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Chad "Coach" Carson shares practical advice about using real estate to retire early (aka achieve financial independence) and do more of what matters. You'll hear in-depth episodes with tips from Chad plus interviews with other real estate investors at various levels of their financial independence journey.

Chad "Coach" Carson shares practical advice about using real estate to retire early (aka achieve financial independence) and do more of what matters. You'll hear in-depth episodes with tips from Chad plus interviews with other real estate investors at various levels of their financial independence journey.


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Chad "Coach" Carson shares practical advice about using real estate to retire early (aka achieve financial independence) and do more of what matters. You'll hear in-depth episodes with tips from Chad plus interviews with other real estate investors at various levels of their financial independence journey.




#148: The Mad Fientist on Pursuing Your Dreams After FI

Episode #148 - Brandon Ganch (aka the Mad Fientist) saved his money and left a career as a computer programmer in his early 30s to pursue a life of early retirement. In this interview with Coach, he shares some of the highs and lows of his journey (including disillusionment & depression). He also shares some tips on how he would have done things differently and how to build a life around learning and skill development, which currently means pursuing his dream of becoming a musician (he's...


#147: How Small Real Estate Investors Can Still Thrive in the Age of Wall Street Real Estate

Episode #147 - Big Wall money and high-tech companies are investing in residential real estate today more than ever before. How do small investors compete? In this interview, tech and real estate expert Aaron Norris with Property Radar discusses how small investors can still thrive, find deals, and achieve all of their financial goals. For show notes, please visit Links from the interview:...


#146: My Annual Review - A Look Back at 2020 & Ahead to 2021

Episode #146 - Each year in December Coach Carson has a tradition to reflect on the past year & plan for the next (aka an Annual Review). In this episode, he shares the results of his 2020 process with the highlights from his real estate investing, personal finance, and the Coach Carson business. Companion article (including top 10 podcasts and YouTube videos of 2020): 🏘️REAL ESTATE IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT? This is a strategy I've used...


#145: A Rejected Offer, Loan Approvals, & Team Building - Coaching Call #2 With Scott Palmer"

Episode #145 - New real estate investor Scott Palmer returns for Coaching Call #2 with Chad. Listen behind the scenes as they discuss his first offer (a rejection!), his preapproval for financing, a HELOC loan, recruiting real estate team members, and more. For show notes, please visit 🏘️REAL ESTATE IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT? This is a strategy I've used successfully for years, but you've got to make sure you have a custodian that...


#144: A New Investor Takes the First Steps of a House Hack or Live-In Flip - Coaching Call #1 With Patesia Andrews

Episode #144 - Look over Coach Carson's shoulder as he talks one-on-one with a brand new investor, Patesia Andrews. In this coaching session, you'll hear them talk about the very first steps Patesia will be taking to get started with a house hack or a live-in-flip deal in her market of Jacksonville, Florida. Companion article: 🏘️REAL ESTATE IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT? This is a strategy I've used successfully for years,...


#143 - How I Rented My House and Bought Another - Case Study of a Live-In-Then-Rent

Episode #143 - Of all the strategies to begin investing in real estate, perhaps the simplest (and safest) is to rent your house and buy another. I call this the "Live-In-Then-Rent" strategy. In this episode, Coach shares a detailed case study of how he successfully bought, fixed-up, lived in, and eventually rented his own principal residence. By learning the details of this strategy, you can use and profit from it too. For additional pictures, charts, and details, be sure to check out my...


#142 - How Two Friends Used a Partnership to Successfully Begin Investing in Real Estate

Episode #142 - Two friends, Cory Jacobson and Ryan Bevilacqua, decided to partner up to invest in real estate. In this episode, they share why they partnered up, how they divide tasks, and what steps they plan to take so that the partnership will last. If you've ever considered partnering to invest in real estate, this will be a great episode. Companion article: Follow the Ryan & Cory of the Weekly Juice Podcast: -...


#141 - Practicing Gratitude - How to Make Every Day Feel Like Thanksgiving

Episode #141 - Scientific studies show that practicing gratitude leads to a happier & healthier life, both at Thanksgiving & every other day of the year. This episode shares how Coach Carson personally applies this lesson to his life and how you can too. Happy Thanksgiving! Companion article: 🤑BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY SALE👨‍🏫 Get all of my available online courses for 40% OFF from Black Friday (11/27) to Cyber Monday (11/23/20). Use...


#140 - First Steps to Find a Long Distance Rental - Coaching Call #1 With Scott Palmer

Episode #140 - Look over the shoulder of Coach Carson as he coaches a new real estate investor from Southern California. Scott Palmer wants to buy a long-distance rental property in North Carolina, but he is trying to overcome real estate, financing, and mental hurdles blocking his progress. Listen in for the advice Coach Carson gives him. **This is the first episode of the new Coaching Series on the podcast. Let us know what you think - ** Companion article:...


