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CTW 023: Steve Rozenberg - How to build a Property Management Empire

Steve Rozenberg is today's guest. He's the co-founder of Empire Industries, a property management and real estate services company based in Houston, Tx. Steve was (and still is) an airline pilot during the 9/11 crisis, a time when with the swipe of a pen, businesses were going bankrupt and people were losing their jobs, including airline pilots. It was during this time that he realized he needed to find another way to create a form of passive income. He began buying single family homes in...


CTW 022: Desire to Inspire Friday - 5 Habits of Successful RE Entrepreneurs

It's time for Desire to Inspire Friday! Today we discuss 5 habits of highly successful entrepreneurs. Implementing these habits will surely help you become more successful in your business and life. Have a Master PlanBe ProactiveKeep Networking and Building your TeamBe Conservative with your UnderwritingNever Stop Learning Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and join our new Facebook Group! To learn more about me and get more information on multifamily investing please visit...


CTW 021: Carlos Vaz - From flipping houses to buying large multifamily properties in DFW

Carlos Vaz is today's guest on the show. As a young boy he would work at his dad's butcher shop and help with the family business. His family taught him the value of hard work and value of gratitude. Later in his life, he moved to the Boston area for an internship. While he there, he was able to work doing small jobs on the construction side which led him to creating his own construction company, flipping about 30 homes and acquiring rentals in the greater Boston area. He began networking...


CTW 020: Real Estate Investing with Matt Faircloth

Matt Faircloth is the founded the DeRosa Group in 2005 and in New Jersey. He has an extensive background in real estate investing including single family flips, rentals, multifamily, mixed use, retail and office. In this episode Matt talks about how he started in real estate investing, other ways he has invested and how he acquired a large multifamily property and how he plans to increase the value. Books discussed in this episode include his very own (soon to be released) book, Raising...


CTW 019: Sophisticated Underwriting with Omar Khan

Today's guest is Omar Khan. Omar has an extensive underwriting experience including over 19 years of global investing experience in real estate and commodities. He has been involved in over $3.7B in capital financing and M&A transactions. Throughout his years involved in finance, he has created underwriting models and has assisted large syndicators on several multimillion dollar projects. It was during this time that he noticed the pain point for these leading syndicators was having the...


CTW 018: Building a 12,000 unit portfolio in 5 years with Swapnil Agarwal

Swapnil began his career in energy investment banking at Simmons & Company before joining Forum Partners, an international real estate private equity firm with over $5.0 billion in assets where he focused on originating, structuring, and executing real estate investments in the Asia Pacific region. He was personally responsible for closing deals in companies worth $3.0+ billion in India, China, Australia, and Korea with total equity deployed of $600+ million. Swapnil Agarwal and his team...


CTW 017: Book Recommendations

Today's Desire to Inspire Episode is short and sweet. I provide you with 5 books that I recommend you read to help you significantly with personal development. Here we go: The Power of Positive Thinking The Power of Now The Secret Deep Work Mastery Please check out these books as I am confident they can be life changing! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast!


CTW 016: Mobile Home Park Investing with Andrew Lanoie

Looking for another form of diversification in real estate? Look no further than this episode. Andrew Lanoie, founder and CEO of Four Peaks Capital Partners, is an expert in mobile home park investing. With over 1,600 mobile home lots in less than 5 years, Andrew and his team have become a leading investment firm for those looking to invest in an asset class other than single family or multifamily. In this episode we discuss: Books covered: Rich Dad Poor Dad ABC's of Real Estate...


CTW 015: "Old Capital" Multifamily Lending with James Eng

In this episode James Eng brings us a very experienced background in the financing space. James got his with GE Capital where he provided $750M in financing for all types of commercial real estate loans throughout Texas. Now at Old Capital Lending, he provides $150M in Texas multifamily properties every year. In addition, he is a limited partner in over 3,300 units across 13 properties. Topics covered in this episode: Resources and books recommended: NY Times Census Map Tools of Titans...


CTW 014: Desire to Inspire Friday - Networking

You've heard it said before.. "The power of your network" and "It's not what you know, but who you know". Yes, these two phrases are popular for a reason. Networking is one of the most important pieces to drive you towards your success. You must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there to grow. And to grow you must be willing to give value when you are networking. In this episode, we cover 5 key tips to help make your networking a success. 1. Get out of your...


