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How to Balance Your Time Versus Money to Live a Richer Life

Do you know what you want in life so you aren’t spending money trying to impress people who might out-impress you tomorrow anyway? Keeping up with the Joneses is a true trap for physicians, and the likelihood of knowing that’s true for you and/or your peers is unfortunately really high. Maybe it’s time to understand why this is an important lesson to learn right now wherever you are in your financial journey. To gain a solid perspective on how to balance your time versus money, the...


How to be a long-distance landlord and a good one at that!

What happens when you put the right systems in place to help you manage properties from a distance? A well-developed business emerges that’s what happens. As a long-distance property manager of rental units in California, Mike is a steward for good business practices and discusses why this venture requires careful consideration of all of its working parts. In this episode, we’ll explore some of Mike’s best and worst experiences as a long-distance landlord and what he does to avoid the...


This Is the Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Investing

It’s no secret that delving into the multifamily investment space will place your investor bucks in the right places. The secret is placed, however, in understanding the ins and the outs of starting on this path, including the risks involved, effectively vetting the market, and pursuing successful financial structures. This is where this content, self-dubbed The Ultimate Guide to Multifamily Investing, comes in. It will provide you with awesome advice sure to help you begin this journey...


This Is Why You Should Manage Personal Finances Like a Business

Do you know why you should manage your personal finances like a business? If you’re listening to this podcast, you are more than likely very in tune with your finances. Or, perhaps, you may just be beginning to understand how important they are. Whatever your journey, people like Eric Rosenberg, Host of the Personal Profitability Podcast, make the process oh-so-much easier to understand. Your confidence level in running your personal finances like a business will skyrocket before you know...


Marriage and Money Dates: How to Improve Your Finance Drive

Bust out your spreadsheets and go on a money date! I’m kidding. I’m usually nerd-ing out on budgets and estate planning documents, but I’m not going to kill the money mood talking about that. Money dates are anything but drab, like what budgets are for some. They are a “fun and relaxed” way to connect with your partner on your finances and an opportunity to revisit what you both are working towards as a unit. In this episode, I’m given the honor of talking to Elle Martinez, Creator and...


This is What It’s Like to Be a Short-Term Rental Landlord

A good friend of mine, Dr. Dave Draghinas, is a Frisco-based anesthesiologist who finds himself plunging into the many facets of physician side-gigs. He hosts his own podcast called Doctors Unbound to bring incredible “unbound” physician stories to the limelight. A side-gig of his, subsequently a passive income stream, is managing short-term rentals using the Airbnb platform. Are you curious about being a short-term rental landlord? Check out Dr. Dave’s top tips for doing Airbnb the right...


Curbside Consult with Larry Keller – April 2018

Physician term insurance and disability insurance are important topics for our audience-- important enough that I decided to have a lingering dialogue about it following our last episode for this Curbside Consult. We continue the conversation with Larry B. Keller, founder of Physician Financial Services, this time to answer questions polled by my Facebook groups, Physician Finance and Financial Residency, regarding term, disability, and supplemental insurance for physicians. Questions...


Winning Tactics for Finding the Right Insurance Policy with Larry Keller

Insurance is a tricky subject affecting residents, fellows and attending physicians, and it’s most likely a topic you are challenged with today. With many options available, it can be hard to decipher which policy selection is the best fit for you and your family. If you are in the market for insurance policies, you will get to learn about the various facets of term insurance and disability insurance. We also give you the scoop on the discounts available to you, but not necessarily...


