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E60 Voices-com

The BS with Bob podcast featuring entrepreneurs, business people and marketers this week talking with David, David is the CEO of voices.com and is a voiceover person myself is pretty cool to be able to talk to the guy that's in charge of probably the largest place to go to get that to get voices David, welcome to the program. Thanks much Bob thought glad to be here and tell some stories. So how did you get in that the whole voiceover Dick everyone finds her own path and my nose is pretty...


E59 Steve Lynch Autograph and 2 22

The Steve Lynch podcast is a www.podcastforhire.com production. If you are looking for someone to tell your story, please contact Bob Schmidt from Podcast For Hire at 608-785-0555 if you are looking for Steve Lynch find him here https://www.facebook.com/stevenllynch or find Alena Rae find her at https://www.facebook.com/alena.nicholson.7 Transcription for seo purposes only. Founding member of the band autograph Steve Lynch joining me. I had the opportunity to interview Steve a few times...


E58 Carnival Cruise - Deon

I had fun having conversation with Carnival Cruise director Deon.


E57 Amanda McDonough Ready To Be Heard

Amanda McDonough www.Amanda-McDonough.com www.ReadyToBeHeard.com Social Media YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBERhpWcbrcDEsM0A0D36rg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialamandamcdonough/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ActingAmanda Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amanda_mcdonough/ I am truly amazed by my episode 57 guest Amanda McDonough. She is probably the most inspirational of all the guests I've had to this point. She pushed me to try to figure out how I could...


E56 Kat Chrysostom Broken to Branded

Kat Chrysostom Benefab® Owner & Founder Website: benefabproducts.com Office: 855-957-8378 In 2011, at age 19, Kat was riding her horse back to the barn when he suddenly stumbled and fell. After Kat regained consciousness, she discovered that her horse was dying, and she was paralyzed. After a long and difficult struggle, Kat found a holistic therapy that helped her regain her mobility. Soon after recovery, Kat began exploring the possibilities of using the same life-changing therapy to...


E55 Teri Parker-Brown Voiceover Acting

Contact Teri Parker-Brown 1-651-269-2214 teri.parkerbrown@icloud.com https://www.teriparkerbrownvo.com/ Teri says if you really want to do voiceover get out and take a class, acting or improv. Meet some people, get an agent, get online and see what you can find out about the business. And see if in the pit of your stomach if that is something that you should really pursue.


E54 Lorri Allison Craig Launch a Business on Lunch Hour

Lorri Allison Craig is a Certified Financial Planner wakethewarriorwoman.com/workshop The BS of Bob Schmidt podcast featuring entrepreneurs, marketers and business people this week talking with Lorri Allison Craig is an entrepreneur and author and a certified financial planner wanted to talk with her about starting up your own business over your lunch hour and I think that a lot of us as entrepreneurs can have that is a dream in our work and are 95 and were thinking about the daily grind...


E53 Dr Rod Wallace - Drowning in Potential

https://rodwallacephd.com/ The BS Bob Schmidt podcast talking entrepreneurship, business and marketing. This week's guest is economist, consultant and author Dr. Rod Wallace and Telluride that the one class that I got the lowest grade in in college I just graduated and that in April was economy are economics and it's weird because I like the class. I studied hard in the class but the teacher didn't allow stem open books only got a B in the class. I'm very sorry to hear that, Bobby. We can...


E52 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The BS of Bob Schmidt podcast usually dealing with entrepreneurship, business, and marketing but at this time of the year I like to reflect on the year that was in the year that's coming up as we wrap up 2018 get our journey to 2019 I'd like to reflect on a few highlights of my year. In May I lost a job that I loved, but it turned out to be a positive thing by pushing me to start my own and then to grow my own business podcast for hire.com. I also turned 50 years old, I graduated from...


E51 Elizabeth Dickinson - The Concise Coaching Handbook

Bob Schmidt podcast featuring entrepreneurs, business people and marketers this week talking with Elizabeth Dickinson certified life coach and public speaker as well as author of the book. The concise coaching handbook how to coach yourself and others to get business results and I had a chance to meet Elizabeth a few months ago. Back in New York and had a chance eight, Hennepin conversation and chat a little bit about business and invited around of the podcasts talk about this and you know...


