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Poor financial management is as fatal to your business and personal wealth as a photo of your parents on the bedside table is to your libido! If you want to protect the heart of your financial well being and get it to show you more love, you must understand and learn to prevent the most common causes of financial failure. Financial Foreplay® is the antidote to these lethal killers.

Poor financial management is as fatal to your business and personal wealth as a photo of your parents on the bedside table is to your libido! If you want to protect the heart of your financial well being and get it to show you more love, you must understand and learn to prevent the most common causes of financial failure. Financial Foreplay® is the antidote to these lethal killers.




Poor financial management is as fatal to your business and personal wealth as a photo of your parents on the bedside table is to your libido! If you want to protect the heart of your financial well being and get it to show you more love, you must understand and learn to prevent the most common causes of financial failure. Financial Foreplay® is the antidote to these lethal killers.






Why Your Spare Bedroom Might Be The Key to Financial Independence

Over the past 24 months as the COVID 19 pandemic unfolded and progressed... it revealed an inconvenient truth about just how precarious the financial affairs of middle class households really are. We now have much greater clarity and certainty around the fragility of our finances – with around 80% of households forced to confront the fact they don’t have enough savings and are around 1 month away from losing their homes. Inadequate savings, lack of financial planning, and with little support...


What if There Were an Easier Way to Choose Profitable Investment Properties?

Investing in property is a time-consuming, stressful and non-transparent process. It is estimated that investors spend on average 200 hours looking for a property, including frustrating Saturday morning inspections. Typically there are 5-10 stakeholders involved, the process is unclear, and most are worried about making a wrong/poor decision. It is extremely hard to find the data and insights to know where and what to buy and at what price. Bio Mickael Roger is co-founder and co-CEO of...


How Sexually Transmitted Debt is Creating a Revolution in Banking

Apple is putting the finishing touches on a service that will let consumers pay for any Apple Pay purchase in instalments over time – which is a direct foray into the “buy now, pay later” market where key players such as Paypal, Klarna, Zip and Afterpay have dominated. This new Apple service will be backed by Goldman Sachs Group as the lender for the loans that support the instalments. This new buy now, pay later system could further drive and entrench Apple Pay adoption. Even more...


Bad Retirement Decisions and How To STOP Making Them...

Emergency access to superannuation granted by the Australian Federal Government during the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a discretionary spending spree for some Australians, who are splashing cash on some shockingly non-essential items - gambling, alcohol, apps, luxury fashion items, and takeaway food. Roughly 3m Australians withdrew almost $36 billion from their super accounts under the COVID-19 scheme. This is sharply contrasted with what happened in Canada where Canadians continue to...


Getting Clear About What You Want... and Don't Want

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your ideas [for the future] into reality. The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you should concentrate your efforts. You'll also quickly spot the distractions that would otherwise lure you away from your intended direction/goal. Properly focused goals can be incredibly motivating, and...


Stealing Fruit: A Cautionary Tale of Intellectual Property Theft That Caused a Business to Go Under

Tania Katsanis ran a multi award winning online business for 12.5 years called Flowers by Fruit. Tania built her business from the ground up – she was focused on "delivering happiness" not only to her customers but also for her team. Flowers by Fruit was revolutionary in redefining edible gifts. Tania and her team created edible chocolate strawberry and fruit bouquets and arrangements for any occasion. The brand and the business had a loyal following and had built a strong reputation for...


STOP Fakes: The Financial Cost of Not Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Whether you are an investor, start-up, branded business, selling branded products or promoting your own brand, it is imperative that you take the necessary steps to safeguard your intellectual property. Intellectual property covers and protects more than just an idea or a concept – it shields genuine business assets that may be integral to your business and its long-term success. Intellectual property can consist of many different things – patents, trademarks, copyright, or registered...


Is The Way You Are Operating Your Business Risky & Dangerous?

Running a business is challenging on many fronts not the least of which is that you have put your finances at risk to fund it. That is why it makes sense to proactively manage risk, reduce uncertainty and protect your livelihood wherever possible. Business insurance is one of those areas that is not often talked about. There are plenty of courses on social media marketing, leadership, even financial literacy... but surprisingly very few on how to protect the key assets you need to stay in...


Barbers, Body Art and Learning How to BOSS IT with Small Business Expert Carl Reader



Here’s A Unique Way to Keep The Dream of "Owning Your Own Home” Alive

It may surprise you to hear that 2/3 of people accessing emergency relief are under extreme housing stress. In countries such as Australia, many adults are reporting that more than ½ of their disposable income goes to keep a roof over their head... leaving them little hope to save for a deposit. Plus according to Demographica, Australia is the only country in the world where 77% of the population is living in housing that is classified as severely unaffordable (defined as 6+ times your...


