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Phoenix Jackson: Listening to the Spirit of Business – 061

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio is with Phoenix Jackson, an award-winning business leader, corporate communication strategist, a member of the Denver University adjunct faculty and expert in social entrepreneurship. Her new book, Spirit of Business launches this week - and I am certain you want to grab yours! Paulo Coelho, in his great book, The Alchemist, declared: “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” A woman’s intuition is one of her...

Viveka von Rosen: The LinkedIn Expert PLUS Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer and Top 10 Women in Social Media – 060

Today's 60th Extraordinary Women Radio episode is with Viveka von Rosen - a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer and Forbes Top 10 Women in Social Media, as well as one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 Social Media Experts. And she shares some of her best LinkedIn tips in this interview! You don't want to miss it! She shares her story of starting one of the first LinkedIn training companies, Linked into Business in 2006 where she was able to grab the @LinkedInExpert handles on both LinkedIn and...

Michelle Vos: Business and Branding Coach and Creator of Be365 – 059

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio guest, Michelle Vos is a perfect guest to join us on this Summer Solstice week! She's soulful, spiritually guided and so full of wisdom! Michelle and I have known this for some time. We love to get together over a cup and jam on our passion for doing business in a different way! I always leave these conversations feeling jazzed and I think you will fill into this today! We have a passion for creating business that is in the flow and not in the hustle. As...

Jamie ‘Sensei’ Leno Zimron: Founder of The KiAi Way®, Integrative, Body-Based Peak Performance Training – 058

Today I am so pleased to bring Jamie 'Sensei' Leno Zimron to Extraordinary Women Radio - a modern-day 'renaissance woman.' She is a 5th Degree Aikido Black Belt, Class A LPGA Teaching Professional, Marriage Family Therapist (MFT), Certified Sports Counselor, Master Bodyworker, Corporate and Conference Speaker-Trainer, and an International Citizen’s Diplomat. And on top of all of this - Her work has been the center of peacemaking efforts in some of the most challenging war-torn regions of...

Krystal Covington: Founder of Women of Denver, PR and Branding Expert – 057

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Krystal Covington, the Founder and CEO of Women of Denver, a social enterprise association and quarterly magazine. Krystal was on my Extraordinary Women Connect stage last Fall, and I'm on a panel at Krystal's Women of Denver Quarterly Networking party this coming Saturday evening, which I understand brings 150 women together in a single evening. And then I speak at her monthly Women of Denver meeting on June 21 on "The Brand of You:...

Hope Zvara: Mindfulness and Lifestyle Expert Focused on Pillars of Breath, Body and Belief – 056

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio interview with Hope Zvara, is so good. Hope is a mindfulness and lifestyle expert, a best selling author, and a motivational speaker who empowers individuals with her personal stories. And her stories are powerful. I can promise you - you will be moved. This may be my first podcast interview that I have ended up in tears. Her stories are truly heart touching, and it is within these stories, as Hope shares – that yoga found her – and transformed her life to...

Wendy Leone: Partner and Business Manager for Mt Hood Steel & Wood, Building High Rises in the Pacific Northwest – 055

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio I am so excited to share this interview with Wendy Leone - a partner in a steel & construction company – Mt. Hood Steel & Wood – building high rises in Portland and across the Northwest. Wendy is a friend of my son Josh, who I had the opportunity to meet last summer when I was visiting. I fell in love with Wendy the moment I met her, and you will too! In our interview, she tells the story of how she and her brothers started this company from the seedlings...

Amber Rae: Author of Choose Wonder Over Worry – 054

Today we’re joining our Extraordinary Women Radio guest – Amber Rae – in celebration of her new book – Choose Wonder over Worry! Choose Wonder Over Worry is launching around the world today and I’m happy to be a part of this celebration! I invite YOU to jump out to Amazon today and order a copy of her book and perhaps gift a few to some extraordinary women friends! Amber has been called a “Millennial Motivator” by Fortune and "The Brené Brown of Wonder” by Mind Body Green. Her work invites...

Dr. Sharron Stroud: Spiritual Leader, International Peace Prize Winner, Recognized by White House for Lifetime Achievements in Humanities – 053

I'm super honored to feature today's Extraordinary Women Radio guest, Dr. Sharron Stroud. Dr. Stroud is a woman dedicated to serving the planet. The slogan "Think Globally and Act Locally" would describe what she has been about for the past 40 years. She is an author, professional speaker, and a spiritual leader. She has served the New Thought movement for 42 years as a spiritual leader. Dr. Stroud has serves as the Spiritual Leader of Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide in Palm Springs,...

Michelle Marie King: Entrepreneur, Former Ms. Colorado Taking a Stand as a Positivity Activist Helping Women Discover Their Inner Beauty – 052

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with the fabulous Michelle Marie King, a philanthropic leader and motivational public speaker who has devoted her life to volunteerism and mentoring young women on giving back to their communities and building self-esteem. Michelle is blazing the country as a positivity activist and passionate visionary. In our interview today, Michelle shares how her life experiences as a former international runway model and former Ms. Colorado shaped her...

