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Effectively advertising on Twitter isn't always easy. On each episode, we’ll feature a different brand who is creative, surprising, and effective with their Twitter Ads campaigns. Listen and subscribe for world-class marketing inspiration straight from the source — Twitter.


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Effectively advertising on Twitter isn't always easy. On each episode, we’ll feature a different brand who is creative, surprising, and effective with their Twitter Ads campaigns. Listen and subscribe for world-class marketing inspiration straight from the source — Twitter.




@Mailchimp rounds out their marketing with unexpected content

In this episode of Character Count we talk with Jay Maldonado, a Senior Marketing Manager at @Mailchimp. Tune in as we discuss "lean in" and "lean back" content, the power of GIFs, and the ways Mailchimp uses Twitter to connect with customers and raise awareness. Here are some helpful links while you listen: Mailchimp Presents homepage "Second Act" series Mailchimp GIPHY library GIF Tweet example For more inspiration on varying your Tweet formats: 4 engaging Twitter Poll ideas for...


This FinTech company uses Twitter to empower small businesses

In this episode of Character Count, we sit down with Phil McEleney, Paid Marketing Manager for @TideBusiness, to hear how the B2B FinTech company learned to thrive on Twitter. As you listen, here are some links that may be helpful: For more on A/B testing: How and why to A/B test your Twitter Ads For additional B2B inspiration: 5 creative ways B2B brands connect with audiences on Twitter Phil’s “must follow” FinTech accounts: @t_blom @AnneBoden @GeorgeBevis For more from...


The @NHL uses Twitter to rally new fans

Tune in as Heidi Browning, the CMO of the NHL, describes how she evolved the @NHL social strategy, created a network of content creators, and is bringing the game to new fans (with a little help from Snoop Dogg and Chance the Rapper). As you listen along, here are some helpful links: Chance the Rapper SNL skit Chance the Rapper reprise Snoop Dogg explains hockey slang Snoop Dogg explains the Stanley Cup @NHLGIFs account The creator behind @NHLGIFs Black Girl Hockey Club...


Wizards of the Coast makes magic on Twitter

In this episode, we learn about the ways Wizards of the Coast (the company behind Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: the Gathering) uses Twitter to add a digital layer to their classic games. Listen as Greg Tito, Senior Communications Manager for Dungeons and Dragons, shares the exciting ways the company uses things like automation, localized ads, and an authentic voice to evolve their legacy brand on Twitter. As you listen, here are some helpful links –– Twitter accounts...


Mini-episode: Q&A with Twitter's Head of Social Marketing and Campaigns

In this episode, we sit down with Bianca Posterli, Head of Social Marketing and Campaigns at Twitter. As a strategist for many of Twitter’s own Twitter accounts, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who knows more about what ‘works’ on the platform (and what it means for brands). Tune in as we discuss popular questions like “how spicy can a brand be on Twitter?” and “what should you do if a Tweet flops?” while getting practical tips for everyday Tweeting. As you listen, here are some...


This agency puts Broadway shows in the spotlight

What’s your favorite broadway show? There’s a good chance @SpotNYC is or was the ad agency behind it. (We even found this Tweet from Lin Manuel Miranda crediting them with designing the iconic Hamilton logo. What?!) In this episode of Character Count, we sit down with Kyle Fox, SpotCo’s Associate Director of Media, to hear how the full-service ad agency brings Broadway’s biggest shows to life on Twitter. As you listen, here are some links to follow along: Behind-the-scenes content...


@BOMBAS does cause marketing right

Recent years have bare witness to the uprising of cause marketing — that is, brands aligning themselves with a cause or mission to give back. If you’ve seen phrases like “20% of all proceeds go to X” or “For every dollar spent, we donate a dollar to Y” then you’re already familiar. But how, as a brand, do you know what cause to align with? And how do you position your efforts in a way that respects the communities you aim to serve? In this episode of Character Count, we sit down with...


Mini-episode: Q&A with our very own Social Media Coordinator

Tune in as we chat with @LindsaykBruce, the Social Media Coordinator for @TwitterBusiness. We talk about: Social listening: "[I use] Twitter and Tweetdeck. Every morning I just, within Twitter, natively, read all of our notifications and then I'll go into Tweetdeck to monitor conversations around us when people aren't necessarily mentioning us, and just larger industry conversations." The perfect length to run a Twitter Poll: "Two days, and after the first day re-share it again and...


@TeamKano engineers targeting magic

When it comes to ad targeting and testing, @TeamKano's ingenuity is best in class. The London-based company targets different audiences, with different messaging, at different times, to optimize sales of their DIY computer kits. And because those techniques are so valuable — we had to have Chiara Radini, Performance Marketing Manager at Kano, on our newest episode of Character Count. Launched in 2013, @TeamKano aims to empower the next generation of coders and makers by “demystifying what's...


@Grindr's campaign takes a stand

In an age of influencer marketing — a strategy of showcasing your most loyal fans — popular queer dating app @Grindr defied the norm and did the opposite. They selected real users from the communities most discriminated against on their app and gave them a soapbox. Literally. Join us as we talk with Matt Brooks, the Social Media Manager who worked on @Grindr’s Kindr campaign, about how their small, scrappy team created such an impactful campaign. Follow along with the moments mentioned in...


@SimonBooks brings a legacy brand to a new audience

@SimonBooks was literally founded before the internet — before computers even — which is why it’s particularly impressive that the legacy brand has been able to seamlessly find its audience (hello, book Twitter) in the digital world. In this episode of Character Count, we sit down with Stephen Bedford, the Director of Marketing for @SimonBooks, to talk about how the company found their place. As you listen, here are some links to help you follow along: Example of visual promotional...


@Dropbox jumps out of the background

Susan Chang manages social media for @Dropbox — that’s right, all of it. She oversees multiple accounts running multiple campaigns, answering the tough questions most of us have probably encountered: which teams should get their own handle? Who should get access to those handles? What should the investment be in community management? Tune in as we cover each of those things, along with: The black heart emoji@Dropbox@DropboxBusinessThat Dropbox brand refresh We’ll also hear from Chloe Meir,...


@MontereyAq brings the ocean online

There isn’t a better subject for our first episode of Character Count than the quick and lively @MontereyAq. We often tell clients to create a human personification of their business and use that persona to guide their “Twitter voice.” The Monterey Bay Aquarium— an ocean conservation non-profit dedicated to education and exhibits—is a best-in-class example. @MontereyAq broke through the ice with popular witty memes, ASCII art (more on what that is in the episode), and a boat load of fish...


Introducing Character Count with @TwitterBusiness

@TwitterBusiness is an arm of Twitter that focuses on supporting people who amplify their message with Twitter Ads. Our new show, Character Count, will feature audio case studies of the people behind some of Twitter's most interesting advertising stories. We'll ask how they built such effective campaigns and why Twitter's audience matters so much to them. In the meantime, follow @TwitterBusiness on Twitter for marketing trends, product updates, and a lot of coffee emoji.