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92 Forces shaping the future of advice with Schwab’s Bernie Clark

The independent RIA channel has had sustained growth for over two decades. The desire for independence, innovative service models and transparency has fueled rapid growth. Bernie Clark, Head of Schwab Advisor Services has been at the forefront of this evolution from a cottage business to over a 4 trillion dollar industry today. Bernie’s passion for helping independent advisors succeed in this space makes him the perfect person to share perspective and offer actionable advice for...


91 A brave new Fed

What does an inverted yield curve tell us? And how much should we plan for a recession? In this episode, we dive into current events in the fixed income markets and what it means for portfolios and clients. Our guest is Scott Kimball, Senior Portfolio Manager with BMO’s fixed income team. We discuss the recent FOMC meeting, the interest rate cuts and how advisors should be looking at fixed income going into 2020. For full show notes and links mentioned in this episode, visit...


90 How advisors can influence change in client behaviors

Sometimes, simply educating people about how to save and budget isn’t enough to incentivize healthy choices with their money. There are deeper, more advanced strategies that advisors can use to help clients improve their financial security and wellness. Today our guest is Wendy De La Rosa. Wendy is the co-founder of Common Cents Lab, a financial research lab that uses behavioral science and cognitive psychology to develop interventions that help people make better financial decisions....


89 It’s personal: The growing need for financial wellness programs

78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, 43% of student loan borrowers are not making payments and nearly half of all employees can’t cover a $400 emergency. In an effort to help employees understand and improve their personal financial health, many plan sponsors and their advisors are turning to workplace financial wellness programs. Phyllis Klein is a senior director at Captrust Financial Advisors, a firm that specializes in institutional advisory work. In this episode, Phyllis...


88 Modern marketing: Components of an advisor marketing strategy

As a financial advisor, you have a lot of responsibilities in managing your clients. At times you might not even feel like you have the time and resources to shift your priorities to grow your business further. Enter Matt Halloran, CEO of Top Advisor Marketing. Matt’s mission is to help businesses “rise above the noise” with a digital marketing strategy built on focused, custom content creation. Today we’re talking with him to learn the most important tips about developing a marketing...


87 The power of designations

CFP, CPA, CLU, ChFC, RICP. You likely know what these designations are, but do your clients? And how important are these designations when prospective clients choose a financial advisor? Mike McGlothlin from the Society of Financial Service Professionals joins the podcast to discuss how designations act as a reinvestment in yourself and can provide outward credibility for your practice. For full show notes and links mentioned in this episode, visit


86 Risk management: Life insurance

Talking about life insurance as part of a financial plan isn’t always easy, but it is important. What steps can you take to ensure these difficult conversations make it into your client’s financial plan? We’re joined by Alison Salka and Jeremy Barlow to discuss both the consumer perspective and the advisor perspective on the topic of life insurance. Together, these perspectives can help enhance your conversations with your clients and ensure their financial plan has an effective risk...


85 Inside the research of Morningstar

Morningstar is one of the best-known research organizations in the financial services industry. They're a company you probably interact with every week in some shape or fashion, whether you're checking out ratings of a fund or digging deeper into analysis using one of their platforms. We’re joined by Jeff Ptak, Global Director of Manager Research at Morningstar, to discuss insights around manager research that may help you improve your research and portfolio construction process. For...


84 Becoming a local thought leader with educational workshops

The educational workshop can be an effective marketing practice and a way to provide education to your local community, helping to grow your business by creating a loyal client base that views you as a leader in financial planning. We’re joined by Mike Thurman, co-founder of White Glove, as he showcases how other financial advisors have used educational workshops to turn new attendees into clients. Mike shares tips from planning your workshops all the way through the post-workshop...


83 Fanning the flame for your practice and your clients

Some advisors are doing what they’ve always wanted to do, and building practices that are incredibly fulfilling. Others might have inherited or succeeded a practice and are looking for a way to make it their own. Today, we discuss how to “Find your fire within” in regards to your practice and your client’s goals. Jason Barnaby joins the podcast to discuss the ways you can rediscover what you love to do as an advisor. Plus, he shares tips and ideas for how you can help your clients find...


