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Announcement: We’ll Be Back Shortly | E017

If you downloaded this episode, you may have noticed that it’s rather short. The reason for that is I don’t have an interview this week. This will just be an announcement. I will be taking a break from this podcast for a little while. But I want to be clear that this is not the end of this podcast. It is merely some time for me to step back for a bit and reflect on the direction of the show. I want to make this show better for you so I’m going to use the next month or so to reflect and...


Recap of Podcast Movement 2017 with Matt Neff of Entreneato | E016

This episode is a recap of Podcast Movement 2017 in Anaheim, CA. PM17 took place from August 23rd to 25th, 2017. I purchased my ticket at the beginning of the year and waited 8 long months to go to it! I traveled on my own and had no idea if anyone I knew would also be there. But on the very first day I ran into Matt Neff of the Entreneato podcast. Matt and I are both from Columbus, OH and we met a few months back at the Columbus Podcasters Meetup. It was the first time for both of us to...


Making the Transition from Side Hustle to Full-Time Videographer with Charles Hairston of Nuge Media | E015

On this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Charles Hairston of Nuge Media. Charles and I were both volunteers at Making Midwest and were filming all of the talks. Charles has also made the short films for the Maker Series which feature some of the speakers at Making Midwest. I really like his style and I will include a link to the videos in the show notes so be sure to check those out. One thing about Charles is that he does have a full-time job and Nuge Media is his side hustle....


Building a Design Studio and Retail Shop with Austin Dunbar of Durham Brand & Co | E014

My guest on this episode is Austin Dunbar of Durham Brand & Co. I met Austin when he was a speaker at Making Midwest. I really enjoyed his talk and got to hear a snippet of his story and was really interested in hearing more. I was able to meet him later that day and glad he agreed to be a guest on this podcast. Durham Brand & Co. is a design studio based in Covington, Kentucky and Austin shares his journey from freelancing in college to working at an agency in Chicago while his family was...


Starting a Socially Conscious Apparel Business with Hamilton Perkins | E013

I have the pleasure of chatting with Hamilton Perkins of the Hamilton Perkins Collection which is creating earth-friendly bags and shirts. Hamilton and his company are based in Norfolk, Virginia and it’s not the usual place you would expect to start an apparel business. But Hamilton and his team are doing amazing things. His company is a socially conscious business and they use recycled plastic bottles and upcycled billboard vinyl to create their bags and shirts. Hamilton explains how he got...


Drone Piloting and Applications with Dave Agler of Double I Media | E012

On this episode I have Dave Agler of Double I Media. Dave does a range of things in multimedia, including voiceovers, video, and podcasting. But today we’re focusing on drones. When someone mentions drones, the first things that most people think of are videos for real estate and films. But there are many more uses for drones, especially technical applications. There is also a lot more involved when using drones commercially, mainly operating legally, and Dave will go into detail about these...


Best Tips and Advice from Episodes 1-10

I hope all of you had a great 4th of July weekend. Due to the holiday this week and also getting to the 10th episode last time, I thought it would be good to do a recap on this episode. First, I’d like to give a sincere thank you to you the listener for tuning in to the Creative Pursuit. I hope you’ve gained some helpful knowledge listening to each show and also gotten the motivation to start pursuing your own creative dream. But over the course of 10 episodes, there may have been some...


The Turbulent Path to Videography and Feature Films with Keida Mascaro | E010

On this episode I chat with Keida Mascaro of Keida Mascaro Productions. Keida currently does videography and photography. But the path leading up to his current work has been a rather intriguing and sometimes unbelievable journey. Keida’s experiences range from being in a band, a personal chef to celebrities, and also teaching. But he explains how all of this relates to his current work in feature films. Which just goes to show you that pursuing a career in the creative field is not always a...


Growing a Creative Agency with Marshall Shorts of Artfluential | E009

On this episode I'm excited to chat with Marshall Shorts, owner of Soulo Theory and Artfluential and co-founder of the Creative Control Fest. Marshall has been a freelance creative before freelancing was even a buzzword. He talks about overcoming many of the common problems that a lot of have after going out on our own, such as sales and business management. I really admire his passion of giving back and helping other new entrepreneurs avoid those obstacles, and also for providing a platform...


Building a Co-Working Space from the Ground Up with Matt Yerkes of Cultivate | E008

On this episode I sit down with Matt Yerkes. Matt is the owner of Quicksquare which is a web development and online marketing firm. He is also the founder and creator behind Cultivate which is co-working space in Grove City, Ohio. I think Matt has a very relatable story. Like many of us he was working while going to school. Then he decided to leave his stable job and take the plunge into entrepreneurship. After going through some rough years in the beginning, he found a formula that was...