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Marketing Strategies for Illustrators

Episode 272. Aired Wednesday, October 3, 2018. This week we will be continuing the conversation with my friend, Scott Soeder. Scott has combined his passion for music and illustration into a passion project that lead him to doing work for his favorite band, 311. Last time we didn't even get to talk about this, or how SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) has played a part in his career. Scott won the SCBWI Grand Prize in 2016 and won it again in 2018. In the last...


Scaling Your Design Career

Recent Graduates. Changing paths. Taking a path in your career, heading for design. Emerging Designers, AIGA, AIGA Mobile, Working in Design, Moving up in desigin, Finding your place in the design industry. Work Life early in your career as a designer. Moving to a new city and what you need to know. Standing up for what you think should be done, even if you are new or young in the field. Creative career opportunities. EMERGE + AIGA Mobile // Scaling Your Design Career // WITH A LIVE...


Exploring Alternate Revenue Streams with Dustin Lee

Alternate Income Streams. Using your gifts on different platforms. Finding revenue streams through relationships and friendships. Get connected to many designers and illustrators. Passive Income for designers. Trying your hand with patreon. Launching courses through Patreon, a subscription based model. Getting connected within an industry. Episode 270. Aired September 26, 2018. This week I am excited to have my good friend Dustin Lee back on the show. Dustin and I have been friends for years...


Personal Projects Lead to Client Work

Josh Lewis The power of personal projects. Side projects that lead to client work. Time and time again Josh has created personal projects and they have led to client work. Be patient, grow, create great work, and know that the clients will come. Marketing strategies for freelance illustrators. Episode 269. Aired September 19, 2018. This week I am excited to introduce you to my friend Josh Lewis. I got to meet him and hear his story at Creative South this past year. Again, I love going to...


Rapid Recharge // The Storm & Letting Things Go

When is it time to let something go? Time to try a new style, new approach, new area of concentration? When do you know it's time to move on? Growth means having to let somethings go and release your grasp on things that have made you money in the past but are not producing fruit now. New areas of income streams. More effort in focused areas or spreading out til you find a new focus area. Don't put all your efforts into one area, spread out and have at least seven income streams. Staying...


David O’Hara // Bob & Weave

Episode 230. Aired on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 This week I am excited to have my friend David O’Hara on the show. David has changed from a visual designer to a user experience designer. He has moved without a job, he has struggled but then excelled. David doesn’t give up, even when life has thrown him lemons. David’s attitude especially when he was looking for work is inspiring. He has a great philosophy for networking and we will hear about that. Follow David at: 50 States -...


Erik Reagan // Scaling a Business

Episode 229. Aired on September 27, 2017 at 2:30 pm ET / 11:30 am PT This week I am excited to have Erik Reagan on the show. Erik was on a panel at Creative South the first year I attended it and I was blown away by the panel and have followed him and FocusLab ever since. Maybe you are like me and want to scale your business or get in a place where scaling is an option, but really don’t know where to begin. I have known I wanted to scale my business but have not had the guts or knowledge to...


Winston Scully // A Passion for Type

Episode 228. Aired September 23, 2017 This week I am excited to have Winston Scully on the show. I have been following Winston since he graduated and maybe before. He is super passionate about learning and type, and about growth and challenging himself. He has pushed himself to go move to a new place, dive head first into intense learning, and start a type foundry with a friend (Scott Biersack). Winston works a full-time gig where his strengths in lettering and typography are used daily, he...


Rapid Recharge // How’s Your Customer Service?

Episode 227. Aired September, 13, 2017. This week I am going to talk to you about Customer Service and how you treat your clients. I am going to share an epiphany I had last week in regards how I treat my clients and what I can do better. It wasn't a positive. I have been leaving a ton of money and relationships in a place I am not proud of, but didn't realize it until... My analogy this week is about NAPKINS... that is right, Napkins. You are probably thinking I have completely lost it. But...


Alex Lazaris // Mentoring Creatives

Episode 226. Aired on September 6, 2017 This week I am excited to have Alex Lazaris on the show. I started out being impressed by Alex’s designs and his creative eye, but the more I learned about him the more inspired I became. He is not only a talented designer, but he is also leading a creative team, and finds time to encourage and mentor other creatives. Alex and I will talk about how what other people told him he couldn’t do, actually fueled him to do the best work possible along with...


