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29: Why your subconscious is the Real Boss with Melina Palmer

Behavioral Economist Melina Palmer joins me to talk about why people act and react the way they do. Our subconscious lives in another dimension, living out whole experiences that we react to, making assumptions and determining actions. Our subconscious is doing calculations 95-99% of the time behind the scenes impacting how we communicate with one another. Our brains love a pattern, our subconscious works from a framework of patterns, sets & logic. The first time you hear something it...


28: The Dirty Dozen

Words can have many meanings depending upon the topic of conversation, the context the word is used in and the relationship between the two people among many other factors. The purpose of communication is to pass information from one person to another, it is to connect with one another, we are social tribal animals and connection is a powerful force. We want to share how we see the world with another person and to see the world from their point of view in order to broaden our understanding...


27: [Coaching] The Scaling Mindset with Sarah Frink

Scaling your business takes hard work and dedication, without strong personal boundaries, clear communication, and the right mindset, it becomes impossible. Costing you precious time, money and energy. Over the past few years, Sarah Frink of Real Marketing Solutions has consistently doubled her client load. On this special on-air coaching call, Sarah has questions about scaling herself and managing her clients’ expectations. What we uncover is what is really holding her back when it comes...


26: No Vision No Value with Janna Lundquist

Creating and maintaining a healthy company culture requires intention. It takes a clear mission, vision and values. Not the corporate poster, phoned-in version of a mission, but rather a well thought out and fluid document that grows with you. However, there’s a guardian at the gate, one that stands in the way of cohesion and leads to a toxic work environment. This saboteur is multi-layered and often invisible because it is internal. Change and the sense of fear and loss around that change...


25 -Context is Everything

Anything from a stomach ache to how much sleep you got the night before will impact how you communicate with, and are perceived by, others. This is the “context”, or the circumstances surrounding your message. To be a great communicator you need to understand a few key things. Context is Everything Communicating is connecting. It is sharing and receiving information that will lead to a greater understanding and bringing you closer to others. In turn, this will bring about greater...


23: What to say when you don't know what to say

Have you been at a loss for words? What do you say when you don’t know what to say When the conversation is tense and you need to communicate in a way that you both can truly hear what is being said the words can be hard to find. Being effective with your communication in this scenario can be difficult, it can often seem like everyone is talking but no one is listening and nothing of value is being said. When you say the right thing, you can get the conversation back on track. Getting heard...


24: Money, Avoiding and Boundaries

with Hannah Smolinski Does talking about money trigger you? On today’s podcast, Hannah and I dive into communicating effectively when the topic is touchy, Boundaries around our personal time, family, work and the summer months, and what avoidance and confusion have to do with one another. Have you ever heard of the Hierarchy of Accounting Needs? What you’ll hear in this podcast: Deserve Free Resources: Difficult Interaction Cheat-Sheet Difficult Happens; How Triggers, Boundaries &...


22: How to speak so that someone will listen in a conflict

Do you know how to speak so that Someone will listen during a difficult conversation? It is not easy to know the best way to get your point across during a tense or difficult conversation. Getting heard and truly hearing each other is hard to do when your mind and body is preoccupied with all the emotions that are vying for your brains attention. They can run the gambit, from fear to shame, from anger to confusion. They don’t call it a ‘difficult’ conversation for nothing. Like most things...


21: Scaling, Communicating and Change with Julie Fry

Julie Fry and I talk about how she has grown her business while pivoting her business model and communicating with team members all over the world. A chance encounter at a dog park and a love of change took Julie Fry on a path from the Chuck-It dog toy company to creating the international networking group Business among Moms. It’s not a straight line, there was a lot of trial and changes along the way. Change, growth, and scaling can be a scary thing, setting up and checking in on the way...


20: The Victim - Mastering the Art of Conflict

Do you know your conflict personality-type? On today’s episode, we take a look at the victim conflict personality type and how it impacts communication in your business and in your life. Whether you have this conflict personality type or are dealing with one. I give you actionable steps that you can take to help you navigate conflict with this type to save you time, money and energy. Life is stressful enough, and conflict is inevitable, take these skills and tips with you so you can...


