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Episode 75 - Interview with Sheri Needham from Stoneybrook Publishing

How are you staying in touch with your current patients? Do they only think of you when they have a sore back or do you have ways to keep your business/brand at the top of their minds? In this episode, Dr J interviews a long-time provider of his: Sheri Needham from Stoneybrook Publishing. They discuss ways to frequently touch patients using tried and true techniques like monthly newsletters. Best of all, all the content is produced by her company, leaving the business owner free to...


Episode 74 - Do You Have What it Takes to be a Success as a Chiropractor?

Do a Google search on "how many businesses fail in the first 5 years of business" and you will see estimates from 50% all the way to 90%. The sad fact is, if you open a business, the odds of succeeding are stacked against you. But many do succeed in business and some even manage to make millions from it. So, what's the secret to their success? Was it blind luck? Did they kill themselves working 100+ hours a week? Does it take a brilliant business mind to succeed? In this episode, Dr J dives...


Episode 73 - Dr Jeffrey Langmaid, The Evidence-Based Chiropractor

In this episode, Dr J interviewa Dr Jeffrey Langmaid who is also known as the Evidence-Based Chiropractor. Dr Jeff, delivers a step-by-step process to build referral relationships and get more patients in your practice. As he says, if you're not consistently trying to get referrals from MD's, you're missing out on potentially 5-15 new patient's per month. Listen in as Dr Jeff discusses the tools he uses to deliver more new patients through referrals from colleagues.


Episode 72 - Zero Sum Game--The Economics of a Chiropractic Business

In theory, a zero-sum game is a mathematical representation of a situation in which each participant's gain or loss is exactly balanced by the losses or gains of the other participants. But this doesn't necessarily mean that in every business transaction there is a winner and a loser. Especially when you are talking about healthcare. People who are in pain will gladly hand over cash to a doctor who will make the pain go away. That could be defined as a win-win. In this episode, Dr J delves...


Episode 71 - Interview with Adam Witty, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Author, Speaker

In this episode Dr J gets to interview Adam Witty. Adam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advantage|ForbesBooks. What began in the spare bedroom of his home is now an international publishing and Authority Marketing® company. Most recently, Advantage has partnered with Forbes to create ForbesBooks, the first book-publishing imprint for the global media company. Advantage|ForbesBooks is a 5-Time Honoree on the prestigious Inc. 500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing private...


Episode 70 - Design Your Life Plan and Put Sanity Back into Your Day

This episode can be summed up with a quote from motivational speaker, Jim Rohn. He said, "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's life plan, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much." In this episode, Dr J talks about developing a life plan how the effort will help ensure you get the most out of your life, business, and pursuit of happiness.


Episode 69 - Interview with Darryl Lyons, Retirement & Financial Planning Expert

Whether you are struggling to get out of debt or you are saving for retirement, everyone needs a sound financial plan. And if you don't know how to do it yourself, more than likely you're going to seek the advice of a Certified Financial Planner. In this episode, Dr J interviews Darryl W. Lyons, an author, a speaker, a Certified Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro, and an all-around smart guy. Darryl and Dr J talk about how to get out of student loan debt, how much to save for retirement, and many...


Episode 68 - Goals--Learn the Top Goals Tracked by Successful Chiropractors

Whenever you hear the gurus talk about how to become successful, they always talk about goal setting. But it's easier said than done. How do you get started? Which goals should you track? In this podcast, Dr J reveals his top goals and even some top secret data that will blow your mind. If you have your eye on the prize, you won't want to miss this explosive episode.


Episode 67 - McOffice Time for Systems--Making Money with Efficiency

The average McDonalds franchise brings in approximately $2.5M per year in sales. The average chiropractic office brings in about $400K. The average McDonalds franchise is run by kids. The average chiropractor has at least 1 advanced degree and likely more. So why the difference in revenue? In many cases, the real answer is "Systems." McDonalds has systems that allow people with no education to run a restaurant and make money. Chiropractors have the education, but most haven't developed the...


Episode 66 - Next Generation--The Importance of Long-term Planning

The criticality of long-term planning, especially long-term financial planning, cannot be emphasized enough by anyone who is successful. Money and long-term prosperity just can't be achieved if you haven't set up a plan...or many plans...to get to your desired place in the future. In this episode, Dr J discusses this a shares a couple stories to really drive home the point.


