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The Future of Chat Bots and Natural Language Technology with Julian Harris, Head of AI Technology Research at CognitionX (Episode 18)

In this episode, we talk to Julian Harris, the Head of AI Technology Research at CognitionX, about the challenges involved in developing sophisticated Natural Language Technology. We discuss how the approach to creating natural language technology has changed in recent years, and the significance of using specialised AI in niche areas. We also cover the debate surrounding how AI will affect customer experience staff in the next decade, and the issue of whether chat bots might replace the...


Intelligent agents and conversational user interface through AI with Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder at (Episode 17)

In this episode, we talk to the CEO and Founder of, Dennis Mortensen, about creating his AI driven personal assistant that takes on the task of booking meetings for you. We unpick what an intelligent agent is, why conversational UI is an important and distinct UI in its own right and how you go about building an AI that can seamlessly embed itself into a conversation with humans and other AI’s.


How the C-suite is preparing for and responding to AI with Karim Jalbout, Partner at the executive search and leadership advisory firm, Egon Zehnder (Episode 16)

In this episode we talk to Karim Jalbout, Partner at executive search and leadership advisory firm, Egon Zehnder about the role AI has in shaping modern business and how the C-suite is dealing with the challenges and opportunities AI presents. We consider the leadership and change management capabilities needed and whether there is worry or excitement about AI's impact. We also look at how AI is impacting the HR market and ecosystem from candidate funnel management through to performance...


The importance of collaboration, shared learning and brave and bold leadership in modern business, with Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive at The Marketing Society (Episode 15)

In this episode, we talk to Gemma Greaves who is Chief Executive at The Marketing Society and Founder of her own private members' club Cabal. We talk about the value of creating and being part of a community that allows people to learn, grow and develop through sharing experiences and collaboration. We touch on big subjects like mental health and the role that we as leaders need to play in creating a safe space for people to be themselves at work. We also explore the role of the Chief...


Using data science to create digital products and seamless customer experiences at Skyscanner with Principal Data Scientist, Ewan Nicolson (Episode 14)

In this episode, we talk to Ewan Nicolson who is the Principal Data Scientist at Skyscanner, the travel fare aggregator website and metasearch engine about how they are using data and data science techniques to help get people where they want to go. We get under the skin of a data science operation at scale, the kinds of business strategies it supports and the modus operandi within the team and collaboration across the business. We discuss where personalisation is deployed and the methods...


Using data and analytics to support and protect those using health and care services with Director of Intelligence at the Care Quality Commission, Helen Louwrens (Episode 13)

In this episode we talk to Helen Louwrens who spent a long part of her career at Dunhumby helping retailers and FMCG brands get better insight and build relationships with their customers. Helen is now at the Care Quality Commission as Director of Intelligence helping to support and protect individuals who us health and social care services. We explore how she is building an intelligence led organisation by building expert systems that systemise decision making where possible, deliver...


Being Human Centred in a World of Data, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence with Jo Cruse (Episode 12)

In this episode we talk to Jo Cruse, MD at The Unreasonables, about how in the midst of an avalanche of data and AI in both hype and reality, its easy to think that automation and bots are taking over and that it's important more now than ever to ensure we have a human centred approach to building data, AI and technology solutions. We explore how this starts in the classroom at school and transcends across organisations, governments and home round the dinner table and ultimately means...


Making A More Sustainable And Healthy Planet Using Data And Analytics With Stephen Jamieson And Maggie Buggie (Episode 11)

In this episode, we talk to Stephen Jamieson and Maggie Buggie leaders at the global tech vendor, SAP. We discuss their hugely impressive and admirable initiative looking at removing single-use plastics from the supply chain and the part data and analytics plays in that and the wider sustainability agenda.


Creating the Algorithmic Enterprise with David Rosen (Episode 10)

In this episode, we talk to David Rosen who is Head of Strategy for Tibco Software and industry thought-leader in business redesign from the perspective of data and analytics. We explore how to create the algorithmic enterprise and discuss a number of use cases from across industries on how analytics is being deployed to transform business.


