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ep010: Alicia Dattner "The Feminine Side of Doing and Change"

Our guest today was voted "Best Comedian" in San Francisco several times for her standup and solo shows. But Alicia Dattner is more than just funny, she also works with groups and individuals on storytelling, self-expression, and creativity in business. We first met on stage years ago as she was improvising some 60-second life stories from members of the audience, and jumped in to serve as the impromptu backup band. Conversations with Alicia are usually fun and rarely predictable. I was...


ep009: Metasode on Change

Today is not like our normally scheduled episodes. Instead of a guest interview, it's a checkpoint of sorts. We've asked every guest how they measure their changemaking successes and how they know when they're off track. Here's our chance take a few minutes to examine this for Doable Change itself. The podcast is all about focusing our awareness on integrating best practices, after all.


ep008: Michael Stocker "Sounds of Change"

Today we'll be speaking with a musician and audio engineer turned founder/director non-profit that's changing the way the world thinks about sound. From mixing films like the classic "Koyaanisqatsi" to helping create ISO standards on underwater metrics to speaking at environmental and scientific conferences all over the world and helping shift military and government policy, Michael Stocker is all about making change doable. Against the odds, his work with Ocean Conservation Research has...


ep007: David Corbin "Mastering Change"

Today we talk with award-winning inventor and best-selling author, David Corbin. Businesses praise him for helping to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line as a consultant, and being one of their top motivational speakers. He's helped clients such as Visa, Hallmark, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Home Depot, Domino's Pizza, and agencies like Department of Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service figure out which way is forward when nothing seems certain. Get ready for...


ep006: Denise Lynch "Change and The Mind"

Our guest today has personally conducted over 10,000 private sessions, helping people make changes doable in their own lives. She's also taught hundreds of workshops and thousands of people about how to master the skills needed to work directly with the subconscious mind. As owner of the Changes Now hypnotherapy clinic, The Utah School of Hypnosis, and a certified Master Trainer for the National Guild of Hypnotists, Denise Lynch knows a thing or two about how the human mind functions, and...


ep005: Julian Stodd "Adapting to this Age of Change"

Our guest today creates and implements innovative strategies for improved Leadership, Culture change, and effective Learning design. Julian Stodd founded Sea Salt Learning to better serve his extensive global client list, while he continues to research, write, and share widely. We're happy to speak with him on Doable Change about adapting to this age of change.


ep003: Julie Dirksen "Learning and Change"

Our guest today is an authority on learning and behavior change. Author of the book "Design for how people learn" Julie Dirksen combines modern usability research with psychological studies and behavioral economics to help people learn better. She's also delightfully practical and always seems to have some real-world example to illustrate a larger point. I hope you enjoy today's conversation about learning and change, here on Doable change.


ep002: Douglas Hubbard "Measurement and Change"

Today we'll talk with a statistician who's helped several governments, hundreds of organizations, and tens of thousands people measure the value of change. Get ready for a very interesting conversation Douglas Hubbard, author of serval books including "How To Measure Anything".


ep001: Phyllis Laursen "Healing and Change"

Today we'll be talking with someone whose bio reads like a modern fairy tale. She's worked with some of the biggest names in music and show business before they were big, and then helped them deal with the life altering impacts of that success. She's the person the Grammy Awards bring in when there's been a bomb threat, to ensure that the coast is clear. She's worked with governments in hostage negotiations to bring people to safety. And with world-renown scientists on communications...


ep000: What is Doable Change?

5min introduction to the Doable Change podcast & community describing the intentions and format of this weekly podcast.