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Journeys of Financial Wellness




Real Stories Episode 20: Nina – Light after Darkness

Nina has been on quite a journey the last few years. For her, stress around her finances was only the tip of the iceberg. Nina also faced many challenges when it came to addiction and her mental health. Her story almost had a tragic outcome. In her darkest moment, Nina summoned the strength to turn her life around. She found support from her family, her new partner and her new employer. This led to her GreenPath, who helped her turn around her financial life, too. Nina’s story provides such...


Real Stories Episode 19 – Real Stories Live: Family Lessons About Money

Today’s episode features a lively discussion about raising financially healthy kids. You’ll have the chance to hear different perspectives from our panel of GreenPath clients and friends who are inspiring their children to be financially resilient. Learn how we might support the next generation in their financial wellness journeys. Our conversation features: Tips for communicating with your kids about money Challenges (and how we might overcome them) when it comes to family finances...


Real Stories Episode 18 – Natasha’s Experiences Inspire Her to Connect People to Financial Wellness

Our podcast guest, Natasha, shares her experiences that inspire her to connect people to financial wellness. Listen now!


Real Stories Episode 17 – Liz Uses Vulnerability to Transform Her Mindset

For Liz, credit cards presented an opportunity to support the lifestyle she wanted. But as she first entered the working world after college, this lifestyle contributed to an increasing debt load. Eventually, she found her way to GreenPath but she wasn’t ready to make major changes to how her finances were handled. Sometime later, her pride took a hit when her electricity was cut off. This motivated her to seek our GreenPath’s support again… but this time, she was ready for a new approach....


Real Stories Episode 16 – Lauren – Persistence One Penny at a Time

It’s easy to look at Lauren’s finances today and take her success for granted. She communicates openly with her husband and they work in tandem towards their shared goals. She partners with GreenPath to manage her household bills. She practices numerous healthy financial habits, like using an envelope system and savings buckets. But it wasn’t always like this. Lauren’s journey to her current success is a great example of the power of persistence. For over a decade, she desired support from a...


Real Stories Episode 15: Russell and Whitney – A Story of Resilience

Russell and Whitney were newly married with a newborn in their early 20s. While this presented them with a significant financial challenge, they were unprepared for what life had in store for them.


Real Stories Episode 14: Kenia – A family’s collective strength brings its financial goals within reach.

Kenia grew up in El Salvador. Due in part to the violence in her native country, her family decided to immigrate to the United States when she was 11. Kenia’s family did not have a legal status and this reality shaped much of her experience growing up. She eventually became a DACA recipient and this created opportunities when it came to her education. These same opportunities also impacted her finances, at times negatively. Through it all, Kenia has remained very tight with her family—be...


Real Stories Episode 13: Tanisha Inspired Money Lessons Across a Generation

After getting into debt, Tanisha had feelings of shame and isolation. She turned to options that ended up increasing her stress, like payday loans. But she found her way to GreenPath and discovered that she wasn’t alone. Inspired to build a better foundation for her son, she soon became debt-free. Now, she’s an open book when it comes to discussing her money journey. And she’s taught her son well. In fact, the student has become the teacher as her son has started sharing money lessons with...


Real Stories Episode 12: Jeff & Victoria – From a Burning Ship to Calmer Waters

Victoria was enjoying life in her early 20s. Jeff had a budding career in the restaurant industry. Then things got real very quickly. Would having a child while she was in college mean that Victoria would have to change her spending habits? Was Jeff ready to make a major career shift while Victoria was also starting her own business? Jeff and Victoria faced a lot of pain on their journey to financial wellness. Pain from nearly losing their home in foreclosure. Pain from getting into $45,000...


Real Stories Episode 11: Monte – Building a Money Mindset

Hearing real stories about how people form their “money mindset” can be helpful. Today’s story features Monte. Monte’s childhood had a profound impact on how he approaches money. While he regrets some of his decisions and habits around money, he also makes it a point to learn from his past—like the time he borrowed money to buy a Walkman and was sued after he couldn’t pay the bill. Monte’s money mindset has had some ups and downs. The money spent on his recent wedding set him back...


