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Follow the Data is a show for Amazon Sellers about the sometimes mysterious and ever-changing Amazon marketplace. CEO of Viral Launch, Casey Gauss and co-host Cameron Yoder leverage the Viral Launch data, accumulated from tens of thousands of product launches, to help you understand the big picture and most importantly, the best practices for success as an Amazon seller.

Follow the Data is a show for Amazon Sellers about the sometimes mysterious and ever-changing Amazon marketplace. CEO of Viral Launch, Casey Gauss and co-host Cameron Yoder leverage the Viral Launch data, accumulated from tens of thousands of product launches, to help you understand the big picture and most importantly, the best practices for success as an Amazon seller.
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Follow the Data is a show for Amazon Sellers about the sometimes mysterious and ever-changing Amazon marketplace. CEO of Viral Launch, Casey Gauss and co-host Cameron Yoder leverage the Viral Launch data, accumulated from tens of thousands of product launches, to help you understand the big picture and most importantly, the best practices for success as an Amazon seller.




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Seller Strategy Series | Liran Hirschkorn: 'Killing It' On Amazon

It’s easy to get stuck in ruts as an Amazon Seller. When trying to do everything alone, not only do you feel like you don’t have anyone that can relate to what you’re going through, but you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Without others to process with, ideas stagnate, sales slow, and your full potential can’t be reached. We’re changing that with this Series. This episode is the start of a periodic series we’re starting to pull out Seller Strategies from Amazon Sellers who are...


5 Data-Based Listing Optimization Tips | Using Data To Improve Your Amazon Listing

Keyword Matter. YOU matter. How you USE a keyword MATTERS. Placement, frequency, plurals, hyphens - there are so many intricacies to keywords and listing optimizations on Amazon, and it’s INCREDIBLY important to get them all right. Getting it right means you’ve checked that box off your list - that you can now focus on improving and implementing changes across other mediums. Getting it wrong means you’ll be fighting an uphill battle until it DOES get fixed. In this episode, we’re breaking...


The 12 Most Common Amazon FBA Mistakes: What They Are And How To Avoid Them

We ALL make mistakes on Amazon, and like we’ve talked about in previous episodes of Follow The Data, all have experienced failure in one way or another. Learning from our failures, and learning from our own and other’s mistakes can lead us deeper into our own path of success! In this episode, we’re going to break down 12 of the MOST common mistakes we see sellers making on Amazon. We’ve talked about failures in the past, and while that still applies to mistakes, these are a bit different...


Casey Gauss | Raw Audio: The Successful Seller Mindset, Killer Product Selection and Dominating Search Results

Casey's had the opportunity to travel, speak, observe and implement some of the highest-level Seller strategies for Amazon. He's seen just about everything in the Amazon space, and plays an active part in molding what selling looks like for everyone involved in this space. In this episode, we're playing back a presentation Casey had at a conference called ASGTG. During this presentation, now released in this podcast episode, Casey breaks down what a successful seller mindset looks like,...


Financing on Amazon: Breaking Down The Strategy & Risk To Scale Quickly

Amazon is a cash game. Sellers often enter into the Amazon space knowing this, but don’t fully recognize just how much truth is in the notion that a LARGE part of Selling is optimizing where you’re funneling all of your cash. You need to ask yourself the RIGHT questions as you begin considering expanding your business with a cash infusion. There are a lot of different options sellers have used to get an influx of cash, and we’re going to break that down today. What each of them are, the...


Amazon Prime Day 2018 - A Data-Driven Approach: What To Know and How To Prepare

Mark it down everyone — Amazon Prime Day 2018 is believed to be July 16. Said to start Monday at noon and go until midnight on Tuesday, July 17, Amazon Prime Day 2018 will be 6 hours longer than last year’s, which in turn was 6 hours longer than the previous year! More time, more deals seems to be Amazon’s new Prime Day motto. We're going to jump into Prime Day Strategy.


How To Grow Beyond $1-5 Million: Why Amazon Sellers Get Stuck & How To Overcome Stagnation

Every success comes with a series of challenges; roadblocks along the way to test your resolve - to test whether you can progress to the next level of sales, or stay where you’ve been. We’ve been able to accumulate a LOT of data here at Viral Launch. We’ve also had the opportunity to see LARGE sellers scale successfully, AND see the same sellers struggle to progress past $1-5million in revenue. In this episode, we break down why sellers are getting stuck - why they AREN’T progressing....


Arbitrage vs. Private Label: Differences in Seller Strategy w/ Guests Garland & Max

There are many ways for sellers to sell on Amazon. We often largely explore the pursuit of rising in the ranks for Private Label sales, however this week Cameron dives into what it looks like to scale an extremely successful arbitrage business! He'll be interviewing two sellers that have established an incredible arbitrage operation and continue to also scale their Private Label operation. This episode is all about digging into comparison between the two selling types, and pulling out how...


