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What's a Brick Wall Coach? Well Let's Find Out.....

Are you waiting for a business breakthrough? Have you run into a wall trying to make that happen? Well, who better to help you navigate around that wall than The Brick Wall Coach. Didn't know there was such a thing? Yep sure is. Meet Pamela Lewerenz a business coach who loves working with women who desire clarity, want to build their confidence and need a focused plan for success! She is the owner of Brick Wall Coach. Listen in as she shares tips on building a community and building a...


I'm No Creative But I Know Who Is: Chatting With The Etsy Queen

Have you ever dreamed about being one of those creative types that can create beautiful handmade things? I know I have. Yearned for it even but is not my sweet spot. But I am interviewing a young woman today who definitely has that gift as well as the business acumen to back it up. I am interviewing Frankie Croker today (yes, she is my daughter) and she is an amazing businesswoman who teaches other creative entrepreneurs how to sell and market on the Etsy platform. We are talking about...


Ready, Set, Launch It!!!

Samantha Siffring brings a lot of insight and authentic coaching as she talks about what it takes to get your first clients. She talks about launching from where you are and the kind of mindset it takes to make that happen.


Ready to Build A Badass Online Business?

Do you have what it takes to build a badass online business? Want to get it? Join me with Alexandra Lawless as she shares what it takes to get that done. Alex Lawless is a branding coach for inspired female entrepreneurs. She helps you find your voice and use your life story to create a business with meaning from your passion.


The Keys To Resignation: Do You Have It?

Kashawn Milligan better known as Kay of Keys Keys, is a 2x author, motivational speaker, and brand coach. She has worked for some of the biggest non profit organization in the US and Canada, and has now decided to make her own impact through her platform of purpose. She speaks of having a resignation journey and how she accomplished her own. Listen in to be inspired and guided for your own resignation journey.


It's All In The Hands

Anna shares something that is so wonderfully amazing that you can't help but be mesmerized. Anna is a Scientific Hand Analyst and uses this gift to help guide her clients to their purpose in life. Her journey is very fascinating and what she does with the knowledge she has gained is even more fascinating. A totally inspiring story of working in your passion and the rewards it can bring to your life.


Ready To Boost Your Business?

Lisa Elliott is starting a business called Plae In The City. She has agreed to let us take a deep dive into the process and help walk her through it. Lisa has some mindset issues as well as needs business advice. Myself and a mindset coach will be working with her over the next 3 months to get her on the right track. Listen and hopefully gain some business tips for yourself.


Why You May Need A Midlife Makeover?

Have you ever felt stuck or unfulfilled with what you are doing? Well, it may be time for a midlife makeover. What's that you say? Tune in while I chat with Vanessa Newport about what happens when you get a midlife makeover and why some people really need one. Vanessa shares openly and authentically about her journey and what she does to help others reach their harmony in life.


Chatting it Up With The Guru Goddess Kelly McCausey

How would you like to have a bonafide Guru Goddess speak into your life about your business? Well, I have my own personal guru in Kelly McCausey. Kelly McCausey is an online marketer and business coach that simply wants to "love people and make money". You will find Kelly at any time blogging, podcasting, designing, partnering, creating information products, running membership programs, holding live retreats and coaching others to get where they want to be in an online business. She...


Working It Out with Hathaway McCaffrey

Hathaway works with entrepreneurial athletes to link their sports mindset and business mindset so they can consistently achieve on their next level in all areas of their lives. Hathaway has an uncanny but wonderful knack of combining her love for health and wellness with her business coaching which messes both of her passions together really well. She is highly qualified in both areas to really show you how to use both drives to your advantage. She came to coaching naturally through a...


Making Boss Moves with Khadya Hale

Ever wonder what it's like to make boss type moves even before you reach the actual boss status? Well, guess no more. Khadya Hale is here to share her living experiences and provide insight into how having the right mindset will remove obstacles out of your way and open doors for opportunities.


Wendie on Living Your Passion

Interview with Wendie Lloyd on what living your passion should look like and why it is so essential. Wendie shares how she works with clients so that they may re-discover what their passion really is.


Living Intentionally with Diane Forster

Are you living life intentionally or just going through the motions from day to day? Are you ready to reinvent YOU for a more happier, wholesome life? Well, we have Diane Forster here to help. Diane is known as an Intentional Living Expert & Reinvention Specialist. She's a bestselling author, sought-after keynote speaker, and mentor who helps people create massive breakthroughs in their lives with her books, online programs, and private mentoring programs. Listen to Diane as she shares her...


How Purpose and Passion = Freedom with Tina Guimar

Straight talk with Tina Guimar about Purpose and Passion and how it led to her freedom and how it can lead to yours.


Talking Purpose with Tasha Ti Yung

Tasha Ti Yung is an amazing coach focused on helping women with their purpose and passion. In this interview, we discuss what that looks look in great detail with great advice to help women who are looking to find their purpose and passion.


Interview with Amie Pederson

Our first interview with Amie Pederson. Amie is a Wife, Mom to 2 little boys, step mom, Urban Farmer... Biz Mentor & Cert Confidence Coach who helps women uplevel their confidence, clarity, and business so they can create a confident and successful life. Host and Creator of Moms Making Money Show... and founder of BusyFitMom LLC. Having come from 13 years of mentoring other businesses into multimillion dollar corporations, now a work at home Momma building her own empire. You can find her...


This Is Where It All Begins - EscapePreneurs(TM)

This is the introduction episode to the "Bye, Bye 9-to-5" Podcast. The host, Kimberley Wiggins, shares her vision and passion for the movement of the podcast.