Real Stories Episode 10: Mia – A Winding Road to her American Dream

Mia has overcome many obstacles in her life. As a new immigrant to the U.S., she overcame a language barrier and the challenge of building a career as well as learning a new financial system. After finding a job at a major insurance provider, she faced the battle of her life after getting run over by a light rail train. Learning how to walk again not only proved to be a physical challenge but an immense mental challenge. Once recovered, she was the recipient of a home through Habitat for...


Real Stories Episode 9: Andre – Perspectives Along the Way

Meet Andre. He has spent a decade bringing financial education into his community on Long Island, NY. Andre and his organization are longtime partners of GreenPath and we often work together to serve those who are pursuing their financial goals. Andre often infuses his personal stories when he teaches financial concepts, so we decided to learn more about the road he traveled (quite literally) that shaped him into the person he is. Andre’s Story After making good money as a construction...


Episode 8: Angela – A Journey through Homeownership

In this episode, our guest Angela discusses her journey through homeownership and the financial decisions she and her husband had to make along the way. Angela spent a number of years at GreenPath in several roles. Her first role was as one of our Advocates— helping people who call GreenPath for the first time. Angela empowered people to take steps to improve their financial health. She eventually took on a role bringing innovation to the technology that supports the services we offer....


Episode 7: Real Stories Live

GreenPath recently hosted a live virtual event where we were joined by guests who have been featured on GreenPath's Real Stories Podcast. Guests included Katie (episode 1), Tammy (episode 2) and Dawn (episode 6). Recorded in May 2020, this conversation gave our guests a chance to reflect on some of the positive things happening during this difficult time and areas where they are having newfound anxiety. Throughout the conversation, listen for stories of how people have coped in the midst of...


Episode 6: Dawn – A Difficult Decision

Each year, Dawn and her family faced an income reduction when her husband got laid off during the winter months. An opportunity came to save a significant amount in their monthly budget, but it would mean downsizing to a much smaller home. What was the right choice for their family, including their son? As many of us face challenges from the financial fallout of the COVID-19 crisis, learn how one family made a difficult decision and how their lives changed. Listen and learn how a difficult...


Episode 5: Michele – Feeling Optimistic in a Time of Challenge

Meet Michele: Michele faced hardships from many different angles. Her mortgage payment became unaffordable after her initial payment skyrocketed. Her husband lost his job. She subsequently got a divorce, lost the home and filed bankruptcy. She continued to struggle to keep up with her household expenses after a consolidation loan only provided a temporary fix. She finally opened up to a friend about how it felt to be unable to afford Christmas gifts for her children. Her friend recommended...


Episode 4: Coronavirus and Your Finances – Advice From GreenPath CEO Kristen Holt

GreenPath's Kristen Holt shares advice on how to navigate these times the financial impact of COVID-19.


Episode 3: Matt & Kendal — A Modern Day Tale of Love and Money

Matt and Kendal each had a unique story that included financial hardships and bankruptcy. They met, fell in love and decided to “merge corporations.” Faced with the prospect of another bankruptcy, they decide to take a different route: a Debt Management Plan. But this route proved to be a bumpy road and they had to figure out how to stretch their budget enough to pay their debt and their household bills, and still put food on the table. The solution? Designing new habits to automate their...


Episode 2: Tammy and her husband change their family’s financial future

Meet Tammy. Tammy's husband is handling the family’s finances and becomes concerned that their debt is spiraling out of control. He approaches her with a plan to work with GreenPath Financial Wellness to become debt-free. What starts out as a challenge becomes a turning point in their marriage and growing family. Tammy finds out that one of her superpowers is managing their budget and together, they pay down their debt. In her own words, Tammy shares what it was like before, during and after...


Episode 1: Katie asks for help and then finds passion in helping others

Meet Katie. Retail credit cards became her best friend shortly after college. Home alone with her 4-month-old in a place where she didn’t know anyone, she turned to shoes and designer handbags. Being a military family resulted in multiple moves and income instability. Eventually, her grandma came to the rescue and helped get her debt under control. But that was only short-lived. She eventually found herself divorced with two small kids, without a job and in $26,000 of credit card debt. Katie...