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Frugal Friends | Using Frugality to Save Money, Spend Less, Pay off Debt, Improve Your Finances & Reach Financial Independenc

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The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.

The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.
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The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.




How To Use Cash Envelopes Effectively

There are many budgeting techniques out there but today we're taking a look at the envelope system. It's an extra special episode as we have THE Allison Baggerly from Inspired Budget acting as co-host while Jen is on maternity leave! Allison and her family have actually used the envelope system for years and she brings a helpful perspective to this topic! Many of us have 'cut our teeth' in budgeting by using the envelope system and still more have fallen off the wagon - but let's talk about...


How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Frugality

Setting and achieving financial goals is all fun and games, but what about if your spouse is not on board? Embracing frugality, much like minimalism, can't be forced on others - but there are ways to negotiate and become unified on this journey toward financial freedom! Join us as we look at some basic tips to help open the lines of communication and seek common ground regarding finances and important money decisions!


Talking About Your Parents' Finances with Cameron Huddleston

Many of us have never considered approaching this topic of finances with our parents, and for those who have, it can still make us want to run for the hills! It's the second most potentially awkward and dreaded conversation right next to 'the talk' you received as an adolescent, but no less important! Thankfully, we have Cameron Huddleston, personal finance expert+author, on the show to discuss how to have these crucial conversations and the importance of opening this dialogue before it's...


How To Achieve Digital Minimalism

Now that we've de-cluttered and minimized our homes, it's time to simplify our digital lives! Beyond deleting files from your computer, we also talk about being more mindful about how we are spending our time and money online. Mindless technology use can lead to mindless spending so let's talk digital minimalism!


Frugal Summer Fun

School's out, sun's what? If you're like us summertime means a lot more get-togethers, vacations, day trips, and activities - but how do we make the most of summer without blowing our budgets? On this episode we talk all about frugal ways to enjoy the summer along with some of the pitfalls and misguided tips for saving money during this season.


Creating Soulful Simplicity In Your Life With Courtney Carver

We know minimalism and simplicity have great benefits for our lives, but knowing where to start or how to achieve this lifestyle can be daunting! Thankfully Courtney Carver, author of Soulful Simplicity and creator of the minimalist fashion challenge #Project333 breaks it down for us on this episode! Courtney shares her own minimalist journey and offers a great way to approach simplicity with your wardrobe!


Building a Frugal Culture in Your Community

It’s important to have friends - especially when setting and reaching goals. Our friends can either support us or derail us, and while we would never advocate kicking anyone to the curb - we will give tips on how to surround yourself with a community that will assist you on this frugal journey!


When NOT to be Frugal | Prioritizing Value Over Cheapness

Believe it or not SOMETIMES the most frugal option is the more expensive option! Today we talk about the areas where it's worth spending more because of the savings it could provide in the long run. We also discuss some common frugal tips that are misleading at best, and usually not worth following!


Saving For Kids' College & is a 529 Plan Right for You? with Abby Chao from CollegeBacker

Saving for kids' college is an admirable goal, but can sound overwhelming and expensive! On this episode, Abby Chao from College Backer talks candidly about why to save, when to save, how much to save, and where to save! Whether you have no kids, young kids, or even kids already in college Abby offers great tips and hope that it's never to late to save for college!


What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up | Staying Motivated While Paying off Debt

We've all been there - whether in our financial journey, or other life circumstances - we reach a point of low motivation or down-right discouragement and we want to just give up! In this episode we talk about this very real feeling and some practical ways to overcome this barrier, regain will power, and press forward! Whether you've been there, or are there right now this one's pivotal to consider in our frugal lifestyles!


Frugal Hobbies: What To Do With The Free Time That Not-Spending Frees Up

Having a hobby is crucial to the frugal lifestyle - it can provide rest, encourage creative, foster community, keep us from wasting our time + money on less important activities and so much more! BUT hobbies can also be expensive! On this episode we discuss how to enjoy a hobby with breaking the bank, and how to find a frugal hobby if you are still clueless in this domain!


Balancing Paying Off Debt and Thinking about the Future with Erin Lowry

Paying off debt is a big (and worthwhile) goal, but what can be done when we have other financial goals we want to be pursuing as well? On this episode we talk with Erin Lowry from Broke Millennial about what it can look like to balance paying down debt while also investing. Theres a lot to consider in this topic, but we’re excited to pick Erin’s brain and share her insight here!


Maximize Yard Sale Shopping + ONE YEAR! | Garage Sale Shopping Tips

We have been your Frugal Friends for one whole year now (ahh!) and what better way to celebrate than to talk about YARD SALES!? It's one of our favorite topics AND activities, and today we're talking about how to make the most of your 'yard-saling' (that's right we made it a verb) experience! Whether you are going to yard sales, or hosting a yard sale, we've got some good tips for you!


Homesteading Tips for City Dwellers | Frugal Urban Sustainability

Homesteading is becoming more and more appealing , especially in the world of frugality, but what can be done for those of us who don't sit on property or don't plan to invest in land? Have no fear! Homesteading is not just about having a vegetable garden, it's also a way of life with many practices that can be incorporated even into tiny or urban living situations!


The Truth About Student Loan Forgiveness w/Travis Hornsby

Student loan forgiveness - we've all heard about it, but is it real?! In this episode we chat with Travis Hornsby from Student Loan Planner about all things student loan forgiveness, plus some tips we are sure you have never heard of before! We shared some laughs and received from invaluable tips and knowledge on this very important, and sometimes overwhelming topic! Have a listen!


How to Save Money on Weddings - Part 2: Reception & Honeymoon

It's one of the most important days of your life, but that doesn't mean you have to spend your (or your parents!) entire life savings! We're following up our Part 1 episode on ceremonies (ep. 6) with what you need to know to plan a killer reception and honeymoon without emptying that bank account, or worse, collecting debt!


Frugal is the New Green: Why Frugality is Environmentally Friendly

Frugality pairs nicely with many things, including environmental friendliness! Practicing good stewardship of resources is something us frugal folks have been doing for ages. Whether going 'green' is something you strive for or not, today we dive into how being frugal has some great environmental perks and why us frugal people can feel even more assured in our lifestyle.


Creating a Capsule Pantry with Kristin Marr | How to Maintain a Minimalist Kitchen on a Budget

We know the benefits of minimalism and how it fits so nicely into a frugal lifestyle, but can minimalism be achieved in the kitchen also? Today we talk with Kristin Marr from Live Simply about how to achieve a 'capsule pantry'. From how to identify the essentials, to shopping and stocking - Kristin gives some great insight into the most important part of a home; the kitchen!


Warehouse Clubs: How to Save & Whether They're Right for You

Warehouse clubs, the only place you can go to purchase your chicken, your wedding ring, your outdoor furniture, AND your underwear all under one roof! While it can be great to score some savings on toilet paper, today we explore the pros and cons of warehouse club shopping and how to determine if they provide the best frugal options for you!


Negotiating Tips for Lowering Bills, Prices, & Rates

Negotiating; some people love it - others hate it. Either way, it can be a great frugal skill for lowering bills, scoring deals, getting out of late fees, OR just enjoying some Saturday morning yard sales!