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Weekly, motivational conversations with big dreamers. Hear the inspiring stories that shaped the careers of top executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. These empowering discussions offer guidance and advice as you move through your career.

Weekly, motivational conversations with big dreamers. Hear the inspiring stories that shaped the careers of top executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. These empowering discussions offer guidance and advice as you move through your career.


Newtown, PA


Weekly, motivational conversations with big dreamers. Hear the inspiring stories that shaped the careers of top executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. These empowering discussions offer guidance and advice as you move through your career.






Interview with Lee Houghton: 3 Lessons Learned

In losing his best mate, Chris, after his brave cancer battle it changed his life forever. Lee has had a varied career history including: writing 5 children books, owning a bouncy castle business, DJ-ing dressed as a monkey....data input administrator to co-founding his own business in 2018. ALL of these steps on his career journey have shaped him as a person. But, it was losing Chris that has sharpened his focus. Special Guest: Lee Houghton.


Interview with Lamar Tyler-The Gatekeepers are Gone

Using his motto "The Gatekeepers Are Gone," Lamar has leveraged social media to move his online brands from small personal blogs to an international brand with over 650,000 social media fans and 55 thousand plus customers in all 50 states and 43 countries around the world. Among the recognition received for his work, Lamar, along with wife Ronnie was named one of Ebony Magazine's Power 100, a list of the top 100 movers and shakers in the black community, finalists for Black Enterprise's...


Interview with Clark Payan- Something for Everyone

Clark Payan is the CEO of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California. He believes you don't have to major in insurance or business to be a good fit. Most insurance agency owners/employees didn't have a direct path to where they are. Lot of factors contribute to making insurance a great career - stability, income potential, flexibility, helping others. Listen as Clark discusses how he got into the insurance business and how his success came from a willingness to lead and a positive...


Interview with David Marchi- Dreaming in Color

After a life-changing accident, David pivoted his career to focus on a new vision. He literally gathered inspiration from his dreams-a new found spring of creativity and direction. Listen to hear more of David's story about how he changed professionally and personally. Special Guest: David Marchi.


Interview with Wendy King: A Colorful Career, Leading with Your Heart, Not a Map

Wendy King is Executive Director/CEO of the International Order of the Golden Rule, and an Executive Director at Raybourn Group International. She has taken a rather colorful career path over the past 35 years. Along the way, she has had to become an expert in fields such as the police and fire service, the roller skating industry, and even the funeral profession. Listen as she explains how she led with her heart and not just a map. Wendy talks about how regardless of the job you are doing,...


Interview with Nelson Squires: From Leading Battalions to Business Leader, Learning Never Ends

Nelson started his career in the Army on an accelerated path. After the army and having been awarded an Army Commendation Medal and two Army Achievement Medals for his excellence in leadership and performance, Nelson spent 26 years with Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. During this time, Nelson held a multitude of roles ranging from Director of Investor Relations to VP and General Manager. Starting over in his 50's, Nelson went to WESCO where as Executive Vice President and General Manager...


Interview with James C. George: From U.S. Army officer to Corporate Black Belt Leader & Change Management Champion

Change Management isn't something James George only learned in school, he practiced it in his life throughout his time in the army and in his transition to a successful executive who strives for continuous improvement utilizing Lean Six Sigma practices. In this episode, we talk mindset and how civilians can learn from the Military's constant striving for improvement. Special Guest: James C. George.


Interview with Larry Kaufman: Create Your Legacy NOW Through Giving, Connecting, and Helping Others

Larry Kaufman tells us the 5 most powerful words and how he uses them to build life-changing relationships. Using Larry's simple formula, you can fast-track yourself to authentic, powerful, opportunity-rich relationships and career success that inspires. Larry Kaufman is the Best-Selling Author of The NCG Factor – A Formula for Building Life-Changing Relationships from College to Retirement. He is a connector, giver, and rainmaker who lives his life to help others succeed. He is a Senior...


Interview with Cole Silver: Finding Purpose and Meaning in your Career

Cole Silver's entire career has been devoted to helping people live up to the promise of their full potential. Cole brings his insights and perspectives formed over 25 years of practicing law and how he finds meaning and purpose in his own life to help others find theirs. Cole Silver is a business man, lawyer, and client strategist. He has practiced law for over 35 years, first owning his own multi-state firm and then serving as a General Counsel to several high growth companies. He is now...


Interview with Kristi Diemoz: Achieving Career Growth, Job Variety, & Professional Success over 18 years at eBay

Entering the workforce with a degree in Exercise Science, Kristi Diemoz has spent over 18 years at the eCommerce giant, eBay. Empowered and confident, Kristi Diemoz discusses how variety and success can be found at one company through hard work, healthy competition, and by not letting the fear of change get in your way. Kristi is the Senior Manager of go-to-market strategy and operations at eBay. In her role, she’s responsible for updating their sellers on key programs and changes. She has...


Interview with Eric Bartosz: Make Your Future Self Proud, Achieve Personal Excellence in 52 Weeks

Eric is the founder of BAR40 and author of BAR40: Achieving Personal Excellence. BAR40 is a 52-week program designed to help anyone reach their peak potential and achieve the goals they consider to be the top priorities in their life. Key components include diet modifications, a customized fitness program and personal accountability techniques to help you live your ultimate year according to what that means to you, Special Guest: Eric Bartosz.


Interview with Scott Mesh: Mother Teresa Meets Jeff Bezos & Creating a Culture of Excellence

Scott Mesh is the CEO/Co-founder of Los Ninos Services and Young Child Expo & Conference. Scott loves helping children and adults learn and grow, creating a positive work culture and inspiring others to become their best selves. In this episode we talk about how Scott utilizes his psychology background to help organizations create a culture of excellence especially in customer service, caring and making a difference. Special Guest: Scott Mesh.


Interview with Carol Schmekel | Taking Risks and the Power of Having a Coach

You can't do it alone. Leverage your strengths and conquer fears by finding a mentor or hiring a coach. Coaches and mentors impart their invaluable knowledge and wisdom and push us beyond our internal boundaries. Carol Schmekel, Principal of Schmekel Coaching and Consulting, talks to us about her background in nursing and how she transitioned to coaching healthcare professionals. As an Executive Coach and Healthcare Consultant dedicated to advancing Healthcare Professionals into...


Interview with Craig Coffey | Questions to Fuel & Drive Your Career Journey

Don't strive for a career path, instead Craig Coffey believes you should experience a "career journey." A career path is linear and at times limiting. A "career journey" gives you permission to try new things, experiment and learn along the way from a variety of experiences. In this podcat episode, Craig reviews the five themes that guided him in his long and varied career and the questions he asked himself that helped him transform and reinvent himself over and over. Today, Craig is an...