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E38 Claudyne Wilder Presentations

E38 features Claudyne Wilder, Claudyne and I talk about presentations and how to put together a successful presentation. The 3 basic steps are: Develop your message, with focused content, Design message oriented slides, that look professional, and finally to Deliver your message with confidence. Whether your presentation is online or in person, practice, practice, practice. Learn more by checking out our conversation. Plus you can check out Claudyne's amazing online presentation feedback...


E37 Diane Huth Reinvent your Career

Corporate America has a dirty little secret. Companies are discarding their Baby Boomer workers like yesterday’s newspaper. It’s blatantly illegal – and it is happening everywhere. And the government is not only ignoring it – they are the worst offenders! My guest for episode 37 Diane Huth is helping her generation fight back against illegal age discrimination. And her new book – REINVENT YOUR CAREER – The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Beat Age Discrimination – Comes out later this month.


E36 Chris Jones and I just BSin

My buddy, Chirs Jones is a hypnotist, AGT alum (America's Got Talent), and philanthropist. We had the opportunity to sit down in my front porch and have a conversation, we covered quite a bit in our hour together. The audio on this one isn't the best since we were also facebook live streaming it as well. You can watch the conversation here Like his new show Double Talk


E35 BS with Bob Schmidt on turning 50

My ramblings and thoughts about turning 50. Here is to the rest of my life being as good or better than the first 50 years.


E34 Cristina Cain - Publicist Author Coach Speaker

E34 features Cristina Cain, who has been called “a Bold Voice” A Media Personality, television/radio host, and Author with a global Bestselling book Featured in Television, Radio, Magazine, Blogs, and Podcasts. Executive producer, International Philanthropist, Our conversation leads us to help you with your Social Media. Cristina’s leadership style is making waves, getting it done outside the box, and if needed on a shoestring budget, and we talk about it, Cristina Cain is the go-to Woman in...


E33 Shane Mauss - class reunion and being a comedian

Tried something new with this week's podcast, Shane Mauss joined me in my front porch we had an hour-long conversation that we streamed on Facebook Live, we talked about growing up in a small town, heading home for a class reunion and how people treat you differently when you have been on the national stage. We also talked about the joke that works to get him out of a traffic ticket. You will notice some ambient noise in this podcast as it was recorded on a front porch rather than in a...


E32 Ralph Heath Celebrating Failure The Power of Taking Risks

Ralph says when it comes to business, do it. Don’t be afraid to do it and afraid to fail. That failure is part of the process to the road to success. That it is ok to Fail and you should embrace it. You will also learn in the book that you should be compassionate, and you should listen to people, and that we should do good things or at least try to do good things.


E31 Geeta Nadkarni Baby Got Booked part 2

Week number 31 features Geeta Nadkarni with a continuation of last weeks conversation. It starts with an examination of the real value that you put out into the world. Most of us sell ourselves short by selling some surface-level milestone-on-the-way-to-the-outcome thing and so we're stuck forced to charge accordingly. Over time this erodes our understanding of our purpose (clients only get partial results, you get objections and price resistance, etc) and it affects sales and cashflow,...


E30 Geeta Nadkarni Baby Got Booked part 1

Week number 30 features Geeta Nadkarni It starts with an examination of the real value that you put out into the world. Most of us sell ourselves short by selling some surface-level milestone-on-the-way-to-the-outcome thing and so we're stuck forced to charge accordingly. Over time this erodes our understanding of our purpose (clients only get partial results, you get objections and price resistance, etc) and it affects sales and cashflow, which further impedes your ability to truly serve...


E29 DW Bobst TrendHR hiring

The BS with Bob Schmidt Podcast where I usually talk with an author or an entrepreneur about growing business. This week I thought I'd tackle something different talk to an HR person about how do you hire that 1st person. What kind of things do we need to do in order to get the right qualified person in the job that we have available. We also hit on how do you answer those trick questions like "What's your biggest weakness?" and "Why was lacking from your last job?" DW Bobst owns Trend HR...


