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Join Marcus and Ariel as they interview successful Business Couples to find out how they have negotiated the balance of being working and life partners while making their business a success and their relationship stronger. Couples share their highs, lows, and tips, tricks and ideas on how they have achieved this. It's fun, informal, and essential listening if you are or plan to be a couple in business.

Join Marcus and Ariel as they interview successful Business Couples to find out how they have negotiated the balance of being working and life partners while making their business a success and their relationship stronger. Couples share their highs, lows, and tips, tricks and ideas on how they have achieved this. It's fun, informal, and essential listening if you are or plan to be a couple in business.




Join Marcus and Ariel as they interview successful Business Couples to find out how they have negotiated the balance of being working and life partners while making their business a success and their relationship stronger. Couples share their highs, lows, and tips, tricks and ideas on how they have achieved this. It's fun, informal, and essential listening if you are or plan to be a couple in business.






Melissa & Gary Marshall - Signarama Tuggerah

Shifting from running a number of very successful Caltex Petrol Station franchises to a Signarama franchise was always going to be a big shift especially given neither Melissa nor Gary Marshall had any experience in the signage/printing field. Fast forward five years and they are winning awards and leading the field in many areas. Have a listen to find out how this entrepreneurial duo has achieved so much success in such a small amount of time. Learn More: Website -...


Alexandra & Nicola Coccia - Osteria il Coccia

Magic happened when Nicola & Alexandra Coccia, a talented Chef & Sommelier respectively walked away from fine dining to return to their Italian & French roots. In their restaurant Osteria Il Coccia they embrace quality produce cooked over wood in a charcoal oven and match it with wine sourced from winemakers, focused on a smaller production, organic, biodynamic & respecting the earth. The result is simple, high-quality, delicious food. But getting here was not easy. Discover how Nicola &...


Lisette & Colin Marchant - Costata Landscape Design

Taking a small garden maintenance business and turning it into an Industry award-winning landscape & design company is no small feat. Find out how Colin & Lisette of Costata Landscape & Design managed to do this whilst simultaneously growing their loving relationship. Hint - It involved some hard days and robust fights, but as they say “Great things are worth fighting for…..and about". Have a listen to pick up some awesome Business Couple Secret Sauce. Learn More: Website -...


Kim & Christine Margin - Margins Mushrooms

What do you do with an empty cool room left from a previous business? Start a mushroom business of course. That’s what Kim and Christine Margin did and worked out how to grow mushrooms along the way. Have a listen for some great Secret Sauce pointers on Love, Business and Mushrooms. Learn More: Website - - Some Secret Sauce highlights from this episode: #1 For romance, we plan special meals once a week. We cook something fantastic and enjoy it with...


Toby & Rosie Withers/Nelson - Toby & Rosie 100% natural soap and skincare.

How did a traveling Aussie and a beautiful Guatemalan woman meet, fall in love & start a successful skincare company that only sells 100% natural handmade products? Listen in to find the answer and also discover how to grow a business ethically! Toby & Rosie definitely have some great Business Couple Secret Sauce to share so grab a cuppa and have a listen. SPECIAL OFFER: 10% Off all Toby & Rosie products. Just use the code naturalme18 at the checkout. Learn More: -...


Marcus & Ariel Interviewed by Brendan Rogers on the Culture of Things Podcast

Marcus & Ariel - Business Couples Secret Sauce - We were lucky enough to be invited by Brendan Rogers to be guests on his “The Culture Of Things” podcast program. It was a great experience but did feel a little weird having the table turned and being interviewed instead of the usual deal of us asking the questions. Hope you enjoy listening and getting to know a little bit more about us and our story. SPECIAL OFFER - Mention this podcast & one of...


Bruce & Freya Cottrill - Bib N Brace

What happens when you work together 24/7, share the same values, and understand the difference between Business time and family time? You get great business couple success. That’s what Bruce and Freya have done for 30 plus years. Tune in for inspiration on how they've done it! Learn More: Website


Peter & Ruth Donnelly - Coachwood Nursery - (specialist nursery and dried flower emporium)

Description They say in business, you need to constantly evolve to survive. Well, boy is this the case with Coachwood Nursery that has been adapting and pioneering in the plant business for 50 years. Listen in to hear how Ruth & Peter have achieved ongoing success in both love and their retail nursery/dried flower emporium through good times and bad. SPECIAL OFFER! Mention the word “Podcast” and receive a discount on any of their upcoming workshop days! Learn More: Website Facebook...


Mr & Mrs Claus

Mr & Mrs Claus - Santa - Business Christmas Presents and Delivery. Description Imagine designing, making and delivering a Billion Christmas presents every single year. That’s what business couple Mr & Mrs Clause AKA Santa & his wife have been doing for as long as anyone can remember! We can only imagine the stress of that deadline. Listen in to find out where they get their inspiration from, how they keep the romance alive, and what they give each other for Christmas. Learn...


