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Monica Shah Reveals How To Increase Your Revenue

Monica Shah is a seven-figure business coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses that support their ideal lifestyles. After receiving her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and working in marketing for L’Oreal Paris, Monica left corporate to start her first company – and then her second company, Revenue Breakthrough. Today, she takes her clients step by step through building, growing and expanding their businesses. She combines her business acumen with her intuition and healing...


Why Talk About Money Is Taboo

Why talking about money can be a taboo topic [1:41] Why is talking about money taboo? We grow up in a culture where people are sheltered The work place is a big one, but even with friends you should be talking with them about what they’re doing [3:52] It doesn’t need to be awkward It can be an awkward thing to talk about and people feel that they are in a place they want to be. You will only get to the place you want to be if you have an accountability partner you are in a much...


Jim from AcceleratedFI teaches other ways to side hustle

Today we have Jim from AcceleratedFI, Jim maintains that a ton of personal finance sites out there focus too much on the saving money part of budgeting and not enough on the income producing side. He uses his site AcceleratedFI as a means to document his side hustles and provide educational material to others out there. Welcome! [2:50] If we were invaded by aliens and we had to give up one flavor of ice cream and you had the final say, would you give up vanilla or chocolate and why?...


What having a Living Will Means for You

Living Wills and Whether You Need One [1:42] What are living wills? Written instruction that details your last wishes regarding a medical treatment Takes off undue pressure on family [4:30] Why are they important Takes pressure off People pray for miracles and it takes the hope away [6:48] Can I write one myself Yes you can but is it what you want to do? It’s probably a great idea to chat to your family so they know about it and they are about to act on it. [8:8] Where do I get...


5AM Joel takes an Early Retirement

Joel is a 33 year old technology sales rep from Los Angeles. However, he recently quit his job to travel, and test the waters of early retirement! Joel is sharing stories on his blog, 5AM Joel (.com), and writes about how to make better use of your time, and better use of your money. Welcome! [3:27] Who’s your favorite superhero & why? Wolverine, for no reason [4:3] So, what exactly a mini retirement? How long have you been on your mini retirement? Quit job in March, 5 months...


Entrepreneurs and Money - Things to Consider

Entrepreneurs and Money [2:57] The cost benefit of being an entrepreneur You are out there in the hustle as an entrepreneur Your are IT, HR, plumbing, literally everything It’s one thing saying you’re a CEO but when you’re starting out it’s very challenging but you can learn a ton of skills that can set you apart Your problem solving abilities become really good There is also major upside from being an entrepreneur [5:31] Quitting your job versus doing it full time It definitely...


Hayk Tadevosyan on creating balance in your life

Hayk Tadevosyan is an entrepreneur passionate about serving the community and inspiring others to reach their goals and aspirations. Hayk has successfully coached and developed many business owners, aspirants and team members on replicable systems and processes of entrepreneurship and personal success. Welcome! [3:0] What did you have for breakfast this morning? Don’t eat breakfast, Hayk believes in intermediate fasting Our stomachs are not meant to be full all the time [6:58] You...


Questions and Answers about Refinancing

Questions & Answers- Refinancing Katie has some questions about refinancing a new car she just bought. Refinancing is something most people have heard about but how do you actually go about doing it? Find out in today’s episode! [2:6] What is refinancing and why would I want to do it? Refinancing is swapping out one interest rate for another, e.g. you are currently paying 8% pa, instead you want to pay 6% pa. Say you take out a loan with bank ABC, you can refinance with bank XYZ and...


Jeff Hall teaches how to start a successful agency

Jeff Hall never had a choice but to become an entrepreneur. At the age of 7, he sold candy because money meant escaping his life of poverty and neglect. At the age of 13, he acquired a reputation as a computer nerd at school quite by accident and began working on his school’s computers. At 15, he began his company, Overflow Cafe, in order to keep from being evicted from his home, and at 17 was lying about his age to get the commercial lease for his first office. Remarkably, he is still...


