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The Positive Spin on Dealing with Physician Burnout

Physician burnout? Dr. Jeff Smith says it’s a good thing. Here, he talks about the overwhelm of the doctor’s day-to-day routines that contribute to a depersonalization of their work, but finds it to be an opportunity to shift course. He admits to experiencing burnout daily where he is forced to reassess and proactively change the situations contributing to an emotional breakdown. Read more:


7 Baby to 12 Toddler: Stepping Straight to Financial Freedom

Kayse Kress, newest add to my fee-only financial planning firm, Physician Wealth Services, and I have a convo made for work BFFs. We review physician blogger Dr. Breathe Easy’s 12 Toddler Steps to Financial Freedom, a reference to Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps. We go through all 12 incl. paying off credit card debt, having an emergency fund, and refinancing loans, to name the first few. Let’s get going here:...


Veterans Day Special: Financial Readiness Score with USAA

To honor our Veterans, I interviewed Jeff at USAA. USAA is a proud sponsor and supporter of the military and their families, so the timing is perfect. We talk about what a Financial Readiness Score is and how it’s calculated, so members can review their finances at a glance. I talk about how I find this product to be similar to a robo-planner. Listen to why I think that is. Check out the blog:


Should Physicians Get Their Employment Contracts Reviewed?

A lot of physicians are finishing med school and beginning to make choices about their future. Understanding the expectations of their employment contracts is one of those choices impacting their next move. Jon Appino with Contract Diagnostics helps our listeners sift through the basics of compensation, bonuses, termination clauses, non-competes, and post termination provisions. Here’s the blog:...


Curbside Consult with White Coat Investor

The White Coat Investor comes back to answer listener questions in this insightful episode where he approaches some of the most pressing questions our listeners are challenged with. He talks Public Service Loan Forgiveness, establishing a relationship with a financial planner, and banking to put our callers concerns to rest. Want more? Read the blog here:


No One Cares More About Your Money Than You

Chris Mamula, Can I Retire Yet? blogger and retiree at age 41, takes us through a journey of working with a poor financial advisor and then eventually winding down the early retirement path on his own. He touched on his experience such as fees, taxes, missed ops and the overall nightmare that ensued. Through extreme financial planning and evaluating his goals, Chris helps others become their own advocates. More:...


High Side Income with Locums Work

Live on the floor of FinCon, Dr. Carrie Reynolds with Hippocratic Hustle shares with us her experience in doing locums work for a healthy side income. Calling bluffs, choosing a location, and starting the vetting process from scratch are just a few things she elevates our knowledge about! Oh, and pave a way for a working interview? Yeah, we talk about that too. Check it out here:


Bringing It Home: The Process of Buying a House

My better half, Taylor Inman, MD, and I recently experienced a move from Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA. Trying really hard to stick within a budget for a new home, Tay and I reflect on some of the good and bad of the home buying process. Our family had a lot riding on the move with our kids and a potential new job, so the stakes were high for our new home and for our sanity. For more, let’s take you to the blog:...


The Science Behind Positive Financial Habits

Nick True discusses why we need to be more conscious of the people we hang around. The whole “show us your friends, I’ll show you your future,” in fact, means everything when applied to our finances. Nick encourages our listeners to consider the science behind how we behave when we’re around our inner circles—they very well may be the deciding factor in having empty pockets or a full bank account. Want more? Read here:...


16 Rewarding Ways to Invest In Real Estate

Dr. Peter Kim chats on how physicians can invest in real estate and ensure their return is worth it! Bringing his “giant list of 16” on investing in real estate, he curates the conversation by laying out realistic and rewarding ways to bring more money into the pockets of hard working physicians. Some topics revolve around money lending, property ownership, and fix and flip. Keep calm and read on right here:


Financial Freedom for Physicians in 3, 2, 1 Go!

