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Community Meet-Up How we Pivot when We Learn

Find full show notes at: How do you learn? What tools and resources have you used to get you further? What happens when you get into a subject and decide you don't like it? What do you do when you need to pivot to move ahead? Episode 283. Airs Wednesday, January 16 at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT. Things happen, things happen we don't plan for. What do you do when life's water balloon explodes inside your house? This week we had to pivot and we will be doing our...


Keeping up with Trends and Tech in Graphic Design // Rapid Recharge

Do you constantly feel like there is always a new program, platform, service, or tool you need to learn and utilize? Do you fee like struggle to keep up with the updates, new services and / or programs on the market? Do you have a education plan built into your yearly How do you decide where to go to learn? Do you know where to find deals? Do you know how to find trusted, industry leaders who are teaching the subjects you need to learn? Do you have these learning goals connected directly to...


Chasing Your Dream with Britt Davis

Find full show notes at: What would you do to get the career you want? What sacrifices would you make to obtain a better job in the field you want to work in? How does an industrial design background help a graphic designer? Have you ever wanted to work in the sports and entertainment industry, but didn’t know how to get your foot in the door? Do you want to work in a niche industry you have always dreamed of, but don't know what the first steps should...


Follow Your Gut with Nathalie Kalbach

Are your passion and your career aligned? Do you ever wish your side hustle was your full-time gig? Do you want to know how to make products? Are you interested in teaching workshops? Are you looking for other streams of revenue? Episode 280. Aired Wednesday, December 12, 2018. This week I am excited to introduce you to Nathalie Kalbach, a mixed-media artist illustrator, creator of Creative JumpStart, author, writer, and entrepreneur. Nathalie has taught workshops all over the world, and...


Overcoming Debilitating Self-Talk with Alicja Colon 120518

Does your inner voice regularly berate you? Do you have a hard time turning that monster inside your head off? Do you say things to yourself that you would never say to a friend? This week we are going to be talking to my friend Alicja Colon, who is a designer turned photographer and illustrator. She is a mom of three and a wife. Her faith is a critical part of her life and her freelance business. She worked for many years with Focus Lab in Savannah and in September of this year went out on...


Bold Brave Moves with Brad Woodard 112818

Multiple income streams, Growing your income with various streams of revenue generation, Working full time from home, working full time with your spouse, working as a freelance illustrator, building partnerships, reaching out to past clients Could you or would you move across country multiple times to advance your career? Could you work from home everyday? Could you run a business with your spouse? Do you want to expand your income revenue streams? Maybe you answered YES to some of these, or...


Rapid Recharge // Thankful

Episode 277. Aired Wednesday, November 21, 2018. First off I want to tell you how thankful I am for you. Thankful you are reading this, thankful you take time to spend with me listening to the show each week. I want to tell you about the Change Cycle that Martha Beck talks about in her book, Finding Your Own North Star. I started this book when Oprah had a daily daytime talk show. HA HA. Talk about a slow reader. In January I started my sabbatical, but it did not start off in the way I had...


Working as a Freelance Illustrator, an interview with Angela Navarra

How to find an artist rep. Finding an agent for your art. Characteristics to look for in an agent for your illustration work. Illustrators with agents. Asking for help. Learning how to ask for help. Single parenting and working as a freelancer. Freelancing with a toddler. Freelance illustrator, knowing what to create for your portfolio. Finding an agent in Europe. European artists rep. What to include in your contracts, what to avoid in your contracts. Episode 276. Aired Wednesday, November...


Lettering, Creative Community, & Growing Your Business with Mye De Leon

Lettering as an outlet, saying yes more, niching down, finding your niche industry, Lettering as a healer, Using instagram to humanize yourself, digitizing your artwork, growing your design and lettering business What do you do when something massive hits your family? Mye De Leon turned to her creative community and they rallied around her and supported her like you will not believe. How does she run a business with three kids from across the globe, when most of her clients are in America?...


Mastering Client Buy-In with Bill Gardner

Have you ever struggled with getting your client to go with the bold move, or try something different that is edgy or makes them uncomfortable? Have you ever wondered how other designers have been able to do this again and again? What role does personality play in your ability to obtain and keep clients? How much trust do you have to build with a client before they let feel comfortable with the visual direction you are taking their company? Episode 273. Aired Wednesday, October 31, 2018....


