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Frugal Friends | Using Frugality to Save Money, Spend Less, Pay off Debt, Improve Your Finances & Reach Financial Independenc

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The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.

The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.
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The podcast to help you save money on things you need, spend less on the rest, and embrace frugality without being cheap.




Meal Planning On A Budget

Today we dive deep into meal planning. We cover the "how to's" of meal planning and meal prep, the "why's" behind it, what to do when meal prep is not a possibility, freezer meals, and planning around grocery flyers and sales. For some, meal planning and prep is a life goal, and for others this process is a walk in the park; but for all of us who desire to live a frugal lifestyle it is an important aspect of our journey! So let's figure out a system that works for us!


How to Save Money on Home Decor

We all want our home to be a place where we can relax, enjoy family time, and entertain others; but how do we create a beautiful and functional environment without breaking the bank? Today we look to the internet and Jill's personal expertise on interiors to bring you some top notch tips on uniquely decorating your space the frugal way!


Paying Off $133,763 of Debt with Amanda from Debt Free in Sunny CA

In this episode we talk with Amanda from Debt Free in Sunny CA about her massive $133,763 debt pay-off! Amanda and her husband paid off over $133,000 of debt in 43 months and became debt free just a few short weeks ago on July 5th 2018. During that time she started the #debtfreecommunity on Instagram that has become a safe haven for others paying off debt.


How To Save on Student Loans

Ugh student loans. Let's all have a collective, frustrated sigh. Even for the most debt averse people, student loans are often still a part of the equation. SO, let's talk about getting rid of those loans!! This episode explores ways to save on student loans, refinancing, loan forgiveness programs, and straight up lifestyle changes to help get rid of student debt fast! We're glad you're here and we're excited to have frugal friends in this debt-free journey!


How to Save Money On Healthcare

With healthcare costs rising we thought it only fitting to talk about frugal ways to approach caring for yourself. We cover healthcare sharing, HSAs, ways to maintain health, acupuncture, glasses/contacts, teeth cleanings and more! We know it's a frustrating and sometimes boring topic but we promise to bring some lighthearted humor and invaluable tips for this necessary issue.


How To Save Money on Travel

It’s July and we’re in the throws of summer travel, so it's only fitting for us to talk about adventurous frugality! We covered saving on plane tickets in episode 7 so hopefully you already have that one figured out! In this episode we move on to discuss keeping costs low while on vacation. Here's to enjoying life without breaking the bank!


Save Money on Car Expenses

In this episode we tackle a subject that is a bit beyond our expertise, BUT frugality can be applied to all areas of life; including cars! We talk car maintenance, purchasing, and overall approach to vehicles that can reorient how we view transportation, while also exploring some ways to save money in the process! We could tell you how to save on insurance or at the car lot but frugality isn’t just about saving money. It’s essentially about making fully informed purchases.


Overcoming Your Financial Upbringing with Joel Larsgaard

Today on the Frugal Friends Podcast we do something very new and exciting by hosting a guest! You don't want to miss this interview with Joel Larsgaard from the Pour not Poor podcast. In addition to hosting a podcast about craft beer and personal finance with his friend Matt, he also works as a radio and web producer for money saving guru, Clark Howard so he has a lot of tips for saving money to share with us!


Spend Less at Restaurants (Because Eating Out Is Still Allowed While You Pay off Debt)

That's right - Jen and Jill like to go out to eat too! Believe it or not, you can eat at restaurants and still be frugal! In this episode, the frugal friends bring you the best the internet and life experience has to offer regarding dining out without destroying those financial goals.


How to Save Money on Flights (Hint: Incognito Windows are Your Friend!)

It’s summer! Therefore - we're traveling! In this episode, Jen and Jill actually sit in the same room and discuss how to score inexpensive tickets on flights. Personal experiences are shared and new insights from the internet are discovered. If you ever plan on flying, you don't want to miss this episode!


How to Save Money on a Wedding When You Like to Party (Part 1!)

Jen and Jill talk wedding ceremonies - specifically the most expensive parts including; rings, dress, venue, flowers, and photographer. Of course, the internet is roped into the conversation and the Frugal Friends dialogue about key tips to saving money on 'the big day'. The Friends even share their own frugal fails, so you don't have to make the same mistakes! Stay tuned for 'Part II' where the Frugal Friends will explore frugal ways to throw a killer reception!


How to Save Money on Bills (Plugs, Internets, and Cell Phones, Oh my!)

Phone, utility, and internet bills are just a few of the dreaded expenses covered on this week's frugal episode. It doesn't have to all be doom and gloom though, as we search the internet and weed through what's useful and what's not when it comes to saving money on bills. We even learned a few things about ceiling fans along the way! Get pumped.


Save Money on Housing with House Hacks (& Why We Love Being Airbnb Hosts!)

The Frugal Friends take a look at the fundamental need and expense of shelter! In this episode Jill shares her adventures in non-traditional housing solutions and Jen talks house hacks and how she uses her home as income property. A number of internet articles are explored and the pros and cons of renting versus buying are equitably discussed.


Save Money on Healthy Food (Because Saving Money on Groceries is Just Half of it)

The Frugal Friends discuss FOOD! Jen and Jill turn to the internet to see what others have to say about saving money on food, reducing waste, and still maintaining a healthy diet. Of course, the organic debate does come up; but thank you Aldi for not polarizing us!


How to Spend Less on Clothing (Hint: Don't Waste Money at the Mall!)

We discuss one of our most basic needs and how to spend and save smartly on our clothing. Beyond the purchase of clothing, the Frugal Friends also explore proper care, and maintenance to increase the longevity of our clothing.


Frugality 101: Save Money & Spend Intentionally Without Being Cheap

In this episode, we (Jen and Jill) introduce the Frugal Friends Podcast, share a bit about ourselves, and a lot about frugality. We're excited to create a platform for sharing and learning together on this frugal journey! Frugality is for everyone; so join us by listening, engaging with our Facebook Group, taking the 90 Day Frugalizer challenge, and utilizing the links below for more resources and information on living frugally!


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Hi! We're Jill & Jen, your new frugal friends. We're here to help you embrace frugality and all the benefits that come with it.