The Top 5 Frequently Asked Amazon Seller Questions w/ Viral Launch Coaches Brandon & AJ

We aggregate a LOT of data here at Viral Launch. 'Data' can look like a couple different things - one of them being direct interaction with the Amazon Seller community. Viral Launch has a coaching team that interacts with & guides a LARGE number of Sellers every single day, and have a solid understanding of what's happening in the Seller community as a result. Today, we break down some of the most recent commonly asked questions sellers have been asking with two of the coaches that have...


Amazon Review Changes: Drastic Shifts In Seller Strategy & How To Respond (Part 1)

As a Seller, it’s a serious challenge to grow your business and increase sales while so many changes are constantly happening to Amazon’s platform. Amazon is changing the way that buyers ‘buy', and sellers ‘sell’. Over the past month, Amazon has been making changes to Reviews. Some of these changes have already drastically altered Seller Strategy. Other changes have the potential to drastically alter Seller Strategy in the future. In this episode, we break down recent changes to reviews on...


From Side-Gig to Full-Time: Leaving Your 9-5 to Focus on Amazon w/ Guest Taz Ahsan

The ultimate goal for most Amazon sellers: freedom. Many sellers get into selling on Amazon to gain some sort of financial freedom. Even with this light at the end of the tunnel, it's a struggle for sellers to find the balance between working a full-time job and grinding with Amazon on the side. Taz Ahsan, our guest on today's show, has successfully scaled his Amazon business while working in a time-consuming, full-time job. Today's episode gave us the chance to break down how Taz is...


Failing Successfully: How To Use Failure To Grow Your Business w/ Casey Gauss

Sellers in the Amazon space today seem to only talk about success. But what about the other side? The side that sees less attention? As a seller, it’s important to recognize that failure is a critical aspect of growth for you and your business. Successfully handling failure on Amazon can make or break even the greatest sellers. With the right systems in place, it can be used as one of your most valuable assets. Scaling your business effectively means knowing how to best respond to failure....


Trademarks and Amazon: Why and How You Should Trademark Your Brand w/ Special Guest LegalZoom

Trademarks are both complicated and essential to long-term success for Amazon businesses. Trademarking your Amazon brand is crucial for protection and access to exclusive Amazon features (Brand Registry 2.0), however there is a lot of misinformation concerning what a trademark is and how to best establish one. On this episode of Follow The Data, we sit down with Nicholas Santucci, the Lead Trademark Attorney of LegalZoom Legal Services, Ltd. to break down this confusing topic and shed some...


Exposing Amazon Black Hat Tactics: A Seller's Defense with Leo Sgovio

What is 'Black Hat'? What does it look like on Amazon? How can Sellers defend themselves against strategies like this? On this episode of Follow The Data, Casey and Cameron break down current Black Hat tactics, and how they are affecting Amazon Sellers, with Leo Sgovio, the Head of Innovation at Viral Launch. They'll talk through the current 'state' of Black Hat, what you need to be aware of, and how to leverage this information for success on Amazon.


Finding The Amazon Products No One Is Thinking About

Finding new markets or products to source on Amazon can be a challenge. Expanding your search methods, however, may prove to be extremely beneficial. On this episode, Casey and Cameron talk about how to shift your mindset in order to find the products on Amazon that no one else is thinking of. Casey and Cameron talk through the state of the Amazon market, as well as some specifics when it comes to the hunt for these new markets.


Licensing On Amazon: Another Avenue For Revenue with Paul Miller

As an Amazon Seller, the hunt for great ways to expand your business never stops. Not many sellers in the Amazon community have considered, let alone heard of, licensing as a possibility. In this episode, we break down what licensing looks like and the great opportunity it holds as an addition to an Amazon storefront. Paul Miller, a successful licensor on Amazon, walks through how licensing has changed his business and how it can do the same for yours. Licensing isn't for everyone, but...


Busting The Myth: Amazon Just Wants To Make The Most Money

It's time to bust another myth that has recently been passing around the Amazon community. Without digging into the data, it can be easy to think that in order to be successful on Amazon, you need to do whatever it takes to make Amazon the most money NOW. We're seeing the opposite; Amazon taking steps to ensure that you stick around for the long-term. Join us as we dig into a couple specific examples to support this long-term mentality, and disprove this pervasive short-term money-making...


Q4 Is Closer Than You Think: A Guide to Selling Seasonal Products

It’s never too early to start thinking about Q4. And with Q2 already underway, we’re one quarter closer to the holiday season. As Q4 approaches, you may want to consider sourcing a seasonal product. Seasonal products aren’t for everyone, and they certainly aren’t for the faint of heart. But if you choose to take the risk, there’s potential for huge reward.


Hiring the Right People with Viral Launch Director of Talent, Matt Henry

Hiring the right people at the right time is critical to the success of a growing business. As a CEO, it’s your job to make sure you’re getting the right people on the bus. First hires can boost you to a strong start or snowball into a string of unconfident hiring decisions and wasted resources. Join host and CEO Casey Gauss for a conversation about hiring with Viral Launch Director of Talent, Matt Henry.


Building a Team with Sellers Anthony Bui-Tran, Fernando Cruz, and Nick Young

In this episode, Anthony, Nick, and Fernando all share about their experience building teams for their businesses: how they knew they needed to hire, how they prioritized talent according to their business goals, and how they found the right people to grow.