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58 Behind the curtain: Securities lending in mutual funds

Many mutual funds provide investors the potential for added return by loaning the underlying stocks, bonds and other securities in the fund. The added revenue from these activities can make a difference in a fund’s return, but the concept of securities lending is often misunderstood. Chris Kunkle, Head of Securities Lending at BMO Global Asset Management, joins the podcast to explain securities lending, how it benefits investors and what advisors should know. For full show notes and links...


57 Escape the index: High-conviction investing

Recently, some investors and advisors have thrown in the towel on active management and are questioning if there is still a place for it in portfolios. According to a recent research paper, high-conviction equity managers may still add value in terms of return potential and risk mitigation. We’re joined by the authors of the paper, Irina Pacheco, and Michael Swope, to discuss the role that high-conviction strategies can play in a client’s portfolio and the research behind High-conviction...


56 Money mindset: Using behavioral economics to help investors succeed

Traditional economic theory tells us that humans are generally rational beings and that they make decisions from an optimal perspective. But behavioral economic theory takes into account what we know to be true: that humans are emotional and social beings. What is it, and how does it affect the mindsets of your clients? We’re joined by Melaina Vinski, a Behavioral Economics Lead for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Canada, to discuss how the concept affects the investment decision-making process...


55 Modern marketing: From pro surfer to 401(k) YouTube personality

This is the second in a series of episodes where we will take you “in the trenches” with financial professionals that are using different modern media strategies to build their businesses. J.D. Carlson used to be a professional surfer with no intentions of taking over the family 401(k) business. When his first career ended up being a washout, he changed his tune and ended up falling in love with financial services. As part of his marketing efforts, he started the Retireholi(k)s YouTube...


54 Money mindset: When clients go through cognitive decline

This is the third of four episodes where we’ll explore the “money mindset” of some unique groups that advisors serve. One of the more difficult situations an advisor can face occurs when a client starts showing signs of cognitive decline. How do you tell if your client is no longer able to make good decisions? How do you bring family members into that discussion? And when should you invoke the power of attorney? We’re joined by two professionals who have worked with clients showing signs...


53 Leadership is learned: Leading your practice to better productivity and client engagement

Leadership in the workplace used to be largely about people management. In today’s workplace, being an effective leader involves so much more. Where should you be putting your focus so that your employees (and your clients, too) see you as a leader? And what type of benefits could effective leadership have for your practice? We’re joined by Jim Fisher, professor emeritus at the University of Toronto and author of The Thoughtful Leader, to discuss how you can learn to be a successful leader...


52 Creating a lasting impact through financial education and mentorship

As financial professionals, we think about objectively managing finances almost every day. But for many, a lack of financial education makes this a difficult and intimidating task. In this episode, we discuss ways to improve the financial literacy gap with Brenda Campbell. Brenda is the CEO of SecureFutures, a nonprofit organization that partners with volunteer financial professionals to educate young adult students in the Midwest on personal financial literacy. For full show notes and...


51 Money mindset: Advising millennials

This is the second of four episodes over the year where we’ll explore the “money mindset” of some unique groups that advisors serve. When most people think of millennials, they think of digital natives who spend their money on travel and love avocado toast. But there are also a lot of misconceptions about this demographic, including how they view money. While their financial needs may differ from baby boomers, the premise is the same: How do we make sure you’re financially secure in the...


50 MiFID II: European regulations with global implications

Phase two of MiFID, or the Market in Financial Instruments Directive, went into effect in the European Union on January 3, 2018. The regulation aims to provide greater transparency for end clients as well as regulate areas where potential conflicts of interest may occur. Ben Apfel, Head of Legal at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA), joins the podcast to discuss the impact that MiFID II has on European financial advisors. We also discuss its ripple effects, both current and future, on the...


49 Money mindset: Suddenly single

This is the first of four episodes over the year where we’ll explore the “money mindset” of some unique groups that advisors serve. In this episode, our discussion focuses on a large and growing demographic: middle-aged people who find themselves “suddenly single” after years, if not decades, of marriage. “Suddenly single” commonly occurs through widowhood or divorce, but no matter the cause, the demographic presents unique challenges and considerations. We’re joined by returning guest...