CTW 013: Harvard grad to multifamily syndicator with Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy got his experience in the real estate capital markets space by underwriting and providing loans to multifamily investors. He felt he had more to offer due to his experience than what he was getting by working in Corporate America. After a few years he decided to take the leap of faith and he quit his job to pursue his goal of being a principal in large multifamily deals, despite having little cash available. He began by finding the right partners and bringing them the...


CTW 012: House hacking and more with Jordan Moorhead

If you're wanting to get into real estate investing but don't feel like you're ready to get into the larger deals, then today's episode is one for you. Jordan Moorhead is a fitness center owner and operator and a licensed real estate agent living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He invests in real estate including buying smaller multifamily properties, doing Airbnb on some of his current properties, and is now working towards buying a mobile home park. If you are interested in getting started,...


CTW 011: Desire to Inspire Friday - Jack Ma

Do you ever feel like quitting and giving after being rejected or when things aren't going your way? It happens to most of us, we simply stop trying to get to our goals even if we know we must keep pushing towards them. Jack Ma went through these rejections and failures, time and time again. He failed several school entrance exams and was even rejected by Harvard, not once, not twice, but 10 times. When KFC came to China, 24 people applied for a job and 23 people were hired. He was the...


CTW 010: Going bigger with Ben Suttles

Ben has an IT background but wanted to create an additional source of income by investing in real estate. He came across a Rich Dad sponsored ad on Facebook and quickly signed up and attended. He took that education and training and got his start in real estate by wholesaling homes. He quickly realized he was basically buying himself another job and it was difficult for him to scale up. Then he joined a multifamily mentoring group in Dallas where he met his first business partner and got...


CTW 009: Buy and "Watch" Multifamily Investing with Brian Burke

Brian Burke is the founder and CEO of Praxis Capital. Founded in 2001, his firm operates on multiple platforms, focusing on several asset classes including single family homes, self storage, mixed-use, and large apartment complexes in several states. His team at Praxis has a combined 100+ years and $6.3 billion worth of experience in the multifamily sector, including management of over 90,000 multifamily units. In today's episode, we'll go over what Brian believes you should do to grow...


CTW 008: Desire to Inspire Friday - Procrastination

[et_pb_section bb_built="1"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text admin_label="Podcast Embed" _builder_version="3.0.105" background_layout="light"] [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.0.105" background_layout="light"] Do you find yourself putting off tasks that you know needs to get done now? This episode will help get you to take action NOW to help accomplish your goals. Few areas that are discussed: A couple apps discussed: MomentATracker "Imperfect action is better...


CTW 007: Live, Breathe and Think Multifamily with Mark Kenney

Mark Kenney graduated from Michigan State University in Accounting and started his working career as a CPA and IT consulting. He has used some of this experience to help him become successful as a multifamily investor and syndicator. He is the founder of Think Multifamily based out of Dallas, Tx. He has over 20 years of experience and has a reputation of helping others reach their multifamily goals through education, mentoring, and networking. He currently controls just over 2,600 units...


CTW 006: Achieving Financial Freedom by 30 with Eric Bowlin

Have you ever wondered if you could achieve financial freedom? Better yet, achieving that freedom by 30? Well that's exactly what Eric Bowlin did by investing in smaller multifamily properties. He started at 24 and after being deployed to Afghanistan he was able to save enough cash to reinvest it. He started flipping houses while continuing to buy smaller properties and was able to become financially free. He now focuses on larger multifamily syndications and has a passion for helping...


CTW 005: Desire to Inspire Friday- Commitment

What is covered: "Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek!" -Marco Andretti Please subscribe to podcast and leave a comment below if you enjoyed this episode. Right-click and save as to download this episode on your computer. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]


CTW 004: Wealth Tips and Strategies with M.C. Laubscher

If you have gained value from knowing about Robert Kiyosaki, you'll gain value from M.C. Laubscher as well. M.C. is a wealth strategist and has a purpose and passion to help individuals, families, small businesses, and entrepreneurs build and grow wealth regardless of the market conditions. He is the founder and president of Valhalla Wealth Financial and the host of the popular Cash Flow Ninja podcast. This episode is packed with lots of wealth building info so you don't want to miss it!...


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