managers. Change from worker and manger to adviser and director. The owners need their own Personal Plan to plan their exit and the next phase of their lives....


A Few Quiet Yarns - How to Build Genuine Business Connections - Ryan Ashton - 11-09-2017

Ryan Ashton explains how A Few Quiet Yarns helps people build genuine business connections. AFQY has been running for 9 years. Meet the person, not the suit and start a relaxed conversation about yourself and your interests, not your work. Get to know the other person and don’t start selling. Build genuine trust as the foundation for a good and lasting working relationship. AFQY will be held monthly in Auckland and bi-monthly in other centres in NZ. Learn more about AFQY on LinkedIn &...