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Early Investing: Secure Your Financial Future by Saving and Investing Money in Stocks and Cryptocurrencies From a Young Age

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The Future of Marijuana with Jordan Sinclair (Part 1)

With Canopy Growth stock up 100% in the last month, Daniel decided to go behind the scenes of this rapidly growing industry. This week, Daniel is joined by special guest Jordan Sinclair. Jordan is the Vice President of Communications for Canopy Growth Corporation, the world’s largest marijuana company. In part 1 of the interview, Jordan explains how Canopy Growth hopes to be the leaders in the cannabis industry, how they got recreational marijuana legalized across Canada, and how he responds...


StockCenter - Episode 1

Returning from a two-week break, Daniel debuts a new Early Investing show, StockCenter. Segments this week include the Top 3, Tweet of the Week (Hint: @ElonMusk may or may not be involved), and the Not Top 3. Highlights include Overstock getting into crypto, the surprising rise of Roku, and why Papa John's is literally burnt. Special thanks to DJ Lit Daddy for the new StockCenter theme song.


The Match

This week, three tips to help you save. Plus, an inspirational story from Dave.


Looking to the Clouds with Fran Villalba Segarra (Intro to Crypto, Part 4)

Fran Villalba Segarra is a tech and cryptocurrency innovator. Last year he sold his first company, OneSite, and founded Internxt, a cryptocurrency company that is decentralizing cloud storage, with plans to take on Amazon and Google. This year, Fran was nominated for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Daniel recently sat down with Fran to talk about Internxt and why the blockchain can revolutionize cloud storage. They covered the problems with Google and Facebook controlling your files, how...


Crypto Joe: Breaking Down Bitcoin (Intro to Crypto, Part 3)

Special guest and Bitcoin expert Crypto Joe talks with Daniel about the world's largest cryptocurrency. Joe covers Bitcoin's founding, how it rose astronomically in just a few short years, and how the blockchain and cryptocurrency might be used in the future. He also reveals who the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto might be! Follow Joe's excellent Instagram account @crypt0_joe to see his latest posts.


The Secret of Millionaires [Rebroadcast]

The all-time most popular episode, rebroadcast five months later. Albert Einstein called it the "eighth wonder of the world," and Earth's richest men have attributed it to their success. Yet this "secret" is actually accessible to everyone. In this special "launch week" episode, Daniel explains in simple terms a concept that is critical to understanding investing, time, and the world. Follow @EarlyInvesting on Instagram for exclusive content!


Decentralized Domination (Intro to Crypto, Part 2)

This week, a history lesson. Daniel explores the classic struggle between centralization and decentralization to show how the internet and blockchain could radically shape our future.


Blockchain Explained (Intro to Crypto, Part 1)

It's hot, so why not talk about it! Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain are all over the news, but most people still don't understand how they work. Over all the confusion, Daniel explains what the blockchain is in simple terms. Whether you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast, interested investor, or cautious onlooker, you'll learn all about an emerging technology that anyone can understand.


Six Safe Stocks for New Investors

Whether you still haven't bought a stock yet or just want to hear some safe investment ideas, Daniel shares six stocks that are both simple and safe. You'll probably realize that you use many of these stocks almost every day!


The Way We Listen, Part 4

In part four, summing it all up. Daniel shares what he learned from the first three parts, gives a final analysis on Spotify, and lastly reveals how he is investing his own money in the future of music.


The Way We Listen, Part 3

In part three, Troy Springer helps us shift our focus from Spotify as a business to Spotify as an investment, paying close attention to whether the potential justifies the valuation. Daniel and Troy cover Spotify's opportunity to help smaller artists and compare Spotify to Netflix and Pandora. Follow Troy's excellent investing blog on Instagram @rendezvousinvesting.


The Way We Listen, Part 2

In part two, an entrepreneur named Daniel Ek learns from the Napster disaster and creates a streaming company that will take the music world by storm.


The Way We Listen, Part 1

This week, Daniel takes a deep dive into the first attempt to flip the music industry on its head by harnessing the power of the internet.


When to Sell a Stock (in Five Minutes)

This week, everything you need to know about selling a stock in only five minutes! Okay - maybe it's more like six minutes without the outro - but you'll learn the three times you should take profits and three other scenarios when you should stay invested. After all, you can't make money until you sell!


When to Buy a Stock

With the stock market at an all-time high, you might think you missed the boat or that we're due for a crash. Daniel explains once and for all the right time to buy a stock, presenting simple yet powerful strategies that you can implement into your portfolio like buying in thirds, saving cash, and investing in consumer staples.


Right In Front of Your Windshield

This week, Daniel tells the amazing story of how an exciting young company doubled in the last seven months - and was right in front of your windshield the whole time. You'll always see your surroundings differently when you know a secret advantage you have over professional investors: sometimes, you just need to look up.


Maya Peterson: A Teen Girl on Socially Responsible Investing

Maya Peterson is a fifteen-year-old girl who loves investing. She's just finished her brand new book for young people, Early Bird: The Power of Investing Young, and now Maya joins Daniel to talk about an important yet often overlooked idea: socially responsible investing. Listen to their fun conversation and you'll learn if following your conscience when buying a stock is a good idea, why women are often the best investors, and whether staples - yes, staple staples - are overrated or...


The Cliffs of Insanity Game Show

Come on down! You're the next contestant on the Cliffs of Insanity Game Show, where you will answer ten questions and discover your investing risk tolerance! Are you a low-risk investor who could cautiously sail around the Cliffs of Insanity to gradually reach the top? Or are you a more aggressive investor who could scale the Cliffs of Insanity head-on? And what should you invest based on your risk tolerance? There's only one way to find out...


Know the Talk: 5 Investing Terms To Give You an Edge

Can a few words make you money for the rest of your life? Wealthy investors often use complicated terms that blow right past average people, but this week Daniel makes five key investing terms easy-to-understand while keeping the boring out of investing.


Chris Reining: Forget the 9 to 5 - Retire Early!

Chris Reining has been featured on the New York Times, the Today Show, CNN, and CBS. Daniel talked with the millionaire who retired early and compiled the highlights from their interview into a thrilling episode. Whether you want financial freedom or an early retirement like Chris, dive in to learn Chris' story of ditching the 9 to 5 and his simple changes you can implement to improve your life and achieve your goals.