Joseph Carter-Brown // Dealers of Empathy

Episode 225. Aired August 30, 2017. This week I am proud to have my friend and long-time Design Recharge family member back on the show to talk about fear and empathy. We will talk about not feeling like you belong, and understanding how as designers we are communicators. That means we are sales people, we are motivators, we are educators, and information transmitters. We have a purpose and it is inner-woven into all business, that purpose is to get in the shoes of our client’s customers....


Beavers & the New Front Porch

Aired on August 23, 2017 Episode 224 This week is a Rapid Recharge and we are recapping WMC Fest 8. You will get to hear the talk I gave and understand why I think designers are beavers. I was blessed to have friends in the first two rows who whooped it up for me and laughed at all my jokes. The people at Weapons of Mass Creation (WMC Fest) were incredible. Cleveland was a terrific city and I got to hang out with new and old friends. Find more great episodes at Connect...


T.J. Harley // Flexible & Focused

Episode 223 This week's guest is T.J. Harley. T.J. got his start working in a t-shirt shop while going to college at Clemson University. He worked whenever he didn’t have class and got a chance to learn and use Illustrator. After graduation T.J. got his start in the sports industry and began working for The Collegiate Licensing Company in Atlanta, now IMG College. He worked at IMG for almost 11 years and now runs Harley Creative focusing on the sports and entertainment industries. T.J. has...


Mackenzie Hill // Tips from a Project Manager

Episode 222 This week's guest is Mackenzie Hill. She is a project leader and keeps multiple projects running smoothly. Mackenzie has some tips on client interaction and designer to developer communication. We will learn the tools she uses to make working so much easier. If you are trying to wear multiple hats this is the episode for you, because we will look into the industry from another (very organized) perspective. Want to get more organized? Want to know some tools you can use to help...


Ryan Hamrick // Curves Ahead

Aired on July 19, 2017. Episode 220  This week's guest is a Design Recharge favorite, Ryan Hamrick. Ryan is a lettering artist, designer, and entrepreneur with a passion for teaching calligraphy and lettering. We will talk about his Curves Ahead Tour, traveling and working on the road, and teaching workshops. We will find out how much prep work when into planning and marketing for a trip like this and we will find out if you can still sign up for one of these killer workshops. Follow Ryan...


Austin Saylor // Animating Lettering

Episode 219 Aired July 12, 2017. This week's guest is Austin Saylor a motion designer with a love for animating lettering. We will talk about telling compelling stories and the challenges of a 10 second animation. We will chat about how he is able to travel and work and how living on the road has changed his life and work. Find out more about Austin: Things we talked about...


Amarilys Henderson // Stepping Out at Surtex

For more awesome interviews subscribe here and to get a link to join in live each week go to Episode 218 Trying new things and stepping out into something new and uncomfortable is the theme for this week. Amarilys Henderson is an illustrator who works in watercolor mainly and was on the podcast back in April. She is back and we will dig into a little more of her marketing strategy as an illustrator and online teacher. Amarilys had her first solo booth at Surtex this...


Rapid Recharge // Uncomfortable and Afraid, But Doing it Anyway

Uncomfortable and Afraid, But Doing it Anyway. Episode 217. Recorded live on June 28, 2017 This week I am launching a brand new part of the Recharging You brand. I am launching Recruiting Creatives. Tune in and hear about how tackling this scary thing has me diving off the edge of the starting block. What shape will my dive be? Will I fall flat and belly flop? It doesn’t matter what matters is if I get back up and try again. This has been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn and I had...


Pressing On // Digging into the Letterpress Phenomenon

Never miss an episode, sign up and be part of the LIVE show at Become a part of the Design Recharge Family and get access to the interviews each week. Episode 216 . I am excited to have my first official documentary film makers on the show this week. They have made a documentary film about letterpress printing and the people who didn’t let it die. I hope you will join me for this inside look into the phenomenon of letterpress printing and find out why so many designers...


Von Glitschka // Growth and Diversification

Aired June 7, 2017. Episode 215 Never miss an episode, sign up and be part of the LIVE show at Become a part of the Design Recharge Family and get access to the interviews each week. I am so excited to welcome back the amazing illustrator and designer Von Glitschka. Von is creative director of Glitschka Studios a small boutique design firm located in the Pacific Northwest. His diverse range of illustrative design has been used by some of the most respected brands in...