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305: Three Financial Mistakes

The Cardone Zone is for everything Grant Cardone! Today I'm telling you about the 3 mistakes I don't want you to make when it comes to money: Saving to save Putting money in a 401K Buying a House This is a place where you can ask me anything money! Love me or hate me, at least you know me!


304: YH Professional Follow Up

Professional Follow-Up has 2 categories of failure: 1)You don’t follow up/ i.e., you quit. 2)You follow-up in the wrong way The professional will always remain professional. The customer should always feel good at the end of your call. Here are 5 rules to remember: Always be Professional Always Make Them Feel Good Always Agree Always Offer Another Service Always Use a Tag


303: G&E Take a Hit for Your Partner

In this episode I tell guys if you won’t or can’t take a shot in the face you can’t take care of your woman. If you're young, I would not worry about girls now, worry about the money. Women will come, they all come, they leave the wimps for the guys with money. So I challenge the men on planet Earth to man up! Get your bank account right, learn to sell, and you can have anything you want in life. Male or female, you won't have the right relationship until you have your money right—otherwise...


302: CZ Finding Off-Market Deals

On this episode of the Cardone Zone I talk about finding off-market deals: 1. Know your market 2. Know your rents 3. Know where your debt or money is going to come from The debt is where everyone gets stuck. When you get to bigger deals, how do you get the money? You have to be qualified to be able to support those balance sheets. Listen in to Real Estate talk every Monday only on the Cardone Zone!


301: CZ How Marketing Changed My Business

The marketplace has changed and marketing plays a big part in it. The old adage was to buy space in a newspaper or a billboard but in todays marketplace, you can reach millions of people around the world as opposed to just a little part of your town or local market.


300: CZ Advice for Teenagers

Casey Adams came on the Cardone Zone today to interview me with his own podcast, The Rise of the Young. We covered social media marketing, branding, real estate, crypto currency, scaling a company, and my thoughts on college education. Casey is just 17 and far ahead of where I was at that age!


299: CZ How to Thrive as a Woman Entrepreneur

Erna Basson came in to my studio in Miami, Fl all the way from New Zealand to do an exclusive interview about women entrepreneurs today for the Cardone Zone. How can women and men operate in the marketplace today and how can women leverage some simple methods to get the upper-hand in any deal?


298: YH You're Not Closing Deals

Why you’re missing deals: #1 lack of time is why you’re missing deals. You may be getting to your customers at the wrong time. Find out what you can do to preempt these things early in the process. #2 Personal issue may be the reason you are missing deals. #3 Unspoken concerns about costs could be a big reason why you could be missing deals. #4 Change of guard, new owner or decision maker comes into the deal when you reach the end of sales cycle. #5 Customers are on the wrong product,...


297: G&E What to do When You Fall Out of Love

Today in the Cardone Zone, Elena and I talked about what to do when you no longer "feel" love. Do you quit or push on? The reason you fall out of love is because your spouse's purpose no longer align with your purpose. To get back in love you need a shared purpose!


296: Power Players with Edwin Arroyave

Edwin Arroyave is the CEO of Skyline Security which has made the Inc 5000 list for fastest growing companies for 3 years in a row. Skyline’s company mission is to ensure sure that with their aggressive push for quantity, they still provide the highest quality of service. Watch Grant and Edwin talk about expansion, recruitment and sales in this exclusive power player interview.


295: REI Top 5 Questions When Investing In Real Estate

What are the 5 most important questions to ask when investing in real estate> In this real estate episode of the Cardone Zone, I answer the 5 big questions you must ask. Home ownership is going down while renting is going up over the last 30 years. Car ownership went down while leases are going up. That’s because people don’t want to own stuff anymore, they want to use stuff! Listen in every Monday to the Cardone Zone for Real Estate Topics that matter.


294: Young Hustlers Q&A

Other professional podcasters like Lewis Howes, Andy Frisella, Gary Vee, and John Lee Dumas all told me, focus on one show. But I didn’t because I thought I knew better. Instead of 10Xing one show, I tried to 10X the number of shows I was producing. Imagine doing a different show EVERY DAY and then figure out how to promote each one. I juggle a speaking career, five companies, and two kids. I simply wasn’t able to tell my audience where to go to listen to the podcasts because there are so...


293: Get Rich With Passive Income

Have as much money as possible coming in from passive income. I want a check every month, how about you? I want the company to pay me and I want the real estate to pay me even if I didn’t ’t work today. There are not a lot of options for passive income out there. You make 50k you pay 15k in taxes, you need to figure out how to get this 3k a month you’re left with into passive income. When you buy stock you don’t need to worry about the loss it had over time because you really already...


292: How Not to Pay Taxes

The rich guys do not pay the IRS. It’s not that they don’t pay, they defer. You need to change your mind about paying the IRS. Pay more... 1. You want to pay more taxes. If you pay more you make more money. 2. Reduce the bill 3. Defer the bill What if I told you that you can buy a swimming pool or hot tub and deduct it? What if you could join the country club and write it off?


291: Crypto is Down, Here's How to Inves

I don’t do get rich quick, I do get rich for sure. Here are 3 rules for you to take away today for future investments: #1 Don’t lose money #2 Don’t lose money #3 Get rich for sure Title of episode: Crypto is Down, Here's How to Invest


290: Millionaire Mindset

Do you have a Millionaire mindset? The middle class is getting hammered. If you want to be in the top 1% you're going to have to first change your mind, Your goal should not be $70,000 a year, it should be $70,000 a month!


288: Best Advice For Getting Your Money Right

You’re told to save money. Why? You don’t make enough money to begin with! The majority of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The unemployment rate is at 4% but people are still broke. There are no shortages of money on this planet so why is this happening to the majority of people? Don’t worry about what happened last year. This is your year to turn it around and get your money right! We are in a new economy. Debt should not be your priority right now. You need to get close to...


287: Invest Like a Billionaire

If you only have 40k, you have no business investing. You need to make real money and put it away. Wall Street wants you to get rid of it. $100,000 is the investment number you need to be thinking about. When you lose money, you lose confidence. Prove to yourself that you can make money and keep it. Here’s How to Invest: 1.Don’t lose $ 2.Don’t forget Rule #1 3.Don’t start too early 4.Don’t invest too little/small amounts 5.Know what you’re investing in The Order to Invest...


286: Do You Have a Crypto Coach?

Do You Have a Crypto Coach? If you want to invest in crypto, the first thing you need is cash. Nobody sells their Bitcoin for nothing—they need cash. Think about it, the only way to get into the Bitcoin game is cash. You can’t invest until you learn how to MAKE money. There are 3 steps here: Make it Keep it Multiply it In order to multiply anything, whether it be crypto, stocks, or real estate, you first need to have it. Too many people are looking to get rich when they have nothing...


285: Make More Sales

You must get your sales game on! Everything in life is a sale. If you're serious about making money, you need to have enough products, enough margin, and enough scale. Being great doesn't mean you make money. If you want your income to change, you must embrace the sales game. 1. You have to get in front of decision-makers. 2. Qualify them. 3. Can you get them interested to exchange money for a product or service? 4. Can you close the deal? 5. Can you repeat this cycle and build your...


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