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A raw and real look at the scenes of leadership. Kirk Dando goes beyond veneer and into the raw and real of leadership and business scale. You'll learn from world-class leaders in a variety of businesses. Kirk will bring insight from over 20 years of experience working with more than 8,000 leaders.

A raw and real look at the scenes of leadership. Kirk Dando goes beyond veneer and into the raw and real of leadership and business scale. You'll learn from world-class leaders in a variety of businesses. Kirk will bring insight from over 20 years of experience working with more than 8,000 leaders.
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A raw and real look at the scenes of leadership. Kirk Dando goes beyond veneer and into the raw and real of leadership and business scale. You'll learn from world-class leaders in a variety of businesses. Kirk will bring insight from over 20 years of experience working with more than 8,000 leaders.






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Culture, Values, Raising Money + The Role of CEO

Today, we’re continuing our conversation with serial entrepreneur, Brett Hurt. If you missed the first episode, make sure to listen to learn the resources Brett uses to scale, how to communicate with investors and a lot more. This episode is jam-packed with insights and actionable advice from Brett. We spend a lot of time talking about exactly HOW to create a thriving culture. Brett shares a unique but powerful way to develop your company’s values so they stick and are memorable. Brett’s...


Brett Hurt: 2 Secrets to Scaling

Today we’re talking to serial entrepreneur, Brett Hurt. He’s a co-founder and the CEO of and a founder of Coremetrics and Bazaarvoice. Brett also owns Hurt Family Investments with his wife, Debra. They’re now invested in 55 startups and 12 VC funds. Brett’s had the privilege, both firsthand and through his investments, to see the practices that work (and don’t) for scaling a business. In Part One of our interview with Brett, he shares two practices he wishes more CEOs would...


The powerful attitude of gratitude

Happy Valentine's Day! In this short podcast, we discuss the powerful concept of gratitude and how you can use it to upgrade your leadership. We also introduce the Leadership Gratitude Journal. You can download or buy a physical version of the Leadership Gratitude Journal here.


The 1 question great leaders ask about every employee

It’s not a secret, people and their issues are a huge part of any leader’s life. It can be the best and worst part about being a leader. The good news is today’s episode is full of simple, actionable frameworks around developing and leading people. We talk about how to hire, how to fire, how to develop and why people are such a big issue in the first place. We also highlight the one question all great leaders ask, at least once a quarter, about every one of their employees. Our guest...


Work in Progress: Leadership lessons from a Super Bowl Champion

Sports analogies are overdone in business. Don’t let that get in the way of hearing the powerful messages from today’s podcast guest, Clint Gresham. Clint is a former NFL Player, Super Bowl Champion and author of Becoming. Today’s podcast is rich with raw and real information on what it means to be a work in progress in business and life. The Super Bowl means many things to different people. You might think of the brilliant (or not-so-brilliant) ads in the commercial break. Or you look...


Make your meeting less of a beating

If you missed the last episode of the For You Leaders Podcast, make sure you listen to it first. Our guests, Matt Laessig, COO & co-founder at and Bryon Jacob, CTO & co-founder at, explained the powerful concept of Strategic Pillars. If your business does any sort of strategic planning, make sure you listen to the previous episode. Today, we continue our conversation with Matt and Bryon. They tackle several critical topics: meetings, how leadership should show up...


Strategic Pillars: why, when and how to find your strategic battlefields

Most businesses have a great strategy that isn’t executed or a poor strategy that isn’t corrected quick enough. It doesn’t have to be that way. As our guests today explain, the key to executing the right strategy starts with the powerful concept of Strategic Pillars. Strategic Pillars are simply the 3-5 strategic battlefields your business has to win to be successful. Today’s guests are Matt Laessig, COO & co-founder at and Bryon Jacob, CTO & co-founder at They...


Pancakes, Queso & EBITDA

Restaurants have a notoriously high failure rate and the ones that survive often have razor thin margins. 60 percent of restaurants close or change ownership in the first year of business, 80 percent fail within five years. The fact that Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas serves food is almost where the similarities end between Kerbey Lane and most other restaurants. For over 25 years, they’ve done business differently: from hiring to training everyone (down to the table bussers) how their...


Make HR a strategic partner in the C-Suite

What comes to mind when you hear human resources? A lot of us think about rule enforcers, 401k administration or resolving vacation time issues. HR can - and should- be so much more. Human resources can be an asset to drive the company's goals. HR can be a true strategic partner and asset within the C-Suite. Does that sound like your HR team? Today’s podcast is a short interview that reminds us of the powerful possibilities of a different type of HR. Our guest is Ryan Robinson, the...