E28 Dr Tommy Watson resilience and change

Dr Tommy Watson is turning obstacles into advantages. Considered one of the world’s top authorities on resilience, change, motivation and leadership; Dr. Tommy Watson inspires millions with the unique and charismatic way he articulates his rags-to-riches success story. Watson’s challenges included: parents who were heroin addicts and chronic shoplifters, his mother being arrested 11 times during his first year of life, living in 30 different locations by the time he finished high school and...


E27 Bob being Independent

I publish my personal podcast every Wednesday at 1:30pm central time on, and since the publish date for this week is the 4th of July, I thought I would try something a little different. I want to celebrate freedom. I am not much of a job jumper. In fact, in the 26 year I have lived in La Crosse, Wisconsin, I have worked for 4 different companies, the longest for 15 and a half years. The reason I bring this up is the place I just got laid off from, employed me for 9...


E26 Jim Ryan Simple Happiness

E26 features Jim Ryan, great conversation about happiness and how it can improve your life and business life. At end of the podcast, Jim explains what his favorite purchase was, hint, don’t die with your music still in you. 3 of the takeaways from this conversation are: 1- it is my life, I am responsible 2- You have to be grateful 3- Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone. (631) 754-7636 Motivational Speaker Author of "Simple Happiness" and "Aha Moments 1 & 2" -...


E25 May McCarthy The Gratitude Formula a 7 Step Success System to Create a Life that you love

A fun and informative conversation with Chief Spirituality Director May McCarthy, May is a business owner, angel investor, entrepreneur, and author of a couple books including “The Gratitude Formula, A 7-Step Success System to Create a Life That You Love”. You will learn how to focus on gratitude, that success is a system, not a secret, don’t listen to the naysayers and once you achieve your goals create bigger and better goals.


E24 Matthew Metzger Getting your computer up and running right

Talked with Matthew from Orange Computer about how to make our work computers work well. We talked about the importance of backing up your data not only to the cloud but to an external hard drive as well. We talked about browsers and believe it or not we also talked about the importance of the good old desktop computer. Great conversation with a smart computer guy. Twitter: Youtube: Website:...


E23 Jonathan Denn Drumbeat Business Productivity How to BEAT Goals

Is your workday filled with chaos? Do you wish you could get more done? Most of us do and Jonathan Denn has a way to help. Using neuroscience and best practices, he’s come up with a system to make your work life (and home life) more efficient so you accomplish more with greater control and satisfaction. It’s a time management system for people who hate time management systems. It’s called DRUMBEAT Productivity and, using a fun music metaphor, it shows you how to divide your day into jam...


E21 Angela D. Mealer 2020 Vision For Your Life Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Your Focus

Episode 21 features Angela D Mealer. Angela is a serial entrepreneur who has made a career of transforming her life’s passions into successful business ventures. She has started and acquired businesses in the early education, shipping, personal care, IT, and management consulting industries. Our podcast conversation covers business ownership, entrepreneurship and marketing as well as conversation on her first book "20/20 Vision For Your Life: Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Your Focus."...


E20 Marcus Bales - Speak Confident a Collection of Stories and Advice on Overcoming Social Anxiety

Episode 20 features Marcus Bales an entrepreneur that since 2013, has been paid to speak in front of people; doing the thing that most people despise is what he built a career out of. From a social anxious kid who never thought his life would have turned out like this. In his new book Speak-Confident he explains the tips and techniques used to overcome his social anxiety. We all have a beautiful, unique, confident voice inside of us. Marcus's hope is that this book will help you let it out!...


E19 Rob Bell - Beyond Paper or Plastic 8 items or Less to Remarkable Service

If you don't love it do something else. You can't fake great customer service. Make customer service a priority, and be you. Let’s Make ‘em Say WOW! Rob Bell Certified Speaking Professional FOCUS Consulting, LLC 701 Beetown Road Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone: 608-732-6971 Website: Past President National Speakers Association - Wisconsin Chapter