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You're Worth a Million

Welcome back to the podcast! We are in the of a transition of a re-brand. Dream Weaver was perfect for Upspeak 1.0 but isn’t quite clear enough for Upspeak 2.0. Now, we bring you Six Figs, a podcast that strives to help women earn six figures on their own. This episode is based off of some slides that I put up on my IG stories about how to decide how much to charge for your services. It got tons of attention. People were asking me all sorts of questions so I decided that we needed to have...

Copy Cats

After a short coffee break, we are back Dream Weavers! This week we are talking all about copy cats. We have accused others of copying our creative idea, and maybe we have even copied fellow creative citizens. Either way, Meg is here to teach you the difference between inspiration and blatantly taking someone’s idea. She will also dive into how to properly handle these situations. Are any ideas original? How do we know if we are copying someone else’s work? When is it the right time to call...


Just Jump, Girl

In Episode 5 of Dream Weaver, Meg demystifies the idea that there is a “blueprint” for taking the leap. There is no blueprint. There are no special powers. The people who take the leap are no different than you. They are simply pushed into it, or internally pulled. Tune in to find out what that looked like for Meg, and why she thinks it is possible for you too.


What it's like to be in a relationship with an entrepreneur

This week on Dream Weaver you will get to listen to a conversation Meg had with her husband Charlie, about what it is like to be married to an entrepreneur. Meg and Charlie explore the highs, the lows, and everything in between, of what it is like to be married to an entrepreneur. They talk about how they compliment each other, how Charlie was a big piece of the puzzle in Meg starting her business, and finding legitimacy in yourself and in your business. For full episode shownotes, click...


Your Talent Isn't Enough

Do you think that your talent and passion are enough to take you on the path of becoming a successful business owner? Well-sorry, it’s not true. Talent and passion are only two out of the seven building blocks in creating a successful business. In Episode Three, Meg tells you all about them. Today on Dream Weaver, Meg is going to tell you all about the seven most important pillars of building a successful business. What are those pillars? Well sure, it starts with talent and passion, but it...


Structure to Scale with Marisa Vitoria, Founder of Virtual Zen

Hey Dream Weavers! Welcome to Episode 2 where host, Meg Witt talks all about the structure to scale in your business with the founder of Virtual Zen, Marisa Vitoria. Marisa Vitoria is the founder of Virtual Zen. And no, she’s not a virtual assistant. She coins herself as an online business partner and brings balance to creative small service based businesses. In Episode 2 of Dream Weaver, Meg talks to Marisa all about the difference between a virtual assistant and an online business...


Creating Raving Fans

Welcome to Episode One of Dream Weaver! This week we are talking all about five star customer service and how that in turn, creates raving fans. When Meg started her business over a year ago, she knew that one of the biggest things that was going to make her stand out from other business owners was her ability to connect with her clients in a way that was unlike other businesses and to deliver an unparalleled experience. However, in the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey she realized...

Introducing: Dream Weaver with Meg Witt

Welcome to Dream Weaver, a podcast for female business owners hosted by Meg Witt.