Finding Time & Finding Freelance with Kevin Greene

Working freelance into your 40 hour work week. Finding time to freelance with a full time job. Making connections with people in the industry. Being known for something. Being known for being dependable and delivering quality work, quickly. Easy to work with Do you have a full time job, want to freelance, but aren't sure how to do both? Do you wonder how you can possibly meet clients AND be at work at the same time? Right you can't. But find out how my guest this week is able to freelance...


Marketing Strategies for Illustrators

Episode 272. Aired Wednesday, October 3, 2018. This week we will be continuing the conversation with my friend, Scott Soeder. Scott has combined his passion for music and illustration into a passion project that lead him to doing work for his favorite band, 311. Last time we didn't even get to talk about this, or how SCBWI (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) has played a part in his career. Scott won the SCBWI Grand Prize in 2016 and won it again in 2018. In the last...


Scaling Your Design Career

Recent Graduates. Changing paths. Taking a path in your career, heading for design. Emerging Designers, AIGA, AIGA Mobile, Working in Design, Moving up in desigin, Finding your place in the design industry. Work Life early in your career as a designer. Moving to a new city and what you need to know. Standing up for what you think should be done, even if you are new or young in the field. Creative career opportunities. EMERGE + AIGA Mobile // Scaling Your Design Career // WITH A LIVE AUDIENCE...


Exploring Alternate Revenue Streams with Dustin Lee

Alternate Income Streams. Using your gifts on different platforms. Finding revenue streams through relationships and friendships. Get connected to many designers and illustrators. Passive Income for designers. Trying your hand with patreon. Launching courses through Patreon, a subscription based model. Getting connected within an industry. Episode 270. Aired September 26, 2018. This week I am excited to have my good friend Dustin Lee back on the show. Dustin and I have been friends for years...


Personal Projects Lead to Client Work

Josh Lewis The power of personal projects. Side projects that lead to client work. Time and time again Josh has created personal projects and they have led to client work. Be patient, grow, create great work, and know that the clients will come. Marketing strategies for freelance illustrators. Episode 269. Aired September 19, 2018. This week I am excited to introduce you to my friend Josh Lewis. I got to meet him and hear his story at Creative South this past year. Again, I love going to...


Rapid Recharge // The Storm & Letting Things Go

When is it time to let something go? Time to try a new style, new approach, new area of concentration? When do you know it's time to move on? Growth means having to let somethings go and release your grasp on things that have made you money in the past but are not producing fruit now. New areas of income streams. More effort in focused areas or spreading out til you find a new focus area. Don't put all your efforts into one area, spread out and have at least seven income streams. Staying...


Rapid Recharge // Practice, Measure, Pivot: No Recital Scheduled

Episode 267 Have you ever been in a place of growth and it is so uncomfortable you just want OUT? As you know when you fight it, it gets worse, right? Why do we do that? Why do we avoid the uncomfortable so much, that we can make ourselves sick. We make others around us, tired of being around us because we just don't want to face something. AVOID AVOID AVOID I would like to think of myself as a Gritty Girl. But lately, my inner voice has been desiring Easy Street! I want the gold but don't...


Finding an Illustrator & Self-Publishing a Children's Book // Running a Killer Kickstarter Campaign

Episode 265. Aired August 22, 2018 This week I am excited to introduce Beth Stafford and Jeremy Slagle. Beth is a designer and author, who wrote the Chin-up Chinchilla children's book. And Jeremy is a designer and illustrator who had always wanted to illustrate a children's book. They way they met and the way this book was perfectly crafted together by God is pretty amazing. Their story will give you hope especially if you have had the dream of a either writing or illustrating a children's...


Build Your Own Brand with Robin Landa

Episode 65 Aired Thursday, Oct 10, 2013. For any designers who want to know how to better market yourself or use these prompts to help a client. Robin Landa shares strategies, prompts, and exercises from her new book. Looking to design your brand and all the things that go with that? Look no further. How important is your personal brand? Are you job hunting? Are you starting a new business? If you answered YES, then your brand is extremely important. This week's guest is Robin Landa, author...


How Personal Projects Led to Becoming a Children's Book Illustrator

Josh Cleland // Life as a Children's Book Illustrator. Kid literary art, tips on getting work, finding clients, Tips on finding clients and getting the work you love to do, Personal projects lead to breakthroughs in your career. Drawing books for kids, texturizing your artwork. Creating masks and textures for illustrator and photoshop. Working faster with Cintiq. Freelancing as a children's book illustrator. Working in Children's book publishing, working smarter and faster. side projects...