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Marketing Strategies for Illustrators

Episode 272. Aired Wednesday, October 3, 2018. This week we will be continuing the conversation with my friend, Scott Soeder. Scott has combined his passion for music and illustration into a passion project that lead him to doing work for his favorite band, 311. Last time we didn't even get to talk about this, or how SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) has played a part in his career. Scott won the SCBWI Grand Prize in 2016 and won it again in 2018. In the last...


Scaling Your Design Career

Recent Graduates. Changing paths. Taking a path in your career, heading for design. Emerging Designers, AIGA, AIGA Mobile, Working in Design, Moving up in desigin, Finding your place in the design industry. Work Life early in your career as a designer. Moving to a new city and what you need to know. Standing up for what you think should be done, even if you are new or young in the field. Creative career opportunities. EMERGE + AIGA Mobile // Scaling Your Design Career // WITH A LIVE...


Exploring Alternate Revenue Streams with Dustin Lee

Alternate Income Streams. Using your gifts on different platforms. Finding revenue streams through relationships and friendships. Get connected to many designers and illustrators. Passive Income for designers. Trying your hand with patreon. Launching courses through Patreon, a subscription based model. Getting connected within an industry. Episode 270. Aired September 26, 2018. This week I am excited to have my good friend Dustin Lee back on the show. Dustin and I have been friends for years...


Personal Projects Lead to Client Work

Josh Lewis The power of personal projects. Side projects that lead to client work. Time and time again Josh has created personal projects and they have led to client work. Be patient, grow, create great work, and know that the clients will come. Marketing strategies for freelance illustrators. Episode 269. Aired September 19, 2018. This week I am excited to introduce you to my friend Josh Lewis. I got to meet him and hear his story at Creative South this past year. Again, I love going to...


Rapid Recharge // The Storm & Letting Things Go

When is it time to let something go? Time to try a new style, new approach, new area of concentration? When do you know it's time to move on? Growth means having to let somethings go and release your grasp on things that have made you money in the past but are not producing fruit now. New areas of income streams. More effort in focused areas or spreading out til you find a new focus area. Don't put all your efforts into one area, spread out and have at least seven income streams. Staying...


Rapid Recharge // Practice, Measure, Pivot: No Recital Scheduled

Episode 267 Have you ever been in a place of growth and it is so uncomfortable you just want OUT? As you know when you fight it, it gets worse, right? Why do we do that? Why do we avoid the uncomfortable so much, that we can make ourselves sick. We make others around us, tired of being around us because we just don't want to face something. AVOID AVOID AVOID I would like to think of myself as a Gritty Girl. But lately, my inner voice has been desiring Easy Street! I want the gold but don't...


Finding an Illustrator & Self-Publishing a Children's Book // Running a Killer Kickstarter Campaign

Episode 265. Aired August 22, 2018 This week I am excited to introduce Beth Stafford and Jeremy Slagle. Beth is a designer and author, who wrote the Chin-up Chinchilla children's book. And Jeremy is a designer and illustrator who had always wanted to illustrate a children's book. They way they met and the way this book was perfectly crafted together by God is pretty amazing. Their story will give you hope especially if you have had the dream of a either writing or illustrating a children's...


Build Your Own Brand with Robin Landa

Episode 65 Aired Thursday, Oct 10, 2013. For any designers who want to know how to better market yourself or use these prompts to help a client. Robin Landa shares strategies, prompts, and exercises from her new book. Looking to design your brand and all the things that go with that? Look no further. How important is your personal brand? Are you job hunting? Are you starting a new business? If you answered YES, then your brand is extremely important. This week's guest is Robin Landa,...


Tackling Debt Like a Disease

Clearing $205,000.00 of debt within 36 months. Weighing Options Tackling Debt. Wrangling the debt beast. Debt as a creative. Financial Freedom. Live and Give to the fullest, Living financially transparent, Building a Strong marriage, Letting each other in, No secrets, Dream Better Together, Debt is a divider for any relationship. 20% Knowledge 80% Action 100% Debt Free Episode 262. Part 4 of Struggle to Soar series This week we conclude our month-long series about people who have gone...


Finding Balance as a Designer and Entrepreneur

Scott Biersack shares his personal story of finding balance. Its ok to take time for yourself. It is crucial to the creative process and fighting creative block to meditate and exercise to aid in stress reduction. Relieving Stress as an entrepreneur. Feast or Famine mentality of a freelancer. Meditation, Yoga, diet, and exercise have aided in finding balance. Eliminating Creative Block by controlling stress. Worried because of blood in your stool, celery juice is healing. Creating time for...