Haley Hoffman Smith: Founder of Her Big Idea Foundation and Author of Her Big Idea – 051

Today’s Extraordinary Women Radio guest – Haley Hoffman Smith is a young and upcoming rockstar in the entrepreneurial world. I love the energy she is bringing into the world and her incredible wisdom is way beyond her years! Haley started her first global non-profit and wrote her first book at age 18, and is in the midst of starting her second non-profit – Her Big IDEA Foundation. She also will be a key team member on The Next Gen Summit - leading a community of 2000 entrepreneurs to their...

Tommi Wolfe: CEO of Top Six Business Coach and Bronze Birch Marketing – 050

Welcome to Episode #50 of Extraordinary Women Radio! I love this milestone! So many incredible stories I've had the opportunity to share. Have you ever had a mentor or a coach who has shaped the trajectory of your life… of your business? Well one of these women for me is Tommi Wolfe – and I’m super excited to host Tommi today on Extraordinary Women Radio. I always say that Tommi helped my business grow up in those early years - and we talk about some of those lessons in today’s episode....

Mia Voss: Travel & Lifestyle Blogger, Brand Ambassador, Speaker and Entrepreneur – 049

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio is with Mia on the Go: Mia Voss! Mia is the ultimate traveler & people connector. She’s built her business around the love of story telling, travel, cars and being a cheerleader for the things she loves. She shares the story of how at 50, she decided to go nomadic. And it was in that journey that Mia became an accidental entrepreneur, opening her world to the lifestyle-aligned business she runs today that let's her travel the world, drive cool cars and...

Kate Bradley Chernis: Founder & CEO of Lately – 048

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio interview is with Kate Bradley Chernis, the Founder & CEO of Lately. Kate is a former rock 'n roll disc jockey turned tech CEO, and she’s as real as they come! Kate shares what it was like to raise $2.2 million in the tech world as a woman, and gives some good advice to my listeners who are raising capital. We talk about marketing that creates real connection and community in business. Kate shares how she listens to her intuition and how important it is to...

Lindsey Laurain: CEO of ezpz – a mom who makes kid’s mealtimes less messy – 047

In 2014 Lindsey Laurain – today's featured guest on Extraordinary Women Radio – and her husband were fed up with messy mealtime with their three young boys. In the midst of their frustration they said, “We need a plate the boys can’t toss!” The next day she taped a bowl to a piece of paper and has quickly grown the company by bootstrapping her way along. ezpz is a woman owned, self-funded small business that has expanded into a global multimillion-dollar company. Within six months this...

Gail Schoettler: 2018 Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee and former U.S. Ambassador, Colorado’s Lt. Governor and State Treasurer – 046

Today, I’m honored to bring you the sixth and final contemporary 2018 Inductee to the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame: Gail Schoettler. It’s a great interview and just in time for the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Gala this coming Wednesday, March 28! Dr. Gail Schoettler has been a U.S. Ambassador, Colorado’s Lt. Governor and State Treasurer, Douglas County school board president, and a successful businesswoman. She narrowly lost her race for governor of Colorado in 1998. Since...

What one year of Extraordinary Women Radio has taught me – 045

This week marks the one year anniversary of Extraordinary Women Radio! So many extraordinary women. So many extraordinary conversations. So much wisdom they shared. In every interview this year, our conversations have been rich, the stories shared… deep and wisdom filled. My guests have opened their hearts and shared their most vulnerable moments. They’ve shared heart break and they’ve shared success. All of them have been inspirational. At the end of every episode, my 43 guests brought...


Paige Goss: Founder and CEO of Point Solutions Group – 044

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio Interview is with Paige Goss the Founder and CEO of Point Solutions Group. Paige started Point Solutions Group only 11 months ago, and has already generated over a $1 million of billings in this short amount of time. She’s changemaker, a doer – and makes things happen – all while moving across the country with her wife and starting a family! In this interview, we talk about how she grew the company so quickly, about life and family. She shares how the "the...

Leslie Foster: 2018 Inductee to the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, President of the Gathering Place – 043

Today's Extraordinary Women Radio Interview is with Leslie Foster, a 2018 Inductee into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame and the President of a Denver non-profit, The Gathering Place. As you know, I have a passion for women helping women. For the changemakers. For women who reach out a hand and lift another up. This certainly describes Leslie. Leslie has been helping women get off the streets of Denver for 30 years. She has passionately worked to influence local decision-makers’...

Heidi Ganahl: Founder of the She Factor and Camp Bow Wow, CU Regent, Entrepreneur – 042

This week's Extraordinary Women Radio interview with Heidi Ganahl, the founder of Camp Bow Wow, is so good! Heidi has a passion for keeping the American dream alive and well! That’s because she’s been living it. And it wasn’t all a simple and easy path to get there. Heidi has faced extraordinary adversity in her life. Beginning with the loss of her husband at the age of 27, to losing a million-dollar insurance settlement, her entrepreneurial spirit helped her pick herself up and build a...