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Flack Pack is the official public relations podcast of Washington, D.C., focused on issues, techniques, news, and topics of interest to flacks everywhere, especially in the Swamp!

Flack Pack is the official public relations podcast of Washington, D.C., focused on issues, techniques, news, and topics of interest to flacks everywhere, especially in the Swamp!
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Flack Pack is the official public relations podcast of Washington, D.C., focused on issues, techniques, news, and topics of interest to flacks everywhere, especially in the Swamp!








35: White House Turkey Photo Op

It’s Thanksgiving week, so naturally we’re talking about turkeys, the kind that visit the White House each year looking to avoid an untimely end as someone’s holiday feast. The National Turkey Presentation is a PR bonanza for the turkey industry, with reporters lining up in the Rose Garden to report on the annual pardoning ceremony. Abraham Lincoln spared the first bird, but his successors presumably ate the annual presidential gift until Harry Truman picked up the notion of pardoning the...


34: Midterms PR Fallout with Adam Belmar, Partner at EFB Advocacy

The midterm elections are over and you’re probably relieved you’ll no longer have to suffer through a barrage of nasty television and radio ads from candidates blasting their opponents. It’s true the political fights during prime-time TV have ended, but if you do PR, the fun is just beginning. That’s because we’re surrounded by politics and as hard as you might try, you, your organizations or your clients may soon find yourselves swept up into a bitter political shoot-out that starts in...


33: PR Ethics vs. Big Retainers with Anthony D'Angelo, 2018 PRSA National Chair

This week, we want to know how any public relations firm could still be working with the Saudi government after reports that people on its payroll murdered and dismembered a journalist critical of its policies at home? The Flack Pack discusses a Washington Post report listing PR firms that government documents show still work for Saudi Arabia and its agents following the death of Jamal Khashoggi. And we ask what PR pros should do if faced with this ethical question: Should you put your...


28: PR Agency Life: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Gina Luttrell of Syracuse University

Is life working in a PR agency as glamorous as Hollywood portrays it on television and in movies? The truth is, working in an agency can be exciting, but it also can be exhausting, and not for every PR soul. This week, we consider the ups and downs of PR agency life with Dr. Gina Luttrell, a PR and Social Media Professor at Syracuse University, and co-author of a new book, The PR Agency Handbook. We’ll explore the agency-client relationship, discuss the book’s included client personas,...


27: Pitch Your Audience, Not Just Your Story! Says Erik Huddleston, CEO of TrendKite

What if you could tell a journalist how your story will play on his or her news website? Imagine being able to predict social media engagement in a news pitch. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could shape your story to make it irresistible for newsroom gatekeepers who are increasingly focused on audience data and their own analytics? Erik Huddleston is rapidly becoming the PR pro's best friend. His team at TrendKite in Austin, Texas thinks it has figured out how to do all of this and more, with a...


26: PR’s 1st Holographic News Release by Cathy Hackl

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope!” Forty years ago, holograms were the stuff of science fiction movies, like Star Wars. Princess Leia’s desperate call for an old Jedi Knight’s assistance is legendary, and as it turns out, quite prophetic. That’s because this week, PR pros at PRSA’s International Conference in Austin, Texas got to see the industry’s first holographic news release. Cathy Hackl is a PR futurist, and a former broadcast journalist. Now she preaches the latest tech...


24: PR and Breakfast Tacos Served in Weird Austin with PRSA-Austin's Amelia Folkes

PRSA keeps Austin weird this weekend, as thousands of PR pros convene for a communications convergence in Texas. The Flack Pack previews PRSA’s 2018 International Conference with Amelia Folkes, President-elect of Austin’s PRSA Chapter. Amelia talks about the work it takes to put on a good conference, the fun attendees can expect, and a few things weirdly Austin – sombreros, a yeti, and breakfast tacos. If you’re going to the conference, visit the Flack Pack in Booth 701 in the Exhibit...


