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Creating Wealth and Real Estate Investing






184: Why Interest Rates Could Rise Much Higher with Richard Duncan

Higher interest rates are obviously bad for real estate investors that make new purchases. Few realize that higher interest rates often translate into HIGHER housing prices. How could that be true? I explain. MacroWatch’s Richard Duncan joins us. He tells us why interest rates are likely to rise substantially in coming years. Learn why low inflation pushes down interest rates and why high interest rates cool an economy. Also learn why the U.S. is now destroying billions of dollars every...


183: Your “Return On Life” with David Keener

There is an asset type where you can get both cash flow and have the peaceable enjoyment of the premises yourself. Most people regret buying vacation property because they’ve either found that: 1) They don’t use it often. 2) They’re managing it as a rental to others. 3) They bought a timeshare. Imagine being able to buy tropical beach property in Placencia, Belize: it’s closer to the U.S. than most of Hawaii, with warmer water than Hawaii, and at low prices like Hawaii had back in the...


182: Using Your Home As An ATM with Grammy-Nominated Music Producer & GRE Listener Blake La Grange

Using your home as an ATM or credit card? Is this irresponsible? A listener and I discuss the risks and rewards of using a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) to cash out your home equity for use in income property investing. Our guest is a Get Rich Education listener and Grammy-Nominated Music Producer Blake La Grange of San Diego, CA. Most people settle for “Maybe someday.” Instead, optimize what you have now. Use leverage, debt and equity, and arbitrage to your advantage. Blake & his...


181: The Tale Of Two Real Estate Markets | Tom Wheelwright: Past, Present, and Future Of Taxes

Learn how to permanently reduce your taxes. At a W-2 job: the government gets paid first, Wall Street second, and you’re third. I recite “A Tale Of Two Real Estate Markets”. This story will shift your thought paradigm and make your jaw drop. Tom Wheelwright & I discuss income tax and capital gains tax - rates, history, and strategy so you legally pay the lowest possible rates. Learn why house flippers pay higher tax rates than buy-and-hold real estate investors. Where will tax rates...


180: Appreciation vs. Cash Flow: What Do You Want Most?

Stop looking at properties. (What?) I discuss. Are you in real estate for appreciation, cash flow, or something else? If you focus on cash flow, does that mean less appreciation, and vice versa? We discuss when a market becomes "too hot to buy for cash flow” any longer. The Midwest has more affordable property and better cash flow but less recession resilience. Dallas-Fort Worth keeps showing appreciation potential, but cash flow is drying up. When a market heats up, rents don’t...


179: Why Money Is An Abundant Resource, Your Velocity Of Money, Uber Kills Parking

Money is an abundant resource. I tell you why. When you’re looking to move accumulated equity, should you do a: 1) Straight sale. 2) 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange. 3) Cash-out refinance. Avoid lazy money. My personal internet bill is $145, cable $126, phone around $100. Who cares? You learn how much I like to spend on a hotel. Uber and Lyft are killing the parking business. Learn how to estimate rental property operating expenses. Want more wealth? 1) Grab my free E-book and...


178: Fox News Anchor Grills Keith On Real Estate Investing - with Clayton Morris

The media - a FOX News Anchor - asks me about Get Rich Education wealth-building principles. Yes! Rather than asking questions, I’m the one being interviewed here. I tell the interviewer why getting your money to work for you will NOT create wealth. In real estate, I tell you why your ROI typically goes down after Year One. How to calculate a real estate rate of return; the differences between poor, middle class, and wealthy; being bold; increasing income, and more is discussed. The...


177: A Dave Ramsey Disciple Transformed Into An Income-Centric Wealth Coach featuring Jerry Fetta

Are you serving the 40-year-to-life sentence? Today’s guest, Jerry Fetta, is a former Dave Ramsey-endorsed local provider. Jerry learned a better way and changed his life and the lives of others. There’s a more abundant way. You just can’t afford to forgo the benefits of leverage and arbitrage. Jerry is an expert at uncovering how the mutual fund industry manipulates reporting the ROI to their advantage and your detriment. Questions that put your financial advisor on the hot seat are...


176: How To Avoid Overpaying For Income Property, How To Value Property, Using Your IRA and 401(k) For Real Estate

Stock investors are not getting ahead, but they think that they are. 10% return, minus 5% inflation, minus 2% fees, minus taxes, minus volatility, minus more. Most methods of valuing an income property are lousy. I tell you the good and the bad methods: price per square foot, price per unit, RV ratio, Gross Rent Multiplier, Cap Rate, Cash-On-Cash Return. I tell you how to avoid overpaying for property by making your offer contingent on seeing the seller’s “Schedule E”. The bustling...


175: Chris Martenson | Measuring Your Wealth and Prospering

The next twenty years will be nothing like the last twenty years. Chris Martenson of tells you where wealth originates. It’s called primary wealth, consisting of things like trees, soil, a fishery, or a rich ore vein. The further you invest from primary wealth, the less real wealth you have. You learn about your 8 Forms Of Capital: Financial, Social, Material, Living, Emotional, Knowledge, Cultural, Time. You also learn about the future of energy. Wind and solar...