The Beauty of Passive Income

The Power of Passive Income Passive Income – there’s nothing better than getting paid to do nothing. [2:51] Stock and long term appreciation You could earn 0.2% interest a year by leaving you money in a bank account. Or, you could be making 5-10% in normal types of investments. If you leave money in a bank account, you’re literally losing money because inflation is 1-2% As an example, you can buy stock in Apple. [4:33] The benefit of investing in dividend paying stocks A...


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Stocks and long term appreciation

You could earn 0.2% interest a year by leaving you money in a bank account. Or, you could be making 5-10% in normal types of investments. If you leave money in a bank account, you’re literally losing money because inflation is 1-2% As an example, you can buy stock in Apple.


Why does this doctor live a frugal life?

Visit to grow your wealth [2:52] Tons of people think doctors had a ton of money and it’s all easy. Did you graduate with any student loan debt and how were the early days for you? Had about 60k worth of loans Lots of doctors [5:46] The field of medicine has many different practices, you are an anesthesiologist but if you could go back and change your career path, is there any type of medicine you’d do? Happy with choice Trying to decide on retirement Addiction...


The Power of the Side Hustle

The Power of the Side Hustle [3:10] Importance of Multiple Income Streams Most millionaires have a ton of income streams (average millionaire has 7 income streams) It’s not actually the high paying jobs are not the people that are millionaires Upkeep become much less once you have setup a side hustle The 5pm to 9pm (12am) is really how you get ahead [4:53] Start one hustle at a time Set stuff up slowly, it’s critical to start off slowly and build it up. Same concept of starting...


Family man Andy Hill teaches how he maintains work life balance with small kids and a full time job.

Andy Hill is a husband, father and fellow podcaster! His podcast, Marriage, Kids & Money talks to tons of people on some of the big trending topics- like paying off debt, keeping a family balance and paying off tons of debt- which he has a ton of experience in. [2:44] What is your favorite thing about podcasting? · Connecting with like-minded people [4:26] If someone is thinking about starting a podcast- what is one piece of advice you could offer them? · Major passion around...


Transportation- How to Cut Down Costs

[2:45] Alternative ways to get to work Most people think about jumping in the car and sitting in traffic. There’s a ton of other ways such as cycling to work, jumping on a scooter, motor bike etc. It may seem weird but it’s great for your health and the environment. If you’re cycling a few miles that can be your daily work out at well. Think outside the box there’s a ton of other cheaper way to get to work Some people walk to work as well! [4:37] Do you really need more than 1 car...


Fincon's Founder PT Money Talks About The Early Days

Philip Taylor, or commonly known only by his website as PT Money has been blogging about personal finance since 2007. He is also the founder of Fincon, the annual financial conference which boasts over 2,000 attendees which he started in 2011. Philip has both a flair for money, inspired by his father who is also a CPA, and a gift for writing which stems from his mother who was also a writer! Welcome! [3:22] If you could be any animal what would it be and why? A bear- he likes to wrestle...


Budgeting & How To Stay On Track

Budgeting Can and Will Change Your Life! [2:36] Why budgeting will change your life It sounds really nerdy, but budgeting can help you get your life together. Stop counting the days towards payday- start budgeting regularly Your life will become to much easier Budgeting doesn’t mean to restrict yourself It gives you the ability to plan your life and figure out how to structure your money Not looking at your finances doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job. In the long run its going...


This Entrepreneur Teaches How to Stay Afloat - Vlad

Vlad is the CEO of Logic Inbound, a digital marketing agency based in Seattle. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has been featured on featured on,,, Welcome! [2:41] What other entrepreneurial ventures have you done? · Started at 19 Shoplits – celebrity quote application · In 2 weeks 1500 downloads so decided to make more apps · 30 apps in the app store · Get 300,000 downloads in a year and a half · Software company for real...


Couples Managing their finances

[2:11] Why you can’t strong arm your partner [4:21] How to handle the spender and saver relationship [6:35] Things to mention before getting serious with money [8:50] How to agree on money goals [11:20] Combining incomes as a couple