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Katie has successfully paid off her student loan! Like other people's success story about being debt-free, it does not stop there. You need to continue your plan and making that plan means figuring out how much money you have to work with and deciding how to spend it. Welcome! [4:45] After being debt-free, what's next for me? ● You can celebrate but no need to spend a lot! ● Shopping-spree after completely paying off your loan is not a good idea. [8:42] Katie's plan after the...


Student Loan is Gone!

Today’s episode is a bit different because we have a special occasion to celebrate. Katie’s student loan has been paid off! Yes, you heard it right! Listen about her journey and on what she’s really been trying to achieve. Welcome! [1:25] Let’s get to know Katie and her story ● She is 30 years old now, teaches elementary and has always taught public school until she moved to Virginia ● She was a typical college student in her 20’s, took a student loan and thought she’d be paying it for...


Paying Down Mortgage vs. Investing

A lot of you have been interested to know more this topic and it's important for all of you to hear some pros and cons when making your decision between paying down your mortgage or investing the money. Welcome! [:] There is a decision to be made ● Cost-benefit analysis is a must ● Check how much interest you will be paying on your mortgage in the long term ● Additional payments toward loans will knock a lot of time off on the repayment term; use mortgage calculator to make...


Stephonee from Poorer Than You

Stephonee is a mom, a wife and a personal friend. She blogs over at where she talks all about money- where to start if you’re clueless and what you can do if you want to invest/save. Although not in a financial career, she has lot of experience- mainly starting where she ran out of money and had to drop out of college. Today, she sits with a net worth of over $100K. Welcome! [:] Your website, poorerthanyou has been around for quite some time. Tell us your backstory and...


Traditional and Roth IRAs

As promised to be included in this series on retirement, here are facts that you need to know about Traditional and Roth IRA, as the two most popular types of IRAs. Check this episode and learn more about your journey to financial freedom. Welcome! [:] Difference between Traditional and Roth ● Traditional IRA is pre-tax similar to a 401k while, ● Roth IRA is typically tax-free or after-tax [:] Until when can I contribute for tax year 2018 and what are the contribution limits? ● You can...


Damion Lupo of Qualified Retirement Plan

Damion Lupo is the author of many books but we are going to talk mostly about his book called The QRP book today. Damion has actually appeared on the show before, where he has talked about how he went from being a multi-millionaire to being broke and building his net worth back up again. [:] What is a QRP? [:] What are the benefits? [:] You explain the 8th world wonder in your book, for anyone grappling with this idea, what advice do you have for them? [:] How do you set up a QRP? Value...


What You Should Know About Your 401k

Here's what you should and shouldn't be doing with your 401k. Based on the recent poll we did, you guys wanted to know about 401k as a retirement plan so here are the eye opening facts from our research. Welcome! [:] Things to always be mindful of ● Don't withdraw 401k early mainly to avoid penalties ● The value of your money now will considerably grow in the next 20-30 years from now ● It can be disastrous to use your 401k money to payoff loans [:] What you should do with your 401k...


Tailor-Made Budgets with Ericka Young

Erika has gone from 100,000 of debt to debt free in 5 years! Her and her husband decided early on that it was time to take hold of their financial life together. After paying off her debt, she realized how passionate she is about helping people better their lives, thus Tailor Made Budgets was born! Welcome! [:] You have quite an interesting story when it comes to your personal life and debt. What position were you in? How did you work your way out of it? [:] Where do you see people,...


The Basics of Retirement

One of the most important life goals many of us want to achieve is to have the best retirement experience. Whether it's for personal or financial perspective, retirement requires a lot of preparation and planning. Please join us as we share our experience. Welcome! [:] When do you start getting that retirement plan? ● Start as early as you can ● Stop thinking that retirement is not gonna happen soon. That's the worse idea. [:] What's your advice? Where can people start? ● Start...


Kathy Longo The Independent Woman

Today we have Kathy Longo, she is a CFP, CAP, CDFA and author of Flourish Financially – Values, Transitions and Big Conversations. Kathy is an expert in advising women about money challenges and believes too many women rely on their husbands for their financial planning. Welcome! [:] Den and I were discussing prenups last night as we’re getting married in July. We talked about how they are good for each others financial security in the off chance a relationship doesn’t work out. What are...