The Top 3 Mistakes Physicians Make With Their Taxes, with Craig Cody

CPA and tax expert Craig Cody and I discuss the top 3 mistakes that physicians tend to make on their taxes. For more information, visit the show notes at


Student Loan Curbside Consult with Travis Hornsby

Travis Hornsby from is back to answer several questions from listeners about how to handle their student loans. For more information, visit the show notes at


3 biggest mistakes physicians make with their student debt with Travis Hornsby

Student loan expert Travis Hornsby and I discuss the 3 biggest mistakes that physicians make with their student debt. For more information, visit the show notes at


How to Crush Your Student Loan Debt with Robert Farrington

Student loan debt expert Robert Farrington and I answer 5 listener questions, helping them understand their options concerning their student loans and hopefully inspiring all of you to get organized and take control over your finances. We discuss in detail the best student loan forgiveness program available for physicians, public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) as well as our opinions on when you should look at refinancing out of the federal loan program. In this show we answer: Vivek...


How to Eliminate $500,000 of Debt as a Physician with Dr. Cory Fawcett

Whether you are going for public service loan forgiveness or looking to pay down your mortgage, Dr. Cory Fawcett has some great insights on how to tackle all of your outstanding debt. We discuss how he went through a major mindset shift that allowed him to crush $500,000 of his own debt in less than 6 years. I appreciate his honesty and openness of how he incorrectly approached his own debt early in his career and how he was able to right himself and eventually eliminate all of his debt...


How To Make The Most Of Your Health Savings Account

Shobin Uralil, COO and Co Founder of Lively (, and I discuss in depth what is an HSA and who qualifies for an HSA. If you have a high deductible health plan (HDHP), you could qualify to open an HSA, which could be used as a great financial planning tool for healthcare related costs in retirement. Shobin and I tackle the terminology that you need to know to understand what are HSA qualified medial expenses and what is covered under a health savings...


Curbside Consult – February 2018

Time to answer listener questions about HSA’s, 529’s and investing. Enjoy! If you have a question keeping you up at night and would like to be featured on the podcast, go to and record your question today. Dan asks: My wife and I want to save money for a home and we aren’t sure how much we need to save. Do you have any tips for how to save for a down payment on a house? Victor asks: Looking into investing for my child’s education. What are your...


How to Travel Hack using Credit Card Rewards with Holly Johnson

Travel expert Holly Johnson from about the best ways to travel and the best credit cards. It’s amazing to hear how a real pro travels, how she searches and finds the best deals that allows her and her family to travel the world affordably. While some of this may have sounded like a paid endorsement for Chase credit cards (it wasn’t ☺), they really do just provide the most benefit when used together. Knowing how much Holly and her family travel, it’s quite impressive that...


What you need to know about physician mortgage loans with Doug Crouse

Doug Crouse and I jump into everything you need to know about physician mortgage loans. Doug has nearly 2 decades of experience helping physicians obtain financing for their home purchases and throughout the show helps explain the intricacies of physician mortgage loans, FHA loans, VA loans and conventional financing. We tackle how physicians qualify for physician’s mortgages and if doctors should still utilize conventional loans over physician mortgages. Every wonder how banks price...


Curbside Consult – January 2018

Curbside Consult – January 2018 Today’s show is another curbside consult but with a twist. Instead of hearing listener questions, you will be hearing some of the questions asked in the latest panel discussion that I was invited to be on. I was honored to be an expert panelist for the NEJM Financial Planning 101 series. There were so many great questions that I decided to have today’s show highlighting 9 of the questions asked in the discussion....


What Physicians Should Know About the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with John McCarthy CPA

The Tax bill is final; did you get a tax cut? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) that was signed by President Trump on Dec 15 2017, and there has been a lot of confusion around what changed and how that will affect the taxpayers. On today’s show, I talk with John McCarthy CPA, as we do a high level walk through on the tax bill and highlight some of the important things physicians need to be aware of right away. While the list isn’t exhaustive, it would be hard to summarize 1100 pages of...


What's it like to be married to a Financial Planner?

Curious what it’s like to be married to a financial planner? In this episode, Dr. Taylor Inman (my better half) reveals the good and bad that apparently comes with marrying someone who loves to geek out over numbers. Taylor and I also discuss a bit of our backstory, how we ended up creating our own financial life plan and how we have been living out our ideal life for the past few years. Having an open dialogue with each other as well as time to self-reflect allows us to hone in on our...