20: Is the White House Hurting the PR Pro’s Rep? Ft. USC's Fred Cook and PR News' Seth Arenstein

Is PR suffering at the hands of the White House communications operation? We explore the issue this week. We explore a poll done by USC’s Center for Public Relations that asked PR pros whether they thought the actions of the White House comms shop were harming their own credibility as public relations advisors. The survey presented a popular result, but, based on the people responding, we’ve got our questions about the findings. We interview Fred Cook, Director of USC’s public relations...


19: The State of PR Jobs with Anthony D'Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA, 2018 Chair of PRSA

On the Labor Day special edition of Flack Pack, we’re examining the job outlook for flacks. Anthony D’Angelo, APR, Fellow PRSA, 2018 Chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), talks about the jobs forecast for PR pros, breaks down the state of each industry sector, and reveals the job he would apply for if he were a college graduate today. Learn more about Anthony D’Angelo here. Read the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report about America’s PR industry. Looking for a job?...


13: News Release Tips from White House Correspondent Lachlan Markay

News releases have been a staple of public relations for ages. How important are they today? On Flack Pack episode 13, we hear from Lachlan Markay, a White House correspondent for The Daily Beast, about his take on news releases and what makes them good or bad.


12: What You Need to Know About Influencers with Nic Yeeles, Founder & CEO of Peg.co

We're surrounded by influencers on every virtually every social media platform. Most of us follow at least one. We see them all the time, but do we know how they really work? What if you want to communicate your message through an influencer? Nic Yeeles, founder and CEO of Peg.co, a platform that helps you execute your influencer marketing, tells us everything he knows about the influencer space (which is a lot!) — what to be cautious about, which influencers are best for you, why you...


11: Jerry Ceppos, Former Dean of LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication

How have journalists’ jobs over the past couple of decades? On this week's Flack Pack, Washington Media Group's founder and chairman, Greg Vistica, sat down with old friend and retired journo, Jerry Ceppos, to talk about the evolving nature of journalism and his transition to educating the next generation of comms professionals.


10: The Changing Identity of Media with Robert Bluey of The Heritage Foundation

The changing media landscape has led to the need for communications strategists to get more creative in delivering their message to their audience. On this week's episode, we talked to an expert about it. Robert Bluey, VP of Comms. at The Heritage Foundation and editor-in-chief of the think tank's news organization, The Daily Signal, discussed the changing identity of media and why creating your own content is so valuable.


9: NYC's Museum of Public Relations with Shelley Spector

Did you know there's a public relations museum in New York City? We took a trip to the Big Apple to speak with Shelley Spector, the museum's founder, about its backstory, collection and plans for the future. Listen up to hear all about PR history — and how the museum is preserving and sharing it.


8: The Life and Legacy of Edward Bernays with Lucas Held and Shelley Spector

It's Father's Day Weekend, so we'll be talking about the Father of Public Relations! Lucas Held and Shelley Spector join us to talk about the life and legacy of Edward L. Bernays. You should listen up because Lucas Held is the grandson of Edward Bernays and Shelley Spector was Bernays' longtime colleague and friend. Both of them have a lot of memories to share with us.


5: Gregory Vistica, Investigative Journalist, Author, and CEO of Washington Media Group

This is a special edition of Flack Pack featuring Gregory Vistica, former investigative journalist, author, and CEO of Washington Media Group. He joins Flack Packer Summer Johnson today to talk about Michael Wolff and Wolff's book, "Fire and Fury." Before creating Washington Media Group, Gregory Vistica was a noted investigative journalist for Newsweek, 60 Minutes II, The New York Times Magazine and The Washington Post. He is also the recipient of the George Polk Award, a Peabody and was a...


2: Podcasting as a PR Tool with Rob Walch, Libsyn's VP of Podcaster Relations

Podcasting guru Rob Walch—also the VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn—wants to know if podcasts are on your client’s media pitch list. He says they should be.


1: PR's Recent Grads and Young Professionals with Pallavi Kumar of American University

American University School of Communication Professor Pallavi Kumar reveals what the industry should expect from this year’s class of young PR pros.



Welcome to Washington's official public relations podcast! We will be dropping an episode every Friday about public relations strategies, crisis management, and more.