Payday Loans

Denis and Katie love watching documentary TV shows and lately they have been watching a TV show that features payday loans to people. You also maybe you are just curious as to what a payday loan is. We would like to share our experiences about it and how these loans work. [:] Beware of the loan that you getting ● Katie was a victim of a student loan scam ● Be sure to do your research before you apply for any type of loans [:] Takeaways to paying your loans ● Be wise. It's more important...


Rob of Getting Canned

Rob is an experienced investor in his early 40’s that is looking to pursue financial independence. He has some entrepreneurial experience, real estate experience, loves world travel, food, and computers. After finishing up at his latest contract office job, he moved to Taiwan to pursue a life with more freedom. He blogs at Welcome! [:] Your blog was created as a result of you losing your job. Can you walk us through where you were in your life and...


Shared Bank Accounts

A shared or joint account is beneficial to couples or partners. It's a very effective and helpful way to save toward your shared goals like buying a new house or planning that long vacation..or just spending it. Come and join us in this conversation! [:] How we became comfortable opening a shared bank account ● Know the person you are sharing bank account with ● We've had so many financial conversations ● We have shared expenses [:] We just want to stress this out ● If you are opening...


Jason from The Wealth Hound

Jason from The Wealth Hound is an aspiring entrepreneur, husband & father. He recently got out of the US Airforce and is a die-hard Michigan State fan. His blog is all about personal finance, investing and every day money tips. Welcome! [:] Let’s chat about your decision to start your blog, why another personal finance blog? ● Always interest in personal finance & money management ● Enjoyed learning about money and wanted to have somewhere to jot down his thoughts ● Helping the everyday...


Time Management

How do you take control of your time? Are you able to get on top of your to-do list? Join and learn with us as we share about time management and be inspired by our experiences. [:] Katie's routine ● Katie puts her work out clothes out in the morning so when she comes home from work she will be reminded to go to the gym ● When she gets home from work she always makes time for side hustles [:] Katie's usual side hustles (She does all the side hustles before changing her work clothes)...


District Media Finance with Amanda Stewart

Amanda Stewart is the Editor, Writer and Website Manager for District Media Finance. With an audience of over 10 million visitors, District Media Finance’s objective is to deliver high-quality personal finance news and advice that informs, empowers, educates and entertains the public. The company provide this information free of charge through their portfolio of 58 different personal finance websites, with all operating expenses paid through advertising. Welcome! [:] Could you tell us a...


Denis and Katie Are Getting Engaged

Denis and Katie are engaged! Congratulations! In this episode we talk all about the proposal and things you should consider in getting engaged. [:] Katie's strange suspicion ● Her mom suddenly screamed in excitement ● She's also texting while driving that she doesn't normally do [:] Proposal using a fake ring ● Denis' dad made the real engagement ring who is a jeweller in South Africa [:] Pay in cash or take it out on credit? ● If it costs you a lot of money to buy that ring,...


Travis Hornsby of Student Loan Planner

Travis Hornsby is the chief student loan planner at He started started Student Loan Planner in October 2016 after helping his wife and her friends figure out their six figure student loans. Travis used to be a bond trader, so he took his excel heavy skill set and built models for how to save money paying back student debt. Welcome! [:] What’s one of the biggest mistakes you see people making with their student loans? ● If you graduate with a $0 loan you can...


Understanding Credit Scores

What is a credit score? Join Denis and Katie as they learn talk about what credit scores are and how they affect your credit status. [2:30] Credit score ranges ● 300 - 530 Bad Credit ● 580 - 670 Fair Credit ● 670 - 740 Good Credit ● 740 and up Excellent [5:20] What affects your credit score ● Paying bills on time ● Late payment has a huge impact in your credit score ● Having a lot of accounts will boost up your greater facility [12:14] Monitor your credit score ● Most credit card...


Karsten from Early Retirement Now

Karsten Jeske is a personal finance blogger who writes at Early Retirement Now or ERN for short. He is originally from Germany but came to the U.S. in 1995. He blogs about a host of retirement topics oh and he recently retired at the age of 44. Welcome! [:] Your blog stood out immediately because you were a fellow speaker at Fincon, what did you speak about in Orlando? ● Panel discussion on safe withdrawal rates for early retirees ● Everyone on the panel said a safe withdrawal rate is...