Journey to the Top: Practical Advice for Scaling a Business

People often think that success just happens. Anyone who has ever been in business knows it’s not true. There is no such thing as overnight success. It’s a constant journey. Today’s episode is all about the journey of growth. Kirk Dando was a leadership keynote speaker at a recent event at Galvanize in Austin, TX. Listen in as he shares his experience about the journey to the top. He’s been the personal Sherpa to thousands of CEOs have they’ve embarked on the journey of growth. This is...


Be a Student of the Game: The Secrets of Startup Success

Sam Decker (@samdecker) is an experienced start-up executive and advisor who has worked at iconic tech companies like Apple. Sam was the founding CMO at Bazaarvoice, founder of Mass Relevance (now Spredfast) and recently founded the digital optimization company, clearhead. However, it turns out there is a very low-tech way Sam accomplishes so much. He’s learned the secret for startup success is to simply “get uncomfortable.” As you’ll learn, this practice has helped Sam push himself to...


You have a strategic plan, now what? How to improve communication, alignment and results.

“Many organizations draw the bullseye after they fired. They claimed success when they didn’t intend it.” - Tim Hawks Almost every organization has a strategic plan of some sorts. That’s the first, and easiest, step. The missing piece in the planning process is typically around communication and alignment. It’s the leaders’ role to communicate the plan in a way that creates alignment. Employees need to be able to connect their every day role back to the goals. Communication of a plan is...


Unlocking the sense of destiny within your team

Everyone on your team is connecting to something. Some connect to their paycheck. Others connect to a title or their influence. What if you could connect them to their sense of destiny? That’s the challenge and approach our podcast guest, Tim Hawks, takes with his organization. Tim is the head of an organization that inspires over 7,000 people around a common mission, vision and goal. Tim is the head pastor at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin, Texas. Before you stop reading, I...


Management Framework: what’s your plan to operationalize the strategy?

GENE AUSTIN - BAZAARVOICE - PART TWO Today, we continue our conversation with Gene Austin, the CEO of Bazaarvoice. In the last episode, Gene talked about the unique aspects of being the CEO of a publicly traded company. He also talked about the view from the other side of tough decisions. Gene also said he's the least likely CEO to have a Chief Operating Officer, due to his very operational approach. Today, we discuss how Gene conducts his one-on-ones and the operational cadence he uses...


Hurry up and make the tough decisions.

We’ve talked to startups, financial institutions, and even dads. What about a company that has graduated from the startup stage to being publicly traded? How is this different? How is this the same? If you were ever curious about how managing and leading a company changes as it grows, this episode is for you. Today’s guest is Gene Austin, the CEO of Bazaarvoice. If you've shopped online, you have probably used Bazaarvoice and didn't know it. Bazaarvoice is behind many of the online review...


How to take on Goliath and win

The story of David and Goliath is a classic business fable. The big guy takes on the little guy...and wins. It sounds great, but how do you actually do it? Our guest today, Gabe Krajicek, is currently taking on some of the largest businesses in the world. As CEO of Kasasa, he’s taking on the likes of Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase. Kasasa partners with community banks and credit unions to wage a war on Mega Banks. Today, Kasasa’s partners make Kasasa the 6th largest bank in the...


How giving leads to growth

Giving back seems like the trendy thing to do these days. Consider the success of Tom’s or Warby Parker. However, giving back isn't just a trendy thing to do. It the only way to grow a business according to our guest today, Paul Trylko, President & CEO of Amplify Credit Union. Even though Amplify Credit Union is not-for-profit, their mission is still based around a triple bottom line: serving the community, the credit union members and employees. Amplify is a member-owned financial...


How busy, successful leaders manage their time

This is the second half of our interview with tech entrepreneur Mellie Price. Mellie is an experienced investor and a startup innovator. She has an impressive resume and you can read her full bio here. Most importantly, she is a leader that cares deeply about the people she comes in contact with and her own personal accountability. She is constantly reflecting on her life and decisions and is actively becoming a better leader. In Part 1, Mellie provides some great insights into being a...


Mellie Price’s powerful leadership approach for women - and men.

MELLIE PRICE - PART 1 Today our guest is award-winning tech entrepreneur, Mellie Price. She is currently the Executive Director of Technology Innovations at the Dell Medical School. She is a Founder and Managing Director of Capital Factory and a co-founder of SoftMatch. Additionally, she is an experienced investor and fund manager, an eight-time entrepreneur and has managed explosive growth in large and small companies. I'd encourage you to read her full bio here. Her accomplishments are...


Force Multiplier: how to exponentially expand your efforts - Charles Thornburgh, CEO of Civitas Learning - Part One

One unique person can reshape generations. For Charles Thornburgh, CEO of Civitas Learning and today's podcast guest, it was his great grandmother. As a woman in the early 1900s, she earned a graduate degree - practically unheard of in that time. That decision was a true force multiplier. You'll learn about the force multiplier and how Charles uses it as CEO in this episode. Civitas Learning partners with higher education leaders to bring together the best of new leading-edge...


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