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27: How Telemedicine is Redefining the Management of Chronic Diseases w/ Suzanne Shugg

Now more than ever, Americans are dealing with a variety of chronic diseases which are requiring an unprecedented level of healthcare. In this episode, I sit down with Suzanne Shugg, CEO and Co-founder of Teleplus Healthcare to discuss how her team is changing the way that providers and their teams manage chronic diseases.


25: How To De-Stigmatize Mental Health w/ Matt Marek

There is still a stigma surrounding mental health. Americans are quick to dismiss and slow to empathize with those who have mental health struggles. But the reality is that many more of us will deal with a similar struggle at some point in our life than we realize. Matt Marek is the CEO of Good Neighbor Community Services. Matt has spent his career erasing this stereotype and getting people the help they need. From in-home care to corporate environments, Matt’s company helps those who...