A Daily Creative Challenge // Rapid Recharge

The ups and downs of doing a daily challenge. Daily design challenges can be taxing but also invigorating. This skateboard deck challenge has allowed me to tap into a new style and share some real quirky parts of being a noticer. You will never look at envelopes (security envelopes) the same again. I am not giving up, even though it is hard and challenging to do something everyday. I am so thankful this is not a 100-day challenge. Starting with a small challenge has really helped me to love...


Beating Cancer with Design

Jason Shults beat stage 4 cancer with the help, support, and encouragement from his friends and family. Getting back to designing was a huge part of Jason's battle success. Now Jason gives back and donates his time by designing for cancer research. Jason will tell you that cancer changed his life for the better. Watch to find out why, this extreme battle of stage 4 cancer was the fight of his life, but gave him a richer, deeper life as a result. Episode 259. Part 2 of Struggle then Soar...


Chris Do from The Futur // Growth is Uncomfortable

Find Your Lens Into The World, Finding Your Style. What gets Measured gets Improved. Broken Pieces Build Interesting Stories. Good Design is Story Telling - Zoom In On The Details - Tell Your Story. Watch and Listen as Chris tells his story of going from being emotionally charged to being logical about decisions. He shares how he stopped blaming people and started taking responsibility for his situation. We talk about the Power of Role Play in difficult situations, and how important culture...


Find Your Tribe

Scotty Russell brings his wisdom as we talk about the value of writing and polling your audience. The importance of growing an email list and how growing Your Audience is Like a Video Game, you’ve gotta jump the fear hurdles to get to the next level. Poll your audience, listen and You will hear what they need but you need to listen. Scotty gives actionable steps for anyone trying to build a social media presence and grow an audience online or grow an online business showcasing your creative...


Overcoming Social Anxiety with Ian Paget

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? Do you want to know how to push through your fear of public speaking to become an effective communicator? Do you consider yourself an Introvert but are in a role that requires some extrovert characteristics? See how a top design professional, Ian Paget of Logo Geek, has overcome his fear of social anxiety and public speaking to become a successful business owner, community leader, and podcaster in addition to being able to talk to clients with...


Wilson Lemieux // Three Years Behind Me

Episode 255. Part two of the Scaling Your Business Series Aired Wednesday, May 9, 2018 Have you ever wondered how a dream can become a reality? Ever had reality breathing down your neck? Have you been trying to wear so many hats there is never enough time to get everything done? Wilson Lemieux had no room for failure, failing was not an option. With a family and another baby on the way, Wilson bet it all and won. We will find out how the first three years have been and how making the jump,...


Bill Beachy // Entrepreneurial Growing Pains

Part one of the Scaling Your Business Series Episode 254 Aired Wednesday, May 2, 2018 From a two-man shop to larger and now an 8-person firm, our guest this week, Bill Beachy, will jump start our Scaling Your Business series this May. This week features illustrator, author, and lifetime entrepreneur, Bill Beachy, president of Go Media in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill will share his wisdom he has acquired from running his business for over 15 years. The ups and downs, insights and advice will be...


Ian Paget // The Niché World of Branding & the People Who Love it

Aired Wednesday, April 25, 2018. I have been a big fan of Ian Paget and Logo Geek for a while now. Ian is talented, driven, and his story is inspirational. His story is one we can all relate to, he has faced many obstacles but has never let it get the best of him. AND he is even nicer than I imagined. He is genuine, helpful, and transparent about his growth and process. Ian has created a popular podcast and a community where fellow branding aficionados can gather, encourage, give feedback,...


Scott Soeder // Blending Interests to Find Your Niche

Episode 250. Aired April 4, 2018 This week we will be talking to someone I admire so much, for his work and his easy going spirit. And his willingness to share his knowledge with us. This week we will talk to my friend, Scott Soeder. Scott grew up watching Looney Tunes and so many of the great shows from the 70’s and 80’s. All of this influenced his passion for illustration and love of cartoons. Scott has another passion and that is for music, he plays the drums and has found a way to...


Lisa Glanz // From Designer to Illustrator Part 2

Episode 249. Aired Monday, March 26, 2018 This week we will be continuing our talk with Lisa Glanz. Lisa is an entrepreneur and illustrator who sells digital products online. Lisa has been a designer who started practicing watercolor and then decided to dabble in the online marketplace Creative Market while she ran her freelance design business. She now is one of the most successful sellers on Design Cuts and Creative Market and does design work only for herself. She is making a living...