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A podcast that highlights individuals who despite work/lack of still find time to cultivate their passions.


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A podcast that highlights individuals who despite work/lack of still find time to cultivate their passions.





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One Last Hustle? The Educated Hustle Finale

Two years into the making and 107 episodes in the Educated Hustle journey comes to an end. Celebrate with your favorite hosts as they speak on why now is the right time to end and their memories along the way. They also discuss you! The fans and what your support and love have given them these past two years. The hosts don't leave you empty handed as they have some final topics to discuss. Lastly, they reflect on the lasting impact the show had on their lives and give their final thoughts...


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Hustle Corner: Robin Berkstresser Edition

A new segment is introduced as Hustle Corner makes its debut. Our host Emilio sits down with a familiar face in Robin Berkstresser as they discuss her 2nd book Dispersion. They do a deep dive into how it was writing a character who has been abused yet having to heal and recover amongst the chaos of the world ending. They explore what its like to write a villain and if the author herself hates the character or if she is fond of her literary baby. Lastly, we discuss several themes...


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Getting Geeky With The Land Geek

Mark Podolsky joins us this week as he tells us about how with nothing but uncertainty and $3000 to his name he began his land investment journey. Mark then highlights how he gets his land investment deals and what he looks for in a property. We then move onto how Mark lost a hefty chunk of his capital and had to bounce back from the abyss. Lastly, Mark tells us about a deal he has for the Educated Hustle audience and how throughout it all he has been able to maintain and exhibit his...


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UCF History, Property Sales, & Kanye Tweets

The Educated Hustle Boys get together this week to discuss the current business atmosphere. Paul discusses his progress in selling his first property and of course, the hosts show some UCF love to the first one-armed NFL player Shaquem Griffin. They then discuss Amazon raising the price of Prime, T-mobile, and Sprint merging together and finally how Ford is trimming the fat by getting rid of some of classic makes and models. What better way to step into the week than with a little Educated...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Mike De Los Santos

Michael De Los Santos fresh off his jam-packed episode last week steps back into the Educated Hustle booth to deliver his extended hustle. In this episode, we discuss a future collaboration between Mike D sauce and Educated Hustle? Mike then tells us how he unwinds with when he gets the chance, while also telling us how he manages his business and fatherhood. He also tells us his favorite sauce outside of his own that he enjoys (but don't tell anyone shh). Full of fun, good eating, and a...


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Mike D Sauces It Up With Dem Hustle Boyz

Michael De Los Santos joins us this week as he discusses how he began his entrepreneur journey into the food industry with his award-winning sauce. Mike recounts his first year in business and how certifications and health standards almost sidelined his dream. He tells us how it felt winning a best in the world category with one of his creations and how he feels having a team that has his back. Lastly, we discuss why he stands by Man Law grilling products and Mike breaks down the Eastside,...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Dub Dot Dubby

Dubby rejoins us for his extended hustle as we discuss some more fun-filled topics. He tells us what his passion would be if Madden wasn't an option. We also discuss some of his unpopular music views and why he strongly believes in them. Dubby then tells us what he looks for when creating a Madden squad and how it helps him in tournaments. Lastly, he tells us his favorite madden players throughout the year and what version of Madden he holds closest to his heart. Full of GRIT, motivation,...


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100 Episodes BABY! We Still Lit

Blink and you just might have missed it but Educated Hustle celebrates its 100th episode today! It's been quite a ride as our two hosts go down memory name and discuss what has changed from episode 0 to today. The hosts also give thanks to special guests of the show who long after the stop record button was pressed still show love and influence the podcasts today. Finally, we highlight what the future will bring and what the vision for Educated Hustle will be from here on out. So come pull...


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Gamer, Editor, And Vlogger The Great Jakejames!

Jakejames is our guest this week as he discusses how he got his gig freelancing for one of the most renowned gaming sites IGN. Jakejames then dives into how he became an editor at The Koalition and how he knew he could make a profit on his passion for gaming. We then discuss his Youtube channel and how often he posts content along with what people can expect. Finally, he tells us what it was like being offered to speak at Miami Dade College and why regardless of your means you should...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Pikachulita

Pikachulita rejoins us for her extended hustle episode where we discuss her favorite games of all time and how she spends her personal time. We later discuss her love for podcasting and streaming, she even tells us which she could see herself doing if both weren't an option. Finally, she fills us in on what her goals for the future are and what you will see from her. Enjoy the extended visit with Pikachulita, full of laughs and surprises its time to REUP the hustle.


