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40: The Enneagram Assessing the Assessments with Teresa McCloy

Assessments and personality tests and modalities oh my! When it comes to ways to qualify traits there is no shortage of tests out there, strengths assessments, Personality tests, relational assessments, skin/hair/muscle/fat assessments, the list goes on and on. An assessment is a tool, and as with all tools it is how you use them that is important. On ep 37 we took a look at the KOLBE assessment, last week on episode 39 we dove into the DISC & the Generation 2 DISC, today it is the...


41 Strengths Finder How to Fascinate with Dr. LaTondra Murray, Tara Lynn Foster & Mary Albright

We are diving into the world of Assessments. On Episode 37 we looked at one of my favorite assessments the KOLBE, on Episode 39 we dove into the DISC, and on Episode 40 we uncovered the Enneagram. Some of these you may know, others you may be hearing about for the first time. Today we are exploring two assessments that are very different from one another. The Clifton Strengths Assessment and the How to Fascinate Assessment. Why put these two together? I wanted to do this because all of...


39 The Disc Assessing the Assessments

In order to be an effective leader, you need professional development, I believe that you also need personal development just as much, if not more, than traditional professional development. I know many great leaders who have used their personal development growth to impact teams & businesses. When it comes to assessments there is no shortage, love assessments, relational assessments, skin/hair/muscle/fat assessments, the list goes on and on. An assessment is a tool, and as with all tools,...


38: [Coaching] Leading Through A Hostile Takeover

Unexpected change can be stressful on any team, when you work for a company that has experienced a hostile takeover, a shakeup of team members and the addition of new systems and procedures, well that stress moves over for feelings of uncertainty, fear and anger. My guest today, Carla Crumpton, is a team leader dealing with this very situation. She comes to the show for an on-air coaching call to get my help with some issues that have cropped up with her team, in particular around...


37: Assessing the Assessments – the KOLBE with Andrea MacKenzie

We are all unique, but with a theme. Understanding how an individual’s unique theme plays into the bigger picture of your organization gives you an advantage creating a cohesive, productive and thriving team. One that can catapult your organization into the next level of success. Great leaders know that when you put the wrong employees or personality types together, it can stifle or even cripple teams which will inevitably impact your businesses bottom line. One of the ways that we attempt...


36: Got my Mind on my Mindset

Have you ever noticed that there are stories that we tell ourselves? Like a record playing over and over again, these stories get reinforced and can become truth. When that familiar story starts to play in the background it can lead to a negative mindset, full of limiting beliefs. For some, these negative mindset loops come at a particular time of night or in a certain crowd, for others it is a certain time of year. As whole human beings, there are certain times where we know we are the...


35: Tribes & Tribulations with Hilary Johnson

What does your tribe have to do with the tribulations you face in your life? Your mindset impacts your ability to weather a storm in your business and in your life. There are certain times of the year that may wreak havoc on your mindset and others that have you ready to take on the world, each one of us has a season or time of year, that is more challenging than others, so how do you build resilience while navigating through those stormy times? That’s what Hilary and I dive into today -...


34: Spooky Facts You Need to Know

There are some spooky truths that impact you every day and most people aren’t aware of it. As a leader, there are many factors that impact the way that you communicate to your team members, but this spooky fact rarely ever gets talked about because not many people know it. People come with all types of strengths and weaknesses. As a leader you need to be aware of how those strengths will benefit your team and how any weaknesses may impact the team. Let’s uncover the spooky facts. What...


33: What Got You Here Won't Get You There with Laurie Nichols 2

You’ve built a successful business with a great team and steady clients, then the universe steps in and throws a wrench in the plan. Now what? Laurie Nichols has been there, she is fiercely committed to guiding business owners and professionals to reimagine their lives and work through succession planning with heart. Without a clear plan, uncertainty, a lack of communication and the undertow of “busy” can lead to a revolving door of staff, an inability to monetize the investment in your...


32: The Debt You Pay

Our nation is suffering from a toxic debt, and we all pay the price. This is not a monetary debt, it is a communication debt. One that has been festering for years, decades even. Is your team suffering from a communication debt that is impacting your bottom dollar? When a matter or issue continues to crop up over time, whether you view the matter to be important issues, typical issues or missed conversation opportunities that start to pile up between your team members, employees or another...


