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Journeys of Financial Wellness

Journeys of Financial Wellness
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Journeys of Financial Wellness




Episode 2: Tammy and her husband change their family’s financial future

Meet Tammy. Tammy's husband is handling the family’s finances and becomes concerned that their debt is spiraling out of control. He approaches her with a plan to work with GreenPath Financial Wellness to become debt-free. What starts out as a challenge becomes a turning point in their marriage and growing family. Tammy finds out that one of her superpowers is managing their budget and together, they pay down their debt. In her own words, Tammy shares what it was like before, during and after...


Episode 1: Katie asks for help and then finds passion in helping others

Meet Katie. Retail credit cards became her best friend shortly after college. Home alone with her 4-month-old in a place where she didn’t know anyone, she turned to shoes and designer handbags. Being a military family resulted in multiple moves and income instability. Eventually, her grandma came to the rescue and helped get her debt under control. But that was only short-lived. She eventually found herself divorced with two small kids, without a job and in $26,000 of credit card debt. Katie...


Trailer – Bringing Humanity To People’s Money Journeys

We are excited to announce our first podcast, GreenPath Real $tories — Financial Wellness. The podcast shows that our financial lives are more than a number. Our guests will share their money journeys in their own words. Expect authenticity, vulnerability, and a little bit of inspiration. In this special preview episode, you'll meet our first six guests. Katie, who faces a shopping addiction. Tammy, who finds success after she and her husband let go and decide to be their authentic selves....