Episode 65 - Interview with Dave Klein, my Best Protection Against an Audit

The dreaded insurance audit. Such a hassle...and worry. In this episode, Dr J interviews Dave Klein, a certified medical coding and compliance consultant with over 18 years of experience in the field. Listen in as Dr J and Dave delve into the necessity of proper coding and compliance and how using a coding and compliance service helps Dr J avoid worrisome compliance issues.


Episode 64 - How Fresh Paint Freshens Enthusiasm at Your Business

Have you ever noticed how a fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a room? Or how it can transform a boring room into something really mood altering? So, if you recall how that fresh coat of paint resonated with you, imagine how it can resonate with your staff and customers, especially if your office hasn't changed in years. In this episode, Dr J reflects on how just adding a coat of paint or changing the carpet or any other number of simple aesthetic changes really had a positive impact...


Episode 63 - Interview with Tristan Schaub, Mr ChiroSushi Himself

In this podcast, Dr J interviews Tristan Schaub who founded ChiroSushi with his father, a chiropractor. While Tristan is not a chiropractor, he has quickly made a name for himself in the chiropractic community by organizing the annual ChiroSushi Chiropractic Summit, which is always packed with great speakers and expert presenters. Listen in we hear about Tristan's journey and how ChiroSushi is helping chiropractors around the world.


Episode 62 - Client Retention - Are You Doing Doing Enough to Maintain Your Herd?

Many business owners are so focused on getting new business that they forget about the most important part of business revenue--their existing clients and customers. It has been estimated that it can cost up to 8-10 times more to get new customers than it does to keep your current ones. So, what can you do to ensure your existing clients continue to contribute to your bottom line? Tune in to learn some great tips on client retention.


Episode 61 - Interview with Dr Peter Lind, DC, Inventor

Today's episode is very fascinating as Dr J interviews Dr Peter Lind, a chiropractor who is about to celebrate his 30th year in practice. Dr Lind is also an inventor and he is going to talk about a new kind of exercise machine that is going to hit the market soon that will absolutely blow you away. Listen in as they discuss Dr Lind's journey and his new technology.


Episode 60 - The Best Times of the Year to Vacation

It has been estimated that it can take 12 weeks to recover from 1 week of vacation, revenue-wise. So, is taking a vacation really worth it? Well, of course you need to take vacations so you can unwind and destress, but you don't necessarily need to pay a heavy business tax doing it. A properly planned vacation can be just what you hope it is without the pain of a huge backlog or empty chiropractic tables when you return. In this episode, Dr J breaks it down to a simple planning exercise....


Episode 59 - Who's Your Competition? Ideas to Improve your Business

Unless you are one of the lucky few business owners who has absolutely no competition, you need to be constantly aware of who your competition is. It doesn't matter whether it's a brick-and-mortar business, a virtual business, or something totally different, you need to be concerned about who could be taking customers away from you. In this episode, Dr J explores the various ways competition affects businesses of all types and he gives great advice on what you can do to mitigate increased...


Episode 58 - Interview with Nick Loise, President, No BS Inner Circle

In this absolutely fascinating episode, Dr J interviews the President of No B.S. Inner Circle, formerly GKIC, Nick Loise. Get to know the man running this powerful marketing organization and pick up some great tips along the way. The rapport between these 2 powerful business leaders is really fun to listen to.


Episode 57 - Interview with Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur

You, too, can be a star baby! Have you ever wondered how the "who's who" in our world get to where they are today? Clint Arthur has figured out how to use celebrities to market himself. As a student of Dan Kennedy, Clint learned the value of positioning himself as an expert and a celebrity to launch a great career as a public speaker, coach, and serial author. Listen in as Clint talks about his keys to success using celebrity marketing to position himself as THE guy people turn to for...


Episode 57 - Interview with Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur

You, too, can be a star baby! Have you ever wondered how the "who's who" in our world get to where they are today? Clint Arthur has figured out how to use celebrities to market himself. As a student of Dan Kennedy, Clint learned the value of positioning himself as an expert and a celebrity to launch a great career as a public speaker, coach, and serial author. Listen in as Clint talks about his keys to success using celebrity marketing to position himself as THE guy people turn to for...