31: The Grand Simplifier with Dr. Laura Gallaher

Working with different personalities can be a challenge, the old adage ‘we teach people how to treat us’ is true, but we do so subconsciously as well as consciously, after all, relationships are co-created. The communication patterns and habits that we establish with our team members, employees and coworkers can lead to healthy patterns and dysfunctional ones. There is a grand simplifier that can lead to a positive and strong team culture, where issues are discussed respectfully before they...


30: When Good Enough is No Good

Done is better than perfect, have you heard that nugget of gold before? It is true for so many things but this old adage doesn't always hold up especially when it comes to employees', subcontractors and even clients. On today’s episode we are talking about ‘good enough’ and how, and when, it is no good for your business, your clients and your team. Knowing how to identify the conflict personality types and how to communicate effectively with each one is so important for leaders who are in...


29: Why your subconscious is the Real Boss with Melina Palmer

Behavioral Economist Melina Palmer joins me to talk about why people act and react the way they do. Our subconscious lives in another dimension, living out whole experiences that we react to, making assumptions and determining actions. Our subconscious is doing calculations 95-99% of the time behind the scenes impacting how we communicate with one another. Our brains love a pattern, our subconscious works from a framework of patterns, sets & logic. The first time you hear something it...


28: The Dirty Dozen

Words can have many meanings depending upon the topic of conversation, the context the word is used in and the relationship between the two people among many other factors. The purpose of communication is to pass information from one person to another, it is to connect with one another, we are social tribal animals and connection is a powerful force. We want to share how we see the world with another person and to see the world from their point of view in order to broaden our understanding...


27: [Coaching] The Scaling Mindset with Sarah Frink

Scaling your business takes hard work and dedication, without strong personal boundaries, clear communication, and the right mindset, it becomes impossible. Costing you precious time, money and energy. Over the past few years, Sarah Frink of Real Marketing Solutions has consistently doubled her client load. On this special on-air coaching call, Sarah has questions about scaling herself and managing her clients’ expectations. What we uncover is what is really holding her back when it comes...


26: No Vision No Value with Janna Lundquist

Creating and maintaining a healthy company culture requires intention. It takes a clear mission, vision and values. Not the corporate poster, phoned-in version of a mission, but rather a well thought out and fluid document that grows with you. However, there’s a guardian at the gate, one that stands in the way of cohesion and leads to a toxic work environment. This saboteur is multi-layered and often invisible because it is internal. Change and the sense of fear and loss around that change...


25 -Context is Everything

Anything from a stomach ache to how much sleep you got the night before will impact how you communicate with, and are perceived by, others. This is the “context”, or the circumstances surrounding your message. To be a great communicator you need to understand a few key things. Context is Everything Communicating is connecting. It is sharing and receiving information that will lead to a greater understanding and bringing you closer to others. In turn, this will bring about greater...


23: What to say when you don't know what to say

Have you been at a loss for words? What do you say when you don’t know what to say When the conversation is tense and you need to communicate in a way that you both can truly hear what is being said the words can be hard to find. Being effective with your communication in this scenario can be difficult, it can often seem like everyone is talking but no one is listening and nothing of value is being said. When you say the right thing, you can get the conversation back on track. Getting heard...


24: Money, Avoiding and Boundaries

with Hannah Smolinski Does talking about money trigger you? On today’s podcast, Hannah and I dive into communicating effectively when the topic is touchy, Boundaries around our personal time, family, work and the summer months, and what avoidance and confusion have to do with one another. Have you ever heard of the Hierarchy of Accounting Needs? What you’ll hear in this podcast: Deserve Free Resources: Difficult Interaction Cheat-Sheet Difficult Happens; How Triggers, Boundaries &...


22: How to speak so that someone will listen in a conflict

Do you know how to speak so that Someone will listen during a difficult conversation? It is not easy to know the best way to get your point across during a tense or difficult conversation. Getting heard and truly hearing each other is hard to do when your mind and body is preoccupied with all the emotions that are vying for your brains attention. They can run the gambit, from fear to shame, from anger to confusion. They don’t call it a ‘difficult’ conversation for nothing. Like most things...