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How to make more money. It’s the question on every entrepreneur’s mind, and this show answers it. Your host Kelly Hollingsworth started out as a housekeeper. She became one of the few women in the world to manage her own hedge fund. Along the way, she cracked the earnings code for entrepreneurs. And she's sharing everything she knows about making money in this show. Listen weekly, and you’ll get seriously good at the game of making serious money.


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How to make more money. It’s the question on every entrepreneur’s mind, and this show answers it. Your host Kelly Hollingsworth started out as a housekeeper. She became one of the few women in the world to manage her own hedge fund. Along the way, she cracked the earnings code for entrepreneurs. And she's sharing everything she knows about making money in this show. Listen weekly, and you’ll get seriously good at the game of making serious money.




37. High Profit Thinking Part 6: CRABS

If you’re struggling to make more money, you are probably looking around for support, and finding opposition instead. This episode zeroes in on the entrepreneurial opposition known as Crabs. The “crabs” in your life are the folks who try to pull you down, when you’re trying to rise. Listen to find out what to do about them.


36. High Profit Thinking Part 5: CARETAKERS

What’s the biggest complaint in the personal lives of struggling entrepreneurs? You want support—from your spouse or partner, friends, and family. What do you get? The opposite. When you’re building yourself up to do big things, it feels like they’re tearing you down. The folks who aren’t supporting you fall into three categories: caretakers, crabs, and cults. Today we’re talking about the caretakers, and how caretaking costs everyone money. Get the full show notes at...


35. High Profit Thinking Part 4: NECESSARY NEGATIVITY

We tend to think that profits come from a “positive” mindset. Is this true? No. Today’s episode explains why a bit of necessary negativity, in the proper dose and at the right time, sets the stage for you making serious money. Full show notes at


34. High Profit Thinking Part 3: ENGAGEMENT

Today I’m sharing the exact 7-step recipe for high profit thinking. This action plan helps you make more money, because it creates the mental/emotional state of engagement. As an entrepreneur, you need engagement, because engagement creates contribution. You need contribution, because contribution creates cash.


33. High Profit Thinking Part 2: CONTRIBUTION

“Manifesting Money” doesn’t work. Why not? Because commerce isn’t a letter to Santa Claus. If you want to make serious cash, you need to make a serious contribution. High profit thinking is the skill that helps you get this done, because it involves solving real problems. When you do this, you make real money. Full show notes at


32. High Profit Thinking Part 1: LOGIC

How do you remove the risk from your business? With the skill of High Profit Thinking. The first element of high profit thinking is acting from logic rather than emotion. When you do this, you’ll quickly see that most of the “risks” in business don’t exist at all. They are imaginary, and when you look at them logically, they disappear. Get the full show notes at


31. Why Your Funnel Is Failing (And How to Fix It)

If your sales funnel isn’t working, looking at the stats gives you surface-level info. It tells you where the funnel is breaking. But it doesn’t tell you why it’s breaking.. This episode looks beyond the stats, and goes deep into the problem. We will look way beyond, “Do A + B, and you’ll get C” and look at why it’s so darn difficult to do A and B to get C. I’ve never spoken about this before, but if your funnel isn’t working, the villain is low-profit thoughts that put humans in a...


30. High Profit Presentations: Capturing and Holding Attention

How do you turn your message into a movement? You create a ripple effect. You drop a compelling message into a still pond. The folks near you hear what you’re saying. They like it. They tell others. Friends tell friends. Word spreads organically. Your reach expands. Your audience grows. The ripple effect carries your message farther and wider than you can alone. The organic growth is exponential. And then, the ripple becomes a wave. To create a ripple that turns into a wave, you need a...


29. High Profit Presentations: Demonstrating Expertise

In his terrific book, The Dip, Seth Godin reveals a powerful truth. We all want to work with one person: The person that is the best in the world for the thing we need. He reinforces this excellent point by adding that being the best in the world is seriously underrated. How do you show up as the best in the world? Through Target #4 of your high profit presentation -- demonstrating your expertise. When you demonstrate expertise, your audience will recognize you as exactly who they want to...


28. High Profit Presentations: Clearing the Obstacles

Is your response rate low? If so, it’s tempting to think that folks don’t want what you’re selling. Or that sales is a numbers game. But that’s not what’s actually going on. All humans are the same. If you’re selling something that one human wants, the rest of them probably want it, too. So why isn’t everyone buying? Your early adopters buy right away. The rest of them need a little more help. There are obstacles between them and making a purchase. This episode explains exactly what the...


27. High Profit Presentations: Highlighting the Happily Ever After

In today’s episode, we look at Pierre Cartier’s first attempt to sell the Hope Diamond to Evalyn Walsh McLean. She wanted the diamond. She went to the sales presentation. But she didn’t buy, because he botched the sale. But then what happened? The second time he showed her the diamond, she purchased the stone. How did Pierre Cartier turn a “No” into a “Yes”? With a high profit presentation. Listen to this episode, and learn the exact element of a high profit presentation that Pierre...


26. High Profit Presentations: Distilling Your Message

In the last episode, we talked about why you need a high profit presentation. It’s like a faucet that brings money directly into your business. But how do you change an underperforming presentation into a high profit one? Over the next few episodes, I’ll guide you on the high-profit messaging targets to aim for. But before you can fix any presentation, it’s important to recognize a low profit one in action. Low profit presentations use a lot of words, but they don’t convey a lot of...


25. Five Signs that you Need a High-Profit Presentation

In episode #24, I explained the female earnings plateau. Women’s earnings level off around age 41. Men’s earnings continue to climb until age 53. As a result of this discrepancy, the gender earnings gap widens as we age. In our twenties, women earn about 12% less than men. In our fifties, women make 28% to 31% less than men. How perverse is this result? As women gain industry acumen, experience, and expertise, the earnings gap widens??? This is obviously a problem. But fortunately,...


24. How to Destroy an Earnings Plateau (and make big dollars)

If you listen to this podcast regularly, you know it's my mission to solve the gender earnings gap. But you might not know about the female earnings plateau. It's a big reason the gender earnings gap exists. Women of all ages can experience income stagnation. But around age 41, it kicks into high gear. Your expertise grows. But your earnings do not. This is the female earnings plateau. In this episode, I tackle the stats and psychology behind this plateau. I explain what causes it. Why...


23. Shifting Your World View to Make More Money

Last time, we answered a listener’s questions about making money vs. saving the world. In this episode, she’s joining me on the show to discuss her questions and concerns.


22. Listener Q&A (Saving the World vs. Making Money)

In today’s high-profit thinking Q&A, we resolve a listener dilemma: How do you balance making money and saving the world? Which do you do first? The answer is, you do both, because making money is how you save the world.


21. How to Know if You Are Under Earning: Part 6

Every instance of underearning has the same underlying cause. It’s a beast that’s running amok through your life and family. Listen to this episode to find out how to identify the beast. How to drive a stake through its heart. And how to bury it in the ground forever. Your whole family will benefit.


20. How to Know if You Are Under Earning: Part 5

Do you dread confrontation? If so, you are at risk for underearning. Why? Because whenever you do things differently, people are going to confront you. Making serious money is a very different thing to do, and people are going to confront you when you do it.


19. How to Know if You Are Under Earning: Part 4

Are you conflicted about getting clients? On the one hand, you want them, but on the other hand, you don’t? That internal conflict puts a residue on your marketing message. And that residue can repel clients. Listen and learn why this happens, and how you can attract them instead.


18. How to Know if You Are Underearning: Part 3

If you’re not spreading the word about what you do, you are under earning. This episode will identify the fear that’s causing your silence. And what to do about it.