82 Modern marketing: The secrets to a successful blog

This is the latest in a series of episodes where we take you “in the trenches” with financial advisors that are using modern media strategies to build their business. Consistent client communications can be a challenge, but doing so can help bolster the relationship an advisor can have with their clients. What if that communication could potentially increase the visibility of your firm to potential new clients at the same time? A blog may be the answer. David Armstrong of Monument Wealth...


81 Developing the next generation of financial advisors

It’s no secret that the advisor workforce is aging, and the old ways of recruiting and retaining advisors haven’t been sufficient in meeting demand for new talent in the industry. Some firms have turned to new, unique ways of advisor development and are seeing successful outcomes for their business. Matt Ransom of Raymond James joins the podcast to discuss today’s advisor demographics and address some of the barriers of entry for those thinking about getting into the field. Plus, he...


80 The do’s and don’ts of investment policy statements

An investment policy statement is an important way to document goals and the plans to achieve them. While they are not a requirement as part of an investment plan, having one in place can help keep a plan on course during times of stress and uncertainty. Derek Sasveld joins the podcast to break down the basics of investment policy statements, including the four components of a well-written investment policy statement. For full show notes and links mentioned in this episode, visit...


79 Tax strategies to optimize your client conversations

April 15th has come and gone. And with changes to the tax code taking effect in 2018, advisors and individuals may have had a different experience than in years past. Your clients may even be turning to you for advice on how to better manage their tax planning for 2019. Rick Kollauf joins the podcast to discuss the details of the new tax rules. Plus, he shares how getting the tax conversation right can strengthen the relationship between advisor and client. For full show notes and links...


78 Power of the pipeline: Client acquisitions strategies to grow your practice

In this episode, we explore strategies for building an effective pipeline system and improving your client acquisition efforts. Our guest is Michael Salmon, founder of Salmon Academy and author of Winning More Business in Financial Services. He shares the concrete, actionable steps that you can take today to overcome your hurdles to growth, including the five strategies to meet your client acquisition goals and the importance of building and managing your pipeline. For full show notes...


77 Funding education with a 529 plan

The cost of higher education has been climbing for many years, making it harder for families to afford to send their children to college. Most advisors are familiar with what a 529 plan is, yet only about 18% of children have these plans in place¹. Mark Kantrowitz of joins the podcast to discuss how advisors can bridge the gap and become advocates for creating college savings plans. Plus, we discuss the importance of starting early in a child’s life, even in small...


76 Beyond the hype: Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a hot topic in the financial world. What is it, and how may this technology impact the wealth management industry in the years to come? We're joined in this podcast episode by Professor Lamont Black from DePaul University and Aditya Shanker from BMO Capital Markets, who both have been researching blockchain and its potential implications for financial professionals. They discuss the differences between the often-associated blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies...


75 Financial considerations for families with special needs

According to a 2016 Return on Disability Group report, over 56 million people in the United States identified themselves as having a disability. This demographic, along with their caretakers, requires specialized financial planning, but are often left underserved by their advisors. We’re joined by Bill Harmon of Voya Retirement and Jerry Hulick of Caring Consulting Group to discuss the key role that advisors should take in working with special needs families, including how expanding your...


74 Talking trade: From NAFTA to USMCA

In November of 2018, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, also known as USMCA, was signed as a show of intention to replace NAFTA. What does this potential new trade agreement mean for markets, both domestically and globally? And what impact will it have for your clients? Our guest this episode is Michael Gregory, Deputy Chief Economist for BMO Capital Markets. We discuss the importance that trade agreements, historically with NAFTA and looking forward to USMCA, have on North American...


73 Designing the best approach to conferences

Attending a conference is a great way to network, learn about the latest trends, and to just escape from your day-to-day routine. But how do you go about selecting which conferences you should be attending? And how do you maximize what you can get out of each conference to the benefit of you and your team? Ben and Emily hosted a roundtable discussion at IMPACT® 2018 to discuss how attendees are maximizing conferences for their practice. Our roundtable guests discuss the strategies they...