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Episode 56 - Getting More Reviews and Improving your Online Reputation

Your business is finally off to a nice gallop. You endured the tough years and now, thanks to good business practices and excellent service, the future is bright. Suddenly, a spate of bad reviews turn your online reputation on its head and now, the phone has stopped ringing and foot traffic is at a crawl. In this episode, Dr J talks about how to get a ton of great reviews and will bury anything negative that sits out there on Google, Yelp, and other places. www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 55 - Interview with Randy Owens, Business Profit Specialist

Congratulations! You increased your revenues last year. But, did you increased your profitability? Many businesses have figured out how to increase revenue but they soon find out that the cost of growth actually DECREASED their profitability! That means they probably worked harder for less money. In this episode, Dr J interviews Randy Owens, a profit specialist who explains how to make a more profitable business.


Episode 54 - Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None

A common problem with serial entrepreneurs is that their burning desire for building successful businesses causes a loss of focus on the primary source of income and eventually, none of the businesses succeed. In this episode, Dr J reflects on his experiences with running multiple businesses and how he always ensures his primary source of income, his practice, is getting the most of his attention. The same thought process can be applied to chiropractors who want to add too many services...


Episode 53 - Interview with Dr David Graber, a Chiropractor's Chiropractor

In this episode, Dr J catches up with his good friend, Dr David Graber, whom he calls a Chiropractor's Chiropractor. Listen in as they talk about the industry and what it takes to become one of the top docs in the field. www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 52 - Dog Days Of Summer--Marketing Strategies Through the Seasons

Summer. It's the season of fireworks, swimming pools, outdoor adventures, and family vacations. Many businesses see a significant slowdown during this time of year and chiropractic is no exception. In this episode, Dr J reveals marketing strategies that have helped keep the cash register ringing no matter what month of the year it is. www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 51 - Interview with Dr Donald Defabio, Chiropractic Expert

In this episode, Dr J interviews longtime friend and a real expert in the Chiropractic field, Dr Donald Defabio. Listen in as they discuss the Chiropractic industry, where it's at and where it's heading. www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 50 - Financial Tips for your Practice--How to Quit Drowning in Debt

Dr J often tells the story about how much debt he was in during his early years in business. Maxed out credit cards, student loans, and even the IRS threatening him. With pressure mounting to create a financially viable business, he had to do something to start making money and quit debt spending. In this episode, Dr J reveals some of the key fiscal strategies he employed to keep from completely drowning in financial misery and eventually surface to become totally debt free in business....


Episode 49 - Scarcity - How You Can Use it in Business

It's universally accepted that the rarest things in life are the most sought after and most expensive. For example, a bottle of 23-year-old Pappy Van Winkle bourbon retails for about $250 but it is so rare and hard to find, collectors will pay $3,000 for a single bottle. So how can you use scarcity in your business to elevate your game and make you highly sought after? Listen in as Dr J shares his thoughts.


Episode 47 - Get it Done--Stop Procrastinating and Avoid Insanity

Procrastination. Analysis paralysis. Failure to act. It happens to all of us, but successful people have learned to make quick decisions and move beyond the urge to hesitate. They have things that need to be done and they do them, day in and day out. In this episode, Dr J inspires listeners to avoid the insanity of indecision and simply...Get it Done! www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 46 - Interview with Dr Lee Newman, Chiropractic Coach

Dr Lee Newman was an early mentor of Dr Fedich and coach. Dr Newman is a second generation chiropractor and grew his practice into one of the largest practices in Pittsburgh PA. He has built 16 successful practices over the years and in this episode, they discuss the keys to building success and wealth in business.


Episode 44 - Interview with Dr Josh Wagner, Chiropractor, Coach

In this nugget-filled episode, Dr J interviews Dr Josh Wagner who is a chiropractor and chiropractic coach who takes an almost zen-like approach to connecting with chiropractors who want to build a successful practice. He really gets into the psychology of success and the belief that if you work hard enough and you are a good practitioner, you deserve to succeed. This is such a good episode! www.DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 43 - A Look Ahead - Thoughts on Extinction and Obsolescence

Do you remember Blockbuster? How about PanAm or Eastman Kodak or the Yellow Pages? When is the last time you used a pay phone or a pager or a floppy disk? In this episode, Dr J opines on the critical necessity of continuously looking ahead in the crystal ball and evolving your business and even yourself to prevent obsolescence.


Episode 42 - Interview with Billy Sticker, Founder of ChiroCandy

In this episode, Dr J interviews Billy Sticker, the host and founder of ChiroCandy, and fantastic chiropractic marketing podcast. We talk about how Billy got started in Chiropractic marketing but more importantly, there is a rich pay streak of golden nuggets littered throughout this episode, so be sure to listen to the whole show to catch them all. DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 41 - Seasons--Embracing the Ups and Downs of Seasonality in Life

Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. Birth, School, Marriage, Kids, & Retirement. Major weather events and beautiful blue skies. There are seasons and seasonality to everything in life, especially in business. In this episode, Dr J reflects on how seasonality affects his business and the clients he supports and ways he mitigates the roller coaster ride to keep the business running effectively no matter what. DrJamesFedich.com


Episode 40 - Interview w/ Dan Sosnoski, Editor-in-Chief, ChiroEco Magazine

Dr J has long believed that Chiropractic Economics Magazine is one of the most influential and resourceful periodicals in the chiropractic profession and in this episode, he gets to interview Dan Sosnoski, the Editor-in-Chief. Listen in as they discuss some of the most pertinent issues in the chiropractic profession today.


Episode 39 - Old Media Vs New Media - What Really Works?

Some businesses like the traditional methods of marketing: TV, radio, billboards, etc. Other businesses have completely tossed the old marketing tools in favor of the new digital methodologies: Google ads, Facebook, email, etc. What really works? How do you measure it? In this episode, Dr J reveals some of his best tips on selecting your best marketing sources. www.DrJamesFedich.com