How Vulnerable are You to A Cyber Attack & Financial Ruin?

Cyber security poses a very real and significant threat to both individuals and businesses yet very few are actually prepared for the gravity of this threat. Today’s episode is an expose of the scary facts that most victims wish they had known and appreciated before their worst nightmare came to fruition. I want to start by first painting a clear picture of what you are facing and then introduce our guest expert today who is going to tell you what exactly what you need to know and do to...


Bankruptcy or Liquidation: Here’s How to Take the Risk Out of Your Risky Business

We’ve been talking a lot in the last few episodes about cash flow and working capital, and the important (and often misunderstood) distinction between the two. And cash should be top of mind for everyone right now as we know from experience that going into the pandemic last year 50% of business owners only had 16 days of cash reserves (and 96% of all business owners had


Here's How To Avoid the Rookie Mistake of Confusing Working Capital with Cash Flow

Working capital is one of the most difficult financial concepts to grasp for most small-business owners. The fact that it can be calculated in a few different ways only adds to the confusion. By definition, working capital is the amount by which current assets exceed current liabilities -- and it can be calculated several ways: However, if you simply run one of these calculations each month, you won't accomplish much in the way of highlighting what your working capital needs are or, more...


Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) & Other Forms of Sexually Transmitted Debt

According to a recent Cost of living survey reported on, most Australians have no savings at all. Over 10,000 people responded and only 38% reported having more than $5000 in savings, which is pretty poor. 23% admitted they could not find/raise $2000 in a week for something that was urgent and important. That’s put these numbers into perspective – the rule of thumb for emergency savings is that you should have a minimum of 3 months living expenses. Right now the average...


The Easiest & Most Powerful Way to Understand and Master Cash Flow

There is an easy way and a hard way to explain what cash flow is – the easiest way that I know is to help you create a visual in your mind of what cash flow looks like. Cash essentially flows in and out of your bank account over a period of time, much like this circle below. Money coming in is of course very straightforward... it’s the money going out that I want you to pay particular attention to. When I say Money Out it can included two things: Knowing that money is trapped and can be...


Identifying and Combating The Top 5 Symptoms of Chronic Poverty Mindset

Are you having another one of those months where you can't seem to pay the bills? It’s easy to bury your head in the sand, borrow money, have a clearance sale, or slap together a spreadsheet to tackle the cash flow crunch on a purely technical and financial level. These knee-jerk, reactionary measures can often make things worse and perpetuate the pressure on your bank account. Here's the problem... The human element cannot and should not be ignored - emotions, mindset, self sabotage,...


Why You Must Expose Yourself to Boost Revenue & Create New Streams of Income

According to several independent studies (Statista projects & Edison) roughly 34% of adults in America, Canada, Australia and the UK now listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. With roughly 2m podcasts listed on Google, there’s an audience of well over 150m listeners globally and that statistic is growing at a rate of more than 20% each year. As people are time poor and have begun to rely more heavily on mobile devices, search engines are giving preference to podcast content, and it has...


How To Face a Life Threatening Challenge and Turn it Into a Powerhouse Opportunity

Bio: Josephine Kinsella began her career in transport and travel with Transrail, Qantas, Accor, and Skylink in Australian and New Zealand. She became a licensed real estate agent in 2005 and quickly promoted up the ranks with Property Central, Harcourts, and Mike Pero culminating with a CEO position at LJ Hooker Group in New Zealand. Joesphine has also held several directorships on boards and now heads up the Powerhouse Group focusing on New Zealand and the US markets. She is a fractional...


Rise & Grind: Why Your Morning Rituals Keep You Tired All Day & Kill Your Cash Flow

One of the most important aspects of your success is how you start your day. Our expert guest Glenn Lundy wrote a book on the perfect morning routine because he says that having a powerful morning routine can literally change your life. Bio: Glenn Lundy is a husband to 1, a father to 8, and he is the host of the wildly popular Facebook Live show #RiseAndGrind. He’s been seen at places like Hustle and Grind Con, Grow Your Business For God’s Sake! and many more big stages across America....


Financial Freedom: Do You Have Enough to Retire & To Do The Things That Fulfil You?

We have all experienced the feeling at some point in our lives... the panic that sets in when you see the quote for an unexpected car repair, dental surgery or a broken refrigerator. The first thought that probably came to your mind was “How am I going to pay for that”? For some of you, the past 12 months may have resulted in you (or someone in your family) losing a pay check or having a sharp decline in salary, even if it was only for a short period of time. What this experience...