19: Bossing Bullies & Change

On this week’s episode, Shelli and I Dive into some meaty subjects, leading your team and guiding your clients during times of great change. How to lead with Integrity while correcting or addressing poor behavior and we even touch on why business bullies behave the way they do and how they like to operate. Want to know what to do about it? Good, because we talk about that too! Change, fear, the unknown, disagreements & conflict are inevitable in the modern day workplace, join us as we...


18: The Avoider - Mastering the Art of Conflict

Do you know an avoider? On today’s episode, we dive into how the avoider conflict-personality type impacts communication, your business, and your life so that you can master the art of conflict. It is an art, one that with practice will give you the tools you need to navigate conflict with ease. For the avoider, obfuscation, retreating and procrastination is their baseline in a conflict. What you’ll hear in this podcast: Resources: Virtual Lunch Business Bullies & Boundaries...


17: Stories & Public Speaking

This is a juicy episode filled with way’s that you can use a story in your everyday work life, from the boardroom to the stage. Carol and I talk about everything from our personal struggles and successes to the DNA of the feminine, from speaker hijackers to why Emma should stop watching Law and Order SVU. Carol tells us how she uses the three-act story structure and the Hero’s journey when working with clients. There are lots of free giveaways on dealing with conflict and a strategic...


16: The Perfectionist - Mastering the Art of Conflict

Conflict Personality types are inherent to the individual and show up in full force during a difficult conversation and kick into overdrive during a conflict. There are four Conflict Personality Types, the Pleaser, the Perfectionist, the Avoider and the Victim. Conflict gets a bad rap because so many people “do” it wrong. They struggle with how to deal with conflict the right way. Or they just plain view conflict as something that is a negative and should be avoided at all cost. This is...


15: Embracing Challenges to Succeed

We dive deep into the skills needed for success at a high level. Struggles in life are inevitable and we talk about our own personal struggles and how a mindset shift can lead to overcoming personal tragedies. Tina shares her ‘one-time’ high-efficiency business model where you delegate weaknesses and focus on your strengths, how she gets motivated and recharged during her busy day to maximize her time. When you take the hard road and embrace your failures as well as your successes it leads...


14: Calming Client Fears

Change, whether it is a change that you chose or one that was thrust upon you, can be a scary thing. When you have lived in the same home for over 30 years and need to downsize, for whatever reason, there are many decisions and choices to be made and a lot of things to be done. When you add in the complicating factor of having one of the hottest housing markets, all the factors are joined by fear and overwhelm. June Griffiths, the downsizing expert, joins me on the show today to discuss...


13: The Pleaser - Mastering the Art of Conflict

Can you master the art of conflict? You can. When you have the communication skills, the knowledge and the practice putting those skills to use, you can master the art of conflict. And it is an Art. There are four conflict personality types, these personality types have certain traits that you can identify and learn to navigate in conflict for a positive outcome. Conflict is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be hard. On this episode, we look at the conflict personality type of a...


12: Civility in the workplace

Civility in the workplace doesn’t happen by accident. Incivility costs Corporations $300 billion dollars annually. This staggering fact cannot be ignored by bosses at any level. Having a clear mission, vision and value statement that is adopted and understood by every member of the organization is critical. What does incivility look like? You might be surprised! In this week’s episode, we talk about business bullies, creating strong teams and an inclusive environment that leads to higher...


11: Isolation or Inclusion?

There is a palatable sense of isolation among the Millennials and GenZ’ers that pushes them to seek Inclusive, familial work environments. They play hard and work hard. In this episode, we look at some of the stark realities that these generations face, some of the history of why they feel this way and the fact that the universal shared experiences of previous generations are a thing of the past. Where there used to be a shared “popular culture” across the nation we have much more...


10: Millennials in the Middle

Millennials are culturally different than any of the generations that have come before them. Previous generations have had more shared experiences around world events, & popular culture. Most Gen-Xers, Baby boomers, and The Silent Generation would immediately ‘get’ references to the Beatles, Dukes of Hazards, Friends, and 'You're fired'. Millennials lack a cohesive ‘shared experience’ in the same way, they have had access to the internet since their earliest ages, the ability to dive into...