48 Modern marketing: How one financial advisor’s podcast created surprising results

This is the first in a series of episodes in 2018 where we will take you “in the trenches” with financial advisors that are using different modern media strategies to build their businesses. A couple years ago, Rick Unser and his team needed to find a better new business acquisition strategy. After reviewing their current marketing strategy, he aimed to find new, unique ways to develop a long-term exponential growth strategy for his practice. He settled on podcasting and, after 100...


47 Rise of the quants

Over the past couple of years, quantitative investing has made a resurgence, though for many advisors, there are still more questions than answers. How do I evaluate a quantitative manager? Is more data better? How can I be sure a particular approach will benefit my clients? To answer these questions and more, we’re joined by David Corris and Chris Jenks. We’ll discuss some of the differences in today’s quant landscape, some of the major advantages of a model-based approach, and why...


46 Complex situations, personalized approaches: Managed accounts

The average household is managing nine accounts as they head towards retirement. Many participants are busy dealing with life’s complexities; they don’t have the will, skill or time to manage their retirement accounts, yet they want to know that they can reach their goals based on their specific circumstances. This is where plan sponsors and their advisors can offer managed accounts as a menu option for employees looking for a “do-it-with-me” solution. We’re joined in this episode by...


45 Deciphering tax reform: Takeaways for advisors

On December 22, 2017, President Trump signed the much debated tax reform bill into law. Its impact will undoubtedly reach all corners of the wealth management industry – for individuals and corporations alike – but how are advisors and clients preparing for the changes? In this episode, we break down the new tax code from multiple angles with Mike Barry, President of Plan Advisory Services, and Marc Van Bell, Product Specialist, Municipal Fixed Income at BMO Global Asset Management. Mike...


44 Longer lasting than your gym resolution: Enduring ideas for the New Year

Throughout 2017, our guests on the Better conversations. Better outcomes. podcast brought many new ideas for financial advisors to leverage in their practice. Before 2018 kicks off, Ben and Emily take a look back at the best lessons we learned this year to set up your better conversations in 2018 and beyond. For full show notes and links mentioned in this episode, visit


43 Protecting your practice: A cybersecurity roundtable

After numerous highly publicized data breaches and hacks this year, the subject of cybersecurity has been top-of-mind in all industries. We met up with four cybersecurity experts at IMPACT® 2017 for a roundtable discussion on all things cyber as it relates to advisors, their firms and their clients. While there’s not a one-size-fits-all program that can solve all your cybersecurity worries, there are things you must know and steps you can take to protect your practice. For full show notes...


42 Looking ahead: 2018 Five-Year Outlook

On November 21, 2017, BMO Global Asset Management released the 2018 Global Investment Forum: Five-Year Outlook, the final product of a two day forum held with a group of BMO’s international investment leaders and strategists and additional external speakers. Jon Adams, CFA®, Senior Investment Strategist & Portfolio Manager at BMO Global Asset Management, attended and contributed to this year’s forum and outlook, held in Toronto. Jon joins the Better conversations. Better outcomes. podcast...


41 Purpose-led productivity: Achieving more with less

Time is a limited resource, and as a financial advisor, you have an increasing number of demands for your time. On this episode, we discuss productivity in many forms. We look at productivity through technology, systems, mindsets, and even personal habits and routines. Our guest is Mike Schmitz, host of the podcast The Productivity Show, and the author of “Thou Shalt Hustle: Pushing Past Average,” a book on purpose-led productivity. Mike gives actionable tips on productive habits, email...


40 Evolving your practice: Lessons learned from behind the camera lens

You’ve built a successful practice. But times have changed, and your practice likely needs to adjust in order to continue growing. The key? Let go and be willing to evolve in order to thrive. We’re joined by Matt Ackermann, Director of Multimedia at Investment News, to discuss change. Not the type that piles up under your couch cushions, or in your car, but the type of change that evolves a practice, grows the business and makes existing customers happier. Matt also talk about his key...


39 What am I paying you for: The evolving pricing models of advice

Change is on the horizon when it comes to fee structures, and this has many advisors and advisory firms at a crossroads. Today’s episode is all about how advisors should think about the topics of charging fees to clients – commissions, retainers, and all other sorts of models. John Anderson, the head of Practice Management Solutions for SEI Advisor Network, is our expert guest on this episode. John co-authored a white paper in 2016 called “Fees at a Crossroads” that addresses the...