Andy Hill from Marriage, Kids, and Money turns the dreaded B-word into the much anticipated F-word… (oh wait – that sounds bad). Talking budgets and financial freedom here. In this very wholesome episode, we bring up the expenses that tend to creep up on our families, money talks with our spouses, and “brainwashing” the kids to do their chores so they can buy what they want. Want more? Check out the blog:


The Golden Answer to "Pay Down Debt or Invest" with White Coat Investor

Your finances are dependent on your actions and those actions are dependent upon the knowledge you acquire. White Coat Investor brings this concept to us in the form of his notable “Live Like a Resident” philosophy—which most of us find really hard to do. Open your spreadsheets (jk, don’t!) and listen how living like a resident will do you more good than not down the road. Want more? Check out the blog:


14 Days to Jumpstart Your Financial Residency

PT Money is in the houuuuse! PT, aka Philip Taylor, is not your average blogger. He’s more like your ultimate money nerd with a gold chain and in this episode, he shows us why! Are you ready to jumpstart your financial residency in 14 days? Yeah, you are. Let’s go! Want full access to the 14 days jumpstart guide? Check out the show notes:


Stretch Your Stash! How to Make Your Money Go Further

A big deal in the world of finance, Joe Saul-Sehy, the creator and co-host of the Stacking Benjamins show, joins me for this bangin’ Season 2 opener! With his wife being a pediatrician and with twins rummaging around, he’s the perfect person to talk pinching pennies for the sake of stacking some Bens. Literally. In this episode, Joe talks about stretching your stash. Check it out here:


How to Balance Your Time Versus Money to Live a Richer Life

Do you know what you want in life so you aren’t spending money trying to impress people who might out-impress you tomorrow anyway? Keeping up with the Joneses is a true trap for physicians, and the likelihood of knowing that’s true for you and/or your peers is unfortunately really high. Maybe it’s time to understand why this is an important lesson to learn right now wherever you are in your financial journey. To gain a solid perspective on how to balance your time versus money, the...


How to be a long-distance landlord and a good one at that!

What happens when you put the right systems in place to help you manage properties from a distance? A well-developed business emerges that’s what happens. As a long-distance property manager of rental units in California, Mike is a steward for good business practices and discusses why this venture requires careful consideration of all of its working parts. In this episode, we’ll explore some of Mike’s best and worst experiences as a long-distance landlord and what he does to avoid the shock...


This Is the Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Investing

It’s no secret that delving into the multifamily investment space will place your investor bucks in the right places. The secret is placed, however, in understanding the ins and the outs of starting on this path, including the risks involved, effectively vetting the market, and pursuing successful financial structures. This is where this content, self-dubbed The Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Investing, comes in. It will provide you with awesome advice sure to help you begin this journey with...


This Is Why You Should Manage Personal Finances Like a Business

Do you know why you should manage your personal finances like a business? If you’re listening to this podcast, you are more than likely very in tune with your finances. Or, perhaps, you may just be beginning to understand how important they are. Whatever your journey, people like Eric Rosenberg, Host of the Personal Profitability Podcast, make the process oh-so-much easier to understand. Your confidence level in running your personal finances like a business will skyrocket before you know...


Marriage and Money Dates: How to Improve Your Finance Drive

Bust out your spreadsheets and go on a money date! I’m kidding. I’m usually nerd-ing out on budgets and estate planning documents, but I’m not going to kill the money mood talking about that. Money dates are anything but drab, like what budgets are for some. They are a “fun and relaxed” way to connect with your partner on your finances and an opportunity to revisit what you both are working towards as a unit. In this episode, I’m given the honor of talking to Elle Martinez, Creator and...


This is What It’s Like to Be a Short-Term Rental Landlord

A good friend of mine, Dr. Dave Draghinas, is a Frisco-based anesthesiologist who finds himself plunging into the many facets of physician side-gigs. He hosts his own podcast called Doctors Unbound to bring incredible “unbound” physician stories to the limelight. A side-gig of his, subsequently a passive income stream, is managing short-term rentals using the Airbnb platform. Are you curious about being a short-term rental landlord? Check out Dr. Dave’s top tips for doing Airbnb the right...