E50 Marty Vargas A Place for You

In Episode 50 I talk with Marty Vargas, Author of the book "A Place for you". We talk about his perseverance on finding his mother Rachel. We learn to look at yourself, and about overcoming obstacles, never give up and that things change. Marty Vargas Media Owner/ Engineer/Documentarian/Motivational Speaker/Relationship Expert. Founder: Rescue Rachel – Deterring Human Traffic, and Homelessness. The BS adoption podcast featuring people talking about entrepreneurship, marketing, and...


E49 Valerie Sokolosky-Do it Right The Stories That Make Us

In E49 Valerie Sokolosky and I talk about here book "Do it Right" The Stories That Make Us. We talked about being Grateful, Giving yourself permission, and being true to yourself, as well as dressing for success. Find Valerie Sokolosky at valerieandcompany.com. The BS of Bob Schmidt podcast featuring entrepreneurs, business and marketers this time around, talking without Fox News contributor leadership. Brander and author of eight books including doing it right. The, the stories that make...


E48 Dr Teruni Lamberg Conducting Productive Meetings

In Episode 48 I talked with Dr Teruni Lamberg - the three takeaways from reading her book, how to conduct productive meetings by finding your passion, how to structure meetings so that that you are not just spinning your wheels, and moving your agenda forward and looking for slight communication in different ways to communicate in relationship building that is really critical for conducting productive meetings, make it fun. Teruni Lamberg, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Elementary Mathematics...


E47 Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, there are no expectations, there is good food, football, friends and family. Today I would like to focus on things that I am thankful for. I first and foremost am thankful and proud of my family, they are the people who put up with me at my worst, because they are truly the ones that see the good, the bad and the ugly. For my family thank you and I love you. My friends are next on the list for many of the same reasons, we may hold back a bit around them,...


E46 Casey Stubbs Marketing

On Episode 46 I talk with Casey Stubbs about many things including testing your internet ads. What are paid ads? How do you come up with the right message? What are the keywords, and where to find them. If you have a passion do it. And ways to take action. It was an event filled podcast.


E45 Ravi Jayagopal alexa flash and getting followers

In episode 45 I talk with Ravi Jayagopal he is the host of a podcast at SubscribeMe.fm we talk about everything You Need To Know About How To Create Digital Content, Package That Content And Make Money With It - Using Membership Sites, Online Courses & Recurring Subscriptions the making, marketing, monetizing and tracking of online digital content using membership sites and recurring subscriptions. We also hit on his books and Alexa Flash Breifing (part 2 of...


E44 Ravi Jayagopal make money with subscriptions 1

In episode 44 I talk with Ravi Jayagopal he is the host of a podcast at SubscribeMe.fm we talk about everything You Need To Know About How To Create Digital Content, Package That Content And Make Money With It - Using Membership Sites, Online Courses & Recurring Subscriptions the making, marketing, monetizing and tracking of online digital content using membership sites and recurring subscriptions. (part 1 of 2) https://subscribeme.fm/ @RaviJayagopal https://www.facebook.com/ravijayagopal


E43 Helen Rothberg The Perfect Mix Everything I know about leadership I learned as a bartender

In episode 43 I talk with Dr. Helen Rothberg. Helen started her career as a bartender and we talk about how good managers and good leaders are not always the same. Dr. Helen Rothberg trains leaders, from Fortune 500 executives to startup entrepreneurs, with her particular brand of ADVICE—Action, Determination, Vision, Integrity, Communication, Empathy. Remember that not only does a good bartender know your drink, they also have some good advice and my conversation with Dr. Helen Rothberg is...


E42 Garrett Gunderson 5 Day Weekend Freedom to make your life and work rich with purpose

In Episode 42 I talk with co-author of the book "5 Day Weekend" Garrett B. Gunderson and we talk about money, business growth, and spending marketing dollars. As the Founder of an Inc. 500 firm and author of the NY Times bestselling book, Killing Sacred Cows, Garrett has dedicated his career to showing people how to immediately increase cash flow, build a life they love and create a legacy that lasts. And we talked about...


E41 Jen Coken Embrace The Ridiculousness - A Pocket Guide To Being A Better You

in Episode 41 I talk with Jen Coken, she is an author, speaker, comedian, and life coach of 20 years who helps CEOs and entrepreneurs overcome their self-made limitations and reach new levels in their business and personal lives. Jen and I talk about her latest book, “Embrace the Ridiculousness: A Pocket Guide to Being A Better You" , we also talk about the SMART goals and why they aren't good for you to set. Embrace the Ridiculousness! dispenses 12 easy lessons readers can quickly apply to...