Marcus & Ariel The first 3 months

For this episode we thought it would be fun to share a little bit of our story in getting "Business Couples Secret Sauce" up and running and where we are looking to take it moving forwards. Keeping in mind we've been a business couple for a long time now but starting a podcast is a new direction for us. We haven't started one before. So we thought it'd be cool to share our story on how that's going. We'll be checking in every quarter to share the learnings that we've had along the...


Daniele & Orly Del Castillo - Sasa Sicilian Bakery

Making a complete career change can be a tricky process but ultimately fulfilling if it's switching to something your passionate about. That’s what Daniele & Orly did when they studied for their Chef and Bakery certificates and started sharing their delicious Sicilian street food. Firstly at local Markets and then through opening their own shop/bakery “Sasa Sicilian Artisan Bakery”. Have a listen to find out how they did it! Learn More: FacebookInstagramSome Secret Sauce highlights from...


Gail & Michael Cook - Spoke Building and Interiors

Tune in to discover how Michael & Gail built a thriving building and interiors business whilst sticking to their core values of Integrity, service, quality, communication, sustainability, team and Innovation. There are some great learnings here of how to play to your strengths as a business couple and keep an eye on the big picture. Grab a cuppa and enjoy! Learn More: WebsiteFacebookLinkedInInstagramSome Secret Sauce highlights from this episode: #1 When going into a business as a couple...


Maurie & Cathy Dobbin - Fastrak Fitness

Description What do you do when you’ve got a great business running under management? If your Maurie & Cathay Dobbin you start another business of course. One that introduces EMS fitness technology to Australians looking to regain their health & happiness. And the best bit: You get twice as fit in half the time. Even Rodger Federer uses it! But that’s not all you’ll find out. Hit the play button and get ready for some great advice on how to be a super successful business couple. SPECIAL...


Terry Smith & Mark Atkins - Intraversed

How do you move from being co-workers to great friends to a business couple that helps Multi-million and Billion dollar organisations get their internal language aligned. Have a listen to Mark & Terry as they share their story on achieving just that whilst moving halfway across the world to set up in Sydney Australia. Please enjoy! Learn More: Intraversed WebsiteFacebookLinkedIn Some highlights from this episode: It’s crucial that everyone within an organisation be on the same page using...


Iain & Stacey Saillard - Bridge Mowers & Chainsaws

With five years in small business together, Iain and Stacey have developed their own secret sauce that makes it work seamlessly - all in pursuit of the most inspiring 'big picture' goal. We think you'll really enjoy this episode! Learn More: Bridge Mowers & Chainsaws WebsiteFacebookSome highlights from this episode: "I don’t think there’s a ‘worst thing’ about being a business couple. When I’ve had a bad day, he knows what I’m going through, so when we come home and talk about it he can...


Hayley Thorncraft & Jo Fairall - Burnt Honey Bakery

Hayley and Jo have had one of the most intense first years in business we can think of! Opening just 11 months ago, they've seen their brand new bakery through busy school holidays, Christmas period, the bushfires and Covid... and they've come out thriving! Tune in and hear how they've overcome every challenge that's been thrown their way. Learn More: Burnt Honey Bakery WebsiteFacebookInstagramSome highlights from this episode: “Community is vital. When we closed during Covid, we wouldn’t...


Thomas & Melanie Unwin - Mogrify

Thomas and Melanie Unwin are living the Business Couples dream running their Gosford-based marketing business, Mogrify! They've put considerable effort into building a productive, positive work environment for themselves and their team members, with work-life balance at the core. We hope you enjoy! Learn More: Mogrify WebsiteTwitterLinkedInSome highlights from this episode: “Since the early days, we’ve always set out to eventually have a 4-day work week. A work-life balance in our lives...


Tim & Naomi McMullen - Borambola Wines

If you're partial to a very nice glass of wine, you're going to love this episode! Tim and Naomi McMullen are a business couple running Borambola Wines in Gundagai, on a property that has an enormously rich history - so much so, they're wines are often based on one of the remarkable stories the property has seen... everything from bushrangers to visiting royalty! Pour yourself a glass, sit back and enjoy this inspirational couple sharing their tips to business success. SPECIAL OFFER!...


Greg & Carol Trenerry - Collier Trenerry Funeral Directors

This week we're in Griffith, NSW speaking with Greg and Carol Collier, a couple who have been in business together for 50 years! Their time working together spans a variety of different businesses and with such an impressive tenure, it's no wonder they had so many stories, tips and words of wisdom to share. Learn More: Collier Trennery WebsiteFacebookSome highlights from this episode: “I think the reason why it probably works - and I might be old fashioned, but - Greg’s the head of the...


Chef Daniel Abou-Chedid & Jennifer El-Azzi - At Baker St Cafe, Fork & Knife Catering & Chef Daniel's Playground

Chef Daniel and his lovely wife Jennifer are one of the busiest business couples we know! With so many projects on the go, they have buckets of useful tips to share. This really is a couple not to be missed - hear them explain how they found their incredible rhythm and built their successful businesses. Learn more: At Baker St Cafe WebsiteFork & Knife Catering WebsiteChef Daniel WebsiteChef Daniel FacebookLinkedInInstagram Some highlights from this episode: "Our success doesn't just...