#139 - How a Couple Built a 7-Condo Rental Portfolio in 5 Years

Episode #139 - This episode is an interview with Joe DelGrosso, an executive who helps make TV shows on HGTV and Netflix! While he loves the TV industry, Joe and his wife realized that they wanted more control over their future. So, they caught on to the idea of financial freedom using real estate and they've been hustling ever since! They've invested money into 7 income-producing rental condos in the last 5 years. The result is that they've got a lot of financial momentum and they're ready...


#138 - How a 59-Year-Old Teacher Grew From a House Hack to 13 Properties

Episode #138 - It's not too late to begin investing in real estate in your 50s. Several years ago, 9th-grade teacher Paul Zimmerebner bought a duplex to "hack" his housing and reduce his housing bills. Then after 4 years, he sold it and used the equity to buy even more rental properties. Learn all the details of how he found, bought, financed, rented, and grew his duplex into a 13-property mini-empire that will help him retire comfortably. To read Paul's investor profile blog, visit...


#137 - The Circles of Concern & Influence - How to Reduce Worry Stress Anxiety

Episode #137 - In this episode, learn how to reduce your stress and worry about your life, job, or finances using the ideas of the Circle of Concern & Circle of Influence. Companion article: Real Estate Deal Finder - In my online course, learn 17 proven methods to find as many profitable real estate investing deals as you want (and in any market). These are the same methods I have used over the last 18 years to buy...


#136: Behind the Scenes With an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

Episode #136 - John Knisely is both a real estate investor and agent near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In this interview, learn what it means to be an investor-friendly agent, how to find one, and how to be an investor client who attracts the best agents. You'll also learn how John started with house hacking, what type of rental properties he owns now, and how he plans to grow as an investor in the future. Companion article:...


#135: A Prescription For a Good Life With or Without Financial Independence - An Interview With DocG

Episode #135 - In this interview, Doc G from the Earn & Invest Podcast shares a prescription for a good life before and after financial independence. He also shares stories about his own journey to becoming a medical doctor and then growing slightly disillusioned with his profession. Eventually, self-reflection and financial independence gave him the opportunity to live a more satisfying life as a part-time physician with time to pursue other passions. Companion written interview:...


#134: 15 Ways to Get Started in Real Estate Investing With Little or No Money

Episode #134 - Do you want to learn how to start investing in real estate with little or no money? In this episode, Coach explains 15 different ways to get started, even if you're short on cash. Companion article: FEATURED TOOL: Personal Capital is the online platform Coach uses to track his net worth & stay organized between many different investment and bank accounts. Try it for free at...


#133 - A Comeback Story After a Late Financial Start - Interview with Sunitha Rao

Episode #133 - Sunitha (Suni) Rao dropped out of school in 6th grade to focus full-time on a tennis career that eventually landed her in the pro circuit. But by 23 years old, her career was finished and she faced other personal challenges. With no savings to fall back on, she forged ahead by getting college and graduate degrees and finding a corporate job. But the freedom of financial independence also caught her attention, so she began investing in real estate. She now owns 7 units...


#132: Staying on the path to FI during life challenges

Episode #132 - Unfortunately life throws each of us unique roadblocks on our path to financial independence. In this interview, Sarah Brandenberger (Nerds Guide to FI) shares a recent personal obstacle and how she's adapting using financial tools like house hacking, budgeting, and paying off personal debt. This is an honest, vulnerable, and practical interview that I hope you'll enjoy. Companion blog interview:...


#131: The 8 Milestones of Getting Started With Real Estate Investing

Episode #131 - This episode shares the 8 milestones that can help you get started with real estate investing. Whether you are brand new or just getting back in the game, small steps forward can help you build momentum and avoid overwhelm. That's what this episode is all about. Real Estate Start School, Coach's premier online course & community, is open for enrollment 9/14/20 to 9/21/20 at Companion article: ...


#130: A Journey From 0 to 7 Investment Properties in 1 Year

Episode #130 - Learn the details of a couple's 1-year journey to start investing in real estate. They had a goal to buy one new rental property, but they ended up buying SEVEN (6 rentals, 1 flips). You'll learn where they got the initial cash, how they found deals, who their key team members were, what mistakes they made, and more. Want to get unstuck and get started (or re-started) in real estate investing? Join my FREE live webinar Thursday, September 10th, 2020 ("5 Steps to Get Unstuck &...


#129: How to Apply Warren Buffet's Investing Principles to Real Estate

Episode #129 - Coach interviews Robert Leonard, a 25-year-old dad, house hacker, and rental property owner who also has a full-time job as an accounting and finance professional and a "side" hustle as the host of 2 awesome podcasts (Real Estate Investing and Millennial Investing). In the podcast interview, you'll learn how Robert and Coach apply the investment principles of Warren Buffett and value investing to real estate. And you'll go step-by-step through Robert's journey to 6 real estate...