174: Why You're Worth More Than You Know, Taxes, LLCs, and Cash Flow vs. Appreciation

You actually want to increase your personal expenses over the long-term. What kind of financial blasphemy is this? I explain. You are worth more than you think. I tell you why. If you’re 30 and you live until age 90, you only have 60 more autumns in your life. You only have 7% of your time left with your own parents. Your quality time is valuable and fleeting. Some people have an overinflated sense about the importance of taxes. Rate of return matters more. Returns are like a pie, and...


173: Real Estate Investing In A Thriving Market

Don’t move to a low-tax state; let your tenant do it. Quit investing only for the long-term. I explain both. Alabama is the #1 state for per capita foreign direct investment. We discuss turnkey real estate investing in Birmingham, Alabama. A revival is taking place in Birmingham amidst economically diverse business sectors. Long-term tenant retention occurs in Birmingham submarkets due to: 2-year leases, tenant-owned appliances, more. When you purchase a turnkey property, you’re also...


172: Real Estate Market Selection with Victor Menasce

Your market choice is more important than your property choice. One of the most prominent real estate developers in the United States, Victor Menasce, tells us how he selects a real estate market. Investing in larger metro areas is generally safer than investing in smaller metro areas because geographies are better diversified. Being invested in only one investment market is a mistake. You’re undiversified. Should you pay more or less than the construction cost of a property? Victor...


171: How To Attract Great Tenants, How To Profit From Inflation

Your tenant is your customer. I discuss how to attract and retain great tenants. You must think about how your tenant thinks. The quality of the asset you buy affects the quality of the tenant that you will attract. Six qualities tenants want are: 1) safety 2) move-in-ready condition 3) short commute distance 4) upgrades 5) neighborhood amenities 6) rent amount. It’s not about what you would want in a rental unit, it’s about what your tenant wants. Next, I tell you how to profit from...


170: How To Enrich Yourself And Leave A Rich Legacy with Rachel Jensen

You can live a rich life and leave a rich legacy at the same time. Guest Rachel Jensen and I discuss how. Timber is a hard asset that physically grows in size, and often grows in value at the same time. Your real estate, gold, or stock share might increase in value - but it doesn’t increase in size at the same time like timber does. Among timber varieties, you’ve probably heard of teak wood but might not know much about it. It has great value due to its durability. Teak’s natural oils...


169: State Of The Real Estate Market, Property Management | GRE Listener Jacob Ayers

If you want profit, your real estate’s rent income-to-purchase price ratio matters most. I reveal the top five cities for this vital ratio. I discuss how the media often gets real estate investing wrong. I talk about how to handle your relationship with your Property Manager. Renters have conventionally been young, single, less educated, and low to middle income. You’ll learn about how quickly this is changing. When did renters get so old? Of all product types, more renters are...


168: Permanent Tax Reduction For Real Estate Investors with Tom Wheelwright

Reduce your taxes by 10-40% in just three months. Rich Dad Tax Advisor Tom Wheelwright is back again to tell us how. Tom and I discuss the IRS’ coveted Real Estate Professional designation - the benefits, what you must do, and what you must not do. If you outsource property management, will that prevent you from the RE Professional designation? Some U.S. states have annoyingly high transfer taxes. We discuss a strategy to avoid paying it. Want more wealth? 1) Grab my free E-book and...


167: The Infinite Banking Concept with M.C. Laubscher, the Cashflow Ninja

Want to own your own bank? Today’s guest, M.C. Laubscher, tells you how and why. The “Infinite Banking Concept” provides you with liquidity, tax-free growth, and your own control outside the banking system. Many real estate investors utilize the Infinite Banking Concept, aka “Cashflow Banking” to increase their rates of return. Today’s guest also hosts the Cashflow Ninja podcast. First, I tell you how you are giving more to others than you think. You are already more generous than you...


166: Your Biggest Tax Change in Decades with Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelwright

Changes to the 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, 27.5 year tax depreciation, the Estate Tax and more are coming. It will affect you as an investor. Rich Dad Advisor Tom Wheelwright is back with us. He details the winners and losers expected from the most sweeping tax reform that the U.S. is set to experience since 1986. First, Keith discusses 6.2% national real estate appreciation, and different ways to think about real estate diversification. Individual tax benefits are going away. Business...


165: Quitting Your Job and Time vs. Money with GRE’s Marcus Whelan

Overcome the fear of quitting your job and replacing it with passive income from real estate investing. Avoid these mistakes before you quit your job. I discuss some mindsets that you should adopt before you quit (if you even want to). I open up to you and tell you how I felt and what I thought about quitting my job. Time vs. money - which one is more important? I give a clear answer. People fear future poverty. That’s one reason why most choose money over time. We discuss which one...


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