Marketing To Drive Commercial Growth In The Entertainment Business With Phil Day (Episode 9)

In this episode, we talk to the Marketing and Communications Director from the Really Useful Group, Phil Day, on using data and analytics to reach new audiences and delight existing customers of Andrew Lloyd Webber's global and award-winning catalogue. We talk about attribution modeling, customer segmentation, AI to develop better content and even GDPR the musical.


Creating Commercial Value Through Data Science with Ryan Moriarty (Episode 8)

In this episode, Jason Foster talks to Ryan Moriarty, VP of Commercial Growth at music startup Sofar Sounds. We discuss the application of data science algorithms to value driving use cases in his new role at Sofar plus previous roles at Just Eat, Wonderbly, M&S, Tesco, and others.


Change And Ethics In Data Strategy With Roberto Maranca (Episode 7)

In this episode, Jason Foster talks to the Chief Data Officer from Lloyds Banking Group, Roberto Maranca, about his role as a change agent and the importance of change in data initiatives to drive the required outcomes. We also explore the ethical obligations organisations have and how customers perceive brands transparency with their use of data.


Ryan Den Rooijen - Putting Strategy Into Action (Episode 6)

In this episode, we talk to the Head of Data and Advanced Analytics at Dyson, Ryan Den Rooijen. Ryan previously worked leading data for the global advertising team at Google and prior to that helping a number of startups on marketing and digital strategy. We have a fascinating discussion around implementing data strategy, his deep love for MPP systems, creating superhuman ability through advanced analytics, building diversity and psychological safety into his team and ultimately creating...


Tim Carmichael - Getting Buy In and Generating Momentum (Episode 5)

In this episode, we talk to Tim Carmichael, the Head of Data transformation at Southern Water and previously Chief Data and Analytics Officer for The British Army. We cover the building blocks for a successful data strategy, his 3 stakeholder personas 'Glazy', 'Rolly' and 'Sparkly', getting consensus and funding for your data and analytics initiatives and other tactics that help get buy-in and generate momentum.


Cynozure's News Mashup (Episode 4)

In this episode Jason Foster (CEO), James Lupton (CTO) and Tor Park (Head of Marketing) from Cynozure discuss news from the previous month that made it into the mainstream press and some trade publications about data and analytics. They each brought along 4 or 5 articles to discuss and then hit record. Given the prevalence of data, analytics and AI in the news nowadays, we find ourselves talking about this stuff all the time. We thought we'd make it a feature of the Hub & Spoken podcast...


Johanna Hutchinson - The Emerging Data Team (Episode 3)

In this episode we are talking to Johanna Hutchinson, who is Head of Data at The Pensions Regulator, previously at HM Revenue & Customs with a background in research and statistics. Together we explore the emerging data team and the type of skills and capabilities needed to maximise the value of data at an organisation. We discuss how this differs from data teams of the past and the role the Chief Data Officer has in crafting and leading that team.


Barry Green - Priorities for the Chief Data Officer (Episode 2)

In this episode of Hub & Spoken we talk to Barry Green, the interim Chief Data Officer for the Bank of Ireland, prior to which he was Chief Data Officer at HSBC and number of roles at Citibank and PWC. This episode explores the main activities, priorities and focuses for Barry in his current role and how he is moving the agenda forward. We discuss his 3 main priorities of 1) creating a policy and data management framework, 2) Telling and selling the story to drive change and 3) defining a...


Pete Williams - The Role Of The Chief Data Officer (Episode 1)

In this episode, we talk to Pete Williams who has had a career in data spanning a number of UK retailers like Waitrose and M&S. Pete is a fantastic evangelist, change agent and leader in data and analytics and in the episode, we explore the role of the Chief Data Officer. We look at the Chief Data Officer's role in enabling organisations, building out their data maturity and helping to ensure data-driven decision making. Thank you for listening to the Hub & Spoken podcast by Cynozure....