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A Lot Of People Want It But DubDotDubby Needs It

Madden pro and e-sport competitor Dubby joins us this week. Dubby fills us in on what life on a weekly basis for him looks like. Dubby than discusses how he stays motivated and in top form in a sport where the competition is only getting younger and hungrier. He proceeds to tell us about his company Need It Gaming and how he not only is his own sponsor but also wants to pave the way for the youth. Full of passion and a plethora of advice on how to live your dreams. We are continuing our...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Anna Gallagher

Anna Gallagher comes back to give a more personal deep dive into her extended hustle episode. We talk about her childhood nickname and if there are any truths to teachers liking apples. Later on, we discuss her top 5 Greatest of All Time candidates. Lastly, we discuss what her future career plans are and what are two things most people don't know about her. If you haven't met Anna yet, this is a great place to start or perhaps you want to continue the fun from her last episode. All that...


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!!!! No Master Balls Needed, Pikachulita Appears

Katie a.k.a. Pikuchulita comes on the show this week as she talks about streaming, and how she is dispelling the standard image associated with gaming. We then get into her being honored as one of the "9 black streamers you should be watching". Pikuchulita tells gives us advice on what it takes to be a streamer and how she deals with the challenges and nonsense that comes with being a female streamer. Full of passion and a zest for more Pikachulita is an interview you would be doing...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Andrea Angarica

Andrea Angarica rejoins us for her Extended Hustle episode, in this episode we talk about her musical preferences and who would be her favorite what if musical combination. Andrea then tells us the biggest differences from living in Florida to New York. Finally, she tells us who her top 3 GOATS are and why they are dear to her. If you loved her the first time around prepare to be enamored all over again. So what are you waiting for? Tune In!


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Psychology Teacher By Day, Hustling From The Heart Always

Anna Gallagher joins us this week as she discusses how she gave a corporate career to find balance in her life. She tells us about her exciting venture "Hustle From The Heart" and how she built it ground up while balancing being a mother and other hats life has thrown at her. We also get into her role as a Psychology teacher and how she aims to be her own unique teacher while inspiring her students. Anna highlights her low and highlights and gives so much energy and emotion that you are...


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Extended Hustle Presents: Gerald Jones

Gerald Jones makes his return as he rejoins us for his extended hustle episode. In this episode, Gerald tells us what his favorite podcasts are and what he recommends. Later we discuss what books he is reading and which ones you should add to your personal list. Next, he tells us his thoughts on "Who really built America" and what he thinks when someone says "Go back to Africa". Delivering one of our boldest and honest extended hustles to date, Gerald Jones comes through, trust me when I say...


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Fashion, Art, & Vulnerability!

Andrea Angarica is our guest this week, she joins us talking about her transition from Sunny Florida to New York. We also discuss what its like to manage a marketing campaign outside the country. She gets vulnerable with us as she tells us about her playlist FEEL and also advice on success, health, and career. Lastly, she tells us her most liberating moment from 2017 and what her theme going into 2018 is going to be! Full of style, substance, and great gems this is one episode you don't...


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Shutdowns, Snapchat Doubts, & More

Keeping up with the new format we bring you another host-only episode. This week Paul and Emilio give their take on the government shutdown and how it may affect you. They also discuss Snapchat's new hope to get their feet back underneath them. That's not all as they dive into more various topics such as Amazon HQ bid that will be sure to get your mind right for the days ahead. The Educated Hustle party doesn't stop, no guest or not! Be sure to tune in and get your Educated Hustle fix!


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Gerald Shows Us How To Buy Black

Gerald Jones the host of Buy Black Podcasts is our guest this week. Gerald tells us what inspired him to make the podcast and how he was able to get up in running. He then tells us how you can start a business with less than $500 and why you shouldn't pay to have someone file your business LLC. Later on, we get into Black Wallstreet and if we are on track to return to that glory one day. Lastly, we discuss his experience as a Sigma and how he suggests you go about getting mentors. It's our...


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2018 is here!, New Year, Better Hustle

Your two hosts are back to strike gold in 2018! Paul and Emilio reflect on 2017 and highlight not only their favorite moments but interviews as well. They also detail the new release format for the show and what you can expect in the months to come. Our hosts get personal as they share their new year goals, also Emilio shares his story on why sometimes you can be in a scenario where you have to say no to your dream company. Full of New Year hope and a quest for improvement, this is one...