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FWH 024: Changes

Things are going to start changing here at Reina + Co. Because change is so necessary for how we grow as business owners.


FWH 023: What To Do With Your Million Dollar Ideas

Always dreaming in your business? This episode will help you figure out what to do with your next million-dollar idea. Whenever Reina has a big idea, she has to be honest with herself - is it really a great idea? Or does it just seem that way thanks to the Recency Effect? In this episode, Reina breaks down how to capture those awesome ideas and decide whether or not they are the right fit for you right now.


FWH 022: Visibility Strategies That Don’t Drain You

Does getting visible online feel like a stretch? Are you shy or introverted? In this episode, we’re diving into how you can spend your energy being visible in the right spaces in a way that doesn’t feel fake.


FWH 021: Tips and Tricks to Have an Ultra Successful Collaboration that Helps to Grow Your Business

There’s a simple and friendly strategy for growing your community and audience. Whether you have 100,000 followers or the one person following you is your mom and best friend, using this strategy, you’ll be able to make big strides in growing your business. If you could grow your business by working with your friends would you? It’s a strategy that’s usually more comfortable and friendly than some of the other alternatives. Collaborations have the potential to open up new opportunities...


FWH 020: 9 Money Critters Block Your Earning Potential

There’s a common misconception that making more money means that we have to work harder. There are some money mindset stories that might hold us back from our money potential!


FWH 019: 3 Months of IG Content in 2 hours!

If content creation is what you are struggling with, I hear you! In today's episode, we’re diving into creating content for your business efficiently. I have 3 rules of thumb that I will teach you, to help you craft the best posts for your Instagram feed.


FWH 018: Time Blocking Success Habits

Being productive isn't about the hours you hustle but about the focused action you're taking. You can get the same 3 tasks done in 3 hrs or you can spend 3 days getting the same tasks done if you can allot dedicated time for it. Batch scheduling is all about grouping similar tasks or a bigger project execution time, scheduling time to be intentional in making progress on one type of tasks or project, and causes fewer distractions and deeper work.


FWH 017: The Secret Ingredient In Your Business that You Need to Leverage

In this episode, we’re diving into understanding more about you, your strengths, your needs in order grow your business. It’s our job as business owners to grow not only our businesses but also the discernment to know whether something or somebody is truly resonant, making sense to our businesses and to the season of life we’re currently in. For strategy to work, it has to be in alignment or else they are null and void.


FWH 016: CEO Report: Setting Data Driven Goals with 10 minutes a week

What if I told you that you would be able to set data driven goals at the end of 2018 by just setting aside 10 minutes each week? In order to set goals, you need to have an understanding of what has happened in the past. Without this information, you’re bound to keep making mistakes and keep spinning your wheels. Data is the quickest way to understand what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately making major progress on the things that matter to you!


FWH 015: Stop Hiding, Get Visible!

Today we are going to be talking about a topic that I think a lot of you will benefit from, getting visible and how you can do it. I called this episode, "Stop hiding, Get visible!" because I see so many people hiding from really showing up online and showing up for their ideal dream clients. There are so many ways that you can even get visible and how you can break down the barriers to the perfectionism and all of that that stops us from getting visible. Even if you are brand new in your...


FWH 014: The Simple Recipe for a Successful Peer Masterminds Retreat

Coming home from a retreat always has me reenergized, fueled, and inspired. It reaffirms my connection to the online world and to the people I’ve been able to meet and connect with online. In real life, there are small things that build relationships. It can be valuable way to connect with your community of online friends IRL. Going in what I wanted to get reconnected to our vision and core. After a few big launches and massive amounts of content creation, I needed a check to see that we...


FWH 013: Pricing Myths

As we get started or grow in our businesses, it’s important to evaluate our pricing. But pricing can be a difficult task to accomplish. Without diving deep into the money mindset portion of how you price your services, we’re discussing the 5 myths I see most often in businesses as people set their rates. These myths hold business owners from making a profit and holds them back from being able to have a sustainable creative business. Thinking about pricing is critically important to a...


FWH 012: How to Plan a Branding Photoshoot with Confidence (even if you’re nervous in front of the camera)

Getting brand photos done can be a big game changer for your brand. Having a professional website often means having some images of you or your product that’s visually appealing and represents your brand. If you’ve never had a brand photo shoot or have been nervous to invest in one, this episode is for you. In this episode, we’re talking about finding the right photographer, how to prepare well for a photoshoot, the kinds of photos you’ll want to ask for, and how to feel awesome in front...


FWH 011: Behind the Scenes of a Buzz Worthy Launch

Let's look back on the past 6 months for Reina + Co. We want to show you a bit of the behind the scenes with our launches from the awesome things we are doing, our excitement, and the things that we are learning as we grow. We have had so much going on in the past few months, from Reina moving across the country to launching a whole new brand; the past 6 months have been a busy time for us here at Reina + Co!


FWH 010: What They Got Wrong About Work Life Balance

There are blogs upon blogs about work life balance. There are also dissenting opinions about the fact that balance doesn’t exist. My theory falls somewhere in between and my philosophy about balance is that both parties have it wrong. Instead of thinking of absolutes, there’s a new way to think about how we manage our time, our responsibilities and our priorities. Instead of there only being two options: work or life, we’re considering a third option. I like to think of our lives (and our...


FWH 009: Your best YES

Saying yes to things that you clearly should have said no to is tough. I’ve been there and it can be no fun. Whether it’s a personal situation, overcommitting to a kid’s school fundraising campaign, or a client you really should have turned down, learning how to take on only the things that are YES worthy can be a challenge! When you say NO more, you have the potential to make more money in your business. In this episode we’re talking about why we feel compelled to say yes to certain...


FWH 008: How to Find Focus in Your Business

As creatives, sometimes it’s hard to actually get stuff done. You have all the amazing ideas and the process of creating is fun but it often leads to to-do lists all over your office, your phone, your brain, and they just grow. You might need help in figuring out how to focus in your business so you can start being profitable and seeing the kind of results you’re looking for! This episode, we’re talking about the kinds of things you might be doing wrong (and why that is), the fact that...


Episode 006: How To Package Your Services

There are a lot of questions about how you can price your services and it might seem like only the way your competition is doing. Today I am talking all about the different kinds of pricing you can do, what types of pricing / packaging you should offer, and the fact that you’re allowed to be creative and do something that you love vs what everybody else offers! It’s not just the time you spend. The pricing will include the end result for your client, other things they will value like...


FWH 005: How to Build Systems in Your Business (even if you’re overwhelmed)

Let’s talk systems and workflows that make your life easy in your business! You might not have started to think about these systems but in creating a sustainable business, this is a part that you’ll want to focus a little of your attention so you can get to the fun parts! If you’re a creative you probably have all the ideas in your head. Notebooks full of possibilities and inspiration. All the things that you need to know to run your business is all up in your head too. Whether you’re...